We’re so stupid



Under the cloak of darkness Joe Biden made a secret trip to Ukraine. The Washington Post heralded it as “cloak and dagger.” Leftists on Twitter found themselves raptured by this heroic action. To add to the drama, as Biden and Zelenskyy strolled out of the Presidential residence air raid sirens blared. There was no additional alacrity upon the sound of the alarm. Indeed there was no alacrity at all. Zelensky and Biden continued their leisurely stroll.

There was no need for alacrity. The air raid sirens were all for show. Newsmax reported that Russia had been warned ahead of time about Biden’s visit. I don’t doubt it for a second. How stupid do you think the NY Times is? Quadruple it

This visit, just like the sirens, is all stagecraft but it’s going to put the US in great jeopardy.

“Historian” Douglas Brinkley wets himself as he drools over Biden

Biden promised to support Ukraine for “as long as it takes”, along with another $500 million in aid. When does it end? We’ve been drained of $200 billion for Ukraine thus far. Our weaponry is being depleted faster than it can be replaced. Then on top of this the Biden regime dares throw sand in China’s eyes, warning it not to send lethal weapons to Russia.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken made that accusation Sunday on CBS, where he said Chinese companies have already been supplying Russia with non-lethal aid and may soon do more.

“The concern that we have now is, based on information we have, that they’re considering providing lethal support, and we’ve made very clear to them that that would cause a serious problem for us and in our relationship,” Blinken said. When asked what lethal aid China might deliver, Blinken said, “weapons.”

China did not take that well.

That remark drew a furious comment from China on Monday – but not an outright denial – even as China’s top diplomat was expected to travel to Moscow this week.

“It is the U.S. not China, that has been pouring weapons into the battlefield,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin said. “The U.S. is in no position to tell China what to do. We would never stand for finger-pointing, or even coercion and pressurizing from the U.S. on our relations with Russia.”

But here’s the thing. Should China side with Russia in Ukraine the US will be in a world of hurt, but it might be a prelude to another Chinese action- seizing Taiwan. Between Joe Biden so rapidly draining our military resources and the military being focused on pronouns and transgenderism should Xi move on Taiwan the US will not be in a position to sustain a two-theater conflict. We don’t even have enough oil for that because Biden has drained it. And Zelenskyy has the balls to threaten WWIII if China supports Russia?? What I should say is with whose balls is he threatening China? Who do you think will be expected to fight that war? Zelenskyy?

And the military itself? Did you know that “Diversity is a strategic imperative critical to mission readiness and accomplishment.”? Think anyone in the world respects of fears that kind of horse crap?

We’re so stupid. We’re also really vulnerable.

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I’m glad Biden is in Ukraine and Trump will be in Ohio tomorrow. Biden is worthless. Ukraine can keep him.

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Mike Adams: Tipping Point of WW3 (rumble.com)

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Then on top of this the Biden regime dares throw sand in China’s eyes, warning it not to send lethal weapons to Russia.

When we are led by stupid people, we all become stupid. The nation becomes embarrassingly stupid. When the nation is led (so to speak) by a weak person, countries like China take such a statement as a dare. Whether they were going to supply Russia with arms or not, now they HAVE to because they can’t allow themselves to be bluffed by such a weak buffoon as idiot Biden. Just like Assad in Syria when Obama drew his “red line”, China will now do exactly what the United States warned them not to, just to see the reaction. The reaction, undoubtedly, will be stupidity.

The U.S. is in no position to tell China what to do.

And there you have it.

President Trump would have what???? Wet Biden’s diapers?
You may notice that Russia would not and did not step out of line during President Trump’s administration.

Not sure why the author thought insulting President Trump while reciting Biden’s failures and stupidity was a good idea.

Did you not read the post? That was from a tweet from a lefty. That was not written by the author of this post

Heroic, brave, sending a message…like putting up a fence for the SOTU address and his own swearing in. The only thing swinging in this entire administration is Bidens overloaded diaper.
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If the Eco-FREKS STILL SUPPORT Biden THEY ONCE AGAIN HAVE PUT A STUPID IDEOLGY OVER THE WILDLIFE LOST IN THE trainwreck while they blame e everything on Global Warming and Trump supporters

5 out of 4 voters regret voting for Biden.

But the thousands of copy machines that voted for him are still fine with it.

02/21/23 – Russia’s military brass accused of ‘treason’ by Wagner chief
Oddly, no one in Russia is taking credit for anything.

biden is sleepwalking us into WWIII.

Stopping Putin is the only way to prevent World War 3.

