Take Biden off the ballot in Florida and Texas



After several states refused to do so, the Colorado Supreme Court voted 4-3 to remove Donald Trump from the state ballot. All four Justices are democrat-appointed and they voted their party instead of law. Donald Trump has not been charged with insurrection by anyone, let alone convicted, but that was unimportant to Colorado. Nor is it important to left wing media talking heads.

CNN’s John Avlon argued in favor of the state court unilateral action but CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig shot back:

“Due process is not a loophole,” Honig shot back. “Due process is in Section 1 of the 14th Amendment. By the way, when Donald Trump lost dozens of his election suits in 2020, what did Donald Trump’s people say, ‘Oh, those are technicalities, those are loopholes?’ Those matter. Due process matters, we can’t just throw it out.”

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- anyone calling what happened on Jan 6 an insurrection is an idiot. I cannot remember an unarmed insurrection taking place, let alone succeeding.

Sober people argue that what happened was a protest which turned into a riot and that the 14th Amendment does not apply:

At the outset, it is clear that it does not apply to the office of the President because that office is not named in the opening sentence delineating those offices to which it applies. As one would expect of demagogues, neither Tribe nor Luttig, nor any other legal “scholar” making the argument bother to quote the Amendment itself. By failing to do so, they save themselves of having to grabble with the unassailable argument that no one in 1868 intended to disqualify any Civil War combatant from running and becoming President. One could imagine a myriad of reasons why this office (and the Supreme Court) were excluded, but the reasons are not relevant for our purposes here. In fact, the opening sentence plainly excludes the office of the President.

Jonathan Turley wants to see the ruling overturned 9-0:

“It’s not a get-out-of-free card because there’s laws regarding insurrection and incitement. And notably, Trump was not charged with that,” Turley said. “You had a very motivated special counsel, Jack Smith, who hit Trump with anything he could, but he conspicuously left out insurrection, sedition, because he couldn’t prove it, because the evidence is not there. So that only adds to the problems here, but the real issue for the Supreme Court is far more fundamental and frankly chilling.”

Turley sees the decision as a threat to the country

‘Well, this court just handed partisans on both sides the ultimate tool to try to shortcut elections, and it’s very, very dangerous,’ Turley said on Fox News moments after the decision.

‘I mean, this country is a powder keg, and this court is just throwing matches at it. And I think that it’s a real mistake. But I think that they’re wrong on the law,’ Turley added.

Let’s call this action what it is- fascism in the name of democracy. But hey, as long as this nonsense is in play, why not play the game?

Take Biden off the ballot in Texas and Florida.

There’s an abundance of reasons to do this. There is an enormous amount of evidence to impeach Biden right now. But beyond that, Biden is derelict in his duties of office, bordering on treason. He is actively working to keep the borders of this country wide open. He is intentionally allowing terrorists to enter the country. Biden thumbs his nose at the US Supreme Court, whether it’s student loans or eviction moratoriums. He is allowing Iran to attack US bases in the Middle East via proxies. Biden has taken a knee to China, allowing the Chinese to hack critical US infrastructure and open the door to theft of intellectual property after Trump closed it. His policies are US-last. He is up to the wazoo in money from adversaries like Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China. The entire Biden family is rotten.

And he is a damned liar. He keeps telling Americans how great things are for them as they live paycheck to paycheck suffering the costs imposed on them by Biden’s policies.

There is no end to the reason to remove him from office.

Trump has not been charged with insurrection because the case cannot be made. It is ridiculous that a state court can simply opine outside of due process that somehow Trump is guilty. This is lawfare at its worst. I do expect that the US Supreme Court will overrule this decision but wise people would do well to prepare.

I have seen leftists reveling in this Colorado decision on X (Twitter) (Biden is giddy) but they may yet rue the day. As someone once put it:

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

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It would be sweet karma if Florida and Texas kicked this corrupt turd off their ballots. Trump doesn’t need Colorado. Or California, or New York. He’s NEVER going to get their electoral votes anyway. But Democrats lust heartily for the electoral votes of Florida and Texas. But, it’s not going to happen because these states actually respect the rule of law, due process and the Constitution.

Actually, using Colorado stoner logic, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden should be kicked off every ballot just because of Hunter’s laptop. But, in competition with fascist Democrats, those who respect the law and the Constitution are their own worst enemy.

Florida and Texas(States of High Gun ownership)just told Colorado to Go Pound Sand and this is Fun Time for Biden to be shown the door

I disagree. This is a terrible time to get Biteme off the ballot. I want his continuing degeneration to be on display and in the spotlight until November. Everyone claims that Trump can’t beat him. I think that not only can he, but that he will beat him like the bass drum in your favorite marching band. Remember it’s media talking heads saying that Trump will lose. The notion that Trump can win is predicated upon the concept of fairly counted votes. Not going to happen in Michigan but maybe elsewhere.

Trump has never lost to him.