Even if he’s guilty, even if he’s convicted, if Donald Trump is on the ballot, I’m voting for him


Donald Trump may indeed be guilty of the charges for which he was indicted a couple of weeks ago… or maybe not. He may even end up being convicted.  Regardless, assuming he’s on the ballot, I’ll be voting for him, even if he’s dressed in stripes sitting in a jail cell.

Why? Not because I don’t take seriously the handling of classified records or trying to “obstruct” the Justice Department.  Indeed both are serious.  But even if Trump were guilty of both, even if he violated the letter and the spirit of the law, those violations are nothing when compared to the weaponization of the federal government we’ve observed over the last decade and a half.

The Democrat party has spent much of the last fifteen years turning the federal government into an American Stasi to be used against their political opponents in a manner unprecedented in American history.

Barack Obama took aim at the Constitution early on when in 2010 his Justice Department targeted the press under the guise of “national security”.  They seized records from FOX News reporter James Rosen and accused him of “Espionage” for his reporting on American policy towards North Korea.  Three years later they used similar tactics against the Associated Press.

Not content to eviscerate the freedom of the press, Obama next set his sights on freedom of speech, this time harnessing the IRS to undermine the Constitution.

Other presidents have been accused of using the IRS against opponents, but they were pikers when compared to Obama’s war on speech in which the IRS sought to smother hundreds of grass roots Tea Party organizations in their bassinets, before they could even crawl.  The likely result of that “mistreatment” of grassroots opponents was that Barack Obama won reelection despite having 5 million fewer votes than he did in 2008. Contrast that with Donald Trump, who grew his vote total by 12 million in 2020 but somehow “lost” his reelection bid.

Then came the coronation of Hillary Clinton, which had to be guaranteed.  And the vehicle for that guarantee was the Russia collusion hoax which Hillary Clinton started and Obama knew about. The Durham Report lays out in black and white exactly how much the Department of Justice has been politicized.  The FBI not only should have never investigated Trump for Russia collusion in the first place, but over the course of years various FBI and other officials fabricated evidence, lied to judges, lied to Congress, ignored exculpatory evidence, and sought to entrap people in Trump’s coterie then coerce them into testifying against him.

As a result of the Justice Department’s persecution of Donald Trump, not only was his term hobbled by investigations, but at the same time he had to survive attacks from virtually every corner, including legislators allegedly on his side.  Perhaps most perniciously, largely because of their weaponization of the Justice Department, more than half the country doesn’t trust the “premier” law enforcement agency in the nation.  In 2023 fully 70% of the American people feel like our elections may be compromised by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  To put that in perspective, after decades of the media propaganda machine lying about police hunting black men, black Americans still have a higher opinion of local police than Americans in general do of the FBI.

By 2020 the apparatchiks in the Justice Department had decided that they were America’s white knights and were going to save the country from having to endure another term of Donald Trump as president.  As the election was wrapping up the New York Post ran a story about a laptop owned by Joe Biden’s son Hunter.  The laptop was full of information about drugs and prostitution and various other illegal activities that the younger Biden participated in.  More proe problematic however were the emails and other information that implicated Joe Biden in various schemes whereby his son and brother were handsomely paid by various foreign entities for his (Biden’s) influencing American policy while Vice President. The FBI worked back channels with America’s modern public squares, Twitter, Facebook and other media outlets to both censor the story and suggest that it was Russian disinformation at the same time.

The FBI white nights succeeded in their quest to save the nation.  In an election that turned on less than 100,000 votes, fully 13 million Americans (16% of Biden’s “84 million” voters) said they would have changed their vote had they known about the laptop story.  That is what you call a coup d’état.  But as it was the Democrats and the Justice Department leadership running the coup, there was no problem.

