Toldja it was man made. Now get ready for the next round


I am feeling vindicated today. I am a medical professional but I am also a researcher with a fair amount of peer-reviewed publications and have been on several publication review boards. I won’t get them all but I am pretty good as sniffing out things that don’t seem right.

Both the FBI and the Department of Energy have concluded that COVID came from a lab

The U.S. Energy Department has concluded that the Covid pandemic most likely arose from a laboratory leak, according to a classified intelligence report recently provided to the White House and key members of Congress.


The shift by the Energy Department, which previously was undecided on how the virus emerged, is noted in an update to a 2021 document by Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines’s office.

I find this timing a whole lot more than curious. In three years now democrats have not made held a single hearing into the origins of COVID- not in the House and not in the Senate. It was ONLY after the GOP took the House and made it clear they were going to dig into this do these conclusions appear.

But I called this three years ago

Feb 26, 2020

Being the cynic I am, I cannot shake the feeling that this is an escaped virus from the Wuhan lab. A lab rat (lab worker) may have gotten sloppy with HAZMAT technique and carried it outside. Now there is more bad news.

26 May, 2021

The leak may have been unintentional, but instead of acting to shut it down, Xi used it as a weapon to bring the rest of the world to is knees. It is a war crime. Instead of seeking the truth, your President (and his minions in the media) is acting as the lead defense counsel for the CCP.
It’s where the family money comes from.
…This is a lab engineered virus. It is part of the “Gain of Function” efforts in the Wuhan lab. This virus does not exist in any animal.

Here are couple of flashbacks of others trying to protect the Chinese Communist Party. Here is Nicole Wallace, acting as a lobbyist for the CCP:

And here’s Joy Reid, also a Chinese Communist apologist.

Here’s Bill Gates proving that Microsoft was a fluke and he isn’t all that bright

Liberals on Twitter tried to save Fauci’s butt. Unsuccessfully.

Brian Krassenstein on Twitter:

NEWSFLASH: Those attacking Fauci now that the Department of Energy said that COVID may have been from a lab leak in Wuhan (with “low confidence”), are missing quite a few key points:
– Fauci NEVER ruled a lab leak out.

Yeah he did

Dr. Anthony Fauci pooh-poohed the theory that COVID-19 may have emerged from a Chinese lab shortly after the onset of the pandemic in the US, calling it a “shiny object that will go away,” according to an email made public Tuesday by House Republicans.
…On April 16, 2020, then-National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins sent Fauci a link to a report by Fox News host Bret Baier which stated that “multiple sources” who had been briefed on the origins of COVID-19 believed it emerged from the Wuhan lab.
“Wondering if there is something NIH can do to help put down this very destructive conspiracy, with what seems to be growing momentum,” wrote Collins. “I hoped the Nature Medicine article on the genomic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 would settle this. But probably didn’t get much visibility. Anything more we can do? Ask the National Academy [of Sciences] to weigh in?”
“I would not do anything about this right now. It is a shiny object that will go away in times [sic],” Fauci responded to Collins early on the morning of April 17.

Fauci did everything he could to throw everyone off the scent. Sars 2 COVID 19 is a man-made virus. I am still not convinced that it wasn’t intentionally released.

You will remember that Fauci guaranteed that Trump would face an infectious outbreak

Anthony S. Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said there is “no doubt” Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency.
…During a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University, Fauci said the Trump administration will not only be challenged by ongoing global health threats such as influenza and HIV, but also a surprise disease outbreak.

You will also remember that Fauci denied funding Gain of Function. And remember these effing idiots?

PolitiFact | No, Dr. Anthony Fauci did not fund research tied to COVID-19 ‘creation’

He sure as hell did.  Kirby admitted that they’re still funding it. And that makes me think Biden is fixing to do it again

“Does the president believe that this type of gain-of-function research is prudent?” Wegmann asked.
“He believes that it’s important to help prevent future pandemics, which means he understands there has to be legitimate scientific research into the sources or potential sources of pandemics so that we understand it so that we can prevent them,” Kirby said.

Or cause them.

Get ready for COVID 24, right around election time.


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This didn,t come out of Thin Air someone made it in a Lab and maybe used Chem Trails to spread it around

Yeah, those chem trails were from the jets flying infected ChiComs around the world, please remember everywhere they went, essentially at the same time there was an outbreak. Nothing to see here, move on.

