Democrats WANT a 2nd Civil War


Can anyone remind me why Donald Trump was impeached the first time? I thought it was because he asked a question about a potential opposing candidate, and that doing so was considered interfering in the electoral process. Wasn’t that entire act of Congressional partisan division based on one whistleblower who heard from his brother who heard from someone else, who heard half a phone conversation?

Fast forward to today…. there are almost three dozen whistleblowers with direct, firsthand knowledge of the DOJ, FBI, and Biden admin’s wrongdoing. Joe Biden’s son kept a laptop with child porn, gun porn, emails detailing how the Biden’s sold out the US to Ukraine, Russia, and China for their own personal fortunes, and there’s even 17 transcripts where you can hear them doing it. Then today a partner in the Biden favors for favors and cash for cash scheme testified to Congress confirming what everyone in the world knows: the Bidens are active criminals.

What’s the response from the Biden admin, from the Democrat propaganda machine? They indict Trump for January 6th, and again claim that the election wasn’t interfered with by Democrats. And they cite the Inquisition style January 6th hearings as evidence as if they or the second impeachment had any validity; offered any possibility for defense. It’s like it’s a race to see if Biden will be impeached before Trump gets sentenced for telling a crowd to peacefully protest (which the Biden DOJ calls ‘interfering with a Congressional process’).

Watching the report about the latest indictment on ABC News’ SPECIAL REPORT was like watching “Revenge of the Nerds: The First Trip to a Strip Club.” Go back and watch the tape-they keep swallowing lest drool leak and hang like infants w plastic toys. They were happy. They LOVED this.

Why not? Orange man bad, right? After all, he’s a mean Russian agent, no? Oh yeah, that was a fake story run by the media, created by Dems and the intel community as proven by two Congressional investigations, a Special counsel investigation, and a dozen DBI/DOJ investigations. Well, the orange man was a Putin Puppet except that he was harder on Russia than anyone since Reagan, and Putin was so afraid of his temper that he halted the war in Ukraine during the Orange man’s reign. Although, he had no right to ask the head of Ukraine if Biden was a criminal, ‘cause there’s only overwhelming firsthand evidence that he was now. Oh, and the election wasn’t interfered with except by the CIA director and 50 other intelligence officials who forced social media to censor out conservative media and deliberately hide the evidence that Biden is a criminal.

Too confusing? Don’t know who to believe? Still don’t like Trump? Fine, but ask yourself what our country could have done with the $173billion given to Ukraine without receipts or tracking? Go look at New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis, St. Louis, San Diego, LA, San Fran, Portland, or Seattle. Take a good hard look-better yet, go walk those streets on a Friday night, alone, and try to think of ways we could have used our money for ourselves more than Ukrainians can?
Biden (i.e., the person who writes his notecards not the actual President himself) has spent TRILLIONS of dollars, and we have more poverty now than ever before. We have more crime than ever before. Each day our kids go to school is a literal game of Russian Roulette. Half the time he’s on vacation, and the other half he’s ignoring his own train wrecks-literally a train wreck in Ohio, and he ignored it, and still doesn’t have the balls to go and reassure people because he can’t stand them. It’s like when Democrats came to power in 2021, they put Americans in a pot of warm water, turned up the heat, and now they’re going to be all surprised when people die as it boils.

It would have cost $40bn to put cops in every school and make them as secure as a post office, but Biden gave that to Ukraine for their pensions-not the war, but to cover their pensions. One might wonder if there’s any Hunter and/or Joe Biden money tied up in Ukrainian pension plans?
Civil Wars do not happen for a single reason-ever. 13% of Americans would like us all to believe that the American Civil War was 100% about them and their ancestors, but it wasn’t. The other 20% of the progressive Democrats would like to believe it too, but it’s just not sound political science or accurate history.
Civil Wars happen when the population feels a rapid shift from democracy to autocracy or vice versa. The issue is the speed. People will live in a Democracy because they feel represented, and in control. People will live in an autocracy because they’re comfortable ceding control for security and stability. This scale between autocracy and democracy is called anocracy.

