The dam bursts on the Jan 6 committee liars


We’ve waited a long time for this. The dam holding back the truth of Jan 6 has burst and democrats are freaking out. Tucker Carlson dropped the first of what are likely to be numerous bombshells exposing the J6 members for the fraudulent liars they are.

There were four fraudulent crimes in particular perpetrated by the J6 committee

  • Sicknick dying in the attack
  • The violent Shaman
  • Josh Hawley fleeing
  • Ray Epps

The left has lied consistently about the death of Brian Sicknick. The NY Times said that he died in the attack.

He most certainly did not. He died of “natural causes.”

The “violent” Shaman, Jacob Chansley was railroaded entirely. He’s serving a ridiculous sentence of around four years but the newly released video opens the door, as it were, for an appeal to vacate his conviction. Brady evidence was withheld in his trial and it was done intentionally. Chansley was very peaceful while walking about the Capitol and was escorted by two Captiol cops. Some democrats were all huffy about Chansley being armed with a “spear.”  That “spear” was an American flag and he never threatened anyone with it.

The Jan 6 committee went out of its way to embarrass Sen Josh Hawley. The Jan 6 committee, with the aid of egoistic and egocentric producer Dan Przygoda, presented for public consumption a highly edited video smearing Hawley as a coward who fled alone from the protesters. Ridicule was the intent here.

This video was heavily edited to make Hawley look bad. As noted by Carlson, Hawley was among a number of Senators being told to evacuate without explanation. Hawley was the last man out, but the committee made it appear as if he alone was running away to the amusement of those in attendance.

This is all you need to know about this slimeball Przygoda

This is from March 6

Carlson showed video proving that Ray Epps lied under oath and there is little question that the Jan liars knew he was lying.

Some of the footage released Monday showed Ray Epps, the man caught on video encouraging Trump supporters to enter the Capitol building the night before the Jan. 6 riot, on the grounds at least 30 minutes after the time he originally claimed when he testified before the House Select Committee about a text he sent his nephew earlier in which Epps claimed he was heading back to his hotel.

I have said and I still believe that Epps is the key to unraveling this entire thing.

As much entertainment has the exposure of the Jan 6 committee as conniving liars is, there is perhaps even more entertainment in the reactions from the J6 members and the left. Filmmaker Ken Burns has lost his mind entirely. He was trotted out to try to discredit the videos and Carlson but wound up shredding the little credibility he has left.

Sen Chuck Schumer went on a rant, demanding Fox News censor Tucker Carlson and stop him from airing more of the videos.

The truth is a “great threat to our republic.” Go figure. The fact is that democrats and the Jan 6 scofflaws are attempting to thwart democracy. Americans overwhelmingly want all of the Jan 6 videos released.

According to the results of a Rasmussen poll released Thursday morning, 80 percent of likely voters believe it’s “very” or “somewhat” important for unseen portions of the massive trove to be viewed by the American people. That figure cuts across party lines: 78 percent of Democrats, 86 percent of Republicans, and 75 percent of independent voters concur with House Republicans’ arguments that the recordings should be made public.

Rep Jaimie Raskin, who himself wants to dismantle the government, warned that disclosure of the videos would “benefit America’s enemies. “[This] really is out of Putin’s playbook,” Raskin said during an MSNBC interview in February.”

Adam Kinzinger tells America not to believe its eyes

“There are people that are so invested in the emotional politics” they refuse to accept reality

Kinzinger again

Transparent only in the sense that America can see right through him now

Not surprisingly, Whoopi Goldberg went batsh*t

Closet democrat Mitch McConnell sided with his true allies

But remember, the Senate Sergeant at Arms reports to him and the job of the Sergeant at Arms?

As chief law enforcement officer of the Senate, the sergeant at arms is charged with maintaining security in the Capitol and all Senate buildings, protecting the members of Congress, and enforcing all rules of the Committee on Rules and Administration regulating the Senate wing of the Capitol and the Senate office buildings.

McConnell was privy to the intelligence suggesting there would be a ruckus coming on Jan 6 and he did nothing, just like Pelosi.

There is so much more liberal angst pouring out on Twitter right now and it’s a hoot. They’re all demanding that we not believe our eyes. It reminds of a movie.