I’m not buying the lab Leak idea. I’m thinking it was sent around the world using Chinese Tourists. It was Built in a lab and They wanted to use it when it was ready. I’m also thinking that the Jabs were being made at the same time.

It doesnt matter where it came from what the response was is the actual crime.
It fits the georgia guide stones and the UN agenda of depopulation.
comment image

IT HASN’T BEEN ESTABLISHED THAT THE VIRUS WAS MAN-MADE. Propagandists are spinning the news that 1 out of 18 government intelligence entities and the FBI have now endorsed the lab leak hypothesis. Covid ‘lab leak theory’: What we’ve learned

Actually, there is no evidence anywhere that supports COVID 19 just “happening”. The very structure of the virus itself, along with its rapid and varied mutation, supports the idea that it was man-made. If it HADN’T come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China wouldn’t have been destroying records and suppressing investigations.

It has been absolutely established that it was man-made, it came from WIV and Fauci knew about it all along.

Would these be the same intelligence agencies that told us Trump was a Russian asset and Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation”?

There are around 9,000 identified virus species of the millions that are thought to exist. They don’t come out of nowhere—they come to our attention when they give rise to a plant, human, or animal pathology. When a virus producing pathology finds a favorable host species, exponential replication favors rapid natural mutation. We can’t get rid of the common cold because unceasing mutation and natural selection keep the cold virus ahead of the human immune system.

A lab leak is possible. So is a natural mutation that jumped species. It HAS NOT been “absolutely established” that the virus was man-made. That’s propaganda, not fact. It’s possible, but still the minority view among those who require sound scientific evidence.

It’s interesting that officially placing more blame on China for COVID coincides with growing concerns that China may provide lethal military aid to Putin for use against Ukraine.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

It is not a minority view, or they wouldnt try to squash it. Maybe they will find out China was set up by Barry, the virus was taken out of Ukraine and released in Wuhan then the rest of the planet. Interesting seriously, dont be naive. It was a DoD project who ran 45 bio labs in Ukraine but that is just a nasty little fact.
Barry bans GOF in the States then Fauchi funds it in China and other countries, our tax dollars at work.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

I’m not naive. I’m open to the possibility of a lab leak. You’re connecting dots to reveal the picture you had in mind already. Nobody engineered the great plagues and pandemics that have occurred throughout human history. Nature served them up, and will continue to do so.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Great plagues have always followed wars and or famine, go look it up. A time when immune systems were compromised by malnutrition.
Yes I connect dots, without having dots drawn by MSM for me, or having them tell me I need to ignore the dots because they tell me I am so much smarter than those that dont gobble up their bias content.
This was not a pandemic numbers were jacked up by a fake test, everyone who died and showed positive even if it was from gunshot wounds was counted as a covid death, more died after the vaxx release than before.

A lab leak is possible.

Wow. Well, that’s a beginning. Now, what do you think the odds are that the exact type of virus the Wuhan Institute of Virology was cultivating simultaneously formed naturally in the same city that the aforementioned WIV was doing research?

What we have is all the indications point to a lab leak. Of course, since China destroyed data and will not allow investigation and questioning of the researchers there (now, why on earth would they be against THAT?), but based on the evidence available, it came from a lab leak.

True, it is a Democrat foreign policy tenet to freeze in fear at every possible threat, but the fact is China is responsible and should be held accountable. If only the UN wasn’t a worthless pile of corrupt shit, enormous pressure could be put on China (and Russia for invading Ukraine), but raking in fat stacks via the climate scam is too important to them to leave time for them to do their intended job.

Idiot Biden wants to ignore it because he is PAID by the CCP to ignore it. See the hazards of fraudulently installing corrupt, compromised, incompetent boobs in the Oval Office?

The lab leak theory should have been thoroughly investigated immediately, since it was the most logical theory. Then it could have been ruled out. Instead, Democrats and the CCP, working closely together as they usually do, blocked any investigation while they denounced the theory (not knowing if it was true or not) as they vilified anyone that saw it as logical and likely.

Sound familiar? It’s the same approach to election fraud; denounce the accusation, vilify anyone that repeats it and suppress any attempt to investigate the facts. In other words, these are clear indications that the accusation is true.

Right this moment, Fauci should be in jail, for perjury at the very least, and Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer should be in jail for manslaughter for introducing COVID into nursing homes.

