The Preacher and Malcolm Z: Tennessee House frauds


This is the story of the transitional journey of two young men. One is a street thug who goes on to a Bible-thumping preacher. The other begins as an all-American kid and morphs into Malcolm Z.

You likely know that two young members of the Tennessee House of Representatives were expelled from the House for their hooliganism and were subsequently restored to their seats (as I predicted). Justin Jones and Justin Pearson admitted that they violated the House rules. They took a bullhorn to the floor and obstructed the proceedings and intimidated the other members.

The Tennessee House of Representatives spent Thursday debating the expulsion of three members, all Democrats, who hijacked the House floor for nearly an hour on March 30, using a bullhorn to shout at and harangue their fellow legislators in tandem with noisy anti-gun protesters who filled the galleries.

There is absolutely no doubt that the three brought disorder to the House.

“An estimated 1,000 students, parents, and others, galvanized by the shooting deaths, crammed House and Senate galleries,” the Chattanooga Times Free Press reported. “State lawmakers at the time were debating a bill expanding the state’s school voucher program when the chamber erupted in havoc. That began when Jones, a freshman longtime community activist and organizer, complained to [House Speaker Cameron] Sexton his microphone had been turned off. Sexton called him out of order, declared a five-minute recess, and summoned Republicans to the dais to consult. Jones; Johnson, a Knoxville Democrat and teacher; and another freshman and social activist, Justin Pearson, D-Memphis, then marched to the podium with a megaphone and led attendees in the balcony in chants.”

When the three took over the lectern in the House, Jones, who had sneaked a megaphone into the House chamber, held it to his mouth and led the crowd in chanting, “No action, no peace! No action, no peace!”

This was a planned event.

That afternoon, Jones tweeted, “There comes a time when you have to do something out of the ordinary.

It loses meaning when one learns that the two never tried to introduce legislation in the proper manner.

They’re protesting guns and shootings, saying they don’t have a voice, which is ridiculous because they talk on almost every bill anyway.

On Easter Sunday they went all religiously metaphoric

Pearson referred to himself as the “black Jesus.”

There’s a lot you don’t know about these two. They have transitioned. Not sexually, but philosophically.

Or have they?

Their appearances and behavior have changed considerably over the last few years.

“Brother Jones” portrays himself as non-violent

But the evidence says otherwise (via The Post Millennial)

In June of 2020, Justin Bautista-Jones, better known as ‘Brother Jones’ locally, was one of the publicly visible (often by design) protestors at the State Capitol. He received a lot of pushback from his own community after it was discovered he was often only making appearances when he knew there would be media coverage, and eventually had a falling out with one of the other most visible female members of the group. Throughout the entire time, he has faced over a dozen charges but always denied that he was violent – despite multiple assaults, assault on an officer, and reckless endangerment charges. In the newly obtained video, one of his assaults was captured, and presented to the Grand Jury – and he was indicted on two counts of reckless endangerment.

And there’s a video

Justin Pearson’s transition is even more dramatic. He carefully crafted a certain personality- , friendly, warm, caring for all.

See how his cadence and inflections have changed over the last few years. And not just his speech changed:

The charade is over. This is what they really are. Jones hasn’t lost his self-righteous lack of respect for those with differing opinions.

This is Dr. Sabu Kumar. He is a Republican member of the TN House.

State Rep. Sabi Kumar Wants to Expand Medicaid and Make Forced Savings ...

Jones called him “a brown face of white supremacy.”

Kumar spoke about the reason the above two were expelled but not the white Gloria Johnson

Whitworth asked, “A lot of people have called into question the rationale behind expelling both African American lawmakers, but not Rep. Gloria Johnson (D), who is white, some calling it racist. In your opinion, was it, or, in your opinion, why did she remain?”

Kumar answered, “One of my remarks from the floor of the House was that — to Rep. Jones, he look[s] at everything through the lens of race.” After saying that Johnson didn’t receive enough votes for expulsion due to two members having to miss the vote, Kumar added, “It is very sad when people who commit racism claim that they’re fighting racism. That is really, really an irony and a tragedy. I can give you an example of racism by Rep. Jones if you think that we have time.”

Whitworth then said, “I think we should move on to the subject of gun control for a moment here” and then asked about red flag laws.

After discussing red flag laws and other gun control laws, Kumar stated that the lawmakers should have just proposed legislation instead of trying to take over the floor.

He added, “I’m very disappointed that you did not want me to talk about the racist act by Rep. Jones, who called me a ‘brown face’.”

And Pearson? He’s a piece of work.

Twice he has referred to himself as Jesus

The TN House made a mistake in expelling them (although it was well deserved) instead of visiting censure upon them. The consequence is that they have made martyrs of these two and provided them with a bigger bullhorn than they ever had. But their ingrained hubris is going to wear them down quickly.

They used their elected positions to further their personal ambitions.

The rubes of the country thought this was about gun control. It never was. The fact that they never proposed any gun control legislation was the red flag but few understood.

The Preacher and Malcolm Z.

They’re frauds.

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Whenever a person pretends he is speaking for the dead, or that the dead are speaking thru him, he is either mentally ill or a complete fraud.
When you examine this guy’s changing persona over a few recent years, I’d say he’s mentally ill.
He’s also a useful idiot for whichever commie puppetmaster is putting ideas in his head.

In this latter area, see how Colin Kappernic did the same thing after his commie “girlfriend” took control of his mouth.
Lots of dems have personal Fang Fangs, commie handlers whose entire job is controlling and feeding lines to their victim lovers (Eric Swalwell), passengers (Diane Feinstein) etc.

Just remember a Lightning destroyed the George Floyd Memorial because god don’t approve of false gods and temple dedicated to false gods

They’re Democrats. Of course they’re frauds. They can offer nothing but fraud and theater.

I still want to know, just a couple of days after the Covington shooting, what new gun control law they could propose before the investigation of the shooting or shooter was complete? This is the fraud of gun control advocates; they don’t even pretend to propose anything that might actually make people safer. They simply want to take another step towards gun confiscation and total disarmament.

So, yeah, they are frauds, fraud members of a fraud party that pursues a fraud agenda.

How about instead of banning assault guns (whatever the hell that is) and ban assault trannies?