Take away faith in government institutions, and you move the needle in the opposite direction.

Add in economic hardship (like years of inflation and slower wage growth=increased debt), and the needle moves in the opposite direction.

Take away the sense of legitimacy that is felt towards government, and the needle moves in the opposite direction.

Take away any realistic expectation or even hope that things will get better, and you move the needle some more (see also Biden’s campaign plan for 2024; ie, “more of the same”).

There are literally dozens of other factors, but these are the biggest.

In 2016 Democrats told us that Trump stole the election. They screamed in the streets, attacked his limo, rioted, and burned DC for 3 days, and then tried to tell us it was a mostly peaceful protest full of dancing hippies who were sad, and a lotta Grateful Dead melodies. There might have even been glitter, and the flames that most people called burning buildings were just people holding up their phones as old John Lennon ballads played. The riots were identified as mostly peaceful protests.

Then they spent years attacking Trump for working with the Russians to steal the 2016 election, and anyone who complained that this was a false conspiracy theory was attacked as a racist, sexist, xenophobe who got off by putting little Hispanic kids in cages.
Then the impeachment, and another impeachment, and the election where anyone who dared even ask a question was a neo-Nazi?

And they told us Jan6 was an insurrection when it was really a Reichstag Fire Repeat from liberal fascists. How many ANTIFA were there? How many undercover Feds were there in the crowd telling people to cross the barriers? And how the Hell does Trump telling a crowd to peacefully protest get considered criminal incitement of violence-literally the question of the day!?

Democrats and the media are desperate to make sure Trump doesn’t get re-elected. We all know why. They can’t stand him. He’s mean, and he’s gonna clean friggin’ house this time. Rather than do something outrageous like have Joe or someone-ANYONE-go out and campaign for him, they’re keeping him away from cameras and voters, and again turning the DOJ, FBI, and CIA loose on Trump. The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results. At best, Trump goes down, but then they’ve got a feeble old man who can’t speak, can barely walk, and can’t think for himself running against ANY of the new Republican candidates, all of whom would crush him in a debate.

The progressive left’s wet dream is to see the Orange Man in an orange jumpsuit for something-anything. He could be found guilty by a Massachusetts’s court of witchcraft, and it’d bring back those happy go lucky, mostly peaceful protests of 2016 and 2020. They ignore the consequence of that though: Trump becomes a martyr. Joe Biden would have to run against a martyr, and a solid GOP candidate, AND he’d have to do it without the intel community pressuring social media.

There’s a downside for all of us, however. In 2020 we saw a hungry, scared, misled, population, one that was getting food from parking lot donations, take to the streets and cause billions in damage because 39 African Americans had been killed by police that year (as well as all the other factors). Today, people are even poorer, further in debt, and the parking lot food lines continue. Now, however, they’re losing faith in their govt institutions, losing faith in their ability to be represented, and one of the only people who has stood up for half the country-against 365/24/7 attacks from every media source, and every political force, now Dems and media want to put that one person in jail.

You thought it was bad when people had their mostly peaceful protests in 2020? Not only is that kind of behavior off limits in a small town deep in red flyover country, but now, we might see people from the hills and dales coming into the cities. The cities are already lined with homeless, empty businesses, burned down buildings and bodies on the street. Make no mistake about it, however, they’re not even gonna pretend to call em “mostly peaceful protests.” It’s gonna be Hell on Earth. It’s gonna be another Civil War. Biden got soundly routed by the Taliban who didn’t have an air force or nuclear weapons (though I’m sure he’d claim credit for sinking their navy).

I pray the powers that be chill the fock out, give up their irrational lust for prisoner Trump, that justice be done and swift, and that we all survive the coming storm.

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One thing has been shown to true for sure: Democrats are desperate, they are cornered and, as long as they have the power of government to wield against The People, they will not give up. The get more fascist and more violent with every subsequent failure. More than likely, they will have to be removed by force.

