Why the hell are we subsidizing Ivy League anti-Semitism?


The explosion of anti-Semitism on Ivy League campuses has sparked serious backlash. Donors are holding on to their money, early applications are down, and Dave Portnoy has vowed not to hire anyone from Harvard, MIT or Penn.

It also has shown the President Claudine Gay to be the classic DEI hire- a serial plagiarist protected by the Harvard Corporation. Gay survives what would get a Harvard student expelled promptly.

The widespread Ivy League anti-Semitism begs a question-why the hell are taxpayers funding this?

Why are taxpayers funding them at all?

The Ivies are endowed with mind-boggling amounts of money

Here are the new endowments by school: Harvard ($53.2 billion), Yale ($42.3 billion), Princeton ($37.7 billion), UPENN ($20.5 billion), Columbia ($13.5 billion), Cornell ($10 billion), Dartmouth ($8.5 billion), and Brown ($6.9 billion). Harvard’s endowment now stands at over $10 million per undergraduate student.

Despite these massive fortunes, taxpayers are still coughing up handouts for the Ivy League- obscene amounts of money. 

Since 2018, $33 billion of federal contracts and grants flowed to these ten colleges – averaging $6.6 billion annually.


Most of that money is doled out in the form of grants-which means the schools are beneficiaries of the profits derived from them and not you and me.

Most of the funds – roughly $29 billion (88-percent) versus $4 billion (12-percent) – were provided by the feds via grants, not contracts. Grants are giveaways and, typically, the recipient university owns the work product — meaning they profit from the resulting intellectual property. Contracts are for work done on behalf of a federal agency – taxpayers own the output.

The projects are often quite dubious

  • $4.173 million in 2022 for Cornell to “increase the number of minoritized faculty in the biological, biomedical, and health sciences” through a partnership with NIH.
  • $2,984,994 from 2018-2021 to Stanford from NIH to study “sex hormone effects on neurodevelopment in transgender adolescents.”
  • $2 million in 2018 from the Department of State to University of Pennsylvania to “support the preservation of cultural heritage sites of minority communities in northern Iraq.”
  • $1,851,075 from 2018-2020 to Stanford from National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study how college students are impacted by the “retail environment for tobacco and marijuana.”
  • $721,177 in 2022 from NIH to University of Pennsylvania to use “disadvantage indices to address structural racism and discrimination in pandemic vaccine allocation.”
  • $600,000 in 2022 from USAID to Yale to study the “impacts of mobile technology on work, gender gaps, and norms.”

Five Ivies took $220 million in COVID bailouts.

These universities were UPenn ($50.2 million | $21 billion endowment); Columbia University ($64.2 million | $13.3 billion endowment); Cornell University ($64.6 million | $9.8 billion endowment); Dartmouth College ($17.2 million | $8.1 billion endowment); and Brown University ($24.4 million | $6.5 billion endowment).

What are American taxpayers getting out of the tax dollars they are being drained of?

Squat.  They get to enrich themselves with our money while paying a whopping 1.4% excess endowment fee.

This is a tremendous waste of money, especially for factories producing self-indulgent, America-hating anti-Semites.

It’s a wonderful place to start trimming the budget.

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Defund Antisemitism at the Universities.

Why do we support tax exempt universities that discriminate against whites and asians?

“We” do not! They do!

But it is our fault WE ELECT THEM!


UNIPARTY Presidents in the last 170 years have been ivy leaguers.

Last 100 years: BHO, GWB, Clinton, GHWB, JFK, FDR.

UNIPARTY is strong because UNIPARTY supports UNIPARTY. They have been our “betters” forever 100 years! The Press has backed they saying they are our betters!