Pro Hamas Protesters Should Be Arrested


For the past several years, the academic left has been all over the media announcing to the world that words can be violent, free speech has limits and hate speech is violence. Since October 7th-when Palestinian terrorists attacked Israeli civilians, millions of people around the globe have protested in support of the Palestinians. Rather than proportionately saving their money to buy airplanes with laser-guided bombs so that they could avoid civilian deaths (like the Israelis do), the terrorists sought out civilians, captured them, tortured them, executed them, dismembered bodies, and kidnapped hundreds. This lack of proportional military action didn’t bother the Palestinian people or their supporters. They’ve been on the streets of major cities ever since. Even here in the United States, many of these protesters have attacked people walking on the street or driving their cars. There are several videos of college Jews being trapped in a library by an angry mob of terrorist supporters. Others are attacked for walking on campus.

Why do we permit this? There are zero differences between an Al Queda terrorist, an ISIS terrorist, or a Hamas terrorist. In fact, given the thousands of suicide bombings done by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups, they likely have the highest body count, and the highest number of atrocities. Would the NYC police let thousands of Al Queda supporters march down the street calling for the extinction of all Jews? Would the Portland or Seattle police let hundreds of ISIS supporters close streets, attack people in cars, and go on vandalism violence (CNN refers to these tactics as “Mostly peaceful protests.”)? Of course, Al Queda and ISIS supporters can’t run free, but Hamas supporters who openly call for violence, for extermination, and who are at best “mostly peaceful”…these people we allow to run the streets?

Franklin D Roosevelt was terribly wrong to set up concentration camps for Japanese Americans. However, if those same people were marching down the streets praising the emperor for killing and capturing so many Americans in the Philippines, then it would have been the right thing to do. Oddly enough Japanese Americans (unlike so many Palestinian Americans) didn’t take to the streets to protest and start violence against the United States or other Americans. Prior to WWII, there was a large fascist, NAZI movement in the US, but on Dec 7, 1941, it evaporated in favor of supporting the US in its fight against evil rather than protesting it. Had 10,000 pro-Hitler American NAZI marched down a street in almost any major city, the populace at large would have risen and left wannabe Germans in ditches. Nope, no newsreels or videos showing either.

President Biden is asleep. He works M-F 12-4, is off mornings, weekends, and evenings, and 40% of the time he’s on vacation. When he’s working, he can’t even follow notecards or a teleprompter. No one is in charge of the executive branch. The legislative branch is filled with partisan hacks and ineffective even on the best of days. No…no one is in charge. We have no leader, and the few people who can do the job are too busy applying and campaigning for it.

Here are the mostly peaceful Palestinian supporters of Hamas, in the streets of the United States, calling for a violent uprising that targets Jews. Isn’t that hate speech? Shouldn’t it be banned? Is calling for a violent uprising, an intifada, itself an act of violence? Surely if a box of white rice that has an African American on it is so hateful, so violent, and so offensive that it has to be banned and hidden…surely these protesters go a smidge further than the box of rice? And then later, the crowd turns violent and attacks Jews. Who is surprised? There are thousands of people at this one protest alone, and yet some dimwit in the White House tells us White Supremacy is a bigger threat than homegrown collegiate-Islamic terrorist wannabes?


These are American children, walking out of school in support of a terrorist group.


People will say, “Supporting the Palestinian people, and Palestine isn’t supporting the terrorists,” but it is. The people of Palestine let Hamas snipe from the kitchen windows, launch rockets from apartment buildings, kidnap people, and use them as human shields, all this and more. The other day Hamas was launching rockets blindly into civilian areas in Israel, but one of the rockets fell short, hit a parking lot next to a hospital, and several people died. The Palestinians-backed by global media claimed that Israel dropped a bomb on the hospital and killed 500 people. Global riots in support of Palestine and Hamas. Then the truth came out, the riots (which killed 9 people and almost made the US evacuate our embassies in Israel and Jordan)…the riots faded. None of the protesters anywhere in the world protested Hamas for launching a missile into the hospital parking lot. Israel=global protest; Hamas=silence. The Palestinian people support Hamas. To them, Hamas is their freedom-fighting group. They support Hamas as if they did Al Queda or ISIS.

On October 7th, some of the Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel and took hostages came back into Gaza. The beds of their pickup trucks had limp hostages in the back. Some were women who had been stripped and raped until bloody. The streets are PACKED with Palestinians who support Hamas terrorists. There is no distinction between the terrorists and their supporters: both are examples of Old Testament evil.


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No one, regardless of what they are saying, should be arrested for saying it.
I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It – Evelyn Beatrice Hall 1919

Normally I would agree, but if it’s wrong to yell “FIRE!!!!” in a crowded theater, then is should also be wrong to rally a crowd and start cheering for an Intifadah. It should be wrong to stand outside a synagogue chanting “Death to all Jews!”