And if it comes to that, don’t look for police in Democrat precincts to stand down, as they do when BLM/ANTIFA are rioting. Like January 6th, those forces will make free use of force and, like January 6th, will be met with force. We also won’t see any rioters supporting liberty rewarded with millions of dollars in damages for police damage. It will be nasty and to the death.

All because Democrats hate the Constitution and this country.

Democrats weren’t the ones running over the Constitution to get elected.

Thanks you Dolt! It wasnt Republicans commiting PROVEN voter fraud! PizzOff!

Democrats weren’t the ones running over the Constitution to get elected.

Weren’t they? How about suppressing the valid information of idiot Biden’s fraud on Hunter’s laptop? How about the ongoing investigations of Trump even though the FBI KNEW the “Russian collusion” accusations were lies? How about the violation of numerous state constitutions to allow unverified mail in votes? How about allowing votes coming in AFTER election day to be counted? How about counting ballots that had no signatures or invalid signatures? Maybe you can show me where that is covered in the Constitution, scooter.

Hunter’s laptop is irrelevant. It was stolen (yes, you can steal lost property) and passed around like a Texas A&M cheerleader. The chain of custody is long gone, and can’t be reconstructed even if there was evidence of a crime.

Well, it’s irrelevant to those willing to accept corruption on a massive scale as long as Democrats commit the corruption. However, to those of us who are disgusted to see the United States, the people and the Constitution used as toilet paper by incompetent Democrats, it is the Rosetta Stone of corruption.

How is the chain of custody broken? It went directly to the FBI. Have the FBI refuted anything shown to be in the laptop? Well… no. The FBI forced social media to suppress the information because it IS factual and it IS devastating. Polls of those who stupidly voted for idiot Biden shows that he would have lost 17% of those votes and those people not been lied to.

It didn’t go directly to the FBI. It stayed with the repair guy to mess with until he decided to give it to Rudy. Nobody knows what Rudy did with it before he finally gave it to the FBI. That’s not a supportable chain of custody for evidence you plan to present in any court.

It DID go directly to the FBI, you stupid, ignorant moron. When the FBI did nothing with it, the repairman gave his copy to Guiliani. You should probably brush up on your facts before you get into discussions. That willful ignorant bullshit is probably appreciated on leftist sites but isn’t tolerated here.

Do you lefties ever get tired of believing lies and then spreading them around?

Um… no. No, they don’t.

You are so, so, very, very wrong. There is chain of custody from Hunter’s little stubby pud pulling fingers to the FBI’s filthy, blood covered hands!

HB’s laptop is NOT irrelevent, it has several gigabytes of EVIDENCE of illegal & immoral activity on it’s hard drive. It was NOT “lost” nor stolen. It was left by it’s owner with a repairman. The bill for the repairs was, & still is, unpaid & thus, the laptop was forfieted after several attempts to get the drug addled owner to pick it up & pay the bill! In a mechnics world, the forfieture would be called a “mechanics lien” & the car can be held until the “lien” is satisfied. The same holds true to a house when repairs are not paid for & the house cannot be sold without satisfying the lien! It’s NOT theft, you leftist dolt, but then again, you’re probably 1 of the “educated” illiterates who doesn’t understand that your college LOAN was a loan to be repaid, not a gift from the taxpayers for your degree in something that you can’t make a living with!

Regardless of how important you believe the laptop is, it doesn’t have a chain of custody, when the FBI eventually received it and conducted a forensic examination, they found that files had been changed and directories corrupted during the period between when Hunter dropped it off and when the FBI received it. That’s enough right there to prevent it ever being used in any court case.

Here’s what the real FBI report found:

What that Report Purportedly Authenticating the “Hunter Biden” “Laptop” Really Said

Uh, no. They didn’t. Most of the lying leftist media eventually had to admit it was legitimate as well. Besides, the evidence the House committees (not the FBI) have uncovered evidence that corroborates and expands on the laptop.

