The One Question Nobody Is Asking About Ukraine


You might have noticed that I’ve written very little about Ukraine. To be honest, I haven’t seen an angle that hasn’t already been covered by someone smarter than me. Until now. And yes, I know that in last week’s TWIRL I included a story that sums up my personal opinion.  But first, let’s back up a bit.

The movie Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (TFF) followed the pattern of the odd numbered movies being bad and the even numbered ones being good (at least until things went off the rails after First Contact) . Before any Trekkies start ripping into me over movies that they liked, I acknowledge that each had their merits. But at the end of the day, I was slow and sterile, III would mark the first time I’d fall asleep in a movie theater, and V was just kind of ridiculous. And don’t get me started by Kirk’s insanely lame death in Generations.

For anyone unfamiliar with TFF, the basic premise is that Spock’s half brother hijacks the Enterprise to find God on a planet at the other side of the galaxy. Of course, they find God on a distant planet, and he appears as this massive face in the sky. God would comment about how he was glad that he had a ship to begin their journey, and at this point Kirk interrupts him and asks , “Excuse me, I’d just like to ask a question. What need does God have with a starship?” At that point things naturally begin to go sideways, withg Kirk addressing the 500 pound gorilla in the room.

Whatever your opinion of Ukraine, whether you align with me or if you’re among those who think that Putin should be stopped at all costs, there is one question to ask where I actually think we might have common ground:

If Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is such a grave threat to security, why is the US the nation that is funding Ukraine’s defense. Since the nations of Europe are the ones facing the greatest danger, shouldn’t the European Union and its member nations be the ones sending most of the monetary aid to Ukraine? And if necessary, put boots on the ground instead of US troops?

Just a thought.

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Prior to the Korean ‘ conflict ‘ the US only got involved in matters of strategic or economic interest. We were drawn into both world wars by military attacks on our country. We should only get involved matters based on proximity, security or economic interests. An issue in Panama, Mexico or Nicaragua may draw our attention, where the same issue occurring in South Africa or Mongolia is too far away to have any effect on the US. We have spent over a half century involving ourselves in matters based on emotional responses instead of the country’s interests. It’s too bad that there’s slavery in the world or that injustices are committed somewhere every second. But the American taxpayer should not have to spend money or our young military warriors on things that we have no vital interest in.

All of Europe under a Russian dictator’s thumb would have strategic and economic consequences.