Proof that these people are inciting violence-actual violence that has health insurance codes for when you go to the ER to repair the damage…proof that these people are inciting violence is…the friggin violence. Attacking an old man in a car because he’s white, and old, and happens to be there-that’s violence; that’s a violent mob, a riot, not at all a protest. Attacking jewish kids as they walk past a “mostly peaceful protest” for no other reason than they’re jewish is wrong, and crowds like that should be arrested. Lighting cars on fire, looting stores, chasing college kids into libraries…these are all examples of crowds inciting violence.

Even if there is no FIRE in the theatre, getting a crowd to call for a FIRE is wrong-arrest em.

I’m 100% certain that if the law were actually followed, and people were arrested several times in a month…they’d be out of bail money, out of money for fines, tired of going to jail, and they’re step up to more legitimate means of protest. NOT applying the law to people who break it, people who cause violence, it just leads to repeat offenders.

We all know what’s going to happen.
We all feared it with the BLM riots.
We all fear what’s going to happen next year

Let’s say it together:
Sooner or later, one group of people protesting in support of lies will try to impose their political will upon another group of people who want to be left alone; people with guns, and skills, and no more tolerance.

That’s not going to be some small time crazy guy with an AR15 body count either. It’s going to be a revolutionary sized body count, and it’ll be one sided.

That’s where the crazy train is going.

Attacking jewish kids as they walk past a “mostly peaceful protest” for no other reason than they’re jewish is wrong, and crowds like that should be arrested.

In fact, if they were gay, trans or black and were attacked, it would be a HATE crime. But, JEWS? Haven’t you heard? They are insects, vermin, germs. These protesters think they, by nature of the Jewishness, deserve to die, and die in the most horrible ways imaginable. THAT’S what the supporters support, whether they can be educated enough to realize it or not.

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We should multiply that by the MILLIONS.

Those who Finance and support these mobs of Hooligans needs to be arrested tried and sent to Prison for Life

The UN building would be better served as condos. A real estate company could have a lot of fun marketing them. I can see their ad campaign now:

“At the UN tower, you’ll live in peace”

Or hand it over to mayor sanctuary adams, he can house the illegal aliens there for free.

The UN is absolutely worthless. Dissolve it.

Maybe instead of arresting pro-Hamas protesters, Hillary ought to be channeled.
Send them to re-education camps.

Would be fun to watch the reaction of “gays for palestine” protesters seeing Hamas shooting Fatah political rivals (in 2005) in the backs of their knees because they were ALL suspected of being gay.
Also there are videos of Hamas throwing men they suspected of being gay off tall roofs.
That’s right, Hamas lovers, there’s no right to a trial.
Mere suspicion is enough for punishment, harsh punishment.

All these “woke” pro-hamas incels could get a lesson about how hamas treats those who claim to have converted then break any of hamas’ favorite parts of the koran/hadith edicts.
No shoplifting in Islam!
No drinking in Islam.
No cute girls in Islam (they are all covered up).
No borrowing any money in Islam.
No subsidies or welfare in Islam.

You have some incorrect information about Islam.

Do corrections please.

You have some incorrect information about Islam.

Like what?

OK, shoplift and they cut off your hand.
Drink alcohol and get the death penalty. (cut off from allah, so doomed to hell)
How can you tell if a covered female is cute or not, PLUS you can’t date, only marry.
(Uncovered females are beaten.)
ALL borrowing money on interest is “usury” in Islam and therefore illegal, haram.
Koran/hadith confirms that the usurer will remain in Hell eternally and there is no salvation for him.
People sell their daughters instead if they get into debt.
In 2003, Shaykh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious body, the Senior Council of Clerics, issued a fatwa claiming “Slavery is a part of Islam. Muslim scholars who said otherwise were “infidels”. 
(Widows are literally pimped out, called Mutah, by the imams who they go to for help.
Children are sold.)
There is a “patronage” system in places like Saudi Arabia so, if you’re closely enough related to the king you might get by without working.
Not true in places like Egypt, Lybia, Iran, Gaza, Pakistan.

For one thing, not being allowed to charge interest on a loan is not the same thing as “No borrowing any money in Islam.”

For another thing, there are predominantly Muslim countries where women, cute or otherwise, are not required to cover their faces.

When useful idiots politik for Islam, they are asking to be put under Sharia.
There’s a vast difference between those many “predominantly” Muslim countries and those 57 Islamic (sharia) states where Islam is THE LAW.
Even so…..

Did you see the female in Yorkshire, England where a self-styled “morality policeman” stopped his car, came out with his baton and began striking her, demanding she properly veil.
The UK is NOT under sharia (legally) yet.
In fact, tho, 1,500 police cases are pending in UK of Muslim police being violent against women.

But you don’t have to go that far away.
Remember the case of Justine Damond?
She heard an intruder in her back yard so called the police.
When police arrived she came out in her PJs and a short robe to tell the police more information. A Muslim cop pointed his gun past his partner, thru the window and shot her to death.
He got a prison sentence, but she’s dead for her “indecency.”

So you’re against fundamentalist Muslims. So am I, but I’ve known plenty of Muslims who aren’t fundamentalists.

I’m also against fundamentalist Christians who try to force me to live by their rules.

OIP (1).jpeg

So you’re against fundamentalist Muslims. So am I,

Explain what a “fundamentalist” Muslim is.

