A totalitarian fascist state is a lot closer than you think


And you thought the last election was important. The coming is even more important. Benjamin Franklin was said to have been asked if we had a republic or a monarchy and he is said to have replied “a republic, if you can keep it.” Joe Biden has announced (not in person, mind you but from the bunker) that he is running for reelection. He’s not running for President. He is running for King and means to turn this country into a monarchy, a one-party state, not authoritarian, but totalitarian. The foundation is there.

There are no press conferences without the White House working hand in glove with the media

Biden is so cognitively impaired that he lacks the capability to answer unscripted questions for any length of time and he frequently simply refuses to answer them.

The White Press Office is an outlet for propaganda

Biden’s Cabbage Patch Doll press secretary spews literally nothing but lies

“[Republicans] are fighting to put fentanyl on the street by defunding border patrol… The only things House Republicans are committed to giving Americans are increased crime, lower economic growth, and more manufacturing jobs sent back to China.”


“Unlawful immigration is DOWN.”


REPORTER: “Americans are seeing energy prices up…Food prices are up…manufacturing lost jobs…inflation is outpacing wages…”

KJP: “When it comes to lowering costs, that is a priority for him, and he has shown to do that.”


EV’s will have kill switches

It gets even better: Barr points out that the bill, which has been signed into law by President Biden, states that the kill switch, which is referred to as a safety device, must “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.” In other words, Big Brother will constantly be monitoring how you drive. If you do something the system has been programmed to recognize as driver impairment, your car could just shut off, which could be incredibly dangerous.

That means the government will determine how you drive, when you drive and for how long you can drive. If you’re a dissident you might find yourself unable to drive at all. (It’ll be a “mistake.”)

Digital currency will end cash, your privacy and your freedom

Under the leadership of President Joe Biden, the White House and the Federal Reserve have started to lay the groundwork for a programmable, trackable, easily manipulated digital currency. It might sound like something from a dystopian science-fiction novel, but it’s all too real, and it could soon change life in America forever.

In March 2022, the Biden administration released a sweeping executive order that directed numerous federal agencies to crack down on digital assets, including on popular cryptocurrencies, as well as to study the potential development of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

A CBDC would not be a digital version of the existing paper-based dollar, but rather an entirely new currency that would exist exclusively in a digital (meaning an electronic, non-physical) form.

Under the various CBDC proposals floated by the Biden administration and Federal Reserve, a U.S. CBDC would be programmable, traceable and designed to promote various left-wing social goals, such as improving “financial inclusion” and “equity.” It would also be designed to help with “transitioning to a net-zero emissions economy and improving environmental justice.”

Additionally, because a CBDC would be digital and programmable, rules could be imposed that limit spending on approved activities. So, if the federal government or Federal Reserve were to determine that Americans are buying too much gasoline, for example, it could stop people from using CBDCs at gas stations with a few clicks on a computer.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, however, is that under most of the CBDC designs discussed by the Biden administration and Federal Reserve, nearly all forms of ownership of CBDC money would also be strictly limited. Only large institutions such as banks, the federal government, and/or the Federal Reserve would actually have ownership of CBDCs. Everyone else would be prevented from having absolute control over their digital money.

That means in Biden’s future, you will not own CBDC money, and you’ll have no privacy either.

The government can then turn off your money at any time- you know, like when you disagree with their policies.

Deplatforming of unapproved media, by Alexandria Ocasio Mussolini

The state plans to deplatform any media it deems inappropriate.

Biden has taken over the media

The media has no interest in Hunter Biden, his laptop or the millions in laundered money paid to the Biden family.

Biden thinks he is a king

The intelligence community is an arm of the DNC

The Hunter Biden laptop has been in the hands of the FBI since 2019. The FBI knew it was real and yet the agency allowed disinformation to be spread by democrats and those 51 “experts.” Tony Blinken asked Mike Morrell to fabricate that letter and traded that for becoming Secretary of State. It’s overt election interference and no one in the media cares.

You will cede control of your children to the state

Biden: “There’s no such thing as someone else’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children.”

It’s already happening

Democrats in Washington state passed a bill giving politicians the right to take children away from parents if they don’t endorse transgender madness,

Other predictions:

  • The Supreme Court will be packed
  • One by one conservatives justices are being targeted now. First Thomas, then Gorsuch. It will continue.
  • The electoral college will be eliminated
  • All illegals will be granted immunity and immediate citizenship with understanding that they vote democrat.

The goal here is clear: an iron-fisted one party totalitarian state, all under the guise of “protecting democracy”- a phrase being used repeatedly on Twitter by a Clinton lawyer who paid for the phony Russian dossier.

So, when a democrat spits out “protecting democracy” you know exactly what it means.

TradCatKnight: What is Communism?

Lose the next election and it’s over.

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This is the job Joe thinks thinks he needs to finish. Bad news for joe and his team, the American people have had a belly full of his failures and will not vote for him in 2024.

Go out, take a walk. Get some fresh air. Talk to normal people. If necessary discuss these weird fantasies of yours with your physician or clergyman. Good luck!

You do know you’re supposed to disarm the population BEFORE you try to take over.

Right, slick?