Biden’s plans to steal the 2024 election



At first glance It doesn’t make any sense. Joe Biden is polling miserably. While Wall St is doing well Mr. and Mrs. Main St are still suffering under the weight of Biden policies. It takes an extra $11,200 just to stay even with their standard of living back in January of 2021. Americans support the impeachment inquiry into the Biden mafia and believe Hunter is a corrupt crook. Biden only allows controlled scripted interviews, cannot maintain a discussion without cue cards, and is incapable of holding a real press conference. The US is mired in two conflicts. After refusing a settlement in 2022, Biden is now quietly looking for a negotiated end to the war in Ukraine.  Biden refuses to confront China and Iran. He was going to allow China to spy on the US unfettered and keep it a secret from Americans. Iran is funding Houthi attacks on US bases and assets but all Biden does is fund Iran to the tune of $10 billion. All the US does is worry about a “proportionate” response- pinprick strikes instead of a serious counterstrike to make Iran think twice- as Trump did. The US is a without a Southern border. Terrorists are freely entering the country. The FBI cannot keep up with the demand for DNA testing. Illegals are now flooding over the border at a rate of 3.3 million per year. Biden plans to sue Texas in order to keep the border wide open. By all accounts Biden is a disaster and should be crushed in the 2024 election. Yet all Biden does is wear that vacant smirk as he bounces carefree from vacation to vacation. He will again campaign from his bunker.

What does he know that we don’t?

A couple of recent events are telling. We’ve gone from a partisan state Supreme Court taking Trump off the ballot in Colorado to a single hyper-partisan activist in Maine unilaterally removing Trump from the ballot there.

It’s a harbinger of things to come.

In what is clearly another farce, Biden sent the Bobbsey twins Antony Blinken and Alejandro Mayorkas to Mexico to begin implementing the Biden plan. It’s all a ruse.

The plan is in part to continue the invasion.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas were among the officials in the U.S. delegation to Mexico City and met with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Wednesday. The meeting came amid a historic crisis at the border, with December on track to shatter records for migrant encounters.

In the joint statement, the countries affirmed their commitments to “orderly, humane and regular migration” and stressed their efforts to tackle “root causes” of migration, disrupt human smuggling and promote private investment while also investing in “ambitious development programs” in the region.

The NY Post called it the meeting a failure but did hit on the real nugget – amnesty– disguised as “regularizing”:

The statement also noted US and Mexico officials “discussed the benefit of regularizing the situation of long-term undocumented Hispanic migrants and DACA recipients, who are a vital part of the US economy and society” — suggesting the Biden administration might take another run at trying to legislate a pathway to citizenship for both adult illegal immigrants and those brought to the US as children.

Let’s clarify. This “regularizing” means blanket amnesty for all illegals. The Mexican coffee klatch was merely a show. Biden has little regard for the Constitution or the Supreme Court. Expect Biden to offer accelerated citizenship to all illegals in the country. Instead of the 81 magical miraculous votes Biden got in 2020 while not leaving his bunker he could amass 90 million votes the next time around. Artificially and unconstitutionally naturalized Americans would of course be very grateful to Biden and there would be no shortage of operatives willing to help guide them through the voting process where they can express their gratitude.

They may take the House and keep the Senate in this same magical way and then the rest falls into place. democrats expand the Supreme Court (think AOC type Justices), allow anyone to remove Republican candidates from ballots for any reason and voilà, a one state party fascist state forever.

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One would not be hard pressed to find a more corrupt, flawed, failed, and genuine threat to America and the American people than biden.

Elections have consequences
Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences

One would not be hard pressed to find a more corrupt, flawed, failed, and genuine threat to America and the American people than biden.

Well, that’s just Democrats.

The statement also noted US and Mexico officials “discussed the benefit of regularizing the situation of long-term undocumented Hispanic migrants and DACA recipients,

Wow. How racist is that? What about the illegal immigrants from the 100 other countries that AREN’T Hispanic?

