When you strike at the king, you must kill him


The quote above comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson but there are variations on the theme. The character Omar Little in “The Wire” put it a little differently:

When you come at the king, you best not miss.

In the Truth Social post, Donald Trump says he’s learned he is to be arrested on Tuesday by the galactically stupid Alvin Bragg, Manhattan DA.

Donald Trump's Truth Social post.

When Bragg took office he made clear that a good number of crimes were not going to be prosecuted

Among the crimes Bragg said his office would not prosecute: marijuana misdemeanors, including selling more than three ounces; not paying public transportation fare; trespassing except a fourth degree stalking charge, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration in certain cases, and prostitution.

He admitted that cops won’t bother arresting anyone committing these crimes. That way Bragg can claim that crime is down. See how that works?

Bragg routinely sets murderers loose but he and his office have an perverted obsession with Trump and have for a long time. It appears he’s going to take a chance on killing the king. About that- paying hush money is not illegal despite liberal rants to the contrary. Bragg is going to go after Trump for something else:

Prosecutors are weighing whether to charge Trump with falsifying the business records of the Trump Organization for how it reflected the reimbursement of the payment to Cohen, who said he advanced the money to Daniels.

Going through the spectacle of a trial for a misdemeanor seems asinine but Bragg is not likely to stop there. He will most likely seek to try to elevate the charges to a felony:

Prosecutors are also weighing whether to charge Trump with falsifying business records in the first degree for falsifying a record with the intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal another crime, which in this case could be a violation of campaign finance laws. That is a Class E felony and carries a sentence of a minimum of one year and as much as four years.

Trump is a trophy Bragg covets more than anything in his life. He would be the first person to indict a former President but it’s not without significant risk. In Bragg’s favor is the venue- New York City. He could and would stack the jury with Trump haters. Trump could reasonably ask for a change in venue but it’s not likely to be granted, but Trump lawyers would probably challenge the charges.

A decision to bring charges would not be without risk or guarantee a conviction. Trump’s lawyers could challenge whether campaign finance laws would apply as a crime to make the case a felony, for instance.

If Bragg put Trump on trial, he best win the case, even though it will make Trump a martyr. Should he lose, he makes Donald Trump President once again.

Michael Sussman was allowed to surrender himself when he was indicted. If Bragg takes Trump into custody with a SWAT team and places him in cuffs and shackles as has happened to all Republicans in similar situations this country should erupt.




I just watched John Yoo on Cavuto.

I am not a lawyer but this would seem to complicate matters- the statute of limitations in New York for a misdemeanor is two years. For a felony it is five years. The events described above occurred seven years ago.

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It will make us an official dictatorship, and they can’t say otherwise…that’s for sure.

Trump should go into hiding, sneak in and turn himself in, thus spoiling the media circus.

African politics have engulfed the American left. Small, petty men in Savile Row suits grind their axes against their betters for nothing but malice.

Still true.


He would hide behind his followers from the consequences of his own selfish, irresponsible, destructive behavior.

The Feds are trying to set up another Jan6 event here. That way they can control the violence and the script and then they can use RICO to charge him and his supporters with an *ongoing* conspiracy to overthrow the gov’t. The Marxist Dems can’t afford to let Trump go free because they will lose the 2024. Trump’s people need lots and lots of video this time and don’t give it to the Feds. The 9th Circuit Ct which was, before Trump, one of the most liberal Marxist courts in the country made a final ruling last year in the Daniel’s case, awarding Trump damages. I expect Trump’s lawyers to claim double jeapordy in this bogus operation. Bragg needs to be taken down…

This is a nothing burger.

Oh, he’s not hiding anywhere or from anyone.

And neither are the hundreds of millions of Americans who have had enough of you and your party.

We have got to start killing all these Enemy Traitors in positions of power …. then the news liars and their owners , same for teachers , judges ,and school officials and bureaucrats …..

Or, idiot?

Why not both?

As you can see from other comments calling you a fed, this isn’t going to happen. People have already given consent to have their rights violated because they are worried the people who want them dead and their children raped might say bad things about them. Our ancestors fought in vain, it seems.

