The Little Secretary That Couldn’t




A catastrophe has befallen the town of East Palestine Ohio. A freight train containing a load of toxic chemicals was derailed in the town, spilling vinyl chloride and phosgene, which you might recognize as being very similar to mustard gas. It is a major environmental disaster. Because of the possibility of the chemicals exploding officials decided to burn them in place, which resulted in toxic smoke.

Three other chemicals have been identified on the train.  Residents have been told that it is safe to return home but toxic chemicals are killing animals and fish in the town and have been identified in the water in West Virginia. A reporter trying to cover the derailment was detained.

This is a terrible thing and once again it raises the question- where was the  Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg? When Buttigieg finally showed up, his response to the crisis was asserting that too many white people are working in transportation. He didn’t even mention the train derailment.

He also managed to make a joke about balloons.

Pete Buttigieg is the little Secretary who couldn’t. He is utterly incompetent in his job, which seems to be one of stoking racial fires instead of focusing on real issues. This is result of Biden choosing people on the basis of identity politics instead of skills and ability.

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Yeah, if Buttigeig had ever seen a construction crew, he’s know that, for sure, they don’t come from the minority neighborhoods he implies. In fact, they don’t even come from this country. Like every other member of this box-checking regime, he it totally incompetent and incapable.

Obama’s EPA destroyed a river. Idiot Biden’s EPA is destroying a city, if not a region.

Mayor Pete: “There are too many people working in transportation”…
Me: yes, you imbecilic doorknob polisher… They’re called truckers.

Source Just the news:
The freight train that derailed earlier this month near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border and turned into a smoldering, days-long HAZMAT situation traveled at least 20 miles beforehand with an axle that appeared to be on fire, security camera footage shows. 
The train passed through a hot box detector, which checks the axle temperature for overheating, while its axle was on fire in Salem, Ohio, more than an hour before it arrived in East Palestine, Ohio, where the derailment occurred, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Friday.
The train crew had received an alert shortly before the Feb. 3 derailment, but it is unclear when the alert came through.
Security cameras at two Salem industrial plants captured the axle blazing as it passed.

2 more train derailments ?

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A terrible disaster for East Palestine OH will Butter Legs take full responsibility for this or will he just choose to hide under a rock instead

Killing frogs, fish, foxes, chicken, cows, wildlife etc. but officials say it is safe to return.
Were they ordered by dispatch to continue after sensors detected a fire, the union wanted safer conditions, the government ordered them back to work.
Fuck Ukraine we are going to need that money to clean this shit up.

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Well, remember these are mostly Republicans living there, so what does this regime care?

The railroad that made record profits last year is offering residence within the 1 mile radius of the derailment 1000 dollars, animals 10 miles away dropping dead.
They did not send a rep to the town hall meeting, the Transportation Secretary did not show up, NE US due to prevailing weather patterns is expected to be effected. 1 part per million for 15 minutes is the OSHA safety standard for the most lethal chemical.
“Precision Scheduled Railroading”. It increases profits for the owners with less inspections and regulations on what is being carried putting everyone at risk.
Biden told the unions to shut up and return to work. Do you think it was about paid sick leave?

If East Palestine can’t get federal support (they need to be careful about getting what they wish for), all they have to do is claim the residual pollution is causing gender reassignment surgeries to be cancelled. Democrats don’t give a shit about working people getting sick and possibly dying (after all, these people mostly voted Republican… now they know for sure WHY) but if one of their crybaby, spoiled brat interest groups were to get mad and start screaming, they’d do anything possible.

Of course, this regime would simply screw any response up totally.

Ohio Gov.
says the railroad requested the “controlled release” of the toxic chemicals

Yes, Norfolk Southern, whose top shareholders incl. BlackRock & Vanguard, told the gov’t how they wanted this disaster handled
Did anyone consult real experts on the matter, like the manufacturer?
Cincinatti now detecting the pollution

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As a proud Ohioan I am disgusted by the lack of serious attention that has been given. Dewing is a scumbag. I could not stand him as a senator and I care even less for him as a governor. He is a rino, club for growth two faced midget.
I think he tops out at 5’1″.