Greg that is bullshit, we are in a recession, broke, and being invaded by millions of gimmigrants.
Then the coke addict beggar is trying to threaten Xi, what an absolute lunatic was it his first attempt to begin WW3 hot? no, missiles into Poland, screes for first nuclear strike, the dude is insane. Is he in some war room listening to his Generals, hell no he is globe trotting with his beggars cup, while the conscripts freeze. They all belong with you in an asylum.

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We didn’t surrender Europe and Africa to Hitler, or Asia and the Pacific to the Japanese Empire, just because we were broke and in a depression. If we had done, we would have surrendered our future.

We’re not the aggressors, attempting to exterminate democracy and freedom. We’re the protectors. Putin is murdering people in an effort to steal their homeland, plain and simple. How do we not take sides against that? And what would it ultimately cost us, if we didn’t?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Downvotes around here are getting to be a badge of honor.

Downvotes around here are getting to be a badge of honor.

However you have to spin your abject failures to push dead propaganda points, ace…have at it.

We’re not the aggressors, attempting to exterminate democracy and freedom.

WE, the People certainly are not.

YOU and the installed regime you serve most certainly are.

Putin is murdering people in an effort to steal their homeland, plain and simple.

The US literally did that to Iraq (and Vietnam…remember?), so take your false-umbrage and shove if up your cowardly ass.

The war in Ukraine was provoked. It’s a simple fact now.

The question is why?

He booted the IMF Rothchilds bank out, has vast resources that they cant get their filthy claws into.
He has been called a traitor to their new world order. Full ban on GMO food stuffs.
Being KGB he knows where the bodies are all hidden.
And they developed their own vaxx for covid and basically told Pfizer to fuck off. Now we know they were correct, it was a bio weapon, clot shot.

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I’ve always wondered what happened with the Russian covid shot.

Did it work?

You never hear about it. We heard about the Chinese shot (didn’t work), but not Russia’s.

If it did or did not they stepped on the planned release of the bio-weapon didnt walk into big pharmas depopulation trap.
hint: There is no cure for the cold or the flu only your own immune system.
He also destroyed the Bioweapon labs set up in Ukraine, wonder where some of the missing money from the Penagon went?

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

No, we DID NOT do that to Iraq and Vietnam, however misguided our involvements might have been. Witness the fact that both wars are over, and we’re gone from both countries.

Fuck Putin, and his bullshit fairy tale of provocation. He was “provoked” by a sovereign nation that preferred Western democracy to Russian totalitarianism. Can you not imagine why?

(A rhetorical question. You think that America is a totalitarian police state.)

Even the Russians are beginning to see through Putin’s bullshit story. When enough do, Putin will be done.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

The US invaded Iraq and killed off a million Iraqis. That’s a fact. We did it for our interests. Vietnam is even a better analogy, because we were fighting a proxy war against the Soviet Union, like Putin is doing now against NATO.

Putin invaded Ukraine because NATO kept expanding. The buffer that region represents is important, and when the US-commissioned coup happened in 2014 (of which Zelenskyy is a current puppet of that arrangement), Russia countered with invading Crimea.

This war has been going on for a long time.

Ukraine doubled it’s shelling (at the command of Nato) just before Russia invaded, as if they meant to intentionally provoke the invasion.

Which they did.

F*ck Putin, and his bullshit fairy tale of provocation

It’s now a historical fact, and I’m not sure why you pigs think lying on the internet will change what people see with their own eyes.

The real issue: F*CK YOU, the WEF, the installed puppets Biden and Trudeau and the rest trying to transform our world into your distopia that NONE of us want.

F*CK YOU, greg. You’ve been warned. Stop this sh*t, now.

Sidenote: Ukraine is not a nation, per se. It’s a territory, highly corrupt, and far from what you tools try to say it is.

It’s a breeding ground now for social credit tests, bio-research, and a host of other things we 2 Billion world citizens won’t tolerate and you few thousand globalist pigs think you’re going to get away with.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Greg cant stop anything he is a turd nothing more than a repeater of propaganda and ignores the facts.

(A rhetorical question. You think that America is a totalitarian police state.)

Both Biden and Putin are in power due to rigged elections. Both threaten to jail their popular opposition, which is how it works in totalitarian states.

America is not a democracy any longer. It’s probably not been one for a while. Looking back, every President in the past 40 years has been installed, with the exception of Trump and possibly Reagan.

In the minds of protectors in our intelligence community, like Kissinger and others, I can see how they’d see random citizen selection of presidents counter to our interests (not agreeing, just saying that the same deep state who killed JFK never went away).

The issue now is that everyone in America knows the truth, and it’s not going back in the box.

