The clown show Trump trial verdict was in a long time ago



Let me save you some time.

Donald Trump is in court today. He is on trial for financial fraud, i.e. inflating the value of his properties, brought by a state Attorney General who has been bent on nailing Trump for something- anything- since she has been in office.

Thing is- this trial is a waste of time. It’s a show, a circus, nothing more. It’s a non-jury trial and the outcome is etched in stone.

The trial judge wants Trump’s head as much as Letitia James does. Arthur Engoron has quite the history. He was a cabbie, piano and drum teacher and band member. He’s burned through three wives. He’s an egoistic and egocentric jerk who cannot resist including himself in his rulings.

Engoron’s rulings are rife with biographical information, part full-disclosure, part nostalgia. He revealed in one decision that he participated in “huge, sometimes boisterous, Vietnam War protests.” He’s also described himself as a free-speech absolutist and said he’s been a member of the American Civil Liberties Union since 1994.

Engoron, who describes Trump as “just a bad guy” also fancies himself a real estate appraiser, which is critical to the trial. Engoron himself decided the value of Mar A Lago in order to hold Trump for trial.

This buffoon valued Mar A Lago at $18 million. Real estate professionals find that absurd.

This decision, which came down without a jury, has sent shockwaves through political — and real estate — circles, especially that $18 million base value for the property.

One prominent Palm Beach real estate broker, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told The Post, “It’s utterly delusional to think that property is only worth $18 million.”

The insider added, “If that property were on the market today, I would list it at around $300 million, minimum … at least. He also has the separate golf course minutes away.”


To put it in perspective, a 2-acre wooded lot at 1980 S. Ocean Blvd., just 5 minutes from Mar-a-Lago, is currently listed for $150 million. Mar-a-Lago, situated at 1100 S. Ocean Blvd., dwarfs this lot tenfold and operates as a commercial business with around 500 members as part of the golf club.

A more sober evaluation came from Forbes

Forbes had appraised the property, which is made up of 128 rooms, at approximately $160 million in 2018 following extensive renovations and its exclusive Palm Beach location on Billionaires’ Row. The property includes a 20,000-square-foot ballroom, five clay tennis courts and a sprawling waterfront pool.

And in the five years since, Palm Beach properties have only increased in value.

One is tempted to think that the banks Trump engaged have no appraisers who appraise for a living. Where are the bankers who made the loan and got paid back?

There apparently is no point in using real estate professionals when you’re Arthur Engoron. This tweet tells absolutely all you need to know about Engoron. Watch the prick primp and grin when the camera finds him.

Trump will be fined heavily. But where was the harm? Who did he hurt? This is a clown show run by a clown. I’m not a lawyer but it seems to me that there are lots of grounds for appeal if not outright vacation of the verdict and the penalties. This is not about justice- it’s about a miserable Attorney General who campaigned on getting Trump and a left-wing biased activist narcissist judge who is more than happy to help cripple a former President.

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Evidence doesn’t have an expiration date.

Greg =

Too difficult?

The evidence establishes a lengthy pattern of false statements that consistently worked to Trump’s financial advantage, undermining the defense’s assertion that under- and over-evaluation was unintentional. It supports the prosecution’s assertion that false statements have been consistently deliberate and purposeful. Such evidence of intentionality isn’t subject to a statute of limitation.

The pattern of fraud continued into recent years. The statute of limitations doesn’t apply to them.

Last edited 6 months ago by Greg

Greg =

The statute of limitations only requires that litigation begin before a specified time from the date of the offense has lapsed. It has nothing to do with the admissibility of evidence. Evidence doesn’t have an expiration date.

The statute of limitations only requires that litigation begin before a specified time from the date of the offense has lapsed.

If the statute of limitation has expired, there CAN BE NO LITIGATION, YOU FREAKING MORON.

It has nothing to do with the admissibility of evidence. Evidence doesn’t have an expiration date.

No litigation, no admission of evidence. Jeeze, you’re stupid.

It isn’t past. Providing deceptive figures was an ongoing practice. It continued into years still within the statute of limitations. That’s why he’s in court.

