The left-wing mob comes for the conservative Justices on the Supreme Court


Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court are under a concerted attack from the left. What they could not accomplish legally they are taking to smearing and libeling in an effort to dismantle the Court. I have been warning about this persecution. One by one the Justices are being targeted for allegations concocted by democrats and their operatives.

One can easily recall the invective hurled at Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation but as that failed to prevent Kavanaugh from a seat on the Court the atrocity is being revved up.

First it was Clarence Thomas. Led by democrat henchmen, left wing outlets seized on him.

Then it was Gorsuch. Politico made a feeble effort to tar Gorsuch but was handed its head.

Currently John Robers’ wife is under fire.

That eye-popping figure comes from records in a whistleblower complaint filed by a disgruntled former colleague of Roberts, who says that as the spouse of the most powerful judge in the United States, the income she earns from law firms who practice before the Court should be subject to public scrutiny.

See if this rings a Biden bell:

“She restructured her career to benefit from his [John Roberts’] position,” Price wrote in an affidavit accompanying his complaint. “I believe that at least some of her remarkable success as a recruiter has come because of her spouse’s position.”

Despite knowing that the Court abides by its set of rules, Dick Durbin still spit this out

In a statement to Insider, Durbin suggested that he was close to giving up on the prospect that the Supreme Court was capable of policing itself. “The need for Supreme Court ethics reform is clear,” he said. “And since it appears that the Court will not take adequate action, Congress must.”

The fact remains

Unlike their 870 district-court and circuit-court colleagues, the nine Supreme Court justices are essentially exempt from strict compliance with the Judicial Conference’s rigorous Code of Conduct;

Of course, Mr. Russian-collusion-evidence-is-in-plain-sight also had to participate in the scrum.

I am impressed with the mob groupthink action you always see from the left when things like this happen. Democrats are of a hive mind- the Borg have nothing on them.

Noticeably absent from any left-wing frivolities is the word “illegal.”

Fortunately, the Court is having none of it. Attorney Mike Davis was a clerk for Neil Gorsuch (via Revolver) He tweeted this

ICYMI from April 25, 2023: All 9 justices issued an extremely rare–even unanimous–statement. It details how and why the Supreme Court decides recusals on cases and other ethical issues. It is carefully written, well-reasoned, and entirely convincing. It should put to rest all the Democrats’ (fake, political) concerns about Supreme Court ethics. Before very recently, it was rare to hear concerns about ethics at the Supreme Court. Democrat-appointed Supreme Court justices: – taught overseas – took trips with their friends (even an attorney with regular business before the Court) – amended their ethics filings, after failing to disclose issues (including years of a spouse’s legal-related income) – failed to recuse on matters – even heard cases involving a spouse’s law firm These were never treated as scandalous. We never heard a peep from the media. Until now. Democrat politicians and their lapdogs in the media are now politicizing and weaponizing judicial ethics. This is a political smear campaign. To attack Republican-appointed justices. With novel–and laughable–legal theories. While ignoring the ethical issues with Democrat-appointed justices. (Like regularly taking undisclosed lavish trips with an attorney and Fortune 5 board member with regular business before the Court.) Democrats are now running this political smear campaign because we have the first constitutionalist Supreme Court in 90 years. And these Democrats know the Supreme Court is the last line of defense. Protecting Americans from government overreach and tyranny. So these Democrats want to destroy the Supreme Court’s legitimacy. And the Supreme Court’s judicial independence. With the ultimate goal of destroying the Supreme Court. With court-packing, impeachment, term limits, and jurisdiction-stripping. Senate Democrats are holding a political hearing on Tuesday. They want to legislatively enact a litany of bogus ethical traps. So they can use them to attack conservative justices. If Senate Democrats actually cared about government ethics, they would investigate President Biden and his extended family corruptly taking millions from Chinese and Ukrainian oligarchs. (They don’t care.) The President is almost certainly compromised by corrupt and illegal payments from our foreign enemies. (Crickets.) This is all a political sham. This is all about power. @SenatorDurbin should be ashamed of himself. He knows he’s attacking judicial independence and the separation of powers. But Durbin is too weak to stand up to his unhinged leftist colleagues, like @SenWhitehouse (Why does Sheldon Whitehouse still belong to his all-white, racist beach club?) Truly shameful.

That letter is at the tweet and the link.

democrats are thoroughly corrupt and disgraceful. What they cannot achieve through electoral means and fair play they will destroy.

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Once again we see evidence that the Democrats know they can’t survive in the up and up world and must take every Soviet-style maneuver available. Political violence, election fraud, political prosecutions, illegal spying and now trying to oust Supreme Court Justices through false accusations.

Democrat’s definition of an independent Supreme Court is one consisting solely of leftist radical ideologues that will take orders from the DNC and rule strictly according to leftist dogma. Aside from that, Democrats have NO standing to address any accusations of ethical violations. Democrats have never been as corrupt as they are now.

The left are not nice people they resort to smearing a persons name we saw that through four years of Trump and the M.S. Medias gutter level tactics and Thomas Liberals opposed him because he rejects Racial preferences and Affirmative and is a pro 2nd Amendment something t he Liberals and the M.S. Media scum suckers cant take

Why is Cock (aka shit Dick) Durbin still alive?

Should have open fired on those leftist pos.

Time to round hem all up into A Plane and Parachute them into the Amazon with only the clothes on their backs and lets see how long these idiots would last