I am luxuriating in liberal tears and will be for some time. I love how Carlson has antagonized them, especially the liars of the Jan 6 committee. What they have done is worse than Jan 6 itself. They used the machine of government to lie about and unduly harass and punish Trump supporters. Now they try to suppress the truth. Remember, democrats had two years to release this footage but they didn’t and instead are trying to subvert the will of the American people.

Some might argue that this isn’t just worse than Jan 6, but worse than Pearl Harbor or 9-11.

Did someone say conspiracy? When you hear that one, just remember that the Hunter Biden laptop and the origins of COVID 19 (never mind the side effects of the vaccines) were also conspiracies.

I suspect the best is yet to come.

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We all know the M.S. Media are the Partners in Crime with Biden and his Rouges Gallery of Scoundrels and Fiends their always covering up for the Democrats

500,000 Trump supporters if violent could have leveled the city.
comment image

Oh, that was “just a concept”. Nothing to see here. Mostly peaceful.

Yes, Ken Burns, this is “rewriting history”. The history was written with a leftist bias and was written wrong, so it needed to be rewritten. The Nazi Potemkin village was constructed by the Democrats in a clear act of sedition.

Did Schumer write any letters to get leftist propaganda organs to stop reporting on “Russian collusion” after it was known that it was a lie? How about demanding the corrupt media stop reporting that Trump had “nuclear codes” at his home? Who demanded the media stop reporting the President of the United States said Nazis were “fine people”? The left’s panic over the revelation of the truth about the complete corrupt of that committee is palpable.

Whoopie, the moron, says people “saw what they saw”, referring to the edited and targeted version the J6th committee provided. Apparently, seeing valid evidence disproving that narrative (which she actually showed) doesn’t override the lies or expose the liars. You can’t get more Orwellian than that. Or supremely stupid.

Then those harridans go off on the tangent of the unvalidated “emails” of the Fox personalities. It seems they only get excited over lies. I’m sure their stools had to be mopped up after that.

They should answer these questions:

How did the obvious lie about Hawley running from the Capital defend Democracy?

How did railroading the “Shaman” preserve our Republic?

How did lying about Officer Sicknick’s death secure future elections?

How did letting Ray Epps go Scott free help the nation heal?

How did intentionally leaving the Capital undefended when hundreds of thousands of protesters were expected show revered respect for the Capital?

Once again (it’s almost getting old) the left has been caught lying. But, they don’t care. Like the release of the DNC emails, they don’t care about the lies and corruption exposed, they only care that it’s “not fair” or dangerous to expose brutal facts. Luckily for them (and unluckily for the nation and citizens), they nor their loyal supporters care about the lies. They survive on them.

Tucker reported old news, we knew 2 years ago, everyone had a recording device, ie cell phone. We saw young vandals changing from black clothes to red and blue in the bushes, they had climbing gear stashed, the protestors were carrying flags, hurricanes and extra water. We saw injuries from rubber bullets at near point blank range, burns from flash bangs shot into the peaceful crowd after they had been crowded to the front and no way to retreat, women beaten and murdered, and the agitators. Taken down for fear of arrest or by moderators.
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Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

We have always known that the J6 was a setup and those arrested were to set an example to prevent any further organizing against the traitors in Washington. All of this hoopla is just distraction unless it results in two things; (1) the immediate release and compensation of all who have been illegally detained or had their civil rights violated in this government setup; and (2) the immediate arrest and trial of all those who participated in the setup and cover-up included the immediate removal of any politician from office for their involvement.
Pay attention to the real issues for all of us, taking back our county election commissions, DAs and judges. Work locally to fix the problem and the national picture will fix itself.

Why doesn’t McCarthy release it ALL, instead of leaving it up to Tucker Carlson to decide what the public should see?

McCarthy bought his Speaker’s seat with such valuable coins.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Biological Male Receives Award During the International Women of Courage Ceremony at White House with Dr. Jill (VIDEO)

The left hates women. Even leftist women hate women.

You obviously did not watch Tuckers presentation, yes release it all. Every minute especially show who opened those big doors.

I look forward to Carlson’s testimony when he’s questioned under oath in court.

The only one keeping McCarthy from releasing all videos is McCarthy.

