The democrat party is a clear and present danger to America


The woman in the picture above is Rep Sylvia Garcia (D-TX). Although there was great competition for the it, she clinched the title of biggest clown at the circus staged by democrats yesterday. And that competition was pretty stiff.

What democrats did yesterday was a demonstration of why they should never ever be granted control of anything, let alone the country. With every minute and every witness, their true fascist hair color grew in. Whether it was trying to learn from the Twitter files or uncover the origins of COVID, they did their absolute best to steer the country away from the truth. Instead, they spent every minute smearing and libeling the witnesses and of course, finding white supremacy as a root cause.

One takeaway from these hearings is that fascism creates strange bedfellows.

Michael Shellenberger is a long-time journalist, author and environmentalist. Not your classic MAGA guy.

Matt Taibbi is well, let him tell you himself

My name is Matt Taibbi. I’ve been a reporter for over 30 years, and an advocate for the First Amendment.  Much of that time was spent at Rolling Stone magazine. Over my career, I’ve had the good fortune to be recognized for the work I love. I’ve won the National Magazine Award, the I.F. Stone Award for independent journalism, and written ten books, including four New York Times bestsellers. I’m now the editor of the online magazine Racket, on the independent platform Substack.

He has described himself as having grown up a “traditional ACLU liberal.”

Again, not your classic far right extremist. His bottom-line message was this:

If there’s anything the Twitter Files show, it’s that we’re in danger of losing this most precious right (free speech), without which all other democratic rights are impossible,”

That is, losing free speech at the hands of government and big tech.

The democrat fascists ripped into both with heated ad hominem. Joy Reid, who sees her goal in life as visiting misery to the greatest number of people on Earth possible, called Shellenberger and Taibbi “shills” for Elon Musk.

“They called up Matt Taibbi and Michael Schellenberger, two of many chosen to shill Elon Musk’s narrative who complained Democrats were being mean to them,”

The nastiest and ugliest woman in Congress, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (aka Debbie Downer) accused the two of “cherry picking” information:

“Elon Musk spoon fed you his cherry-picked information which you must have suspected promotes a slanted viewpoint, or at the very least generates a right-wing conspiracy theory, you violated your own standard and you appeared to have benefitted from it,” she said. “Before the release of the emails in August of last year, you had 661,000 Twitter followers. After the Twitter Files, your followers doubled, and now it’s three times what it was last August. I imagine your substack readership, which is a subscription, increased significantly because of your work that you did for Elon Musk.”

He called it a “wash.” Then she said

“Hypocrisy is the hangover of an addiction to attention,”

Not realizing the irony of her being a classic attention hound.

Then there was this twit I had never heard of from the Virgin Islands who proceeded to make a mockery of the hearings and just stomped on decorum so she could be heard. Rep Stacy Plaskett (D-VI), a so-called member of the House, derided Shellenberger and Taibbi as “so-called journalists” who are dangerous and a “threat” to Twitter employees.

But the biggest clown in this circus was Rep. Sylvia Garcia. Watch as she amateurishly tried to rope Taibbi into revealing a source

That wasn’t even close to the best part. Garcia shows she is a poorly prepared buffoon. She has no idea who Bari Weiss is and then then unintentionally becomes the butt of a joke:

This was arguably the best response on Twitter

These people live among us and they are in government! That’s chilling. MAtt Gaetz gave Shellenberger and Taibbi a chance to describe their experiences at the hearing and this is what they said:

Now let’s throw one more thing onto the fascism pile in case you needed more convincing how dangerous the democrat party is to the republic.

206 Democrats vote against bill banning federal officials from policing online speech

Democrats said the government needs to take steps to guard against ‘disinformation’

House Democrats on Thursday unanimously voted against legislation that would prohibit federal officials from taking any action to squelch the sharing of views and opinions online, a bill Republicans called up after Twitter’s internal files showed the FBI was constantly pressuring that company to suppress certain stories — including stories related to Hunter Biden.