More evidence comes forth even as we speak showing off-shore bank accounts and more bribes and corruption. This will, of course, mean more indictments of Trump are necessary.

The only thing the FBI has confirmed – at all – is that the computer once belonged to Hunter Biden. There’s nothing more to it. Keep spinning though, and maybe Trump will send you a lapel pin or bumper sticker.

Well, you are about two years late with YOUR spin. Not only has the FBI confirmed the laptop and contents are legit, even the WaPo has had to admit the data on it is real and has not been fabricated or tampered with.

But, the laptop is no longer needed (but for an obscene reminder of how corrupt the FBI and lying leftist media are), since the information on the laptop has led to much, much more evidence, along with whistleblowers and Devon Archer verifying that the Biden Crime Family needs to all be put in jail for a long, long time.

The laptop was accessed illegally. Everything deriving from that illegal search is what the law refers to as “fruit of the poisonous tree” and excludes it as evidence. You folks got all hot and bothered to get something on Biden that you screwed the pooch and tainted the evidence that may have been otherwise available to you.

The laptop was accessed illegally. 

No, it wasn’t.

Everything deriving from that illegal search is what the law refers to as “fruit of the poisonous tree” and excludes it as evidence.

No, it doesn’t.

BTW, the FBI said nothing about the contents of the computer. They only confirmed that they have Hunter’s computer. 

BTW, YOU said the FBI declared files had been altered. See what happens when you lie?

As I said, you missed the time to claim the laptop was phony by two years. Currently, everyone, even Hunter, has admitted it is real and the information on it is real. But, we now have more evidence, witnesses and whistleblowers confirming the laptop data and that Hunter and idiot Biden are scumbag traitors to this nation.

You seem confused. The FBI has confirmed only that the computer is Hunter’s. The FBI never confirmed that the data it contained supports any of the Republican claims, and the FBI has repeatedly noted the lack of a proper chain of custody for the computer and its contents. Don’t believe me if it makes you sleep better, but you and I both know there’s nothing in Hunter’s computer that will ever be admitted as evidence in any trial.

I’m not confused at all. The FBI confirmed the laptop is Hunter’s and that the information on it is not Russian disinformation, meaning it is Hunter’s data. Even the WaPo confirmed there was no evidence tampering or manipulation.

But now we have 170 suspicious bank transactions, over 20 shell companies, off shore bank accounts, millions of dollars of payments for… nothing? What is the product of the “Biden Brand” that Archer speaks of?

No, I don’t believe you, because you are lying. The laptop is genuine and the contents real evidence of corruption, which has now been corroborated with other evidence. You can pretend the evidence doesn’t exist and lie to yourself, if that makes supporting a proven pedophile and corrupt traitor to this nation more palatable, but it doesn’t make the facts go away.

You seem confused. The FBI has confirmed only that the computer is Hunter’s.

True, the FBI did confirm that the laptop from Hell was a computer used by Hunter Biden.

The FBI never confirmed that the data it contained supports any of the Republican claims,

The flip side of that argument is that the FBI never denied the claims that the data on the computer used by Hunter Biden were as reported, specifically by certain journalists.

and the FBI has repeatedly noted the lack of a proper chain of custody for the computer and its contents.

Then clearly, the FBI is loaded with dimwits who have never signed a contract for services. Maybe you would like to provide a link showing the FBI claimed the chain of custody on the laptop turned over to them, that they admit is a computer used by Hunter Biden, lacked proper chain of custody?

As to your link to an obscure website, you need to do better, Dog.

Please refer to him by his given name…Running Dog

BTW, the FBI said nothing about the contents of the computer. They only confirmed that they have Hunter’s computer. Go back and read their statement itself, not some yokel spin on OAN or some Beck channel.

Doug is that you? Got tired of us telling you go to fornicate yourself so you changed your name to running dog?

Go polish your participation trophies Junior! Mommy will be home soon.

Thanks for your capitulation.