Just like Obama did (but Trump didn’t), the Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden regime allows itself to be dictated to by Mexico. Instead of telling Obrador to stop giving every illegal immigrant that shows up free passage through their country to our border or lose every nickel of US aid and trade, the bow to this human trafficker/cartel partner. The US is a world power and Mexico is borderline failed state.

A free, prosperous and strong United States is a benefit to the entire world. Thus, Democrats are a THREAT to the entire world, as everything they do weakens the US.

Imagine an America without the democrat party. Might just be in the future.

But we need something to keep the Republicans honest. However, this version of the party formerly known as the Democrat Party needs to be eradicated.


Where is the enthusiasm for biden? It is non-existent.

Biden’s primary advantage is having Donald Trump as an opponent.

Sure look at the polls, if that were true why toss him off the ballot its a cake walk, a gift.

Every available action to keep Trump from returning to the White House should be taken. That’s more important to me than whether Biden is reelected or not.

lol fascist bastid, you could not name one thing Joe has done that benefited the country in all his years as a government parasite. You really have no use for pedopete you base your ideology on hate of a guy you never met, just sucked up tv propaganda, pathetic.
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Are you kidding me? They LOVE the fascist socialist totalitarian police state actions! That’s what they’ve been waiting for (until it turns on them)!!

GWB’s Canucks are his big advantage.

GWB’s Canadians are DOMINION!

NON EXISTENT in 2020! Bt DOMINION fabricated 25,000,000 to 30,000,000 votes.

True in 1930; still true in 2020. WILL BE TRUE IN 2024!

We have redesigned the ballot boxes in a very artsy way
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You know, I could actually see the FBI come crashing down on that guy for some off-the-wall fabricated charge of election interference or some such bullshit. Mustn’t make fun of The Regime.

Don’t forget to Flush

If they were “real” there wouldnt be a need.
I hope that ballot drop box isnt near the cemetery.

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12//29/23 – Biden administration again bypasses Congress for weapons sale to Israel
When Congress does nothing, that’s what happens.

12/29/23 Dictator shits on Constitution, steals money for Crime Family.

When Biden does nothing this happens. You voted for this.

They need to fill a 100-car freight train with illegal immigrants and route them to DC.

  Prediction: in 2024, things are going to blow up around the USA. Infrastructure. Power plants, transport hubs, public places, bridges, monuments, you name it. If you can sneak people and fentanyl across the border, you can sneak Semtex and C-4 plastic explosives over and the electronics are easy to get in-country. I wouldn’t rule out fissionable materials either, or stuff than can be used as a “dirty bomb” — a conventional explosive that disperses dangerous radioactive material when it blows. I’d also expect groups of trained “migrant” men with rifles, grenades, and so on, to be shooting up places where people gather. We under-appreciate the amount of mayhem you can kick off with small arms. If the “Joe Biden” regime just stands by on that and does nothing, will you be surprised to hear that American citizens begin forming militias to shoot back, maybe even start to hunt down and round up illegal immigrants? The table is set for exactly this kind of low-grade war right here in our country.

Do You Dare Even Look? — Forecast 2024 – Kunstler

Probably the only thing holding them back is that a devastating terrorist attack will put Trump in office and that will secure the border, increase our energy exploration and production and make our allies stronger.

The United States is pumping more oil than ever before in history.

That is only recently. Like draining the SPR, this is a political stunt that no one expects this criminal regime or party to continue for the benefit of the American people. We need more exploration and more refining capacity, which threats to eliminate fossil fuels prevents being invested in.

“If,” and then “if,” and then “if” again.

When the border is wide open and the regime’s only concern is processing illegal immigrants and releasing them as fast as possible, the “if’s” have a good chance of become the reality. Who will you blame then?

