“Biden 2024” A play in three deceitful parts


Joe Biden is the worst President in the history of the United States and easily the most mendacious. Here is the theatrical plot of the opera “Biden 2024” in three acts. It is about a diabolical President who sells out the people who elected him.

Act 1 We Will End Fossil Fuels

Prior to the 2020 election

NEW CASTLE, N.H. (AP) — Joe Biden is looking voters in the eye and promising to “end fossil fuel.”


The former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate made the comment Friday after a New Hampshire environmental activist challenged him for accepting donations from the co-founder of liquified natural gas firm.


Biden denied the donor’s association to the fossil fuel industry before calling the young woman “kiddo” and taking her hand. He said, “I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you. I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil fuel.”

Act II  “We Need Oil For Ten Years”

Biden made the admission while describing his comments to oil executives. ‘When I talk to a couple of them, they say we’re afraid you’re going to shut down all the oils and all the oil refineries anyway. So why should we invest in them? I say we’re going to need oil for a decade.”

Act III. “You Know What I Said About Ending Fossil Fuels? I lied”

“Well guess what, we’re going to need oil for a long time and gas for a long time.”

As the curtain closes, cue Greta Thunberg


About those refineries

Biden White House blocks Virgin Islands refinery expansion permit over pollution concerns

Ruling clears Joe Biden’s 2021 pause on new oil, gas leases

If you are a liberal fossil fool who is still blind to the charlatan Joe Biden is, I hope this clears up your vision. He’ll sell you out in a heartbeat. You’ve been had. Bigly.

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The perfect analogy of Biden is the train wreck in Ohio, Its safe to breathe the air, no damage to the river, all is well.

That’s the Democrats’ idea of success. Just lie about abject failure and say it is great success. The border is secure. The economy is great. And idiot Biden is a great communicator. Ignore what you see, just trust the world’s most renown liars.

As a play, it’s a black comedy.

1st joe “promises” to end fossil fuels.
Then joe puts holds on new oil leasing.
Oil companies quit planning for future oil and gas expansion because of these “promises.”
Prices go up.
Now joe blames oil companies for the higher prices and “orders” them to drill, price fix and build new refineries.
They’d be fools to listen to him.

Democrats always expect private companies to be run like they run the government; operate in the red, run up massive debt. Only problem is, the only thing private companies have is their revenue; they can’t just print their own money. Democrats only think of the economy in socialistic terms; they don’t understand the economic part of economics.

Eco-Wackos who praised Biden the Blunder for cutting off our Petroleum should just stay home and not leave so no one will want to beat the blazes out of them

Clown Show: As Kamala Harris Says Spy Balloon Will Have No Impact on US-China Relations, China Foreign Ministry Threatens Retaliation, Says US Shootdown Had “Grave Impact” on Relations

Textbook definition of a moron

WATCH: Sarah Palin Says Ron DeSantis Should Stay Out of 2024 Race

Democrats have no answer for their incompetence and failure than to simply say the exact opposite is what is true. They have gotten away with it with the Ministry of Propaganda so many times that they simply default to it every time now.