If you’re thinking of ever seeing Sweden, go soon. It will be a Caliphate in no time.


Stockholm old town (Gamla Stan) panorama from City Hall top at sunset, Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful country. Stockholm is an island city with lovely views. But if you want to enjoy classic Sweden, you best make plans soon. Cultural change is coming, in a big, big bad way. Sweden is going to become an Islamic state sooner than later, thanks to its stupidly tolerant immigration policy. As their numbers increase, “immigrants” are flexing their muscles.

As has happened in Minnesota, migrants have brought crime and gangs. Bing AI tells us this about gangs in Sweden:

Sweden has a problem with gangs that are mostly composed of immigrants and active in organized crime. Outlaw motorcycle groups like the Hells Angels and Bandidos are well-established, as well as a Chinese triad and a Swedish prison gang. The gangs are increasing in number and violence, and the authorities are losing control over some areas. The gang leaders are all newcomers to the country, except for one who has one Swedish born parent.

This will give you an idea of what is going on:

The arrival of “migrants”, particularly Muslim immigrants, has also seen sexual offenses rise dramatically

This picture of Iran’s change will give you an idea of what’s coming to Sweden- and to all of Europe.

image from middleeastnewsservice.com

Even more here.

Currently Sweden is undergoing a ‘crisis of violence’ of its own making:

Apartment blocks blown apart by bombs; video footage of a teenage boy being “executed” by gunmen – these are the kinds of atrocities you might expect in war-torn Syria, said Peter Wennblad in Svenska Dagbladet (Stockholm).

Yet they’re happening right here in Sweden: the country is experiencing a “crisis of violence” that is taking on the characteristics of civil war. Bomb attacks are a regular occurrence: 134 so far this year, up from 90 in all of 2022. Gun violence has soared to levels unheard of in other European states: 62 people died in shootings in Sweden last year, a per capita gun-murder rate roughly 30 times higher than London’s.

Things are so bad that the prime minister, Ulf Kristersson, has called in the army to help stop the bloodshed. “No other country in Europe is seeing anything like this,” he said in a TV address last month.

This mayhem is the product of “turf wars for control of the drug trade, driven by an influx of guns, personal vendettas and a pool of available youths, many from marginalised migrant communities”, said Sune Engel Rasmussen in The Wall Street Journal (New York). Gangs like those run by Rawa Majid, the notorious ring­leader known as the “Kurdish Fox” who came to Sweden from Iraqi Kurdistan as an infant and now controls his drug empire from Turkey, are “beyond the reach of prosecutors”. Such gangs have rendered entire neighbourhoods no-go areas for the police.

Sweden’s nightmare is entirely “self-inflicted”, said Jyllands-Posten (Aarhus). It is rooted in its policy of open borders and in its hubristic belief that Folkhemmet – the “Swedish Middle Way” between capitalism and socialism – had the capacity to absorb limitless numbers of non-Western immigrants “and make them Swedish”. The Swedish elite’s refusal to face up to the problems this caused has boosted the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats, who are now part of the governing coalition.

So if you want to see the real Sweden while it still exists, before those Cathedrals get converted into mosques, get going.

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Just like every immigrant group brings crime and cultural change with it. In the USA, the immigrant waves of the Irish and Italians in the middle 19th through the first third of the 20th Century also brought their organized crime groups along. It’s nothing new.

The Irish and other immigrants were of a similar Christian culture.
‘These destroying Sweden are not. As evidenced by their actions.

Police “No-GO” areas??? BS… Police can go… en masse and root out the society destroying scum. It takes will.

You, sir, are a moron. The evidence is before your eyes and it will get worse before they put your eyes out.