Are you licking yourself?

It’s trying to hump your leg, be careful.

These clowns think Civil War and they think the 1860’s. They aren’t fought like that anymore. There are no more mass formations squaring off on a field somewhere while the instigators stay safely in their homes miles away from the shit. No one will be safe, even the modern day white liberal SJW”s (read Communists) in their upscale, all white, gated enclaves. These armchair warriors, many of whom are soy boys, best think twice before taking us down that dark path again. They have a lot more to lose than most. .

Why are Trump supporters the only ones who keep yapping about civil war?

Because intimidation is part of their cult leader’s bullshit.

Why are Trump supporters the only ones who keep yapping about civil war?

Because Democrats are always dividing the population. Why is all the political violence committed by the left?

Title, “Democrats WANT a 2nd Civil War”

It’s bad enough you can’t comprehend what the article says (or didn’t read it), but to say the opposite of what the title says is too funny.

I’ve got no comprehension problems. What about you? Your ass-hat of a cult leader, today on Truth Social:

“So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great “Founders” did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

Throw out the Constitution, because *yada yada yada*

There WAS NO “fraudulent election.” There’s NO EVIDENCE of a fraudulent election. There’s just Trump, repeating this crap again and again and again. Which was contemptable, but not illegal. What was illegal was the conspiracy to overturn an election by deception, phony “alternate electors” with falsified credentials, and a mob to stop the electoral count process. For that, there’s a shit-load of evidence, all of which will be presented in a courtroom.

Last edited 9 months ago by Greg

Posted today, junior?

I call bravo sierra

Last edited 9 months ago by TrumpWon

Yes indeed. Moved from December 03, 2022 to the top of the Truth Social crap-stack today. Google “Trump Truth Social“, click on the link, and that’s the post where you’ll land.

Last edited 9 months ago by Greg

That is bullshit.
Truth social does not move previous posts to current time. I am on truth social and that never happens. You are a fucking liar

Last edited 9 months ago by TrumpWon

Why are you quibbling about when Trump said it, rather than dealing with the fact that he actually did?

“A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.

Throw out the Constitution, and the rule of law, and we no longer have an America.

Last edited 9 months ago by Greg

You said it was posted today. That is bullshit and you are a fucking liar.

Fine. Posted by Trump December 03, 2022. There you go. It still says the same thing:

“So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great “Founders” did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

The Everly Brothers wrote a song about what you are espousing it was called “Dream”
As a side note step out of that bubble you live in once in a while. The weather is fine. No globull boiling at all.

In my “bubble”, Trump tried to steal an election and is about to be arraigned for it, the world is experiencing record heat and uncontrolled wild fires, and Putin is an evil bastard who invaded and is trying to destroy a neighboring nation. All of which is denied here on a regular basis.

Last edited 9 months ago by Greg

Trump stole nothing, the election was stolen from us and him asshole

That’s because it’s a cult.

A) Trump’s not my leader
B) I can’t answer for someone else’s comments that I don’t necessarily agree with/no one can
C) There’s overwhelming documented evidence and documented testimony and even an admission from the fmr CIA director that he and more than 50 other former intel officials conspired to hide evidence of Joe Biden’s traitorous pay2play bribery scandals, and not only did the 50+ intel officials conspire together, but they worked with FBI and former FBI agents and the White House to pressure media to help hide this election-swaying evidence as well as pressured social media companies to censor and block conservative opinions and voices on the eve of an election. That’s extremely well documented, and most people-including Democrats-say they would have voted for Trump not Biden if the CIA, FBI, social media companies, and media didn’t all censor and hide the evidence of Biden’s bribery.
D) this oped I wrote is about Democrats pushing the causes of a civil war because it makes them feel good, and those who are moving these measurable aspects don’t care one bit if Trump is convicted or not. They just wanna hear Orange Man Bad and consequences be damned.

Why are Democrats always the one fighting, shooting, bombing and burning buildings down. Is that not a civil war?