The UN/CFR Globalists the real enemy of America and Sors a War Criminal from WW II its time to get America Out of the United Nations and get the United Nations out of America Period

We all need to start thinking about what comes next because they WILL NOT be allowing Trump in the White House no matter how many people vote for him.

If Trump has a clear-cut victory and the left is preventing him from taking office, I think it’s pretty obvious what comes next.

No matter what the results may be, you’re going to declare a clear-cut victory for Trump. That’s guaranteed.

Without election fraud, media suppression of facts and lawfare, it actually is. Just as it was in 2020.

“Just as it was in 2020” means a clear loss for Trump. He didn’t win that election.

Guess again, scooter.

No guesses involved.

No, you simply parrot propaganda. Trump soundly defeated Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden in 2020 and everyone knows it. Some simply choose to cling to the fraudulent embarrassment purported outcome.

If you’re correct, then Trump is ineligible to be elected in 2024.

How so, groomer?

Where does the crazy come from, and what happens when it reaches critical mass?

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Where does the level of crazy that declares Trump will become a dictator come from? Well, THAT comes from cowardly desperation among people who are so incompetent, failed and disastrous that they cannot ever propose a single policy that benefits the American people so they have to make up the most outlandish lies and scare porn to try and keep a tenuous grip on power.

What you should REALLY concentrate on is cleaning up your own degenerate party and ideology. The party of AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Schiff, Swalwell, Clinton’s, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has no room whatsoever to criticize anyone, regardless of how random and obscure they may be.

If you had read the article instead of ranting about the source, you’d know why Trump could become a dictator. That’s what it explains, in great detail.

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New Years Day message from a lunatic:

Why did American Disaster Liz Cheney, who suffers from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), and was defeated for Congress by the largest margin for a sitting Congressman or Congresswoman in the history of our Country, ILLEGALLY DELETE & DESTROY most of the evidence, and related items, from the January 6th Committee of Political Thugs and Misfits. THIS ACT OF EXTREME SABOTAGE MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR MY LAWYERS TO PROPERLY PREPARE FOR, AND PRESENT, A PROPER DEFENSE OF THEIR CLIENT, ME. All of the information on Crazy Nancy Pelosi turning down 10,000 soldiers that I offered to to guard the Capitol Building, and beyond, is gone. The ridiculous Deranged Jack Smith case on Immunity, which the most respected legal minds in the Country say I am fully entitled to, is now completely compromised and should be thrown out and terminated, JUST LIKE THE RADICAL LEFT LUNATICS DID TO THE EVIDENCE!

You can’t handle the truth.

You can’t figure out what the truth is: Trump is dangerously unhinged.

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg

By repeating Trump will be a dictator doesnt make it reality.
It was Biden that threatened the American people with nukes.
It was Obama that said go fuck yourself to congress he had a pen and phone.

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Repeating that Trump will be a dictator is meant to prevent it from becoming a reality. The man is dangerously unhinged.

By repeating Trump will be a dictator doesnt make it reality.

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg

Nothing more than a big lie scrotum face.

scrotum face

Good God, how lame.

It’s meant to divert attention from that actual dictatorship already in place. It’s a common Democrat trick; point the finger at the opposition, accusing them of what YOU are currently doing.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is incompetent. He is corrupt. He is a criminal. He is a traitor. He is a pedophile. And, mostly because of all of that, he behaves like a dictator and, with the DNC in control of the DoJ and IRS, the government behaves like a totalitarian police state.

I don’t see any problem with it. It’s all true. Why DID they destroy evidence?

EXPLOSIVE: Liz Cheney’s J6 Committee DELETED OR DESTROYED Interview with Top Secret Service Official Robert Engel – That Likely Would Exonerate Trump! – WAR ROOM VIDEO

OF COURSE Trump could become a dictator. Obama did it. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden had done it. Nothing, really, prevents it, but for the patriotic heart of the President. Your problem is that Trump has never made any indications that he would be prone to behaving like Obama and Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden; in fact, quite the opposite, to his own detriment.

