Joe Biden is the Raymond Reddington of politics



There is a show on TV called the Blacklist. It is about a brutal criminal who decides to help the FBI take down other really badass criminals. Reddington, played by James Spader, ran the biggest criminal enterprise in history. Reddington has millions and millions of ill-gotten gains. So does Biden. Reddington has friends who grease the skids for him. So does Biden. Reddington conceals his fortune. So does Biden. Reddington at times flaunts the law. So does Biden. Reddington gets away with murder. Biden? Maybe.

But there are differences. Reddington is highly intelligent. Biden is smart in a slimy way. Reddington doesn’t need cue cards. Biden does. Reddington was highly eloquent and erudite. Biden is barely hanging on.

They both manage to stay one step ahead of the law. Both have spent a lifetime cultivating networks that are willing to do evil for them. Both are the beneficiaries of corrupt government but strangely, Reddington less so.

Reddington built up a fortune with illicit means. So has Biden. Reddington took good care of his employees. Biden used whoever he needed to use.

Reddington wasn’t a politician and did not compromise his country. Biden did. Biden was willing to trade his position as VP to extort tens of millions of dollars which he spread around to his family and then (according to Hunter) demanded half of Hunter’s take. He also had his family pay or his home and repairs (which is verboten).

When in a tight squeeze Reddington would buy off whoever he needed on his side. Biden has done the same but with a different method.

As President Biden strategically put into position people lacking enough integrity that they would bend the law for him. Two democrat Senators chose a US attorney for Delaware they knew would do their or Biden’s bidding- David Weiss. Weiss dragged out the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax evasion to the point the statue of limitations ran out. Biden then chose a vacuous muppet VP as assassination/impeachment insurance. He picked a DHS head who fights for the cartels. Biden then stocked the DOJ with Obama leftovers like Lisa Monaco who have their own anti-American agendas. He chose prosecutors like Leo Wise, who bend over backwards protecting the Biden mafia. He has at the ready AUSA’s like Lisa Wolf who block honest investigators like Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler. Then he picked a thoroughly corrupt Attorney General who lacks nothing but integrity and honesty.

Raymond Reddington was no bullshit artist. He told it like it was. Biden is a bullshit artist par excellence. He tells us Bidenomics is working. He tells us the border is under control. He tells us inflation is under control. Has he been to East Palestine yet?

Reddington never tried to suppress free speech. Biden has engaged big tech to restrict the free speech of Americans.

Biden presides over the greatest political crime network of all time.

Now we all live under the illusion of democracy, under the illusion of freedom. That’s all we have. The illusion.

Parting question- if Weiss had all the authority he needed why did he need Special Counsel status?

You know why. Tick tock, tick tock….

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Reddington took good care of his employees. Biden used whoever he needed to use.

Idiot Biden paying women $0.80 for every dollar paid to men in his regime.
I always compared Obama to Chauncy Gardner, Peter Seller’s character in Being There. Obama never did anything substantive but everyone inferred genius upon him, reading into everything he says something profound. Idiot Biden takes the Chauncy Gardner character a step further, with his mindless followers inferring genius upon him without him ever saying anything remotely smart.

Idiot Biden is a criminal. He has committed treason and sold out the American people. Allowing him to get away with his massive corruption is a clear signal to future Democrats (Republicans don’t assume they get a free pass from the FBI, DOJ and Ministry of Propaganda) to commit any crimes they fell will benefit them.

Is JOE the RR, or is Jill? I’ve got dibs on the good Dr.

Joe’s Nevada speech was just a few seconds away from being a McConnell repeat

I seriously doubt that either of the has the brain power, they are merely Punch and Judy. You old folks will know that one.