It was declared on us a while ago, lightbulbs, dishwashers, hot water heaters, AC, stoves they all must be replaced by shit that does not work, toilets that dont properly flush, shower heads that make you stay longer in the shower, windmills that cant keep the grid satisfied, self destructing electric cars and scooters, shitty education, crap healthcare. Bidenomics make less pay lots more. Its murder of the middle class.

If that’s your plan, then it’s good the Oath keepers and Proud Boys are already in or headed for prison. You clowns have been threatening a civil war since Carter was president. If you’re really feeling froggy you should jump on in and see what happens.

It’s not a “civil” war. Nor a race war. It is a fascist class war of the parasite class, fascist Oligarchs based in San Francisco and Soros New York, against the working class. They run Biden’s cabinet and most of the federal agencies, they are the Neo-con strategists for the Ukraine War (and the VN, Gulf and Afghan Wars before it).

You seem very confused about fascism, Wayne.

Thanks. below is link to Amazon book review I wrote on fascism if interested. You probably believe in the Leftist definition that only Right Wing can be fascist (or racist) such as Germany WWII. Fascism is when corporations take over government such as when liberal Britain went fascist under Churchill or when conservative Italy went fascist both before WWII under Mussolini. I’ve read, what, 8 books on the subject. And you?

Clara Mattei, The Capital Order: How Austerity Paved Way to Fascism, 2022. Scroll down to second book review.

To make no mention of personal identity…

If you’re feeling froggy, you should jump, Scott. FAFO.

I don’t want to see millions of people killed, even the stupid ones like you. Be careful what you wish for it could happen.

Sure you do. You folks keep threatening, so have at it, Charlie. There are plenty of people ready to help you find your eternal reward.

Certainly SD, even you must appreciate that cancer has to be eradicated to allow for the health of the organism. Extirpating vermin need not rise to the level of civil war. I trust you don’t personally defend cancer or relate to cockroaches.

Democrats are the ones who want it (though when they commit violence it identifies as “mostly peaceful protest”). I’m sure you read the last part of the article where I say I don’t want war. Right? lol

it’s all fun and games until the bullets start flying and “we the people” have to clean up the mess. and clean it up we will – most thoroughly and effectively – at least for another 100 years.

There’ll be no mess to clean up. While we are at each other’s throats, idiot Biden’s benefactors, the CCP, will roll right in and take over, just according to plan.

It’s not going to turn out the way you seem to think.

Nice piece, Scott. Good to see you again

Thanks. I’ll have more.

I’d forgotten how many self-described “progressives” would comment on an article without read it-or without even reading the title! Too funny.

I’ve got another one coming that involves math and a spreadsheet. Can’t wait to see the math-challenged moonbattery wrestle with that one!

You have one shot to convince your elected representatives to shut the doors on the weaponized DOJ and FBI. If we fail at this, what Scott predicts will most likely happen.

This republic was meant for a moral people. Unfortunately we have too few of them around. The money in politics has destroyed that and people started voting their neighbors money into their own pocket.

The presidency was meant for a moral person, so Trump never qualified.

The presidency was meant for a moral person, so Trump never qualified.

So your model is an incompetent pedophile that sells his country out to foreign countries for bribes, like idiot Biden has done?

Nice smear attempt, but there’s no evidence that Biden is or ever was any of the things you claim here. Trump, on the other hand, made his lack of a moral compass into a selling point for ignorant and scared people like yourself.

Yeah, idiot Biden’s own daughter said he forced her to shower with him. Aside from that, evidence and whistleblowers confirm idiot Biden has taken bribes from Burisma, for one. So, go somewhere else and wallow in your ignorance and stupidity. We are into facts here.

Salacious claims from a stolen diary. Is that really what you’re basing your nonsense on?

Yeah, basing it on Ashley’s own words, which she confirmed. You know… facts and stuff.

What that Report Purportedly Authenticating the “Hunter Biden” “Laptop” Really Said

Even the diary was stolen, and then sold to Project Veritas for $40k. The people who are the real criminals went to prison.