I have yet to see how big a contribution he may have received from said train company.

The vent/burn was illegal in its source of approval. Define had no authority to unilaterally make that type of decision.

As for the recent train strike, this spell out what the rank and file were more concerned about. The media wanted us to think it was sick pay.

The reality was it was about safety.
This will not end well economically or environmentally, just sayin…

ANOTHER TRAIN DERAILMENT: Crews On the Scene in Van Buren Township After Train Derails – At Least 6 Cars Off the Track (VIDEO)
Electro-pneumatic brakes like those Obama attempted to require have been standard on British trains since 1950. Electro-pneumatic brakes electronically apply braking to all of the cars in a train simultaneously, instead of sequentially as a mechanical signal makes its way from one end a train to the other. Stopping a train by applying the brakes to cars sequentially takes far longer–the time increasing with the length of the train–and greatly increases the likelihood of derailment.

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02/09/23 – Railroad Company Lobbied Against Safety Changes Before Ohio Train Derailment

Last weekend, a cargo train carrying toxic chemicals derailed and caught fire in Ohio. Earlier this week, those chemicals reached a critical point, and authorities released them into the atmosphere to prevent them from building up explosive pressure in the train cars themselves. But since the earliest hours of the crash, people have wondered: How did this happen?

Now, it seems we’re getting answers. Early reports cited a mechanical failure with one of the train’s axles that led the crew to pull the emergency brake. But that brake didn’t stop the train — it still crashed, leading to the evacuations we’ve seen over the past few days. But a new report suggests why those brakes allowed the train to run away: Lobbying from the railway company, Norfolk Southern.

A report from The Lever traced the financials of Norfolk Southern before the Ohio derailment, and discovered an interesting pattern: No matter how much the company bragged about its modern, electronic braking systems and their improvements over older pneumatic setups, Norfolk Southern resisted braking regulations at every turn. The company lobbied for lighter regulations on train safety, and specifically pushed for a narrow definition of “high-hazard” trains — a definition the Ohio cars, full of hazardous chemicals, didn’t meet.

The Lever’s full report paints a damning picture, in which Norfolk Southern was fully aware how ineffective its trains’ old, air-powered brakes truly were when compared to their electronic competitors. Still, the company resisted any push to actually use those electronic brakes on high-risk trains — and spent millions on that resistance. Check out the full article and see if it doesn’t sour you on the state of American railways — and the companies that run them.

What happened in Ohio wasn’t Buttigeig fault. It was Trump’s fault.

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The crybaby sore losers are losing their touch; it took them two weeks to finally blame Trump. That’s probably because there is so little network news coverage of this disaster that the left didn’t know there was anything that needed to be blamed on Trump.

It took you no time at all to blame Pete Buttigieg, who didn’t block or roll back safety or environmental regulations.

The crybaby sore losers are losing their touch; it took them two weeks to finally blame Trump. 

Trains are becoming less safe. Why the Ohio derailment disaster could happen more often

Expecting corporations focused on profits to self-regulate to maximize public safety and protect the environment is ridiculous.

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Remove immunity of the board make them accountable personally Warren Buffet opening his personal wallet for decisions made to fill it. But he is a huge Dem donor so they will make sure he has the ability to pad election coffers.
Biden made sure the men couldnt strike for safety.

Who made the decision to drain those chemicals on into the open environment? Then turn them into a dioxin nightmare?
Got to get the rail open, time is money.

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NEVER BEFORE SEEN VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi’s Filmmaker Daughter Alexandra Pelosi Caught on Tape REFUTING J6 NARRATIVE – Admitting Jan. 6 Protests Not an Insurrection, DC Courts Too Biased

The daughter is one ugly man looking woman

Oh shit!
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No doubt Nancy knows it’s bullshit, too. But that doesn’t stop the politics.