The Chinese Communist Party blocked that avenue of investigation. Fortunately Chinese researchers took it upon themselves to publish the genetic sequence of the virus.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

If we were funding the lab, as proven, shouldnt we have already had that? I think we did as it had a patent on it more directed evolution, the new name for GOF. Bad name evolution is natural and natural things cannot be patented. Even if directed such as the labradoodle.

We were, supposedly, funding it so we could spy on the Chinese. As usual, the Democrats got played and we paid.

WHY, do you think, the CCP would block the investigation? After all, we paid for the research.

Because nobody in the CCP wanted to risk being blamed for starting a pandemic.

Wouldn’t the best way to avoid being blamed be to be open and transparent? I know that is difficult for socialist, totalitarian regimes, but being blamed for spreading a global pandemic might be worse than openness.

Every kid knows the best way to avoid being blamed is to avoid being caught. Something broke? It must have been the cat. CCP bureaucracy probably doesn’t reward honesty.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

CCP bureaucracy probably doesn’t reward honesty.

Definitely not.

Every kid knows the best way to avoid being blamed is to avoid being caught.

Please remember that when you parrot the “there’s no evidence” lie when it comes to the fraudulent 2020 election. The “kids” are avoiding life in prison, or worse, are certainly going to rationalize away what they did instead of face the fact that it was impossible for Biden to win his own primary, much less win the presidency.

It’s okay if you don’t like a candidate, like Trump, or Obama, Lake, Fetterman, Walker…whoever.

But you can’t cheat. That’s the line. Doesn’t matter how many “I’m defending democracy against Hitler-Trump” justifications you tell yourself…or more like the embedded regime programs you to think via their compromised media.

The good news is that the poverty and crime that are resulting from dubious elections will stump for people like Trump and other honest candidates better than Billions from Banks, Pharma, and Tech ever could.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Blamed? It was known that lab had containment issues did that stop Dr. Science from fundng the development of a virus there? Just like it didnt stop him from experimenting on children and killing them painfully, testing drug cocktails during AIDs outbreak. That lil bastard needs a short rope and a long drop.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Every kid knows the best way to avoid being blamed is to avoid being caught. Something broke? It must have been the cat.

You, and every other Leftist right now:

“Every kid knows the best way to avoid being blamed is to avoid being caught. Something broke? It must have been the [Trump].”

Every kid knows the best way to avoid being blamed is to avoid being caught. Something broke? It must have been the cat. 

But that’s prior to being accused. Once you are accused, either you shut down the investigation (because you are guilty) or you open up and welcome full investigation and exoneration.

The one time my oldest daughter wrote on a wall in our house, she met us at the door and said “Don’t see something”. Had we not seen “something”, she would have been in the clear. Once we did, however, she was the prime suspect because she was the only one in the room.

In the Wuhan case, the Wuhan lab is the only suspect in the room. Yeah, maybe the exact same thing they were working on also naturally developed at the same time, but the LIKELY suspect is the lab.

At that point, it is far too late to “don’t see something”. Time to either take the blame or provide the exonerating proof. Like in other notable cases, simply denying and blocking investigations clearly indicates guilt.

As effective as my grandson saying “I did not pull the things off your flowers”, when he had a handful of petals. Should we ask Grampa if he did it? He didnt want the investigation into the incident.

Fortunately Chinese researchers took it upon themselves to publish the genetic sequence of the virus.

I don’t think they have the freedom to do that.

Honestly asking, where did they publish it? Were they whistleblowers, or following orders?

A consortium of Chinese researchers at Wu Han published the sequence on an open source website with the help of Edward Holms, an Australian research biologist at the University of Sydney.

Then what happened were they organ donors?….Zhang is not the only citizen-journalist to go missing after reporting on the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. Other whistleblowers, including Fang Bin, Chen Qiushi, and Li Zehua, also disappeared. While Chen and Li have subsequently reappeared, Fang continues to be missing.
I know one was said to have died of covid along with some of his family.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Curious. That was released before the pandemic really got going, at least in America.

All of those people (the Chinese) are missing, I believe. Sad.

We know it’s man-made, and came from the Lab now, for sure.

Nate I got one 4 you, show this to the wife its cute.
comment image

Fun, but men have learned not to engage in this kind of misandrist humor any more. It’s part of the reason America is full of betas.

I was and am my wife’s best chance, and she’s my choice. Not the other way around.

That said, yes…’s funny.

I was and am my wife’s best chance, and she’s my choice. Not the other way around.
So adorable she lets you think that. ( super secret womens book chapter 4 😉 )

So adorable she lets you think that.

