Nearing the event horizon



Well, democrats didn’t see that coming.

Each democrat on the House panel opened with their faux effort at “The you for your service” just before launching into either an attempt smear or demean the agents or mount the horse of distraction and ride like the wind. The IRS agents were bulletproof with integrity and Ziegler had a showstopper up his sleeve.

Not only is he a democrat, he’s gay! And maybe even Jewish! Yet even that still didn’t stop the execrable Jamie Raskin from attempting to dismiss Ziegler’s efforts. Raskin has taken on the Adam Schiff role of being the designated scumbag liar for this scandal.

There was a ton of whataboutism sprinkled with racism. None of it stuck. Kweisi Mfume seemed to become increasingly enraged as more and more truth emerged. Of course, anything that doesn’t go the way democrats is inherently racist. Mfume than dropped a stupid bomb having the equivalent of 20,000 tons of Hank Johnson:

Rep Kweisi Mfume (D-MD) just said one of the most disturbing and insane things a member of Congress has ever said: “The DOJ, FBI, and IRS keep this democracy in check [and] provide the checks and the balances.”

Newly minted children of the DNC Corn also were eager to establish their capacity for deceit:

Democrat Rep. Greg Casar: “It’s clear from this hearing that Democrats are pro-accountability, equal treatment under the law, and for paying your taxes”

Democrats were unable to punch any holes in their testimonies but there was much confirmed – that the Biden family are grifters and get red carpet treatment no matter what they do. Dan Goldman took his silver spoon out of his mouth for long enough to grumble

A top Democrat downplayed concerns that Hunter Biden received money from the same Chinese energy firm that doled out cash to the indicted informant Gal Luft. “Who cares if they had money from the same company,” Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) blurted out during a brief exchange in the House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday.

Raskin, who is without conscience or morality, tried to pass off what has happened as “normal.”

“We’ll hear about the back-and-forth among investigators, prosecutors, and a Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney, over a dozen people who spent four years investigating the president’s son. We’ll hear about how they disagreed on investigative steps and what criminal charges to bring — all normal stuff in government investigations that doesn’t usually lead to a congressional hearing,” argued Raskin in his opening statement at the hearing.

During an intermission, John Roberts and Turley keyed in on Raskin’s argument. “We know what he’s trying to do here, but does he have a point?” asked Roberts.

“Well I was stunned when Raskin said what you’re about to hear is perfectly normal,” began Turley. “And he was sitting in front of two witnesses who are incredibly credible and forthcoming, and they’re saying that this was anything but normal. They had never encountered anything like this before. They were waived off witnesses. They had targets tipped off before searches occurred. They had agreement with prosecutors on multiple felonies that were scuttled. They describe how there was a knowing decision to allow crimes in 2014-2015 to expire because of statute of limitations.”

“It was anything but normal. I mean, God help us if this is the normal process of an investigation and prosecution.

We learned the this handpicked highly regarded team was told NOT to ask questions of the Biden children.

We learned that this elite team was told not to ask about “Dad” or “the big guy.”

It was confirmed that the FBI had authenticated the Hunter Biden laptop by October 2019.

Leave it to Abbe Lowell to continue to be skunk he always was for the Clintons.

There are a lot of moving parts to this story. Democrats are counting on the stupidity of their flock to once again help them escape. There’s really just one thing needed to bring down the walls of Biden Inc. That is to demonstrate that an action Biden took which resulted in monies going into the Biden empire accounts.

Do not be misled by Zlochevsky when he says he never paid the “big guy” anything directly. That doesn’t matter. Neither does it matter if the money went into family accounts. They’re all regarded as his.

Biden does not give a damn about the US, It’s all Biden. God damn him for it because we’re close to the event horizon. Once we reach it neither truth nor for integrity will matter.


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Democrats are desperately trying to circle the wagons around biden but the opponents in this scenario have them out numbered and it is going to be a turkey shoot.

The evidence is overwhelming and no amount of folderol put forth by democrats will change the evidence that the biden crime family is the most corrupt political family in American History.

While they seem to be attempting to protect biden, it is their own asses they fear are in jeopardy. Anything they are trying to hang on President Trump pales in comparison to what the bidens have done for more than 4 decades.

joe biden consciously committed treason against America because his greed for money exceeded his moral and ethical values as a citizen.

He is the worst of the worst, a waste of human skin.

The M.S. Media are trying to protect Biden for all the Crimes Against America he has committed then the NYT/CNN watch as they lose their viewers and readers who switch to more Conservative News