That said, chill. This case isn’t going to go anywhere, but the blatantly political arrest will galvanize even the perpetual fence-sitters against another magical overnight democrat victory that will no doubt be attempted, if Biden’s disastrous stolen term wasn’t enough already. In attempting this stunt, they’ve officially lost. If Trump suffers an unfortunate incident, is prevented from running, or election cheating runs rampant again, you might just get what you want, but soliciting it is foolish.

Just one more smear campaign which I will avenge …

They will claim it was a continuing and ongoing crime to clear the S-of-L hurdle.

The objective is to smear, stain and impede his electoral effort.

Trump is not above the law. No president—past, present, or future—ever should be.

Do you even think about what you’re down-voting?

Trump is not above the law. No president—past, present, or future—ever should be.

If the Democrats want to take their political witch hunt to the next level, where anger may get so strong that people get harmed, then they should arrest Trump. Democrats have already turned America’s economy into a third world, banana republic with bank failures and rolling blackouts. Arresting a popular opposition candidate will start a nuclear chain reaction in this country unseen since the Civil War. The real criminals are the TRAITORS in the White House who have received wire transfers from the Communist Chinese Military. The Bidens should be arrested.

This is a Democrat distraction from the Biden Crime syndicate money transfers.

Do you ever think about how much you sound like Putin?

Even idiot Biden?

Do you need for someone to define the word “all”?

Good now do infringed.

No, I need you to demonstrate you aren’t a hypocritical liar. We have solid evidence idiot Biden is corrupt but you won’t even address his lies.

Trump has committed no crimes. Ever

That’s what a trial decides.

“That’s what a trial decides.”

You mean those where the leftists don’t allow exculpatory evidence, stack the jury with radical partisans and leftist judges that violate due process? All that decides is that leftists need to be purged from our justice system.

First, you must have “Probable Cause”. A hurdle that has not been cleared as actions by the Feds and the Elections Commission have shown.

It’s been revealed the government is illegitimate.

Arresting Trump will leave no doubt, and the regime knows they will have officially announced they are the New Confederacy, trying to break our Union.

You and your people have lost any authority or credibility to enforce or execute the law.

You’ve been caught making up charges instead of beating a man legally in an election.

That makes you a domestic enemy of the USA.

“You people” don’t decide. The legal system decides.

Criminality aside, the man is off his rocker. We can’t have a megalomaniac in the Oval Office.

Trump says he can end Russia-Ukraine war in one day

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Almost any charge that is rumored against Trump has a 5 year statute of limitations.
Trump hasn’t lived in NYC for 6 years and the Prostitute’s stuff was far before that.
But the Manhatten DA Alvin Bragg seems unbiased.

#1 statute of limitations
#2 outside of his jurisdiction
#3 upgrading summary cases to felony but letting murderers out of jail 

Its a distraction, we had a nuclear plant spill radio active water, trains still derailing, border states run by drug cartels, the entire Biden Crime syndicate unraveling, the covid big pharma DOD scam coming to light,
Bank failures, exposure of J6
No man above the law no man stripped of its protections.

That’s why people like Greg are frantic.

There’s the porn-star hush money probe, the Fulton Co election meddling probe, the Special Counsel’s January 6 investigation, and classified documents investigation. Not to mention the fact that he’s clearly mentally unbalanced.

None of it worth a hill o beans. Drummed up horse apples, yet you still after over 4 years sit at the edge of your stool cheering each time when the claim the walls are closing in or bombshell or any of the other moronic little catch phrases the deep state feeds your media to parrot.
Did you hear Resident Buyden says the latest on money transfers says its not true… well they have the bank records and there are still 12 more banks the syndicate used, plus more records from this bank.
Is it gonna happen this time, well lil guy bet your entire net worth on it.

Not to mention the fact that he’s clearly mentally unbalanced.

No. That’s clearly partisan conjecture at best, evil totalitarianism at worst.


We have a demented dictator who routinely forgets what he is saying or what he is talking about, so I’m sure this fact is of the utmost to someone with such fine-tuned discernment concerning the mental acuity of a so-called world leader.

On that, greg, we’ll all assume you are severely troubled by Biden…and that Trump is sane of mind in both reality, and by comparison.

Glad to know you think as we do.

