Was a National Digital ID Imposed While Nobody was Watching?


MRCTV’s Garner Goldsmith made an interesting 8 minute video, DHS Uses Your Taxes To Kick Off What Looks Like a Federal Digital ID System. Here is quick summary below the video:

Imagine living in a neighborhood run by the mob. Imagine that the illegitimate “rulers” already have claimed the power to search you at certain locations where you might want to do business, that they spy on you, and they make YOU pay for it, claiming it’s “for your protection.”

Now, imagine that same mafia telling you that they are going to replace all your door locks with locks of their choosing – for your protection, of course. That’s essentially what the Department of Homeland Security – via some of its lesser-known, tax-funded vassals – recently hinted is in its plans for all of us, if we don’t stop them ASAP.

I watched the video Wednesday morning, and while I ran some lunchtime errands I wondered if it hadn’t already happened. I know that by 2025 the TSA has mandated that all flyers must have a Real ID. I don’t think that my license is, but it does have one of those crazy looking black bar of jumbles on the back that looks like a cross between a QR code and a retail bar code. I’ve seen it used for scanning when going to the airport, where the Colonoscopy Agent working Security would scan my license. It seemed a bit… off, for lack of a better term, but I’ve sadly gotten so numb to what passes for Security at airports that I didn’t give it too much thought. Yesterday I did.

First, I had to make a shipment at Fedex, and the polite, friendly clerk scanned the back of my license to load my address into his system. Wait, what? My next stop involved grabbing some beer as part of my the grocery store run, and instead of the checkout clerk just looking at my license or at my face (sadly, my boyish good looks that got me carded consistently until my mid 30s are long gone), he asked for my license and scanned it into the cash register. Wait, what? Why are two private businesses given access to whatever info that Motor Vehicles has stored on me? And what’s next? Will any other data markers be attached to my license? And will that info be used for any other social engineering? Will I one day find myself being told I’ve bought too much beer for the month, or that all of the meat I’n buying is hitting my Climastrology threat threshold? Or will our medical history get cross referenced, and might not having the Fauci Flu Clot Shot preclude anyone from buying food reserved for loyal Branch Covidians?

Or am I just being paranoid that retailers just now have easier access to the same info they could get from looking at the front of my license? Has anyone else noticed this?

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Well, now, be fair. They never know when the lurking monster of “white supremacy” will raise its ugly head and cause havoc everywhere. You are white, aren’t you? That makes you automatically guilty.

It’s time to tell the ‘nanny government’ to fuq off.

Correction: It’s time to MAKE THEM GO the fuq off!

I wouldn’t let a clerk scan my DL to buy anything. A girl in an auto parts store insisted I give her my phone number. I finally said either take my money or I’ll go elsewhere, but you can’t have my phone number. She took the money.

I always say “no” when asked for my phone number by a store clerk. I haven’t had my driver’s license scanned anywhere except my Dr’s office that I can remember but will certainly “just say no” if it happens.

It’s too late. They already know everything about you, They have for decades. The details of every credit card purchase you make is recorded and sold (kick back to the merchants) to 3 major credit bureaus in the US. They in turn collate it and sell it to anyone that wants it. It’s called target marketing. They know what kind of foods you eat, where you get your hair cut, what your hobbies are and every place (almost) you have been. I am sure the government has unrestricted assess to this information also.

Well DUH who do think invented the systems?

I don’t let anyone see my driver’s license. It is just that—a license to drive. I keep it hidden in my car. I never carry it with me.

I haven’t been stopped by a cop in decades. My state used to allow posession of a separate ID card and a DL, but dumped that arrangement. You can have an ID card or DL but not both. Although I noticed the number was the same on the two cards.

If a business wants my DL, I leave. I had to go through a week’s worth of hassle to pickup a Fedex package because they wanted to see my DL—not to scan it, but just verify my name. My university ID wasn’t acceptable.

Real ID? Forget about it. I stopped flying 15 years ago because of TSA.

Ditto on flying with TSA.

Congrats on your waking up to the surveillance state. There exists communities dedicated to extreme privacy, and they’re not all right wing either believe it or not. The solution to this authors problem is to use the passport id card, the bar code is only a series of numbers where as the dl id dumps personal information like your address. I encourage all reading this to join the community, before they round you up and it’s too late. Yes you can evade them, it’ll take some time to learn.