Democrats have the fascist gene, not Trump.

01/02/24 – Donald Trump’s Own Expert Debunks His Election Claims

The elections technology expert who former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign hired to find voter fraud debunked Trump’s claims again in a scathing op-ed.

Ken Block, founder of Simpatico Software Systems, the analytics company that Trump contracted in the wake of the last presidential election, said Tuesday that the extensive research his company did found no evidence that election fraud contributed to President Joe Biden’s win. He blasted Trump’s “steady diet of lies and innuendo.”

“If voter fraud had impacted the 2020 election, it would already have been proven. Maintaining the lies undermines faith in the foundation of our democracy,” Block wrote in an op-ed published by USA Today.

Block said he was hired shortly after the election to investigate Trump’s claims and that his company’s contract “obligated us to deliver evidence of voter fraud that could be defended in a court of law.” However, the fraud that he found was bipartisan and small, thus failing to “provide a solid basis for a legal challenge to an election result in any of the states we evaluated.”

Block, who was recently questioned by the Department of Justice, previously told news station WPRI-TV that he was initially paid $750,000 by the campaign to analyze fraud in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin but that his project was broadened to include other claims.

On Tuesday, Block said he found “no evidence of voter fraud sufficient to change the outcome of any election” and that the message was communicated directly to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. He acknowledged his findings were also subpoenaed by Special Counsel Jack Smith and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who are investigating Trump’s alleged election interference in a federal and state case, respectively.

“Those emails and documents show that the voter data available to the campaign contained no evidence of large-scale voter fraud based on data mining and fraud analytics,” Block said. “More important, claims of voter fraud made by others were verified as false, including proof of why those claims were disproven.”

Despite his findings, Block said, “The cries that the election was lost or stolen due to voter fraud continue with no sign of stopping.”

“Whether a stump speech, outrageous lawsuits like the so-called Kraken cases filed by Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani’s lies or the ongoing misguided efforts of people determined to prove the election was stolen, the constant drumbeat hardens people’s hearts and minds to the truth about the 2020 election,” he said.

Block said even if his company was able to find enough fraudulent votes to question the margin of victory in key battleground states, there would have been no way to determine if the fraudulent ballots were cast for Trump or Biden.

“We vote anonymously − with good reason. No candidate can credibly claim that a fraudulent vote was credited to their opponent unless the person who cast that vote tells us,” Block wrote. “This means that a candidate trying to use voter fraud as the reason to change an election result cannot show that the fraudulent votes caused their election loss.”

Instead of spending time investigating election fraud, he said the U.S. would make better use of time, money and energy to address systemic weaknesses in the nation’s election systems, like infrastructure that could enforce election integrity and gerrymandering.

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg

Why did benny thompson destroy evidence acquired by the committee? Should that not be considered obstruction of justice?

Why would jack shit deny evidence acquired by the committee to a defense team charge with a crime?

Is there a constitutional basis for jack shit to deny President Trump’s defense team access to evidence in a criminal trial?

Why did your cult leader ignore the findings of his own contracted elections technology expert?

Not germane to the discussion.

01/02/24 – Trump paid me to find voter fraud. Then he lied after I found 2020 election wasn’t stolen.

Can a steady diet of lies and innuendo overcome the truth?

In November 2020, former President Donald Trump asserted that voter fraud had altered the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. The day after the election, his campaign hired an expert in voter data to attempt to prove Trump’s allegations and put him back in the White House.

I am the expert who was hired by the Trump campaign.

The findings of my company’s in-depth analysis are detailed in the depositions taken by the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol. The transcripts show that the campaign found no evidence of voter fraud sufficient to change the outcome of any election. That message was communicated directly to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Our findings have also been subpoenaed by special counsel Jack Smith’s federal investigation and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ investigation in Georgia. Those emails and documents show that the voter data available to the campaign contained no evidence of large-scale voter fraud based on data mining and fraud analytics.

