Behold the tolerance of the trans movement


The trans movement is composed of a wonderful collection of tolerant people. Watch


See how useless the stupid Vancouver cops are

The trans activists hate this guy because he asserts that children cannot consent to puberty blockers.



They’re all angry

This one really captures the trans activism movement

These freaks are all mentally ill. Keep that in mind as Biden works to normalize them.

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About how many were killed at the genocide of the mans sign?

Police hire lots of butch gay women.
Do we really expect them to be fair at a tranny rally that becomes violent as the trannies begin throwing punches?
Why would we?

Typical liberals when you disagree with their ideologies their so darn two faced that when they walk down the sidewalk they can see both sides as heir walking but still step off the curb and fall on their faces

I guess he doesn’t want to be such a prominent failed science experiment and wants to be surrounded by others. They CAN’T reproduce so they have to manufacture more of their sick kind.

I wonder, where are the videos of, say, pro-life protesters attacking abortion advocates? Where are the videos of Trump supporters attacking anti-American ANTIFA thugs? Violence is the realm of the left. They own it, they occupy it and they promote it. The left instigates the violence and then raise holy hell if ever someone retaliates, the same tactic the Palestinian terrorists use.

Don’t you remember? Our speech (IE anything less than total acquiescence) is ‘violence’ towards them, so they are justified…but their actual violence is ‘freedom of expression’.

Yeah that’s how fascism works.