I won’t need this to vote, will I?

Not in Maryland… No voter ID required

If so, then us it for Voter ID!

THIS is why one uses cash (or peer-to-peer BTC) to pay for stuff. These entities have “no need to know” & are counting on folks mindlessly giving them personal info. Re phone #, I use a defunct public pay phone number. Works great.

A lot of retail outlets are becoming cashless meaning unless you use plastic you can’t purchase anything in their stores. I’ve been on the cash only bandwagon for over 25yrs and it’s crazy to see how many places won’t accept cash increasing each year. Since COVID it’s really increased. The one grocery store in my town is going cashless by the end of the year and will only have self checkouts.

Y, that’s why we band together to do alternative economies. There ARE more of us than them & if we say, pound sand (i.e., we’re the customer & the company provides what we want or we go alternative & they go broke). Check out if there’s local farmer’s markets, etc. in your area. My area (WA St.), a few companies are doing that but they’re losing business. Hopefully, they’ll get the point pdq before they go broke. (Guess that Budweiser & Target situation didn’t get their attention. Some folks are really slow learners.)

Our farmers market is a joke and it’s mostly used by the local green thumb members and civic organizations who donate some of their profits to aiding the illegal immigrants flooding our town. I’ll continue growing my own and butchering my own.

Y, I found a company on Gab that’s been growing its own beef, etc. for generations in my geographical area. It’s just a short jaunt down the road from me in WA. You, others, might be interested as a backup or primary source. Since I’ve only got about half an acre amongst mini & large farms around me, am trying to give my business to the locals to assure they survive. I’d be interested in what ya’ll think of this company (e.g., if you’ve heard anything negative & if what they’re saying at their website seems authentic).



I live in Iowa and have 48 head of cows that give me calves every year. I don’t see me needing an alternate source of beef anytime soon.

Y, well done! Question: are the local, state, feds trying to confiscate your farm land yet? Am reading stories about this in other countries & seeing the USA states place restrictions on lands so farming can’t be done profitably. Thanks for your patience with my questions.

The next time someone asks to scan your license, just ask him, “Why?” Also, pay cash when you can.

Yes, if you have gotten a replacement license in the past two years it is a Real ID.

Real ID [SIC] is still an option here.

Iowa as well, they have a extra charge to get the gold star license. It’s required to enter some government buildings, without it no entry. Had an issue with that in the past and I had no choice but to get it. Considering I also have my gaming license I figured they had everything about me already so I paid the extra $5. Banks are becoming rather intrusive but with most employers using direct deposit one has little choice but to cave to some of these demands.

Y, because of that direct deposit, I’ve been seeing more stories of folks going in on the day of the deposit & withdrawing all of the funds in cash so the banks/credit unions can’t control what the person wants to spend their money on. Am at that point, as I found out the bank/credit union won’t do their fiduciary duty to assure the security of our funds (e.g., if a check is cashed on the account that is not the account owner’s, the bank/credit union can arbitrarily decide not to return the funds especially if you don’t notify them within 30 days of you getting your statement). Imho, these banks/credit unions are using folks as cash cows & robbing folks. (Doubly so, when the “Federal” Reserve uses our tax monies to bail them out, yet the bank/credit union officers get fat payouts for their bad behavior. What a carnival type racket!)

Kroger is asking to scan your drivers license to buy alcohol.
I say no.
Now I don’t buy alcohol from Kroger.
I have a corner liquor store that wants my business.

Kroger has a DNA sample of every employee back to AT LEAST 2005 (cheek swabs), look THAT up!!! VERY dangerous to be in the hands of non-white/non-Christian foreigners.

For all those interested, Public Law 104-208 has been in effect for years, and buried in this Law you will find the requirement for National ID cards.
Happy 4th of July.

The clintonoids!

1994: “We have a CONTRACT with America for the NEXT century!” Newt Gingrich
After clinton’s 1996 “telecom act”. NO congress/vote needed….

Obama and and rice have a “plan” for >2000 “voices”….

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Just tell them that you plan to use these electronic IDs to enforce election security.

You will definitely know that something is amiss when you go to grab a burger and they ask to see your ID. Even Kommiefascistorniastan hasn’t gotten that bad….YET.