Now, as for Trump’s “crimes,” we all know he clearly had committed none, and that our Federal Government will brand itself both illegal and tyrannical should it stupidly seek to arrest to Trump…for anything.

Watch the video. He knows exactly what to say. He can end the war in one day—even before he enters the Oval Office.

Maybe he should reveal The Magic Words that would prevent tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and prevent World War 3 without further delay.

For his warm-up act, he could reveal his secret plan that’s cheaper and better than Obamacare, will cover everybody, and is ready to roll out.

Or the plan that he said would balance the budget and eliminate the debt in 8 years.

The man is crazy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

“Maybe he should reveal The Magic Words that would prevent tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and prevent World War 3 without further delay.”

Maybe it’s the same “magic wand” he used to bring manufacturing jobs back, which Obama thought was impossible.

It’s called leadership and skill. You’ve never seen that in one of the Democrats you have such dog-like loyalty to.

This is a flawed case if it is based on a state charge effectively prosecuting the federal election violation. That federal case was rejected by the Justice Department. There are also statute of limitation questions that would come into play.

It was Avenatti who came along in 2018 to exploit Stormy and revive the story for media attention and profit. He filed lawsuits to get her out of her NDA, and also a defamation case, which she lost. 

This is just another ploy to keep the biden criminal activities off the headlines, the worst environmental disaster in US historyout of the news cycle and a bank run that may well continue until the 2024 election to keep the sheep(greg) distracted from the real issues, like fixing a broken election system and closing the border.

The left can not defeat Trump in 2024 in the election. There is not now nor will there be a democrat candidate on election day in November 2024 that will defeat Trump, full stop.

Not one of those are investigations. They are all pipe dreams. Wishes. Theater. Worse (for those crybabies like you) they’ve all been disproven.

“We can’t have a megalomaniac in the Oval Office.”

Nor a criminal. Nor a traitor. Nor an incompetent. Idiot Biden is all of those, Trump was a leader.

You don’t get a choice who we give the Oval Office to, greg.

The American voters do.

You people are f*cked, and you’ll never allow another election to happen again.

Expect the full reveal on the totalitarian police state before 2024.

You people can’t afford not to. It’s over unless you cross that line.

And then we know, and you’re no longer hiding.

Back in April, Russia had persuaded Ucraine to negotiate. The current administration quashed that. In effect, the blood of all Uke soldiers killed since are on the hands of the Biden Chickenhawk Administration.

The Uniparty has been after Trump for 7 or 8 years with a litany of fraudulent claims and hoaxes which have had ZERO success. This last legalistic contortions seeks to raise a misdemeanor into a felony. For an act 7 plus years ago and with a SofL that expires after 5 years. It is a weak case, but the intent is to keep the fanatically imbecilic idiots chanting:
“Trump is not above the law. No president—past, present, or future—ever should be.”

And for that purpose, you prove its effectiveness and show that “they walk amongst us”.

Trump has called for protests, if you see anyone calling for violence or to carry a firearm block the, do not respond, they are a fed or Antifa.
I say shut NY down, no trucks no food nothing. Block traffic in or out.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Protests come in many forms.
Staying home from work is a form.
If one must go to a job, work as slowly as possible is another form.
Not buying anything that day.
But letting joe’s gestapo arrest you for being at a protest that paid instigators turned violent is not a good idea for a protest.
Just don’t go to protests where that could happen.

Lech Walesa called for protests… If 10,000 persons stand in silence, it is a protest.

Whatever he might think, Trump is not a king.

He never acted like one.

look up analogy

Look up megalomania.

Naming his unfortunate son Baron might have been an early clue.

“Look up megalomania.”

Trump never censored speech. Trump never imprisoned political opponents. Trump didn’t employ political terror and violence. Trump didn’t implement a “Ministry of Truth”.

But idiot Biden did.

I should be so unfortunate the son of a billionaire oh woe is me. There is an old book about a Baron Trump you should look it up.
The Baron Trump novels are two children’s novels written in 1889 and 1893 by American author and lawyer Ingersoll Lockwood.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Look up ENTJ.

The laws on statutes of limitations is well set in America.
How on earth does the NY prosecutor imagine he can get around it?
Even convictions by biased judges and juries are liable to appeals in such cases.