We’ve already seen this movie. We’ve seen Big Tech, in cooperation with the Biden regime, the FBI and the democrat party, throttle free speech, changing the outcome of one and likely two elections and ended up causing many more deaths from COVID than should have occurred. Had they kept the House, this country would have seen its demise as a free state.

The democrat party is a clear and present danger to free speech, to freedom and to the Republic.



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So… They’re the party of the surveillance and police state,
The segregation state,
The endless wars state, and the forcing their values on others, here and abroad by force…
WTF is “democratic” about those totalitarian policies?

The US is a authoritarian police state, while Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China are bastions of human rights? Got it.

I dunno. Why don’t you go ask some of the J6 prisoners about rights.

The US is a authoritarian police state

Yes, it is.

while Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China are bastions of human rights?

Definitely not. They are what our now-illegal government has modeled there actions after:

Putin jails democratically supported candidates that oppose him, like you and the Democrats are trying to jail Trump…without cause, evidence, or legal authority.China limits free speech and censors it’s citizens, like you and the regime did on Twitter and other platforms.Again, our government has become authoritarian like Russia and China.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

I live in tbe US. Frankly, I don’t give a monkey’s foreskin what system they have in Russia and/or China. Here, we have the second amendment precisely to deal with such excesses… Sooner or later, the idiots in DC are going to go “a bridge too far”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Charlie319

It’s not surprising you compliment the communist system. You obviously prefer it over our constitutional republic.

These people are traitors. They talked over the witnesses, lied, and threw a tantrum to distract from the fact that they are serving a totalitarian state that installed itself in our country with rigged elections and fed-sponsored deception.

BREAKING: President Donald Trump and DC Gulag Political Prisoners Release “Justice for All” – RIVETING VIDEO that Will BRING YOU TO TEARS! – Download Now!

The democrat party has been a clear and present danger to Americans and America since Woodrow Wilson and fdr.

Monetary policies are causing bank failures, keep jackin up the interest rates that have had no effect on actual inflation, makes bonds on balance sheets look an awful lot like losses, even if they are not realized losses. I hope the FDIC has lots of cash.
Who is next Schwab, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan all took a GIANT DUMP today
Root cause the Clinton admin..again

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt
Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

U.S. deficit grows to $262 billion in February as tax refunds surge

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government posted a $262 billion budget deficit in February, up 21% from a year earlier, as outlays grew and revenues fell, due largely to higher tax refunds issued as the Internal Revenue Service worked through a substantial backlog of unprocessed returns.

The Treasury Department said on Friday the deficit last month compared to a $217 billion budget gap in February 2022.

Receipts for the month fell $28 billion, or 10%, to $262 billion, while outlays grew $18 billion, or 4%, to $525 billion.

Top Biden Econ Advisor Chokes When Asked When Americans Can Expect Relief From Crushing Inflation (VIDEO)

What we clearly saw was a Democrat temper tantrum over losing just one of their many outlets that once suppressed the truth and spread propaganda. They made accusations about “cherry picking” but never asked for whatever they suspected was missing. Just like their outrage over the release of the January 6th videos, what the left is outraged about is the exposure of the truth. Democrat lies only survive in an environment where the truth is not available. It is the same scenario in which Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, N.Korea and others survive.

Democrats hate the Constitution; it impedes everything they want to accomplish. They hate the United States because it proves how what they hate is the most fair and productive system in world history.

I hope the gop goes to the trouble of exposing who leaked information to the lefty media during Trump’s admin and into joe’s.
Who told the media that Roger Stone’s home was about to be raided and he, or his wife might die of a heart attack on the air, so get there right now!
joe still is perpetrating a “disinformation system,” just not one with afront woman.
And, as for us losing the 1st, then 2nd Amendments (then more) joe is trying to put world “goverment” in charge of our sovereignty.
Sure, he’s starting with medical sovereignty, but one good flu and he could add more restrictions on top as he puts the world elites in charge for good.