Throw out Trump’s alleged 80% supposedly beyond the statute of limitations, and you’ve still got 20% left.

It isn’t past. Providing deceptive figures was an ongoing practice. It continued into years still within the statute of limitations. That’s why he’s in court.

Really, so then we truely do have a whole different set of rules for the statutes of limitations when it comes to people like Hunter Biden.

Thanks for explaining that.

I just love when you play legal eagle and show everyone just how stupid you are.

Throw out Trump’s alleged 80% supposedly beyond the statute of limitations, and you’ve still got 20% left.

Wow. Did you use your fingers AND toes to figure that out? How about the significance of them pursuing the expired 80% knowing there was no legal point? It’s even been thrown out on appeal, but they just ignore the ruling in order to continue their political shit-show.

My got you are as moronic as this creepy judge. Now explain to us why financial experts would lend millions on fake numbers skippy. And do it for decades. On the other hand we have the word of an ex cabbie, whose valuations are being ridiculed by everyone with an IQ above room temperature, which eliminates most groomers, Marxists and New Yorkers.

Greg, how long did you ride the little blue bus? And did you have the lobotomy before or after you got off the bus?

More incisive commentary from Curt.

Greg tells us that the financial experts who deal in valuations and put their money at risk saw no fraud while the ex cabbie with no expertise found fraud. Tell us about your expertise there skippy, and no I’ll not need fries with my burger.

Greg: Try again idiot. The law defines the crime. If the time defines the crime to have expired then the evidence is of no consequence, Are you a gender studies major or a sociology major?

Greg tell the truth. You never took a law course; failed elementary logic; never study history. You are however a member of Antifa and spent your spare time reading to little children while in drag. No one could be this ignorant.

What I said above remains true. Trump’s lawyers know it. You can tell by their horrified eyes in the background as Trump bloviates outside the courtroom. He’s out of control. He’s attacking the judge, the prosecutor, court officers, and the criminal justice system itself, which is the last thing any rational defendant should do. It’s the same inflammatory bullshit that triggered January 6th. He’s not looking to successfully defend himself in the courtroom. He’s hoping to destroy the process.

A person would have to be pretty damn ignorant not to see that.

The only problem is… Trump spoke the absolute truth.

Troll alert

Putin has his political opponents poisoned, shot in public parks, thrown from high-rise balconies, or blown up on passenger jets.

Isn’t that what the Hildabeast and Obama does?

What Is a Statute of Limitations?
A statute of limitations is a law that sets the maximum amount of time that parties involved in a dispute have to initiate legal proceedings from the date of an alleged offense, whether civil or criminal. The length of time the statute allows for a victim to bring legal action against the suspected wrong-doer can vary based on the jurisdiction and the nature of the offense.

The statute of limitations is a law that sets the maximum amount of time that parties in a dispute have to initiate legal proceedings.
The length of time allowed under a statute of limitations varies depending upon the severity of the offense as well as the jurisdiction it is being disputed.
Cases involving severe crimes, like murder, typically have no maximum period.
Under international law, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide have no statute of limitations.
Statutes of limitations can also apply to consumer debt, which then becomes time-barred debt after the statute of limitations has passed.
Proponents of statutes of limitations believe they are needed because after time, important evidence may be lost and the memories of witnesses can grow foggy.

Last edited 6 months ago by Greg

Ah, the wisdom of “Randy Rainbow”.

Anyone with an open mind can compare the absolute lack of curiosity NY and the SDNY has with the Clinton Foundation, which is nothing but a Clinton ATM that spends less than 10% on charity and their pursuit and persecution (since 2015) of Trump. In this case, statutes of limitation mean nothing while they were used as a protective shield for Hunter.

This judge is a lunatic

“… and if I disagree with their verdict, their verdict is wrong.”

There should be laws to punish such misconduct and judicial over reach. Why is there no jury?

This judge demonstrates the corruption of the judicial system. It demonstrates the twisting of the rule of law and its abuse. Where is the limitation on the abuse by a man who is supposed to be an umpire but has boasted “he can sway a jury through the use of emotion.” Such an individual is not fit to clean the toilets of a courthouse.