SCOTUS to Reconsider Hearing Case Accusing Biden, Harris, Pence, and Other Lawmakers of Violating Oaths by Ignoring 2020 Fraud Allegations

Why the Ohio derailment disaster could happen more often.

Buttigieg. Idiot Biden. THAT’S why. They are incompetent, they are more concerned with promoting racism and homosexuality than doing work for the taxpaying citizen. They should BOTH be fired.

You, Democrats, and “corporations focused on profits” (who install Dems and Reps) are all the same person:

Our enemy.

From the article you sited. “The safety rule, issued in 2015, required electronically controlled brakes – which apply braking simultaneously across a train rather than railcar by railcar over a span of seconds – to be installed by 2023. However, the rule was narrowly crafted and only applied to certain “high-hazard flammable trains” carrying at least 20 consecutive loaded cars filled with liquids such as crude oil.”

So maybe you can heed some advice.
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Chair Jennifer Homendy retorted on Twitter: “PLEASE STOP SPREADING MISINFORMATION” about the cause of the train disaster.
She blasted the claim as “misinformation” and directly addressed the ECP (electronically controlled pneumatic) brake rule.

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greg, the typical leftist takes talking points that are devoid of any facts and spews them out there as if they are gospel

In the end only he looks like the dumbass for regurgitating false information.

The train ran for 20+ miles with sparks from the wheels. Eventually the wheel were compromised to the point that the were no longer in proper contact with the rails, ergo derailment.

So simple even a caveman would come to that conclusion.

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Perhaps Americans have expected too much from a guy who could not fix one pothole in south bend IN and regularly takes a dick up his ass and calls that love.

Joe Biden Claims He Got Involved in the Civil Rights Movement as a Public Defender (VIDEO)


biden never saw the inside of a courtroom as a counselor

According to the videos I’ve seen, he’s a public offender.

It took you no time at all to blame Pete Buttigieg, who didn’t block or roll back safety or environmental regulations.

If this was a risk, he didn’t fix it either. But, what caused it aside, the complete lack of response from the federal government is the f**king problem and it is ALWAYS (under this regime) the problem.

You people are absolutely pathetic. You DO know that, don’t you? The idiot Biden is faced with a tragic emergency and the just fart around and do NOTHING, but it’s Trump’s fault? If this would have made a difference, why hasn’t Buttplug already addressed it? Why did it take two weeks to come up with THIS excuse?

So a change in brake rules/technology would have prevented this, that is unknowable. It may have reduced the severity but we will never know. The brake change that did not happen, you blame on Trump, no surprise. Yet in 8 years of Obama it did not happen and the Biden administration has not moved to reinstate the brake rule or expand the kinds of trains subjected to tougher safety regulations. I guess in your blinding hatred of Trump you missed that.

But what there’s more.

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It was Biden that sent the union workers back, if you strike you will be arrested. The negotiations during Biden administrations supply chain crisis with barges that couldnt be unloaded, parked trains being looted. The train didnt slow after alarms how much less damage if going 10 miles per hour not 30. Warren Buffet a big Donor to the Dems, can let the choo choo be late by dropping a damaged car for repairs needed.

Dewine, an idiot, should use his 3 billion dollar surplus and get as many of those people to safety as possible, then sue the rail company using the power of the State Government to recover the money.

Why are they being denied FEMA assistance?
Brakes seriously, that car lost wheels it was glowing red hot going down the rails and filmed on fire for many miles.

Now the damage is done what is this administrations caring and loving response? Fuck off little people, just fuck the fuck off and die.
PA you were really helpful in stealing the election, but sucks to be you and downwind.