This war is not about the “New” world order trying to install itself. It’s about the Old world order trying to hang on.

They’ll kill us all if need be, as all tyrants do when their time is over.

greg, you know exactly what you’re doing and exactly who you work for. Just drop the pretense.

Only a fool would appease this man:
comment image.webp
Joe Biden is not a fool.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

And only as enemy of America would support this man:

Joe Biden is not a fool.

Perhaps not. But he’s certainly a pedophile, and NOT our president. No one follows this puppet, and Americans HATE Joe Biden.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

But Roy Moore was your boy in Alabama, endorsed by your cult leader himself, right?

Not to mention statutory rapist Matt Gaetz, who shared the following thought while speaking at a right-wing conference of teenage students in Tampa, Florida:

“Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions? Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Uh, I’m afraid you can’t call someone a “statutory rapist” unless they’ve been charged and convicted. Gaetz has been neither.

Spreading rumors to hurt a political opponent you can’t beat fairly is what a little bitch does, greg…and you’re a little bitch.

As for shunning fat women who want more, I agree with Gaetz.

You, however, hate strong men. Because you’re not one.

Roy Moore? I don’t recall ever supporting, or even posting a single word about that guy.

Get your head checked, son. You’re going the way of senile Biden.

Would the real pedophiles please stand up? The irony of Republicans calling Democrats pro-pedophilia

There’s a long, documented history of republican pedophilia, and of their extreme reluctance to take any action against republicans guilty of it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Meh. As we’ve said, this isn’t Left/Right, Dem/GOP.

It’s Americans vs. totalitarian assholes like you and the Uniparty installs lining the pockets of pharma, tech, and China.

From Biden to Roth, the Left is clearly into having sex with kids on a level higher than anything you found (or invented) on the right…just for the record.

The simple fact of the matter is that you want Putin to win, so Biden will have failed; you want the economy to go to hell, so Biden will have failed; you want to believe Trump’s stolen election bullshit, because you can’t abide the fact that an overwhelming majority of American voters REJECTED Donald Trump.

BIDEN ECONOMY: Record US Credit Card Debt Nearly $1 Trillion as Americans Struggle to Survive Under Joe Biden

bidens economy has already gone to hell

President Trump Lands in East Palestine, Ohio – Trump Supporters Line the Streets – HOPE HAS ARRIVED

Maybe he’ll throw out some rolls of paper towels.

“Get Over Here” – Trump Has a Message For Joe Biden After He Delivers Pallets of Food and Trump Water to East Palestine Residents (VIDEO)

Biden was installed. The election was rigged. J6th was a deep state false-flag.

Biden et al started this war, not Putin.

Trump went to East Palestine before our illegal regime did, and even at that they sent a moronic gay mayor who has the gravitas of a morning coffee-induced flush.

Meanwhile, Biden went to Ukraine and gave them more money.

Americans know who our real leader is, Trump.

We also know who the real enemy is: unelected tyrants starting WWIII.

biden is weak domestically and leaders around the world see that. Because he is so weak and despised by Americans, our enemies see a window of opportunity to take advantage of the feckless stair tripper.


The Left, and their vile pedophilia on display while they censor everyone else…


Gerry Eastman Studds was an American Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts who served from 1973 until 1997. He was the first openly gay member of Congress. In 1983 he was censured by the House of Representatives after he admitted to a “consensual” relationship with a 17-year-old page.

Seems like the 2 men you mentioned have zero to do with marching into a world war.
The woman accusing Roy did not say sexual intercourse was involved not at all.
The stuff about Epstien is being released.

Why did zelensky bomb ethnic Russians in the Donbas?

That is genocide and a war crime equal to Hitlers Nazis.

Because they crossed the border in Russian tanks and began killing Ukrainians?

Because NATO provoked them, when they said it was clear what they would do if the expansion continued.

Why are you pigs still trying to push this “unprovoked, Putin is just crazy” hoax?

No thinking person agrees with you.

It was 1 year ago Russia invaded, Ukraine has been murdering ethnic Russians since 2014.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

That’s what Putin’s propaganda outlets have said again and again. I’m curious why you would believe them, when Putin has shelled ethnic Russian cities, towns, and villages into rubble, killed thousands of the very ethnic Russian people he claimed to be saving, and removed thousands of their children to political reeducation camps.

Why is WW3 better than negotiations and proper diplomacy?
You are a Nazi war monger. Go sign up to fight for the coke fiend.

One doesn’t negotiate with a mass murderer while he’s ramping up his campaign of mass murder. No promises such a person makes have any meaning.