More important, claims of voter fraud made by others were verified as false, including proof of why those claims were disproven.

And yet, the cries that the election was lost or stolen due to voter fraud continue with no sign of stopping. Whether a stump speech, outrageous lawsuits like the so-called Kraken cases filed by Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani’s lies or the ongoing misguided efforts of people determined to prove the election was stolen, the constant drumbeat hardens people’s hearts and minds to the truth about the 2020 election.

Rudy Giuliani lied about voter fraud in Georgia

It’s part of a steady diet of innuendo, misrepresentations and outright lies when it comes to the issue of voter fraud. Giuliani admitted he lied about Ruby Freeman and her daughter committing election crimes in Georgia. Stories that set the record straight about election innuendo are not typically broadcast in right-leaning media, which means that millions of people receive no information to help them make a more informed decision about what happened in 2020.

What these claims don’t take into account is that voter fraud is detectable, quantifiable and verifiable. I have yet to see anyone offer up “evidence” of voter fraud from the 2020 election that provides these three things.

My company’s contract with the campaign obligated us to deliver evidence of voter fraud that could be defended in a court of law. The small amount of voter fraud I found was bipartisan, with about as many Republicans casting duplicate votes as Democrats.

This is a crime of privilege: Those with two homes sometimes take two bites of the electoral apple.

There were also small numbers of deceased voters. Still, nothing emerged that could provide a solid basis for a legal challenge to an election result in any of the states we evaluated.

Additional legal hurdles beyond solid evidence of fraud stand in the way of any effort to overturn or negate an election result through our legal system. Even if it could be shown that more fraudulent votes were cast in a state than the margin of victory in 2020, no one can determine for which candidate each fraudulent ballot was cast.

Trump’s claims of voter fraud have no foundation in the truth.

We vote anonymously − with good reason. No candidate can credibly claim that a fraudulent vote was credited to their opponent unless the person who cast that vote tells us.

This means that a candidate trying to use voter fraud as the reason to change an election result cannot show that the fraudulent votes caused their election loss.

As a former gubernatorial candidate, I can admire the discipline it takes to stay on message on a single issue. There is no doubt that voter fraud can animate people. But it is one thing to provide a rallying point for supporters and quite another to drag our election infrastructure and legal system into a foundationless set of false claims.

A better use of time, money and energy would be to address systemic weaknesses in our election systems – such as the distressing lack of national election infrastructure to enforce election integrity, destructive practices to our elections such as gerrymandering, and leveling the playing field so that our elections become fairer and more competitive.

If voter fraud had impacted the 2020 election, it would already have been proven. Maintaining the lies undermines faith in the foundation of our democracy.

Not credible.

TRUMP IS NOT CREDIBLE. The only “massive & widespread fraud and deception” was his own.

Like I said, not credible.

Not only does Loomer’s document provide ZERO evidence for what it alleges—the document itself itself has no known source.

Sources are listed throughout.

No credible evidence is footnoted. The target audience are those who don’t understand what credible evidence is.

Do you have any clue where the document originated?

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg

You are a pathetic moron.


#87; A Gateway Pundit article as evidence? Don’t make me laugh:

Exclusive: The TCF Center Election Fraud – Newly Discovered Video Shows Late Night Deliveries of Tens of Thousands of Illegal Ballots 8 Hours After Deadline

#88; The Michigan House Oversight Committee FOUND NO EVIDENCE OF FRAUD.

Here’s a link to the report itself:,%20adopted.pdf

#89; Just the News. More garbage assertions without evidence:

#90: Gateway Pundit again:

SHOCKING VIDEO! Via MC4EI and Gateway Pundit — 13 Minutes of Never-Before-Seen Footage of Ballot Trafficking in Detroit, Michigan – Including Postal Workers!

As I pointed out, you don’t have a clue what credible evidence actually is.

