Watch how fascist the democrat party has become



In a moment straight out of the Twilight Zone, democrats used a censorship hearing to censor the hell out of RFK Jr.  He wasn’t allowed to get very far into his presentation when he was savaged.

Now I’m not here to argue the merits of RFK’s assertions, but rather lament his treatment at the hands of the New Fascist Party.

For background, RFK Jr. suggested that COVID 19 might have been genetically designed to spare Ashkenazi Jews and ethnically Chinese people. Democrats pounced on him before he could say 20 words and repeatedly shut him down. The start chamber treatment was led the terminally ugly Wasserman Schultz and Stacy Plaskett, the Virgin Islands witch who feels she can crush House decorum with her feet and spit on the remains. She said of RFK Jr:

“This is not the kind of free speech that I know of,” Plaskett said. “Free speech that is protected by the Constitution’s First Amendment. Free speech is not an absolute.

Beg your pardon, missy, but this speech IS protected by the Constitution. You might also remember Plaskett saying “Trump shout be shot.” I’m having a hard time finding what RFK said as “anti-Semitic”. Anti-Sinophile? Why are these dirtbags coming to the defense of the CCP? Is the entire DNC owned by the CCP? More than one of us quickly came to the belief that COVID 19 originated in the lab. I see no other reasonable possibility.

And speaking of “idiotic” messaging, anyone else remember those damn shutdowns? Remember how we were told the getting vaccinated would stop the virus from spreading? How many lies about COVID did they feed us?

Dr Marty Makary remarked that Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “is saying things that “people know are true,” but “just don’t want to hear.” Makary said on “Fox & Friends” that people in the medical community are “hungry” for Kennedy’s message, specifically about the COVID pandemic and how alternate opinions and questions were shut down by the “medical industrial complex.””

Democrats are misquoting and misrepresenting RFK Jr to make an example of him- to quickly crush any diversity of thought.

What is interesting is the issue of autism among the Amish. While some have wrongly claimed that Amish children do not get autism because they do not get vaccinated, but it is true also that the Amish children have a lower rate of vaccination and a lower rate of autism.

These seem to be questions worthy of more investigation and less ridicule, but democrats aren’t interested in the truth or facts. They’re only interested in controlling the narrative and they will not hesitate to destroy you to that end.

That is the story here.


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RFK Jr. suggested that COVID 19 might have been genetically designed to spare Ashkenazi Jews and ethnically Chinese people.”

No, he didn’t. That libel is an attempt to marginalize him. It is a deliberate lie.

Kennedy is the only politician who represents the underclass, working class, and middle class. Every other politician, including Trump, who I voted for twice, represents the Ruling Class.

Nah. Trump isn’t in the club.

Trump got the most legal votes in history. The Dems (and GOP) are desperate to stop democracy.

RFK is awesome, but he certainly comes from the Ruling Class.

Trump doesn’t.

The left is going to pump up DeSantis and RFK as Trump alternatives, but them installing their ruling class puppet is all they’re going to do.

We’re living in a dictatorship and Biden is not our president.

RFK is from the ruling class, but a different one, one of bygone days. He is the old-school Democrat and the Democrat party has moved past that. They are now socialists, fascists and totalitarians and they won’t tolerate anyone that isn’t.

But Trump is as far removed from the ruling elite as one can possibly get. That provides his primary opposition.

66 million Americans are currently dependent on a national retirement and disability program that meets the right’s definition of “socialism”. Before it existed, the vast majority of aged Americans died in poverty.

Last edited 10 months ago by Greg

The Democrats meet anyone’s definition of socialists, fascists and totalitarianism.

Democrats aren’t secretly plotting to kill Social Security to protect the wealthiest from tax increases. They haven’t been working for years to kill unions to reduce American workers to serfs. They didn’t fight to protect big pharma from negotiations to reduce prescription drug prices. They didn’t give government the power to deprive women of sovereign control over their own bodies. They haven’t attempted to cut nutritional programs for impoverished families.

Last edited 10 months ago by Greg

Democrats aren’t secretly plotting to kill Social Security to protect the wealthiest from tax increases. 

No, they are pretty open and clear about wanting to bankrupt it totally. Unions have killed unions with their high wage demands, abuse of power and links to organized crime. Democrats and their forced vaccinations is support for Big Pharma, which idiot Biden gets reimbursed handsomely for. There is no “sovereign power” to kill babies. Remember Michelle’s assault on school lunches? Kids preferred to go hungry rather than eat the shit she forced on them.

Democrats are a plague. Unless and until they reform their party and drive out the socialist totalitarian fascists, I hope they are driven out of political power.

Democrats committed a coup against our nation instead of running better campaigns and winning legally through votes.

Of course everything you listed is absolutely b.s, but even if it wasn’t, the moment you cheat you stop being an American citizen and you become a domestic terrorist and enemy.

I was out camping without even cell service, but I was listening to the hearing on Sirius. I couldn’t keep track of which dumbass was speaking, but one actually said that while RFK, Jr. has a right to say whatever he wants, he has no right to make those statements on social media. In other words, he can say whatever he wants as long as no one hears it. That’s the leftist mentality.

Like the Weaponization of Government hearing, the Democrats introduced racism (of course) into their arguments. All in all, they were so blatantly desperate it was pathetic. They even tried to get the hearing on censorship moved to a closed hearing…. so it could be censored! Shades of Schiff…

Republicans are not the only Americans that question WTF is going on. RFK Jr is noticing what many millions, more than voted for Brandon, are noticing. Everything is classified, data is manipulated. RFK is climbing in the polls. While they track us illegally knowing every key stroke on a computer, we the people cant know what they are up to. Thats ass backwards.

Face it the same Democrat Party the very same Democrat Party that some Hollywood Airhead claimed was For the People choose to silence someone who opposes them look how they treated Trump for four years we all know our nations M.S. Media are whole bunch of gutter dwellers and the Democrats get worse

Looks like RFKjr is in the process of being “mugged by reality.”
By “the news” RFKjr means the lefty media narrative.
And he’s right.
They twist everything they can and get away with it for at least the first (golden) hours when it counts.

RFK has become the Kennedy family’s crazy old uncle. As with Trump, his own family no longer supports him.

Biden tries to have sex with kids on camera.

You support sex trafficking.

It’s pretty clear who the bad guys are.

Well a family can have more than one crazy old uncle.. Joey Biden is far ahead in that race.

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