Putin is going to start WW3, unless somebody stops him.

02/21/23 – Putin cancels decree underpinning Moldova’s sovereignty in separatist conflict

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Our leader, President Trump is right….on all it.

Especially the part about how this war could be over, peacefully, in 24 hours.

Putin is going to start WW3, unless somebody stops him.

Using puppet Biden and others, the Deep State and Military Industrial complex started this war.

Not Putin.

What’s wrong with Trump’s right eye? He’s obviously got a neurological issue. Possibly COVID-related dementia. COVID in the elderly doubles the likelihood of a subsequent Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

JUST IN: White House Says Biden Has No Plans to Visit Ohio Derailment Site, Despite Having Plenty of Time to Visit Ukraine

Obviously he could give two shits about the American people.

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

There’s nothing there he wants 10% of.

Hunter Biden Misses Midnight Deadline to Turn Over Business Records to Oversight Committee – Subpoenas Coming (Video)

If this was a Trump advisor, he would already be in chains and in jail.

BOOM! Reporter Hernandez Confronts Pete Buttigieg in East Palestine “Why Did It Take You 2-and-a-Half Weeks to Get Here?”- Coward Pete Runs Away (VIDEO)

Very few gay bars in East Palestine, so Pete was in no hurry.

Senator Schumer Panics About Tucker Releasing J6 Coverage – Cites “Grave Security Risks” – Didn’t Give a Damn When Pelosi’s Daughter Filmed the Entire Place

Yeah, a grave threat to the security of the Democrat’s lies.

Haha. Yeah, Biden has Alzheimer’s…so let’s say Trump has it.

You idiots are going down.

Back in reality, as Trump leads our nation, the puppet our enemies installed looks like he was the one who fell out of air force one and got this gnarly bruise…

You pigs better hurry up and start WWIII, because we Americans are no longer going to tolerate this tyranny.


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. Biden is a Catholic. Can you figure out the rest all by yourself?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Some Catholic. He wasn’t allowed to go to the Pope’s funeral because he supports the left’s death cult.

F**k biden

“Can’t Even Follow Simple Walking Directions” – In Poland Biden Wandered Off Again – Had to Be Redirected

More likely, it’s where the holy water touched him…

I think he got hit in the head with briquette.

COVID in the elderly doubles the likelihood of a subsequent Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

And idiot Biden has had COVID how many times? What’s wrong with idiot Biden’s right eye? And left eye? Can’t they see the damage he’s caused? What’s wrong with his mouth? Doesn’t it know the lies it vomits out? What’s wrong with his legs? He walks like he’s drunk all the time. What’s wrong with his feet? Can’t they find the steps on stairs?

Idiot Biden has been a confirmed mental incompetent for decades. He didn’t need COVID to make him stupid. A brain virus would starve in him.

Biden was vaccinated, which greatly reduces the severity of subsequent COVID infections.

There is nothing that proves the severity would be less.
Sometimes you have a bad cold sometimes you have a mild cold.
It has always been that way, men are dying when they have a cold women get up and do the dishes and cook. 😉
It isnt a vaccine…if you get subseqent infections, do people get subsequent infections of polio or small pox after vaccines are administered?

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

No, the virus mutated to a less deadly strain and the vaccine was ineffective against it. The government merely kept pushing the vaccines to keep the kickbacks flowing.

The cold virus, thats what covid is, has always mutated or you would only have 1 cold in a life time just like getting chicken pox.
These germ and virus people know this, there has never ever been a cure for the cold or flu they are the mutating specialists of the virus family.
Well fed active people are less likely to croak from the flu most likely why many elderly dont make it.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Biden was vaccinated, which greatly reduces the severity of subsequent COVID infections.

Well, idiot Biden had a different guarantee.


Remember Trump was over his infection in less than a week?

which greatly reduces the severity of subsequent COVID infections.

Where did you hear that from??

Zelenskyy is a mass murderer, too.

So which one do we take our first?

You people are worried about the crimes against humanity you committed with Covid-19.

You should be.

comment image

Justin Hart

To repeat. They. Got. EVERYTHING. Wrong.

Transmission of the disease—wrong
• Asymptomatic spread—wrong
• PCR testing—wrong
• Fatality rate—wrong
• Lockdowns—wrong
• Community triggers—wrong
• Business closures—wrong
• School closures—wrong
• Quarantining healthy people—wrong
• Impact on youth—wrong
• Hospital overload—wrong
• Plexiglass barriers—wrong
• Social distancing—wrong
• Outdoor spread—wrong
• Masks—wrong
• Variant impact—wrong
• Natural immunity—wrong
• Vaccine efficacy—wrong
• Vaccine injury—wrong

Did they get a SINGLE thing right?1

No, seriously, look at Trump’s eye. Incomitant strabismus. A doctor would take note of that. Then listen to what he’s saying. He thinks world history revolves around himself. He’s delusional.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

NOW, after supporting idiot Biden and barely self-propelled vegetable Fetterman you want to worry about mental competence? Somehow I doubt your actual interest.