Once in office Biden lost no time in seeking to weaponize the DOJ against Trump supporters, including hundreds of Jan 6 protesters, some of whom never even entered the Capitol.  On the 29th of January, 2021, a mere 9 days after taking office, the administration set about plans to target conservatives by gaming out scenarios about vulnerable citizens facing “radicalization” by pro-life advocates and small government proponents. The following year the Justice Department would target as “domestic terrorists” parents concerned about what was being taught to their children in public schools.  Later FBI management would be accused of forcing agents to fabricate “extremist” and “white supremacist” cases because “The demand for white supremacy vastly outstrips the supply of white supremacy”.  And just to put a fine point on it, in April Biden blasted “Those MAGA Republicans” as the real problem America faces.

Which brings us back to Donald Trump and last week’s indictment.  The reality is, there’s likely not a single voter in America who is going to be swayed one way or another based on the outcome of that case. If elections were about the candidate, last year Pennsylvania Democrats wouldn’t have elected to represent them as Senator a guy who would have trouble completing a kindergarten art project over an erudite, if slightly odd, cardiothoracic surgeon.  Americans of every stripe understand what the choice is in 2024.  Most certainly there are voters who are turned off by some of Trump’s antics and statements, but the reality is anyone who says they would be willing to vote for Ron DeSantis but not Donald Trump is lying… either to themselves or to you. They’re simply looking for a fig leaf to cover their consciences so they can vote for a Democrat.

While at the end of the day the choice may ostensibly come down to a doddering Alzheimer’s patient vs. a convicted ex president, or even a “vapid pander bear” vs. the “Grand Wizard” of the KKK, the reality is the choice on the ballot next November is stark: The continued weaponization of government against the citizens or a resurgence of the freedom and limited government that are at the foundation of America’s greatness.  The Democrat Party and the rest of its swamp cabal have clearly demonstrated they are more than willing to ignore the Constitution and use the police power of government to coerce, control, and if necessary crucify anyone not willing to go along with their cancerous progressive agenda.  Donald Trump doesn’t want to let them do that.

Trump may be a highly flawed man, but as the nation watches its government being transformed into a repressive, progressive Borg, who better to lead the charge to destroy it than the man who has weathered its slings and arrows for the last 8 years?  More than perhaps anyone in America, Trump understands the threat because he’s experienced firsthand the danger it poses. And unlike most, he recognizes who the real target is, something he pointed out to supporters in 2019:  “In reality they’re not after me, they’re after you.  I’m just in the way.”

Sitting in a jail cell or out on the campaign trail, Donald Trump is the touchstone of the Republic.  We either go forward as a nation of laws limited by the Constitution or we transform into a nation of men governed only by coercion and brute force.  There is no middle ground. Given that I’ll take the guy in stripes every time.

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Biden, Fetterman, dead guys, that who Democrats vote for.
If Trump is on the ballot, yes , at this point that is the man.

This will be the last presidential election if Trump doesn’t win.

The raw fanaticism of the left however has made it quite clear: they will do anything, abandoning all of their morals and principles concerning how democratic processes go, to stop Trump from legally running and to silence the voice of American voters.

The deep State disinformation campaign was successful in radicalizing enough leftist Americans into believing things about Trump that we all know are not true.

They, like all useful groups such as the Nazis and the Stalinists before them, have been convinced that they are in the right for becoming wrong.

They invent crimes, lie publicly, and defend actual corrupt politicians… Because they think they are justified in using evil means against Trump.

It’s up to us to stop these people.

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2020 was the last Presidential election. It has now been proven the deep state can put into place whomever they want just by rigging a half dozen select areas. Saying we live in a banana republic now is an insult to the integrity of banana republics.

I for one will vote DJT from now on as a write in. It will count just as well as a vote for any of the corrupticrats they will put in to install anyway.

The ones who belong in prison Biden and his Son Both the Clintons Soros and Bragg Obama and all those Looters Rioters and Arsonists as well

Absolutely, Vince. Absolutely. Same. I would add that everybody should remember their status in Feb 2020 when you had the highest legitimate purchasing power of your lives experiencing deflation.

Here is the real Trump the UniParty and their praetorian guard media never let you see:


If Trump isn’t nominated I’m writing him in. Dempublicans and Republicrats must be removed from power.