I’m also against fundamentalist Christians who try to force me to live by their rules.

Explain what you think a “fundamentalist” Christian is. Who, beside your parents and perhaps your spouse, has ever tried to force you to live by their rules?

I think you don’t know anything about Islam but you don’t want to appear ill informed.

Useful idiots should read the koran sometimes:

So choose not friends from them till they forsake their homes in the way of Allah; if they turn back (to enmity) then take them and kill them wherever ye find them.

— Quran 4:89

You are not really friends with Muslims, you just think you are.
IF you convert, they will keep a sharp eye on you.
IF you backslide away from Islam, they will kill you.

It’s not like other religions in that respect.

Tell us how “fundamentalist Christians” try to force you to live by their rules. Do they beat you? Do they threaten you? Do they threaten your family? Do they behead you?

That is just about the weakest shit I have ever heard. Show us where the meme hurt you, sweetheart…

For another thing, there are predominantly Muslim countries where women, cute or otherwise, are not required to cover their faces.

There are also those that carry out and condone the beheading of babies, burning people alive, rape and taking hostages. Is this OK with you?

“For another thing, there are predominantly Muslim countries where women, cute or otherwise, are not required to cover their faces.”

And yet there are plenty of countries, cities, and neighborhoods where extreme sexism is the law. Even if it’s a fraction of Islam, it’s still entire countries, cities, and neighborhoods that are living in the 14th century under the excuse of Islam. The closest thing Christians have is the Amish, but I challenge you to EVER find an example of an Amish suicide bomber.

So what Christian is trying to force Michael to live by their rules? I am a Christian and not a great one. I’m not close to being a Dr Stanley. Occasionally however I’ll get a feeling when I’m talking to someone that they are searching. Then I will tell them what church I go to, how the Pastor reads a passage and then explains what it means. It’s a learning experience every Sunday. The answer to the question non-Christians ask the most is yes they do take up a collection to support the church. They don’t hold a gun to your head or even pay attention to wether you gave or not. I don’t know what Christians Michael is talking about because no real Christian tries to force anyone to do anything. Second thought, he’s probably dealing with Democrat Christian’s.

“I don’t know what Christians Michael is talking about because no real Christian tries to force anyone to do anything.”

I’m referring to legislative fundies who believe that the United States was formed as a Christian nation and want to enact laws for everyone that will make life in the U.S. conform to their reading of the Bible—and all the non-legislators who vote them into office and approve of what they do. I’m referring to anyone who wants to post the Ten Commandments in public spaces.

Those people and others like them are typically not Democrats.

What “legislative fundies?” What laws?
So you answer not with specifics but with vague references. Got it. And apparently you failed American history. No surprise. You’re a teacher, right?

He means those who take “Thou shalt not kill” literally and legislate against murder for convenience.

Tho shalt not murder, theres the big one, the Satanists just lost in court over that one.
Mikeys blowing smoke he thinks he can come in say nope you are wrong without a single citation, then deflect the subject.
He knows nothing of the Amish we have a few here, my uncle calls them the black hats. They cant skip property taxes so build and make things to sell, their stuff is expensive.
Suicide bombers , I would be suspicious if a camel was pulling the buggy.

Can you be more ignorant?
I’m referring to legislative fundies who believe that the United States was formed as a Christian nation

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

Wow! And you’re allowed to teach children? What do you teach, Creative Crayons?

Never mind that your quote applies to the FEDERAL Congress only. Each state has its own constitution and it’s own state Congress. If Utah wants to make the Church of the Latter Day Saints its official religion, show me where that is prohibited.

Still waiting on you to define your term “fundamentalist” Muslims and “fundamentalist” Christians. I guess your lack of an answer means you don’t have one.

The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.
John Quincy Adams

He is unable to think above the level of a 14 or 15 year old.

Ya the whole English king making up his own religion and the persecution of all others, its sort of like this climate religion Pope Al Gore,and covid religion Pope Fauchi.

Just who is Financing them? certainly they didn’t arrive on Brooms and they didn’t flap their arms either

Well, so far no one has been heard yelling, “Go peacefully and make your voices heard!” because, as we all know, THAT is “riot provoking violent speech”. THEN, you would see arrests for then and only then would these terrorist and murder supporters have thrown their lot in with the vaporous “white supremacists” who, though they never seem to show up or instigate ANY violence, is the REAL existential threat to the country.

You don’t have to arrest anyone for simply mindlessly participating in chants they have recently learned (Israeli retaliation to Hamas attacks is as common as rain after it clouds up… where were these “freedom loving supporters” then?). However, anyone that defaces or damages property, anyone that assaults (in the slightest way) another person, anyone that makes a credible threat of violence, could and SHOULD be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Or, you could treat them like January 6th protesters and prosecute them well BEYOND the fullest extent of the law. But, from what I’ve seen, there’s plenty of opportunity to send the message that the violent nature of the “protests” won’t be tolerated, which would reduce the size and frequency.

But, of course, we live in a new society where violence is not violence and crime is not crime as long as it is perpetuated by the left.