I have no problem with Haley’s suggestion that all presidential candidates have mental competency evaluations—so long as Trump doesn’t get to buy one.

He took one and aced it. Idiot Biden can’t even climb stairs.

Any actual comment on what he said, or do you know it’s true an you pigs thinking keeping your head down will save you?

I commented on Trump’s delusional self-aggrandizement. What he said was all about Trump.

Incorrect. He rightly stated that we wouldn’t be at war right now with Putin, and how the world was better with him as Commander in Chief.

All facts.

Facts you can’t refute.

Trump would have let Putin take Ukraine. Like Trump said on Monday down in Tampa… He and Putin have a very good relationship.

comment image

That’s not an imaginary chart. The people aren’t imaginary, and the connections aren’t imaginary. And that’s not the half of it. That was only the opening act.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

You know whats missing in your cute chart?, a direct connection its those that have dealt with Russia, now do Hillary and see all those connections, I will bet Biden has more than a few. all those arrows are straws you are grasping at.
Off to bed 4 me make sure the batteries in your ankle bracelet that auto lock your doors are fully charged, we wouldnt want you to be a silver alert.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Throw Deutsche Bank into the mix. Deutsche Bank was part of the “very good relationship.”

Throw Deutsche Bank into the mix. Deutsche Bank was part of the “very good relationship.”

How about Alpha Bank? Oh… that was just another great big leftist like. Like the Duetsche Bank relationship.

The Deutche Bank hoax has been debunked.

The Blackrock collusion reality is fact.

 Like Trump said on Monday down in Tampa… He and Putin have a very good relationship.

That means Putin understood that Trump would smack him down if he tried anything. Trump kept Putin corralled with economics, something idiot Biden nor any Democrat understands.

Apparently, Putin understands idiot Biden. So does Xi. That’s why the world is in such danger now. Idiot Biden is a weak and incompetent moron that values his personal fortune over national security.

How about a chart showing idiot Biden’s financial connections to the CCP? Via his son, he has taken in millions from them, Ukraine, Lithuania and Russa.

Swalwell’s website? Really Comrade Greggie? You trust what Eric Swalwell comes up with?
And it is clear you have absolutely no understanding of political associations. You seem to think that relationships between nations should be how relationships between relatives work.
Or do you think that advarsaries cannot have a “good relationship”, meaning that they fully understand each other? If Putin was going to invade Ukraine under Trump, he had four years to do it.

Trump held Putin in check, and no one believes the debunked “Trump-Russia” relationship that our own government perpetrated on us.

Every single FBI/CIA person who was involved in it is guilty of Treason and should be rotting in jail….or worse, as is called for the law itself.

There’s no connection between Trump and Russia, only a rogue American deep state that is afraid of being dismantled by we Americans and our legal choices for public office.

Biden can barely function, screws up every speech, his admin are a pile of diversity hires that seem to not function at all. They point fingers then get made fools out of like Pot Hole Pete.

Only a fool would appease this man:

You mean, like by ending our energy independence, cutting our production, causing oil prices to rise, which was a financial windfall for Putin and funded his war? Like that?

It’s not lost on many of us we never had to have this conversation when Trump was President, because Putin stayed home. The Trump energy policies kept oil prices low which helped insure Putin stayed there.
Since we are here wouldn’t it have been better if we had all that military equipment Biden left behind in Afghanistan to send to Ukraine? But we don’t, we gave it to the Taliban. China is laughing at us as we deplete our arsenal and it will take years to resupply. But alas ole Joey dementia is past his prime and seems hell bent on taking us down with him. For all those Biden voters I wonder is this what you voted for? Maybe you should sign up to go fight in Ukraine. I’m sure ole Joey would appreciate it.
My concerns are more homebound. For I hope to have a piece of the retirement pie too. This needs attention.

Stopping Putin is the only way to prevent World War 3.

A strong United States with a strong, capable, determined leader is the only way to avoid wars. Thanks to Democrat fraud, we lost that and now we have a dangerous war in Ukraine and the threat of war in Taiwan. Idiot Biden is a weak moron.

We are screwed.
Our hubris has brought us here.
It’s going to hurt