If they win next year…


Let’s spell out the democrat platform for next year. They’re not going to be honest about it, so it is incumbent upon us to be.

  • There will be real pressure put on biological white women to end their pregnancies, in order to save the planet. Fewer people means less carbon. White women, especially liberal white women, will dutifully comply, thinking they’re doing something.
  • The children of the surviving pregnancies will be pressured into changing gender from the age of 2 because Rachel Levine believes they’re all assuming the wrong gender. Levine says there’s nothing to worry about. “I want to be clear that for prepubertal children, there are no medical procedures done.” Levine doesn’t regard puberty blockers and hormones as “medical procedures.”
  • Fentanyl will be made legal under the new drug Czar Hunter Biden
  • Influence peddling and money laundering by the President will be henceforth seen as legal.
  • The CBP and ICE will be defunded
  • Voter ID will be outlawed, effectively creating a one party state
  • The FBI will enforce the law only when violated by Republicans.
  • Insider trading will be legal for democrats only
  • SCOTUS will see an additional 4-5 seats, all appointed Joe Biden, skipping Congress’s approval (nothing will matter once the laws are selectively enforced.)
  • Biden will freely ignore the Supreme Court
  • Free housing will be increased (see featured image)
  • Child trafficking becomes legal
  • Finally, pedophilia will be made legal

This a sadly dystopian future but you might recognize that certain elements are already in play. Merrick Garland already fails to enforce anything negatively affecting the Bidens.

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Like in 2020 when the overturned the game table by releasing covid, rigging an election, and staging a false flag, Democrats in the deep state are poised to do even more for 2024.

Time to purge all uniparty members, from local municipalities to all federal agencies. Take the equipment, leave the bodies to rot as a warning to others. Close the borders, expel all traitors.

Climate lockdowns, digital currency, fake meat needs no label, gardening is limited, pet taxes, church taxed, vitamins and supplements need their own agency, you dont need to pack the court if you can simply ignore it. Military sent to arrest rural self sufficient Americans defending their land against marauders (South Africa ring a bell?)All barter outlawed.
Convert or purchase a propane generator, propane has no shelf life, like honey and salt.

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The Boders will be opened Guns Confiscated Private Property opened to illegal aliens(Future Democrat Voters & Supporters) to live on, Climate Agreement Enforced the North American(Soviet)Union just like the European(Soviet)Union Kids taken away from their parents to be Indoctrinated(Brainwashed) at Globalists Run Schools Constitution replaced by UN Treaties Martial Law Enforced All forced to live in beehive Apartment Complex as Farm and Ranchland returned to Wilderness forced to eat unhealthy Plant Based Junk the whole world under the United Nations

The closer the left gets to their dream of a totalitarian police state, the more desperate and violent they become.

We already live in a One Party State. The ballot fraud the country has ignored and pretended not to see will ensure a Democratic President and both Houses of Congress in 2024 and all subsequent elections



Trump will assure a Democratic sweep in 2024. GOP strategists see it coming, but their brakes have gone out.

There is no one in the GOP field that can come close to Trump in the polls. Despite your dire predictions last election it took a hellofalot of fake votes to drag the corrupt corpse Biden into the White House.

That’s true. He’s a shoo-in for the Republican nomination, but can’t win the general election. As in 2020, millions will turn out for the Democratic Party candidate just to vote against Donald Trump.

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Just like 2020 and 2022, Democrats will be wholly dependent on election fraud to win anything in 2024. Thanks to idiot Biden, they’ll need a LOT more of it. They probably won’t even bother to try and hide it this time. They didn’t in Arizona in 2022.

Another Biden dog needs to be put down, not re-homed put down.
What are the Bidens doing to these dogs to make them vicious?

Biden’s Latest Dog Has Already Sent a Secret Service Agent to the Hospital and Bitten 6 Others: Report

Dogs can sense scumbaggery. No doubt being around the degenerate Biden’s turns them mad.

Had dogs all my life, never had a random biter or dog that attacked people. I even broke a rescue from biting, good thing she is tiny.

A personal guess, abuse by President. Demento.

Probably related to Dr. Jill and a jar of peanut butter.