But she denies it and recognizes it for the smear it was and remains.

“I’m Ashley Biden. It is my stuff”

Oh, and in addition to being authentic, idiot Biden sent the FBI to raid homes trying to retrieve it. Maybe you have some explanation that justifies the FBI raiding to try and retrieve some of your daughter’s personal property she left at someone’s house. Give it a try, scooter.

It wasn’t stolen. It was left behind at a home where she stayed.

And they are desperate and will do anything to keep it. It’s life or death for them, due to their crimes and corruption.

I have a somewhat different view of this and this view is Theater. Theater to keep this rotten ship afloat and the crew busy looting and preparing the life boats for departure at the last minute. The US Legitimation crisis is every election since JFK. You could fast forward to Bush v. Gore and the Hanging Chad as well. At the very least under JFK the Deep State demonstrated it’s capacity to act in it’s own interests public be damned. Trump is playing his role on stage with gusto. I say this because he is an act. Trump after all is old line CIA asset with Resorts International and he was a Clinton supporter as well. He is also closely aligned with Zionist money. Theater keeps the game going. You have no liberty anyway you just refuse to revolt and nicely ask Trump to do it for you instead.

Cynicism is what lazy thinkers confuse with deep thoughts.

🙂 and sleepy eyed voters read rarely.

A few months ago I published a piece that examined, in part, President Donald J. Trump‘s brief control over Resorts International. Resorts was a curious creature that served as kind of bridge-way between both the Overworld and the Underworld. In addition to Trump, it also had close ties to another controversial Republican President: Richard M. Nixon. Nixon’s longtime benefactor, Howard Hughes, also played a role in the Resorts saga during the 1970s.

At the same times Nixon was basking in the luxuries Resorts’ Bahama casino (while Hughes was potentially being held prisoner there), the gambling interest also employed the bother of a close Lansky associate and counted among its shareholders William Mellon Hitchcock, a Mellon family heir who at one point was the financier for the largest LSD ring in the world (noted before here).

And then there was Intertel, a wholly owned subsidiary of Resorts. Intertel was a private intelligence agency staffed heavily with former FBI men and other assorted US intelligence veterans. It is most famous (or notorious, depending upon one’s point of view) for spiriting Howard Hughes out of his Las Vegas penthouse in 1971 and keeping the reclusive billionaire under lock and key for the rest of his official life, nominally under the guise of providing Hughes with “security.” It probably goes without saying, but Intertel is widely believed to have been an arm of the US intelligence community.

Was there any point to that, or are you just free associating today?

Why yes. 1. If Trump is a man with a past and who has no regrets about the Big Lie of vaccines he STILL BOOSTS AND despite his cooperation is under attack as well – as he has been from the outset but somehow eluded -he represents a faction of the power elite opposed to another faction. 2. The dialectic therefore is in play. 3. The consequences are the same. A different salesman. One you buy. Biden’s buyers are not Trump buyers. Trump is a better sell for mass man but for profits maybe not. Does not matter. Trump is an insider’s insider. He was inside before the Clinton crime family or Obama. Theater is to create collapse. Biden installed to permit collapse. In other words nothing less than real revolution in every state akin I guess to feelings against George III will be the change we need. Trump is going to rubber stamp all WEF change.

Last edited 9 months ago by Charles Stegiel

Thank a democrat!

You’re welcome!

Democrats always find ways to always give aid to other Nations but Not America shows to us their total Globalists and Traitors no matter what we see read or hear from the nations Lie A Day Media


Look for the Biden regime to crush any such rebellion in a bloody and harsh manner.

“Fifty years of “trickle-down” has turned Millionaires into Billionaires and the Working Class into the Working Poor.” ~unknown~

Trickle up economics works so well. That’s why pizza delivery drivers employ so many more people than pizza shop owners

Serfs seldom have employees. Better a thousand new millionaires than another new billionaire.