Don’t be misled. Trump smoked Haley in the NH primary




The smoke has settled in New Hampshire and Donald Trump has prevailed. Yet if you watch one of the state media outlets you’d think it was a nail biter. Trump got almost 173,000 votes and Haley got almost 138,000 votes.  That translates roughly into 54% to 43%.

It was nowhere near that close.

New Hampshire allows for party-finagling just prior to an election. Trump was fact checked and muted by those state outlets in part for asserting that democrats can vote in Republican primaries.  Technically, that might be true but there’s a giant catch. NH rules allow for party switching just prior to primaries. Thousands of people either switched to Republican or “undeclared.”

It looked like this for Trump

It looked like this for Haley

70% of Haley’s support came from democrats. And don’t forget that one of Haley’s biggest donors is democrat billionaire donor Reid Hoffman. Now why would he do that? Any suggestion that the Republican primary was in the zip code of close is nonsense.

Yet even the midst of this skullduggery Trump won a record number of votes for a New Hampshire primary. There really isn’t any question now about the nomination.

Trump smoked Haley.


(BYW, I hear Joe Biden got 81 million write in votes in New Hampshire)




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Nimrata randhawa is on a delusional suicide run for herself. She doesn’t give a damn about the country…or you or me…or our kids. It’s all about the money.

She should continue dont stop, she is burning through Democrat donors money.
Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel strongly suggested on Tuesday that Haley should bow to the inevitable. In a sign of Trump’s grip on the party, many top officials are saying that the race is over.

Run niki run!

Cornyn has backed Trump.

CNN News if you had to depend upon only CNN you would think the Earth was Flat just like those screwballs from the Flat Earth Society think

GWB’s BFFs in the MSM are working hard to “Memory Hole” the truth! Don got more votes than any man in the NH GOP primary EVER!

Don did not just – beat the UNIPARTY! He ANNIHILATED the UNIPARTY!

again for emphasis

Hoffman has ditched Haley. If Democrats had better policies and candidates, they wouldn’t have to cheat so much.

She waiting for a position in the cabinet? I wouldnt trust her to fetch diet cokes.

Is there an ambassadorship to Antarctica?

No where near the State department, we would have more we run the agenda crap.

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Who comes up with these headlines?

Nikki lost big in New Hampshire, even after cheating by using Dems disguised as “independents” to vote for her. It turns out that a whopping 70 percent of Nikki’s votes came from non-Republicans. However, with two embarrassing losses under her belt, she’s still moving ahead, and you have to ask yourself why. What does Nikki know that we don’t? That’s something Vivek is also wondering.

nimrata is the democrats/rinos/uniparty’s last hope and she is failing bigly. Nevada will be another yuge loss and polls suggest she is going to get crushed in her home state of SC.

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Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

Recent polls indicate that Nikki is trailing Donald Trump by a staggering 30 points in her home state.
Haley’s state’s Republican leadership has also overwhelmingly endorsed Trump.
Something like 12 top Republicans from there stood with Trump and endorsed him on stage in NH.
She needs a certain number of delegates to be nominated and CANNOT get them.

So, what’s her real motive?
To keep Trump looking like he’s got a fight on his hands among Republicans so as to be spun as him being “too chaotic” for office.
It won’t work.He’s gaining new supporters every day.
People who never bothered to vote before, adults, are planning to vote for him both in the primaries and the GE.

01/25/24 – Tantrum Trump threatens Haley donors with excommunication:

Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley is very bad for the Republican Party and, indeed, our Country. Her False Statements, Derogatory Comments, and Humiliating Public Loss, is demeaning to True American Patriots. Her anger should be aimed at her Third Rate Political Consultants and, more importantly, Crooked Joe Biden and those that are destroying our Country – NOT THE PEOPLE WHO WILL SAVE IT. I knew Nikki well, she was average at best, is not the one to take on World Leaders, and she never did. That was up to me, and that is why they respected the United States. When I ran for Office and won, I noticed that the losing Candidate’s “Donors” would immediately come to me, and want to “help out.” This is standard in Politics, but no longer with me. Anybody that makes a “Contribution” to Birdbrain, from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp. We don’t want them, and will not accept them, because we Put America First, and ALWAYS WILL!