Last edited 3 months ago by Greg

Says the guy that got an experimental gene therapy injection for a crispy creme.

comment image

 ZERO evidence for what it alleges

Evidence listed page by page

the document itself itself has no known source.

Apparently only left wing sources are credible

Yeah, but none of it has the Politifact/CNN/MSNBC stamp of approval.

No credible evidence is footnoted.

What an idiot you are. Since you have no original thoughts of your own, you incessantly post lengthy articles like the one written by Robert Kagan in left wing publications.
You know, Robert Kagan who is married to the one woman who facilitated the Russian war against your beloved Ukraine, Victoria Nuland?

So while you bore us with left wing sourced articles, where is the “credible evidence” provided by radicals like Robert Kagan? Didn’t see them referenced in the article you supplied.

Perhaps you didn’t know what a lying neocon Kagan is (although I doubt that) that even your leftwing favorite resource says about him:

“In 1997, Kagan co-founded the now-defunct neoconservative think tank Project for the New American Century with William Kristol.[4][6]
Through the work of the PNAC, from 1998, Kagan was an early and strong advocate of military action in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan as well as to “remove Mr. Hussein and his regime from power.”[14][15] After the 1998 bombing of Iraq was announced Kagan said “bombing Iraq isn’t enough” and called on Clinton to send ground troops to Iraq.[16] In January 2002, Kagan and Kristol falsely claimed in a Weekly Standard article that Saddam Hussein was supporting the “existence of a terrorist training camp in Iraq, complete with a Boeing 707 for practicing hijackings, and filled with non-Iraqi radical Muslims”. Kagan and Kristol further alleged that the September 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta met with an Iraqi intelligence official several months before the attacks.[17] The allegations were later shown to be false.[18]

The target audience are those who don’t understand what credible evidence is.

The target audience for liars like Kagan are people like you who demand no “credible evidence” for what they write and consequently, being the idiot you are, you buy into their bullshit opinions hook, line and sinker.

Only a dictator would violate his oath to the constitution by not upholding the laws of the land. biden refuses to enforce laws on illegal alien immigrants.

It’s nonsense. No bellweather state or county has always been an accurate predictor.

Why can’t you ever provide a legitimate story from a legitimate source?

Because greg is desperate because they cannot defeat President Trump.

You can almost smell the fear and desperation. Democrats have put on a demonstration of their incompetence, failure and corruption and, on a level playing field, are absolutely doomed.

The real democrat party is dead we now have Communists vs Cowards.
Compromised, blackmailed criminals in suits, taxation without representation.
Except Greg he is a commie.

Last edited 3 months ago by kitt

His findings were premature, why did our election data go overseas?
Are there no servers here?

Boris Johnson Says Trump Return Would Be “Big Win for World” – However, With Conditions

Is This the Last Straw for Raffensperger? Evidence Confirms GA SOS Team Illegally Recorded Trump Call, Promoted a Fraudulent Transcript, Sent it to WaPo, Then Trashed the Audio – Now He’s Caught!

A new report at The Federalist confirmed The Gateway Pundit’s reporting from over a year ago that Brad Raffensperger’s office most certainly committed a crime in January 2021 during the Georgia Secretary of State’s office phone call with President Trump in late December 2020.

On February 21, 2023, Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit discovered that Jordan Fuchs, Georgia’s Deputy Secretary of State in 2020, who was on the December 2020 call with President Trump, taped the call from Florida without announcing it.

This was a criminal act since Florida is a two-party consent state. You must notify an individual before you record them in Florida. Jordan Fuchs did not do that when she recorded President Trump speaking with Raffensperger’s team. But that was not all. Her second illegal act was destroying the audio recording. It was later discovered in her computer’s trash folder!

On Thursday Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist confirmed our reporting from February of last year.

Hmmm…. a conspiracy involving numerous people in multiple states. Sounds kind of RICO, doesn’t it?

Yes, maybe Big fanny could become Bar eligible in those states since RICO is hers and Wade’s specialty.