As long as you understand that every woke ideology we face today is a result of the belief you shared above going unchecked, then okay.

Nate You did not knock your beautiful wife over the head and drag her home, she had a choice it was you, you are both blessed. I bet she is an alpha female comfortable in her role.
I know how retarded this feminism is, how the keeper of the home is looked down on, the destruction of the strong family is the cause of Betas. Males grow up with way too little masculinity. Hovered over by weak minded man haters.(see a little CRT in that?)

We agree, kitt. For sure.

My point is that the idea of women “allowing” their men to do or think things is how you get this. (definitely look at that. The fathers…not doing a damn thing, because they aren’t there and don’t know where their wives/kids are.)

My wife is like Ripley from Aliens, by the way, so yeah. We’re dually blessed.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

From the 02/24 edition of Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy – Nearly 17 thousand deaths resulted from use of hydroxychloroquine

…During the first wave of COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was used off-label despite the absence of evidence documenting its clinical benefits. Since then, a meta-analysis of randomized trials showed that HCQ use was associated with an 11% increase in the mortality rate. We aimed to estimate the number of HCQ-related deaths worldwide…

Deaths induced by compassionate use of hydroxychloroquine during the first COVID-19 wave: an estimate

Last edited 5 months ago by Greg

01/04/24 – Trump-Backed Drug Linked to Thousands of COVID Deaths

Use of the anti-parasite drug hydroxychloroquine to treat hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the early stages of the pandemic may be responsible for thousands of deaths, according to a new study.

In a study published this week in the journal Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, French researchers found that 17,000 people died across six countries because they depended on drug. Researchers say this is because the drug was used in lieu of more effective treatments, and the potential cardiovascular issues it can cause as a side effect.

The drug, which is most-often used to treat malaria, rose to popularity early during COVID, as hundreds of trials were launched to gauge its efficacy against the virus based on insufficient evidence. Not having many other tools available, many doctors began to treat high-risk patients with the drug in hospitals.

It was quickly shown to be ineffective. However, in a situation The Lancet describes as a “comedy of errors”, many political figures continued to endorse the drug as a legitimate COVID treatment. According to one report, Donald Trump, who was president at the time, was among the most prominent advocates of the medication as a treatment for COVID, mentioning it on Twitter and in press briefings.

“What do you have to lose? Take it,” Trump said during a White House briefing in 2020. “I really think they should take it. But it’s their choice. And it’s their doctor’s choice or the doctors in the hospital. But hydroxychloroquine. Try it, if you’d like.”

President Trump completely exonerated, never went to the island, never got a “massage.”

Fauchi protocol killed millions

So no early treatment just send them home, was more effective than a drug used for decades?

Malaria, arthritis the study is bullshit, the jab is deadly.

Exploiting and promoting ignorance to gain political power is deadly.

Blah blah blah, they got paid extra for intubation.

President Trump completely exonerated, never went to the island, never got a “massage.”

Although our estimates are limited by their imprecision…

In other words, “our purpose was to make an assumption and then try to prop it up.”

No one suggested self-prescribing and dosing it. It WAS effective (as shown by multiple studies) and banning it was political and stupid, as evidenced by the repeated mention of Trump, rightly, promoting it.

Democrats killed more the 17,000 by feeding infected people into nursing homes.

01/12/24 – Malaria drug Trump touted as Covid cure increased chance of death

Study calculated that there was an 11% increase in mortality associated with cases involving the use of hydroxychloroquine

People who took an anti-malaria treatment that Donald Trump touted as a cure for Covid-19 in the early days of the pandemic and waning days of his presidency were 11% more likely to die from the virus, according to a new scientific study.

The study’s authors – who published their findings in the peer-reviewed Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy journal – also estimated that nearly 17,000 people in six different countries, including the US, died after contracting Covid-19 and taking the antimalarial hydroxychloroquine.

Doctors who prescribed hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19 at the height of activity restrictions meant to slow the spread of the virus did so off-label and without evidence that there was any clinical benefit, as the authors of the new study noted. The study’s conclusions “illustrate the hazard of drug repurposing with low-level evidence for the management of future pandemics”, its authors added…

Numerous studies show that HCQ was effective in treating COVID.

I came across this article. I had no idea of this entity.

IMO this is probably not known by a very large majority of Americans. The current biden regime would not hesitate to not take advantage of this.

Last edited 3 months ago by TrumpWon