The most poisonous phrase in the history of this country



This has been simmering in me for a long time. “Celebrate Diversity” is the single greatest poison coursing through the veins of America and America is dying from it.

When I meet someone- anyone- I try to do one thing – find something in common and engage in conversation about that. I find that it usually grows into sharing other common grounds. It could be kids, it could something in sports, it could be golf, it could be wine, it could be family, it could be cars, hip and knee replacements, or whatever. Soon it becomes easy to spend time with someone.  If I know said person might have a diametrically opposed view on politics, I’ll just avoid that and agree to disagree. I have found this to be a very successful philosophy and have many liberal friends despite being a staunch conservative.

It is absolute opposite of what is being foisted on us all.

There is no strength in diversity. Diversity is the opposite of strength. Diversity demands focus on everything that makes us different and that is dead wrong. E pluribus unum. From many, one. To be successful, teams have to work together as one, not work together as a band of individuals. Strength comes when all pull together for a goal. Weakness comes when everyone pulls in their own diverse direction.

When I was little we had a black family three doors down and I used to play with the kids living there in their home. When I was a teenager I worked for years at a gas station with all kinds of ethnic group kids. My kids grew up with a heavy dose of Asian culture. I am the patriarch of a United Nations family, my kids having married into several different ethnic groups. It’s been all good. While respecting others as they are, we have always looked for the things that bring us together and have not dwelled on the things that make us different.

This idiotic emphasis on diversity is what is destroying the country. It’s how we get America haters in Congress. It’s how we get America haters on school boards.

A member of the same Virginia school board that came under fire for withholding information about students’ scholarships has raised eyebrows by saying the Battle of Iwo Jima, a major US victory against the Japan in World War II, was ‘evil’ and should not have happened.

Her father is also a member of the Board of Directors of a Fairfax mosque where three of the 9/11 hijackers had prayed before carrying out the heinous attacks.

They’re elected or selected by virtue signaling white liberals for the sake of “diversity”, no matter the cost or damage.

“Celebrate Diversity Month” became a thing in 2004.  Today CNN posted a report about the rise in extremism and mass killings

In the 2010’s, eh? There was a spark for this.

The most divisive U.S. presidents, ranked by political scientists

Mr. Obama would handily defeat Mitt Romney in the general election, but political scientists consider him a polarizing president.

How Obama Divides America

Why was Obama so divisive?

Obama’s posturing and lecturing is as divisive as ever

In fact, in 2010:

Our Divisive President

Obama took diversity and made it a weapon. He did more to divide us with race than anyone. He lit the fuse. Now we harvest the fruits of his efforts.

Since the advent of this Celebrate Diversity plague, racial tensions have increased. Killings have increased. Hatred has increased. Diversity has caused division. At the moment the diversity cause is seeing tolerance and encouragement of child predators in the form of trans teachers and the mentally ill, like this Canadian “teacher.”

Trans women are calling biological women “extremists.” Colleges are calling for the return of segregation.

The focus on division has to stop. The identity politics has to stop. The demand for diversity for its own sake must stop.  Maya Angelou had it wrong. The Dalai Lama had it right. She said “In diversity, there is beauty and strength.” I disagree completely. History is proving otherwise. Shoving it down the throat of the nation is destructive. It is now being used as a cudgel. It’s wrecking morale in the military. It’s ruining education. Several European countries are importing “refugees.” It’s causing chaos and violence, all for the sake of “diversity.”

The Dalai Lama said “If we wish to ensure everyone’s peace and happiness we need to cultivate a healthy respect for the diversity of our peoples and cultures, founded on an understanding of this fundamental sameness of all human beings.”

Respect for diversity, yes. Respect for other cultures, absolutely, but nothing gets better when all you focus on are the differences between people. Margan Freeman once famously said the best way to end racism was to “Stop talking about it.”  Yes- stop talking about it and just talk.

This kid nails it.

What he says is spot on. All anyone sees today is your ethnicity. Your color. The purveyors of these policies are doing exactly the opposite of what they think they are doing.

Anyone think this helps anything?

Celebrate Diversity is poison. Wokeness is poison. It’s got to be ended. People are starting to fight back. Celebrate e pluribus unum instead. Find the things that you have in common. Everyone will be happier.

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That passive white girl, sitting holding her cup while she’s kicked and punched is a prime example of what is now being called “Another Dilbert Moment.”
Just met a woman who, years ago, lived only blocks from me in Long Beach.
She’s been in Utah 6 years and counts her blessings for making that move every day.
With $70 million in the bank, Dilbert’s creator, Scott Adams can afford to be “canceled.”

This video makes that point plus more.

Time to totally end diversity and build the Border Fence and screw the fools with the No Human i Illegal signs in their yards or at least they should know the truth of what Open Borders cause