It’s a very dark time in America



It’s a very dark time in America. We’re going to learn quickly if there is any hope for us. We’re going to find out whether Merrick Garland, and consequently his DOJ, has a least shred of integrity left.

The Diversion Plea written for Hunter Biden wasn’t a real document. It wasn’t a plea. He could not plead to things for which he had not been charged. He had not been charged with anything. That means the thing presented in court yesterday was a joke, but it has a provision that would protect Hunter (and thus Joe) from any past or future criminal charges. This is big. It’s biggest scam ever perpetrated by anyone in government. It’s depth of depravity reflects the evil it’s hiding.

At every step of the way the DOJ has acted as Biden’s personal defense firm. Elite IRS teams were removed from cases. AUSA’s actively blocked investigations. As we pointed out before, David Weiss, who buried the laptop in 2020, allowed the worst of the Hunter Biden felony tax evasion cases’ statute of limitations to expire. The statute of limitations on the Hunter Biden gun violation will be expiring in October.

There is a short list of people who have the juice to approve something as audacious as was seen yesterday. Merrick Garland is the Attorney General.  Lisa Monaco is the DAG. Monte Wilkinson heads up the Office of Enforcement Operations. That is the office to which the AUSA’s report. It is likely that Weiss brought the “plea” to Wilkinson and Monaco. We do not know if Garland was informed of the plea or not.

Here’s what has to happen.

As many charges as even imaginable must be filed against Hunter Biden and right away, to keep the SOL from expiring. But who will file them? Garland, Monaco Wilkinson and Weiss must appear before House committees to answer question and explain their actions. Like yesterday. But here’s the rub- what if they refuse? Where do you go? Biden has no respect for the Supreme Court. His efforts to destroy free speech through collusion with social media has been exposed.

Or Garland can just assert that justice is being pursued and squash the case by letting it die on the vine. Is there even a single honest person in the DOJ?

We are soon to find out, because all roads lead to Joe Biden.

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The statute of limitations on the Hunter Biden gun violation will be expiring in October.

This should kill any discussions of more extensive and invasive background checks for gun purchases for ever and ever. Those background checks aren’t for the sportsman, the gun enthusiast or the person in need of personal protection. They aren’t the problem. Background checks are for the career criminal on and dealing drugs, the corrupt individual that believes they can get away with any crime they choose to commit. In short, background checks are intended to keep guns out of the hands of people just like Hunter.

In this purpose, it totally failed and our government has shown us that it has no heart for prosecuting connected people when they violate the sole purpose of the background checks. So, let’s hear no more about the miracle of “universal background checks”. Even liberals don’t believe in them.

We can have no delusions that the GESTAPO er, DOJ is going to do a sudden 180 and begin to honestly pursue crimes regardless of who is connected to whom (or stop persecuting political opponents). Hunter will never face justice and neither will idiot Biden, just as Hillary won’t. The most we can hope for is that as the Democrats more and more overtly trample the law and Constitution to protect Democrats, voters finally take notice and begin driving these corrupt liars out of government once and for all. If that starts to happen, maybe the Democrat party will reform itself into a more Constitutional-respecting party.

There are NO HONEST people in government due to the ‘type’ of people who seek ‘government work’. These are ‘ends justify the means’ type of people and they are dangerous, never trust them.