BIDEN EFFECT: US Marine Sniper Testifies to Congress That He Was Denied Permission to Shoot and Kill Kabul Airport Suicide Bomber Who Killed 13 US Service Members

biden is responsible for the deaths of this service members

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

Trump is responsible. He set the entire impossible withdrawal scenario up during his final months in office, and left it waiting on Biden’s desk.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

You have had you ass handed to you every time you push that propaganda bullshit. No one believes President Trump was responsible for the Afghanistan debacle except for morons like you.

The son-of-a-bitch set an impossible withdrawal date, and then reduced the troop level to a point where we couldn’t protect our bases, our equipment, our embassy, or the airport for an orderly withdrawal—all based on a ridiculous agreement with a terrorist organization that we didn’t officially recognize and knew we couldn’t trust. All in an attempt to sabotage his successor.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

The son-of-a-bitch set an impossible withdrawal date, and then reduced the troop level to a point where we couldn’t protect our bases, our equipment, our embassy, or the airport for an orderly withdrawal—

Why don’t you explain to all us LIVs how the withdrawal plan created by the Trump Administration was cast in stone, i.e. statutory law, that could not be changed by the Biden cabal? How the Biden cabal (i.e. Ron Klain) could not increase troop levels to meet the current needs?

Come on, coward, show us what you’ve got.

Last edited 1 year ago by retire05

greg would have us believe that the Trump plan included surrendering the air base in the middle of the night, leaving 85 billion of top level military equipment and stranding thousands of Americans.

Yeah right, only an idiot like biden would do that and he did.

To believe as greg does would require us to be as stupid as he is.

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

Trump’s mindless followers have destroyed legitimate American conservatism to follow an egomaniacal fraud.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Throwing in the towel again after having your ass handed to you yet again.

What happened to all of the conservatives who used to come here? Trump happened. He poisoned everything—meaningful discourse included.

Trump’s mindless followers have destroyed legitimate American conservatism to follow an egomaniacal fraud.

OK, coward, since you refuse to show us how Biden was locked into anything by a former president that was not statutory perhaps you would like to explain what “legitimate American conservatism” is. I’ve asked you that question before and you just played scared rabbit.

At last, you’ve finally acknowledged that Trump is a FORMER president.

Quote me (exactly) where I said Trump wasn’t the FORMER president, you lying piece of crap.

No he didn’t

PURE INSANITY: American Heroes Confirm Previous Gateway Pundit Reporting that US Brass Knew the Suicide Bomber Was in the Area of Kabul Airport – Refused to Allow Soldiers to Take Him Out

The son-of-a-bitch set an impossible withdrawal date, and then reduced the troop level to a point where we couldn’t protect our bases, our equipment, our embassy, or the airport for an orderly withdrawal—

Well, finally! You finally lay the full blame at the feet of idiot Biden. Glad you finally came to your senses.

Trump is responsible. He set the entire impossible withdrawal scenario up during his final months in office, and left it waiting on Biden’s desk.

Trump wasn’t in office. Idiot Biden was running the show, remember? You wanted that dimwitted, incompetent, compromised, degenerate douchebag so badly you committed massive election fraud to put him there. Idiot Biden reversed everything Trump had in place and that included the Afghanistan withdrawal. The Taliban had abrogated the deal (which they wouldn’t have dared do it Trump was still in office) so idiot Biden had no obligation to go forward with the withdrawal, but he did so anyway, under his own plan, which was a chaotic, disorganized disaster.

Idiot Biden pulled all the troops out, not Trump. Even idiot Biden’s generals told him that was a bad idea and not to do it, but idiot Biden followed his idiot instincts, which are always wrong.

It was every bit idiot Biden’s fault. He even assassinated an innocent family of 10 just to look like a tough guy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Plain Bill

BOMBSHELL: Tucker Carlson to Glenn Beck: NOT ONE “Journalist” Has Asked for Access to the Jan. 6 Tapes! [VIDEO]

They have been spoon fed for years by “reliable sources” to actually find stuff work? Oh the horror!

Why does the DOJ treat the criminal acts of biden with kid gloves but when Trump has legitimate declassified documents it is a threat to democracy?

Because the only thing laws are for, as far as Democrats are concerned, is to use as a weapon against Republicans. They don’t really care to follow any laws or rules.

Biden was the choice of criminals that want the borders open for child sex trafficking, drugs and illegal immigration.
I love threats to “their” democracy, I much prefer a Republic.

“NARA has not reviewed the contents of the boxes found at Mr. Moore’s Boston office,” Wall states in the letter dated March 7, 2023.

