Be afraid, Schiff. Be very afraid



Adam Schiff is afraid. Ron Filipowski is afraid. Chuck Schumer is afraid. The entire democrat party is afraid.

They’re afraid of Tucker Carlson.

There is right now a full court press in play to impeach Fox News. It is no mistake that it is the overwhelming program for the DNC right now. It is happening because the left-wing narrative about Jan 6 is about to be blown to pieces. There is a reason Nancy Pelosi slammed a lid on the Jan 6 videos for a reason and we’re going to learn what that reason was.

Knowing this, democrats are doing their absolute best to undermine Fox and its people. Here’s Ron Filipowski’s lame shot:

Here’s Chuck Schumer, who believes he has the right to suspend the 1st Amendment

Fox News is the number one cause of erosion of our democracy right now, shrieks Schumer.

The big lie? That would be the Russian collusion lie.

But no one tops the Grand Flaming Liar of the House – Adam Schiff. Schiff has a boatload of lies in his wake, including his ability to see evidence of Russian collusion in plain sight (which no one else could see), and his mendacious claim that he had no prior contact with Vindman (who is now being accused of profiteering on the Ukraine war). But his pinnacle performance had to be his fabricating a phony conversation between Trump and Zelenskyy and entering it into the House record. His fear is palpable.

No mention of Schiff is complete without an ad hominem attack from him

Here’s how one commenter responded:

Schiff is scared schittless and it’s a wonderful thing. I have looked forward to this for a long time.

Also, for your bemusement:

Our country is better off, he says. Kayla Hamilton’s mother disagrees.

The heartbroken mother of a young Maryland woman who was murdered in her bed last summer said her daughter would still be alive had it not been for weak border enforcement that let a suspected MS-13 gang member into the United States.

Tammy Nobles of Norfolk, Virginia, learned this month that the person arrested and chargedtwo weeks ago on six felony charges and five misdemeanors related to the strangling death of her autistic 20-year-old daughter was a citizen of El Salvador who had illegally entered the country at the southern border last March and identified as an unaccompanied minor.

Jan 6 was 100% preventable and the FBI corruption stemming from that is mind-boggling.

Adam Schiff is amoral and unethical. I hope Tucker sticks this way up you know where as far as it can go.

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He would remind you of Baney Fife(Don Knots)from The Andy Grifith Show with the one bullet in his gun

Scared of what he has been proven a shameless liar many times.

With Trump in office, Vindman would never have had an opportunity to steal taxpayer money because there would have been no war in Ukraine.

Schiff is such miserable scum. Of all the Democrat liars, I think he was worst and caused the most damage to the nation. The other liars simply cued off him. Once again, the left tries to vilify the truth.

Dems — But, but … we can LEGALLY LIE and you aren’t supposed to know. //// OUR government is now ALLOWED to CREATE PROPAGANDA tailored specifically for U.S. public consumption, using ANY media as it sees fit, while remaining ANONYMOUS as to the source of the material being reported.

Schiff lied during the impeachment hearings, on the public record, then just said he “parodied” Trump’s call with Zelenski. Is an impeachment hearing the proper place for “parody”? Scum like Schiff have turned our entire government into a parody of government.