Hey Nan is this another day of rage false BS story?

Even the NY slimes on Match 9 said this was not a good move by the democrats


Isn’t is deliciously ironic how this same DA, Alvin Bragg, is getting a reputation for DROPPING serious charges against most criminals while he comes after President Trump for spurious charges?

Since taking office last year, Bragg has downgraded approximately 52 percent of all cases brought before his office.
A significant portion of these cases involved reducing felony charges to misdemeanors. 
Bragg refuses to seek prison time against all but the most violent offenders.
And, add to that Bragg LOSES 49% of those cases he does bother to bring!
NYCity is suffering under him a 29% increase in violent crimes.

The last scene from , “Fail Safe” comes to mind. It would sure, “Dry up the swamp”

Democrats care not one whit for justice, truth, facts, due process, the law or the Constitution. That grand jury witch has already ruined the image of any impartiality or fairness. Bragg campaigns on “getting Trump” and, of course, any semblance of justice has long ago been utterly destroyed by Democrats.

No doubt a mere arrest of Trump would make Bragg (aptly named) a front runner for the Democrat presidential nomination. What else do they have?

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Plain Bill

Trump evaded justice after attempting to extort cooperation with a political smear from a foreign head of state, and a domestic coup attempt that resulted in a body count. At this point, I don’t care if they take him down for unpaid parking tickets; it’s in defense of American democracy, American sanity, and the US Constitution.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Bill Clinton Paid Paula Jones $850,000 in Hush Money — Was Never Charged

“Trump evaded justice after attempting to extort cooperation with a political smear from a foreign head of state,”

That was idiot Biden. He bragged about it on video. He did it to protect his share of Hunter’s payments

“and a domestic coup attempt that resulted in a body count.”

The only coup was carried out by Democrats from the moment Trump fairly won his election (as opposed to idiot Biden’s fraudulent theft) until he left office.

No he didn’t. All of those are false-charges invented by a illegal deep state we are desperate to get out of our government.

These Communists are being exposed more and more every day. Their COVID lies have been destroyed. Their January 6th lies are unraveling more and more every day. Their “no election fraud” lies are being exposed. The Biden crime family’s crimes and corruption are being more and more exposed. Their weaponization of the government is being exposed and this stunt will only strengthen the case. This is an act of desperation by cornered rats just like all their other show trials.

This came out prior to the leak about PT’s pending arrest and puts everything into a bigger context. The Reds in this country know they don’t stand a chance against us in a Bolshevik style revolution because we have the overwhelming majority of the guns and the people who know how to use them including the overwhelming majority of Veterans, rank and file military members, and rank and file LE officers. We also control the areas containing the overwhelming majority of land, food, and natural resources. They have BLM, ANTIFA, some federal LE and intel types, and a good number of failed generals and admirals. This is a good primer on what their strategy is:


They have ALL those who will use violence as a weapon. They also have those who are trained in terrorism. They will strike first. But patriots will defend the country and Constitution and will overwhelm them. One thing they know, when they DO attack, that will be the provocation we need, like the Capital Police launching their pre-emptive gas and grenade attack at the Capital.

This is all that holds them back. The retaliatory rage will be awesome.

One thing our senior drill sergeant taught us in basic training is that regardless of how smart or dumb someone is (and the left is extremely dumb) , one thing everyone understands is brute force. Those words have stuck with me to this day. The leftists in this country will eventually have to deal with the fact behind those words should they persist. The demokrats lost the last war they started in 1861 and they will lose the next one should they take the country to that point again.

Just dont put your weapons in a designer suitcase they are experts in stealing those, dont take the train either.
their fighters..
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

That’s about the size of it.

Got your Storm Troopers signed up yet?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 

Those who love this country and are disgusted by what Democrats are doing to it don’t need to “sign up”. When your Brownshirts finally cross the line, we’ll all know what to do. And we won’t need Soros to pay us to do it, either.

The Reds really do project a lot, don’t they?

We don’t have storm troopers.

But you people do.

You’re the Nazis…still attacking our local, state, and federal governments.


I don’t know what level of mental illness someone like greg has to have to accuse the “Right” of acting how his people, party, and ideologies are acting in plain sight.