Misgendering is literal violence now



From the sound of things, misgendering a trans individual could put you in personal jeopardy. Trans activists are not looking for tolerance. They are demanding acceptance. They are also demanding that you address them according to their personally chosen gender and the madness is growing. The city of Dallas has mandated personal pronoun use, regardless of your beliefs. England’s Oxford college is threatening to expel those who fail to use the proper pronouns.

But we don’t want to talk about things like this

On October 26, 2022, a transgender student flung away his ladylike façade and beat up a fifteen-year-old sophomore in the girl’s bathroom. Her mother, Theresa Gooden, has responded by suing Edmond Memorial High School in Oklahoma, where the incident took place.

No, misgendering is the real danger. In fact, it is regarded in some places as an “act of violence.”

The University of Colorado (Boulder) is under fire this week for a statement on the “Pride Office” website stating that misgendering people can be considered an “act of violence.”

The guide on pronouns is reportedly the work of students associated with the office and states that “choosing to ignore or disrespect someone’s pronouns is not only an act of oppression but can also be considered an act of violence.”

If misgendering is an act of violence, are the offended allowed to respond with violence? Are they allowed to use lethal force in responding?

Then there is the issue of proper gendering which may not be as easy as you think. For example:

There are somewhere between 74 and 81 genders, and maybe even 100.

All you need to do is memorize them all and apply them properly for each individual, else you are a malevolent violent person.

Today’s lesson is concluded.

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The Left and its plans for America and the American People is sinister

These same confused youths are now also demonizing clothes washing.
So, maybe, their pronouns could include “phew.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Nan G

They’re not declaring that misgendering is violence, or that any kind of speech is violence. That would be moronic. Instead it’s a cowardly and underhanded way to project the possibility of violence in response to speech.