Janet Yellen is a Soros puppet


You might remember George Soros.  He broke the bank of England and made countless pensioners penniless, all in the name of improving the world. I wrote about him back in 2010.

He wants to destroy capitalism and ‘pop “the bubble of American supremacy.”‘  All of the worst, crime-loving DA’s in the country are bankrolled by Soros.

Soros has stated that the happiest days of his life were spent ratting out Jews to the Nazis. Now any criticism of Soros is attacked as anti-Semitic.

Soros said a couple of things back then that have always stayed with me. One was

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”

The other was a “managed decline of the US dollar”

And so when I caught Janet Yellen the other day she confirmed what I’d thought for some time- Yellen is a Soros puppet.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said to expect a gradual decline in the dollar’s share of global reserves.

Her comments were in response to de-dollarization questions during a congressional hearing.

She also said the dollar will remain dominant as most countries have no alternative.

The US should expect the dollar’s share of global reserves to slowly decline, but no alternatives exist that could completely displace the greenback, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Tuesday.

Her comments came during a Housing Financial Services Committee in response questions about the risk of de-dollarization.

They both have common goals. There’s no question where hers came from.

And if the US loses its world reserve currency status?

That said, if the dollar gradually loses its place atop the world financial pyramid, what would happen next? For the U.S., it would likely mean less access to capital, higher borrowing costs and lower stock market values, among other effects. Having the world’s reserve currency has allowed the U.S. to run large deficits in terms of both international trade and government spending. If foreigners no longer want to hold dollars for savings, it would force significant belt-tightening at home.

It would be a train wreck.

Soros is about 92 now but there is a juvenile clone of him who has complete access to the White House.

Alex Soros, son of liberal billionaire George Soros, has maintained access to the upper echelons of President Biden’s White House and has frequently taken advantage of those channels.

The younger Soros, who chairs the board of directors for his father’s Open Society Foundations network, has now visited the White House at least 17 times since 2021, according to a Fox News Digital review of visitor logs.

Here’s another quote from Soros to help you understand the threat.

It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.
George Soros

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Not a single individual in the biden regime is pro America. That is the source of all problems we are having today.
Take Cuba. No normal American should feel the least bit safe as long as biden is the installed CIC. He will not confront the CCP in their aggressive effort to establish a base 90 miles off of our coast where they can conduct cyber warfare.
biden is a controlled asset of the CCP. He will surrender without a fight.

Everything this regime, created and installed through election fraud, does is, by design, bad for this country. One has to hate themselves to support this anti-American regime.

This fact explains why joe has to keep bribing people so they might support him at the polls.
Black reparations, pro-lbgtq+ laws and policies, union payoffs, college loan forgiveness, etc.
Other than buying off a few minority groups, joe’s admin has NO support.

Soros and all his Minions need to be rooted out and deported then Soros returned to face Trial for his War Cries from WW II

Americas worst enemy Soros is just one of them