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According to Michael Patrick Leahy, of Ohio star news, DeWine may be liable for criminal mischief. There is no clear idea of who gave the authority for the emptying of the contents of the carriers and the subsequent decision to conduct a burn off.
Given the proximity of East Palestine to Pennsylvania, jurisdiction would be federal in nature.
The EPA has not confirmed one of theirs gave to ok to burn. It is now understood that an EPA official was involved in the derailment and leakage of hazardous chemicals.
DeWine had no authority to unilaterally make that decision. It is now suspected that he is slow walking the timeline to avoid culpability and the reason he is ambivalent toward declaring the area a disaster is that submitting a request for FEMA funds would in fact detail the timeline of events from the derailment on February 03 until the controlled burn of February 06.

DeWine is in a political box albeit a small one given his stature.

Full disclosure, I voted for the other guy in the gubernatorial election.

From the rabbit hole…

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Are you aware of the “Netflix” film “White Noise”. Centers on a train derailment in it all places, wait for it, East Palestine Ohio using locals as extras?

Yes, but I dont patronize a kiddie porn station so have not seen the flick.

I have only read about it. Dropped Netflix over 5 years ago. Pure smut

Biden White House Denies Ohio Request for Federal Disaster Assistance Following Train Derailment and Toxic Chemical Mushroom Cloud Explosion

Why are they being denied FEMA assistance?

Brakes seriously, that car lost wheels it was glowing red hot going down the rails and filmed on fire for many miles.

Now the damage is done what is this administrations caring and loving response? Fuck off little people, just fuck the fuck off and die.

Hours After Trump Announces Upcoming Visit to East Palestine, FEMA Reverses Course and Will Support Ohio Community

The announcement by President Trump with his intent to visit East Palestine next Wednesday, followed moments later by a reversal announcement from FEMA stating they will now offer support to East Palestine, do not seem coincidental.

The Biden administration, including the EPA, FEMA and Transporation Secretary, was likely very worried about the optics of getting blasted by President Trump very visibly next week for their lack of urgency and concern.  Moments after Trump announces his visit, FEMA reverses their prior denial of aid. lol

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Just hours after saying he “[did] not expect” members of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to be in East Palestine, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine now confirms the government entity will, in fact, be sending a crew to assist with the aftermath of the train derailment in the village.

In a joint statement released Friday night, DeWine and FEMA Regional Administrator Thomas C. Sivak said the agency would deploy a Regional Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) to Columbiana County starting Saturday, along with a senior response official. The workers will “support ongoing operations, including incident coordination and ongoing assessments of potential long-term recovery needs.”

[…] DeWine had previously requested federal help, and today the Department of Health and Human Services announced toxicologists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be journeying to East Palestine to assist with public health testing. However, the governor’s request for FEMA assistance was initially denied, with the agency apparently telling his office the current situation “[did] not quality for assistance.” (read more)

If there was ever any doubt as to the effectiveness of President Trump, there is no other perfect example than this.

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Even when he’s not President, President Trump gets things done

Remember the lead in the water that Democrats couldnt seem to fix just point fingers and what happened when Trump took office?
Cutting back on basic maintenance like grease in the hot box for the wheel bearings, cutting back on men, no more cabooses watch for problems. Few checks on sensor operation and track conditions.
I dont know if it was Trump or public pressure, it certainly was all for 1 and 1 for all in the alternative media.
Joey you rode trains for many years com’on man…lol.

Chair of NTSB Appears to Throw Shade on DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Says Trump Era Brake Decision Not to Blame for East Palestine Toxic Train Wreck

No doubt, Trump had the law studied to see if the benefits were worth the cost and they weren’t. Bureaucrats would look at it like, “Don’t cost me nothing. Make them do it. It’s new and fancy, so it must be better.”

Benefits and costs to whom?

Why should our railroad safety technology be seven decades behind that of the UK? Especially when routinely hauling tanker cars of highly toxic, volatile chemicals through heavily populated areas. Vinyl chloride is hardly the most dangerous tanker cargo.

A thousand derailments in the US every year? What’s being weighed in the balance against maximizing profits?

Only government has the power to regulate corporate irresponsibililty.

No doubt, Trump had the law studied to see if the benefits were worth the cost and they weren’t.