Shouldn’t that have been done immediately to determine if any national security was put at risk and to ask why some shyster without security clearance was hauling classified documents around? Boy, NARA’s parental intensity about documents outside of their control sure is selective.

Why were you not asking that when Pelosi was speaker? Never bothered you before. I’m fine with releasing it to all interested news and information channels. Should have been done two years ago.

Because Pelosi didn’t give access to all videos to a media propagandist, leaving it to his discretion what to show the public.

McCarthy did—in exchange for support for his speakership.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Of course Pelosi wouldn’t. That would expose all the Democrat lies… which the release of the videos most certainly did.

Carlson fed his audience 15 minutes out of over 40,000 hours, claiming it to be the truth of what occurred. Seriously, you’d have to be stupid to believe him.

Carlson fed his audience 15 minutes out of over 40,000 hours, claiming it to be the truth of what occurred. Seriously, you’d have to be stupid to believe him.

I’m sure there will be more. It takes time to watch the video and correlate it to the applicable Democrat lie. There are a LOT of Democrat lies. But what he did was show the complete video of a number of the dishonestly edited videos that supported their lies. I’ve asked you to answer some questions about those edits and lies and you’ve yet to address them. Let’s try again.

How did editing the video to make it look like Hawley was the only one running from the Senate chambers help save democracy?

How does persecuting the “Shaman” defend democracy?

How does protecting Ray Epps make elections more secure?

How does lying about how Officer Sicknick died defend the Constitution?

Bonus question: Why did Democrats lie about these issues, and others, instead of conducting an honest and informative investigation?

Can you name the list of journalists who asked for the footage while Pelosi was speaker? Nope. Out of 40 thousand hours up until Tucker came along we saw just what the Dems wanted us to see. Their accomplishes in the Democrat media complex were obedient little lemmings. They sold the Democrat approved, or should I say Trump hating narrative. They even used an ABC producer to help craft the footage and he used additional sound affects to punch up the footage for maximum effect. So it turns out they faked some of it and kept that from us as well. Since Tucker’s show is less than an hour it would be hard to show 40 thousand hours of J6 footage. Look at the outrage Tucker has caused with just 15 minutes. Imagine if he released all of it. I’m all for a full release, you aren’t and neither are the Dems. We know without a doubt the J6 committee lied, Garland lied and are still liars. Maybe you should have a look at Simon Ateba’s take.

Because Pelosi didn’t give access to all videos to a media propagandist, leaving it to his discretion what to show the public.

What media propagandist? Is Joy Reid now viewing the videos of J6?

McCarthy did—in exchange for support for his speakership.

It does not matter if Carlson supports McCarthy, or not. Carlson cannot vote to make McCarthy, or anyone, Speaker.

You really are a dumb f*ck.

Last edited 1 year ago by retire05

I’m a dumb f*ck

That’s the first step along the path of recovery. Good work.

Greg its so hard!
Jun 10, 2022GOP Leaders: J6 Committee Broke Law by Hiring Hollywood Publicist ‘We know who he is he not only produced this video, but he also supposedly covered up for Jeffrey Epstein
Not that Epstien guy again, damn he just doesnt stay dead.
Ready you fake bastids on the committee take 2 anddddd action.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

She certainly gave access to select shorts of FBI and Antifa attacks and agitations. To be played at on the mocking bird media.

Please don’t disturb poor Greg as he desperately grasps at straws to divert attention from a massive exposure of Democrat corruption, lies and sedition. You might make him cry.

Why doesn’t McCarthy release it ALL, instead of leaving it up to Tucker Carlson to decide what the public should see?

Why didn’t the Joke January 6th committee release all of it? Why didn’t you leftists want to see all the video before Carlson got ahold of it? Why did the Joke January 6th committee do such a biased and partisan editing job on the videos? Why did Democrats LIE about Officer Sicknick’s death? Why does the left fear the truth so viscerally?

Julie Kelly quick hit with Tucker.
Julie Kelly — “The real villains here are the federal judges in Washington D.C. who have allowed the Government to play every single game to keep this evidence out of the hands of defendants.”

comment image

And it’s not like this is standard treatment for protesters. If protesters are doing the business of the left and are truly violent and destructive, they never see the inside of a cell. The judges involved should be impeached for violations of civil and Constitutional rights.

The FBI is barking up the wrong tree