democrats pretend to care about illegal alien drownings





What a load of manure.

Three people drowned the other day trying to cross illegally into Texas. The bodies weren’t even cold before democrats seized upon the issue, trying their darndest to make everyone think they care about the lives lost.

Rep. Sylvia Garcia

I am disgusted to learn that a mother and her two children have needlessly died because of 

@GovAbbott ’s operation lone star. Make no mistake Governor Abbott is responsible for these deaths.

Rep. Henry Cuellar

In their classic “ready, fire, aim” protocols, all of the DNC controlled new outlets jumped on the story


Of course, these are all lies. “Federal officials say” and “DHS said” are the giveaways.  Texas responded

“The Texas Military Department is aware of a social media post concerning the drownings of 3 migrants. TMD was contacted by Border Patrol at approximately 9:00pm in reference to a migrant distress situation. TMD had a unit in the vicinity of the boat ramp and actively searched the river with lights and night vision goggles. No migrants were observed. At approximately 9:45pm TMD observed a group of Mexican authorities responding to an incident on the Mexico-side of the river bank. TMD reported their observations back to Border Patrol and they confirmed that the Mexican authorities required no additional assistance. At that time TMD ceased search operations. At no time did TMD security personnel along the river observe any distressed migrants, nor did TMD turn back any illegal immigrants from the US during this period. Also, at no point was TMD made aware of any bodies in the area of Shelby Park nor was TMD made aware of any bodies being discovered on the U.S. side of the border regarding this situation. TMD maintains water rescue equipment and actively works with local EMS to aid migrants in need of medical care.”

One person on X suggested that Gov Greg Abbott be prosecuted for murder.

Neither democrats nor the DNC controlled media have the slightest interest in the truth. And the truth is neither democrats nor the DNC controlled media gives a damn about the lives of illegals.

CNN, July 4. 2023

Four migrants, including an infant, drowned in the Rio Grande River over 3-day period, official says

NY Times, Sept 9, 2022

Nine Migrants Drown as Dozens Are Swept Down Rio Grande

CBS News Oct 28, 2022

At least 853 migrants died crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in past 12 months — a record high

NY Post Aug 25, 2022

Huge rise in border deaths from drowning, dehydration overwhelm Texas border town’s morgues

NY Post Sep. 8, 2023

Migrant deaths crossing US-Mexico border hit 500, extra agents dispatched to help prevent them: ‘Some just don’t make it’

None of those deaths were “cruel” or “disgusting.” Let’s see who’s really responsible for all these deaths

Gee, what happened in 2021 that could be related to the skyrocketing in illegal alien deaths?

Joe Biden invited them. Now he blames the GOP for the crisis, while at the same time saying there is no crisis.  Biden’s assertions that he is trying to fix the border are imbecilic and false. The only legislation he’s ever proposed does not restrict the number of illegal alien crossings. All of his efforts are aimed at speeding up the process of making them legal (in order to vote).

Thousands have perished trying the cross the order illegally, many due to drowning. Did any of the above blame Biden? Did any of the above call for him to tried for murder?

Of course not. They don’t give a damn about illegal aliens. And those who choose to enter the water and cross illegally do so at their own peril.

BTW, Biden is working hand in hand with the cartels smuggling illegal aliens into the country. When the GOP delegation went to Eagle Pass the torrent of illegal aliens present days before had almost dried up.

Small illegal crossings taking place here in Eagle Pass this morning ahead of @SpeakerJohnson visit with delegation of nearly 60 House Republicans. It is incredibly slow here this morning, potentially the slowest I’ve ever seen it, while 2 weeks ago was total chaos/the worst.

Once the delegation left the numbers suddenly rose again. How convenient.

Thousands have died during Biden’s tenure but oddly this event draws the compassion? They “care” because they thought they could pin this on Gov. Greg Abbott. The only reason democrats support the invasion is because of the potential for millions more democrat voters.

These “migrants’ would be safer staying home than they are making the journey to illegally cross the US borders. That would be more humane than anything else. But don’t for one second believe that democrats or the media genuinely are.

They do not.




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See B.S. Fake News we have more reasons to quit watching and reading the daily Fake News

Just like they could care less about how many Ukrainian people have died in their proxy war( a war they are losing) to try to effect regime change in Russia.

We recently saw our resident leftists invoke Christian love as a reason to ignore the fact that we have laws, borders and a sovereign nation and accept 2 to 3 million of the most needy, dependent, potentially dangerous illegal immigrants a year without a care or concern. That is certainly the view of the Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden regime.

But true compassion would be to help them in their own land, and that does not necessarily mean dump truck loads of unaccountable cash on their corrupt governments. No, far more responsible and compassionate to withhold any aid unless and until they install a government that will use that money for public improvement, economic growth and expansion. But, expecting a Democrat to understand that is like explaining physics to a hole in the ground.

All Democrats care about is flooding the nation with new bodies that have not yet experienced their failure and disaster. They want people whose lives have been worse than what Democrats bring upon the US citizens, who no longer support their incompetence. They need innocent ignorance. And they are importing it by the millions.

Military aged males Muslims from terrorist territories? Military aged African males? Military aged males Chinese? Military aged males on the terrorist watch list? No problem. As we have seen, whenever an attack occurs, the left, which includes the Ministry of Propaganda, will blame MAGA white supremacy Islamophobia radical extremism and reap the political benefits. The dead? The falsely accused? The oppressed? Well… sucks to be you.

The only lives leftists care about is their own, but they don’t seem to think enough about them to think their strategy through very thoroughly.

I like my migrants the same way I lie my Ramen Noodles- Lukewarm and floating in water.

Mexican authorities definitely confirm that the Democrats are, once again (shock alert) lying. I wonder, should Abbott be as afraid of Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s threats as the Iranians are?

ICYMI: Greg Abbott Deports Over 100,000 Illegals From Texas to Blue States and Sanctuary Cities – Elon Musk Responds, “Open Borders Will Kill America”


The Biden Administration is quietly backtracking on their blood libel against the Texas National Guard

Last week, Biden officials accused Texas of preventing the feds from saving 3 drowning migrants.

The government just admitted in court that Texas was only informed an hour AFTER they’d died.

Yeah, like they “quietly” left their own Border Patrol hanging after accusations the mounted units of whipping Haitian illegal immigrants. This regime is nothing but scum.

TEXAS STRIKES BACK: Lone Star State Defies Biden Regime’s Outrageous Lawsuit Threat – Begins Arresting and Charging Illegal Aliens (VIDEO)

Illegal Alien From Haiti Charged with Rape of Disabled Person Released by Boston Court in Defiance of ICE’s Detainer Request

More illegal alien invaders poisoning the blood of American. Close the border or close the government. It is a binary choice.