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Swing and another miss

Georgia Witch Hunt Into Trump Call with Corrupt Raffensperger Comes Up with Big “Nothingburger”

Benefits and costs to whom?

Not surprising you wouldn’t understand. Costs to the operators, benefits to the citizens. And, as we now know, that rule would not have applied to this train anyway.

Air brakes actuate when the air pressure is removed, so when the supply of air pressure is interrupted (by a derailment, for instance), the brakes on the cars actuate automatically. At that point, you rely on the pressure of the weight of the of the car’s steel wheels upon the steel rails to stop the cars, which is unchanged by any electronic controls.

But, that is a minor point in this catastrophe anyway. The MAJOR problem is the total 100% lack of response and action by this woke, stupid, incompetent, pre-occupied with meaningless bullshit idiot Biden regime. Trying to blame Trump only re-emphasizes their total incompetence.

A thousand derailments in the US every year? What’s being weighed in the balance against maximizing profits?

Do you even know what a derailment is? It isn’t always a catastrophe (made worse by idiot Biden and Buttigieg) like East Palestine. It could be a simple as one car going through a closed switch in a yard.

Most importantly, we’ve seen how much Democrats REALLY care about the environment.

Buttigieg Blames Trump for Ohio Train Derailment but Leaves Out One Inconvenient Detail

You don’t know how the air brakes work, do you?

Senator Marco Rubio Demands Biden Fire Pete Buttigieg Over Handling Of Ohio Train Disaster

Idiot Biden would fear being called “homophobic” if he fired Buttplug, no matter how incompetent he is. Besides, competency is not a quality important to the left. Being a homo is far more important.

They’re testing wells, and telling people their water is safe to drink? Seriously? How long do people think it takes for surface contamination to seep down to the level of the aquifer wells draw their water from? It sure as hell takes longer than 2 weeks.

Exactly Depending on the soil and depth of the well it could be a matter of weeks or several years and Biden heartlessly says the houses were not blown up so kiss any assistance goodbye.
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The testing and pronouncement that the well water is safe wasn’t done by the feds.

Gov. Mike DeWine’s (R) office said in a release that tests on five wells detected no contaminants in “raw” water. Officials also tested “combined, treated water” from the five wells and did not detect any contaminants related to the derailment. 

“With these tests results, Ohio [Environmental Protection Agency] is confident that the municipal water is safe to drink,” the release states. 

Where the hell is our EPA? This disaster is at the border of 2 states that technically means a federal issue.
Ever hear of Times Beach MO?
Look it up.

Isn’t the EPA one of the federal regulatory agencies the right wants to defund and destroy?

Well as they seem useless in a real disaster …yup defund the bastards.

Isn’t the EPA one of the federal regulatory agencies the right wants to defund and destroy?

Absolutely. And this is why. They want to regulate every puddle on a rancher’s property but don’t give a shit about a railroad company dumping thousands of gallons of deadly chemicals in streams and rivers. Hell, the EPA RUINED the Anamas River. They also did nothing to help the people of Flint.

Get a load of the head of the EPA
In 2017, North Carolina governor Roy Cooper selected Regan to serve as the secretary of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. During his tenure, he launched the state’s Environmental Justice and Equity Board with a charter to advise the Secretary on how best to advance environmental justice and promote community engagement, particularly across historically underserved and marginalized communities. He gives not one shit about flyover small town white people, says he would let his kids drink the water, what a complete tool.

That’s a summary of the problem with this entire idiot Biden regime; they have the wrong priorities in every department.


The biden regime authorized the emptying of the carriages and the subsequent controlled burn executed by Norfolk Southern

So much for their adherence to their pagan religion, climate change

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Did they, or did Gateway Pundit or some other crackpot propaganda outlet make that up?

Do you really think they did this without consulting the Feds? Both PA gov and OH gov signed off dumb bastards, If I can find this you know damn well the EPA should know better than to drain those tanks on the ground and then fucking nuke the area.( notice the .gov address)

They were suppose to use this type of stuff.

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