Nikki Haley received a million dollars in new donations over 24 hours.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Not a threat just a fact jack.

It is, in fact, a threat.

Trump leads Biden 40-34 in new Reuters Nationwide Poll.

Its a fact.
Dont want any squishies.
You watch this garbage?
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Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

What you don’t want is any dissenting opinions.

Every day they reveal more and more of what they really are.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Opinions are like assholes everyone has one. No place for a WEF infiltrator.

Love Trump or leave isn’t the only option. Republicans can vote against the son of a bitch.

The GOP just exposed as very corrupt. Trying to buy a leading candidate. Nikki is very wealthy for her IMC connections. We want nothing to do with that corruption.

Imagine how fast a Democrat would accept that bribe? Bernie bailed out for a vacation home. The Biden’s hold out for millions when they are bribed, though.

Trump annihilated Nikki 79-18 in NH, if Democrat votes aren’t counted.

Total bullshit. Registered democrats in New Hampshire are NOT ALLOWED to vote in the republican primary. Only registered republicans and independents could cast a ballot.

False. If the voter changed their registration to independent, a Democrat can vote in the Republican primary.

There are undoubtedly many former democrats who prefer Haley over either Trump or Biden. Many voters think they’re BOTH too old. I’m inclined to think that myself. I’ll vote for Biden because I think Trump is totally amoral and corrupting influence.

If Haley is “eradicated” from the GOP, many of her republican supporters will likely either refrain from voting in the general election entirely, or vote for Biden. I don’t think she’ll be in line to kiss Donald’s ring.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

What Republican supporters?
She’s had democrat supporters.
She’s had democrat donors.
She holds views on policies in line with joe, not Republicans.
When I hear someone say, “I’m a Republican, BUT, I’m going to vote joe….” I immediately think he’s a plant.

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Nikki Haley Loses MAGA Nation Forever with One Stupid Tweet – After She Craps on Trump Following $83 Million Lawfare Suit by Crazy Woman

She’s a whore in every sense of the word and nothing else. She will do and say anything for [donor] money and power all the while cheat on her husband with multiple sexual partners.
America can do better than Nimrata “Nikki”.

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Yet Another Poll Shows Trump Beating Biden in Multiple Swing States 2024 GE: Bloomberg/Morning Consult

Trump 49% (+5)
Biden 44%
Trump 48% (+3)
Biden 45%
Trump 48% (+8)
Biden 40%
Trump 49% (+8)
Biden 41%
Trump 47% (+5)
Biden 42%
Trump 49% (+10)
Biden 39%
ARIZONA… Show more

Quinnipaic poll has Biden ahead 50% to 44% due to a 58% preference by women for Biden and 36% Trump.

So left wing media is slobbering all over that as they try to resurrect every false narrative they can come up with, Biden is trying to help with the lies by trying to bring back the Trump and the French military cemetery no go where he was supposed to have said the dead soldiers were losers etc based on anonymous sources as written in the Atlantic.

Even Snopes has a hard time trying to put lipstick on that pig to stretch find someone that says it may have happened as many said it never happened and never would have.

It is going to get really ugly as every false story comes back gurgling to the surface like a plugged septic tank that the media has become. I wonder how rank and file UAW workers will vote as Biden ships our electric car business to China for manufacture, as UAW get laid off at home. But the union bosses are lock step in support and use their dues with no recourse.

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

The electric car manufacturing is dead on arrival, Ford is losing 36K on everyone they sell, no one wants them. They dont take a charge in winter, eat tires, high maintenance costs, even Hertz is dumping them all, they also have this feature of spontaneous combustion. Kamelas busses sit in the yard cant get parts the company went belly up.
The globalist green weenie brainfart is terminal. You cant power a house with solar even with high efficiency appliances, windfarms ugly blights on the landscape, are no good in the winter and will spin apart before the break even point.
Union bosses know the ranks wont vote Biden, they look at the old 401 and see it lost 3 years of gains, and is worth 30 % less because of inflation. Mama needs more for groceries everything you toss in the cart is 5 bucks or more, and those kids want to be fed, not only every day but multiple times a day. Then they grow out of their clothes.

Phone survey of 1,000 copy machines…