Is Harvard The Battle of Midway in Restoring Education?


Now that the Claudine Gay story has died down in the news cycle, let’s look at how much bigger this story can end up being. Where most of the pixels spilled over this story ended with the pushback that got gay “fired” to only getting paid $900K per year, that turned out to be only the beginning.

Billionaire Bill Ackman decided to stop donating to his alma mater, and led the charge to have Gay removed. But then The Empire Struck Back, via a Business Insider hit piece that tried to smear his wife with with plagiarism charges. One might question the wisdom of trying to slander a billionaire with a penchant for fighting, and we’re in the early stages of seeing why this was a bad idea. But that’s not the best part.

Over on Twitter, Wokal Distance laid down an 8 part thread that brought up a great point I’m mad at myself for having missed:

In case this segment of the Tweet ends up getting memory holed for some reason:

What @realchrisrufo has done by starting the plagiarism wars is to get people outside academia to actually READ all of the insane nonsense that’s being produced by activist professors.

Now regular people, even those who hate Rufo, will be forced to confront the fact…

That’s right. These garbage “research papers” that have become what Chris Plante would refer to as  “a circle fest in a hot tub” are now going to get scrutiny by the Normals living outside academia. And this isn’t the best part either. Where I had been envisioning a call to arms for an Army of Davids…

Bill Ackman is taking this a step further. And with a tactic that would have not even been thinkable a year ago, he is calling on the use of AI to spread out across Academia. Forget calling on patriots, retirees, and bloggers to begin campaigning – let’s let AI do the dirty work! Now, once the work gets exposed there will be a need for human work to take action. And no, while this does not solve the problem in the K-12 system, fumigating the hive that’s poisoned a generation of teachers is a good start. And personally, there isn’t enough popcorn in the world for this one.

And to close on a tangent that I couldn’t work into the post, Claudine Gay had a nasty habit of destroying black male professors who weren’t woke enough. Hopefully this is not the end of her downfall story either.

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The left applies this woke infection into enterprises that they have no idea what their function is. For instance, they want to turn the military into an inclusive, diverse, equitable membership club when what it SUPPOSED to be is a fighting force dedicated to defending the nation and citizens. Caring about the feelings of a tranny has nothing to do with killing enemies. And so it goes, from one aspect of our culture to another until it infects the teaching of future leaders and contributors. And, like the issue with Boeing, if you have mechanics and inspectors who are fully aware that they are where they are because they check the proper boxes instead of industry experience and ability, they are not inclined to thoroughly carry out their responsibilities. Like Gay, they don’t fear termination for incompetence; only politics can get them.

This is why we cant get back to the moon, first Barrys climatards lost all the plans for the Saturn Rocket and the trajectory data. Gone poof, so we start from Scratch with todays engineers raised by helicopter parents. Having watched some scifi stuff they might think they are building the enterprise with comfy separate quarters for all of the tranny astronauts to run about in form fitting mini dresses. (please god dress them in red and put them on the away team)

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Might be time for lil bob to start making interesting messes,

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