I will probably do this to my dying day. The election process no longer means anything anyway when it is proven the deep state can fake anyone into whatever position they want.

The reality is a Trump candidacy will guarantee a Democrat victory and in state elections give both houses to the Democrats. The god-man is not All That.

Bravo Sierra

You prefer the pedophile that takes bribes to destroy our national economy?

That b.s. is no more true than your claims that your cult leader is innocent of all crimes.

You prefer the pedophile that takes bribes to destroy our national economy?

We have no cult leader. That is a figment of your imagination.

But biden on the other hand is guilty of treason.

BREAKING: Another Hunter Biden WhatsApp Message to Chinese CEFC Associate – “The Biden’s Are the Best I Know at Doing What the Chairman Wants”

At this point, continuing support for Donald Trump totally destroys any person or party’s credibility.

No it does not. What you said is more fitting for the scumbag biden.

You do not hate President Trump, you hate the people he represents.

Last edited 9 months ago by TrumpWon

Doesn’t America deserve better that the biden crime family?

We can now say biden will leave America in a much worse position in every metric whenever is installation is done hopefully before January 20, 2025.

Oversight Committee

In a WhatsApp exchange dated 8/3/2017, Hunter Biden tells CEFC associate Gongwen Dong, aka Kevin:

“The Biden’s are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants from this [partnership].”

CEFC is a CCP-linked Chinese Energy Company.

Oversight Committee
Another Hunter Biden WhatsApp Message to Chinese CEFC Associate – ‘The Biden’s Are the Best I Know at Doing What the Chairman Wants’


Another Hunter Biden WhatsApp Message to Chinese CEFC Associate – ‘The Biden’s Are the Best I Know at Doing What the Chairman Wants’

Well, his daughter wrote that idiot Biden forced her to shower with him. That makes him a pedophile, along with the numerous videos of idiot Biden fondling children. Then, we have the very credible accusation of idiot Biden taking a bribe to protect a Ukrainian energy company from investigation while the FIRST action he took when sworn in (fraudulently) was destroy our energy independence.

So, once again, it is YOU shown to be full of bullshit. And the question still stands.

In a fair an impartial justice system President Trump cannot be found guilty because there has been no criminal act.

Legal Expert and Author Mark Levin: Trump Lawyers Need to File Immediate Motion to Dismiss Entire Case – Jack Smith Must Go to Prison for This

Mark Levin: There must have been several scores of leaks against Trump involving testimony, documents, audio, etc., and they’re all obviously coming from the government. Trump’s lawyers need to file an immediate motion, with the long list of leaks as an exhibit, asking that the entire case be dismissed because of prosecutorial misconduct and the government’s effort to influence the jury pool. Moreover, I would insist that the court determine whether DOJ has opened investigations into these felonies. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW!

The FBI not only should have never investigated Trump for Russia collusion in the first place, but over the course of years various FBI and other officials fabricated evidence, lied to judges, lied to Congress, ignored exculpatory evidence, and sought to entrap people in Trump’s coterie then coerce them into testifying against him.

And this is why I am sure Trump is not guilty. It may be a simple rule of thumb, but it has proved accurate since the totalitarian fascists have taken over the government. Whatever they say is the opposite of the truth. Trump was guilty of collusion. Trump was guilty of quid pro quo. Trump incited a riot. Garland is a moderate centrist. The laptop was “Russian disinformation”. These people lie incessantly because all they are involved in is corruption.

First and foremost, these treacherous, socialist, fascist-minded Democrats have to be run out of office. Nothing is more important or crucial to the survival of the nation. But if one thinks that is only part of the solution, that the swampy deep state needs to be cleaned up, then Trump is the man for the job. Only he will carry with him the vendetta to get rid of the seditious traitors that ran and supported a coup against him and the government for 4 years. Between Trump’s vengeance and the national security threat posed by a deep state that puts ideology and personal profit before national interest, maybe real progress could be seen.

It’s time to take the Democrat’s fight to them.

And if he is not on the ballot then a write in.