Biden sends in the Feds to stage a right wing racial hatred event


Support for Joe Biden is plunging deep into the toilet and his handlers have decided to take action. Since he’s losing the confidence of minorities, why not stage an event meant to foment racial hatred?

The Great Uniter Biden spoke at Howard University yesterday, looking to stir anger:

President Biden was slammed by critics Saturday after denouncing white supremacy as the “most dangerous terrorist threat” to the nation during a graduation address to students at Howard University

“Stand up against the poison. White supremacy … is the single most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland,” Biden declared to a heavy round of applause.

“And I’m not just saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU. I say this wherever I go.”

Biden said that the US is still embroiled in its long battle against racism but said that the graduating class of 2023 would carry out the work to “redeem the soul of this nation.”

Then he pushed it up a notch as though black people weren’t smart enough see through his pandering:

Biden also boasted that Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was “brighter” than her colleagues on the high court.

“With your voices and votes, I was able to fulfill my commitment to put the first black woman on the Supreme Court of the United States of America. And by the way, she is brighter than the rest. She is one bright woman,” he said to applause from students at the historically black university. “Because of you. You turned up. You showed up when the votes counted.”

But he needed a bogeyman, so he created one. He mobilized a bunch of Feds to march in DC on the very same day as Biden was spewing his hatred.

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Kristina Wong made a great point

If there were truly a right-wing group of organized and fit military-aged males in America, a) the FBI would have tried to shut it down a long time ago, b) they wouldn’t be brazenly marching in DC like this, and 3) we’d know a lot more about the group than just these scary-looking visuals that get trotted out every few months. I can’t say with any certainty that these are feds, but this group seems completely inorganic.

Agreed. Only Feds, BLM Antifa and other left wing whack jobs hide their faces. MAGA doesn’t.

From @AmericanHubener

And the DC cops made certain no one got close to them

A “right wing group” magically appears just as Biden is delivering an anti-white supremacist speech at a “black HBCU” university?

Just coincidence? Uh uh. And yes, he really did say that. 

Have you seen a white historically black college?

Biden has taken to selling stupid, but I’m not buying. As evidence of his corruption mounts, he needed a canard. That was a lot of Feds all in one place. 

There’s nothing too low for Biden.




Watch Joe Rogan’s take

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In the past the police guarded their illegally parked vans.
On another occasion, police were guarding their trucks even allowing them to pack the backs of their trucks illegally as modes of transportation.
Any real demonstrators would have been arrested or at least ticketed if they tried to drive off with 20 people illegally traveling in the backs of their trucks.
This time police blocked the public as they made a getaway into the Metro.
None of these guys takes to social media to gain members.
None of their “rallies” is advertised in advance so others could join in.

Probably feds.

Interestingly, I’m not seeing any legacy media coverage of yesterday’s Fed Theater

Where is greggie!

Definitely Feds.

He serious posted three moronic, state-funded posts that don’t do a thing.

F*cking right-wing Nazi Storm Troopers, masked like Klansmen and marching in America…

Last edited 9 months ago by Greg

These masked a-holes have been around for nearly 6 years. They’re probably networking with the Tiki Tourch Nazis that marched in Charlottesville.

Last edited 9 months ago by Greg

All of there extremist creeps crawled out of the woodwork after Trump was elected. Very fine people, no doubt.

You know you’re plan only works AFTER you disarm the population, right?


Guns don’t make stupid people smarter.

No, but keeps ALL people free…

And it’s always been the providence of truly mediocre people who end up being genocidal maniacs to see people as “smart and dumb.”

Guns don’t make stupid people smarter.

Nothing makes stupid leftists smarter, as has been demonstrated.

All of there extremist creeps crawled out of the woodwork after Trump was elected. Very fine people, no doubt.

Yeah, they did. The left mobilized and paid them BEFORE Trump was elected to try and disrupt his rallies. They even rioted at his inauguration. And, once again, find the “fine people” quote. Does your stupid hurt much?

False. These are goverment agents.

No one is fooled.


As Rogan said before, concerning you jerks and this fake organization, “da f*ck outta here!”

Funny how these “masked Federal agents” have been around for nearly six years, you say.

Since Trump won the 2016 election you gamed for Clinton?

Good luck with that.

The right-wing jackasses are real. What do you think your social media b.s. is creating? People like THESE GUY.

Last edited 9 months ago by Greg

Joe Rogan is Left-wing.

Social Media was created by Democrat voting tech moguls who continue to donate and propagandize for the Democrat Party, while smearing and censoring the GOP.

One of them, Mark Zuckerberg, used $400,000,000 of his own money to harvest Biden-only votes.

No evidence of any “right-wing” extremists. Just the usual Leftwing thugs.


masked like Klansmen and marching in America…

You mean like the Antifa bunch that tries to intimidate pro-life marchers?

Like the Klan, in full support of and in league with the Democrats.

For once we are in agreement that they are “Nazi Storm Troopers, masked like Klansmen and marching in America”, but what make you think that the Feds are “right wing”?

DHS Chief Mayorkas Says It’s “Sad and Tragic” When Governors Secure Their States’ Borders Amid Invasion (VIDEO)

You notice, when those false patriots march, ANTIFA and BLM never harass them, but they harass everyone else…

Wonder why…..

They also wear masks. I don’t know any patriots that wear masks to hide from either the press or the virus.

Scary thing is they are all working together to project false narratives. Kind of like Nazi’s pretending to be Communists when the Reichstag Fire occurred. This is what our Government is up to. No way, Conservatives would be all dressed alike and looking like a military outfit. This is all smoke and mirrors courtesy of Washington DC.

There’s no white supremacy in America.

The LEft is violent.

The right is not.

Black HBCU

aka “segregated”

 And by the way, she is brighter than the rest. She is one bright woman,

Bright woman? She doesn’t even know what a woman is!

I see idiot Biden’s theater works on the weak minded and stupid.

It looks to me like the Biden administration analyzed why the four “Tiki torch guys” in Charlottesville who claimed to be racists for Youngkin. They were easily outed by “Red State” and a couple of other outlets in a few hours, as Dem operatives paid by the Lincoln Project. I’m guessing they figured if you used all white twenty and thirty something Fed employees with masks on, it would be harder to out them! Hope someone is hard at work at it.

Joe Biden is a white supremacists and antisemite. Just ask cornpop.

comment image

Biden like Clinton and Obama sitting up behind the podium lying big time to them the biggest amount of total contamination is Liberal Democrats and Bidens Lying to them