Is Donald Trump 2024 Worth The Fight?


Donald Trump was a great if imperfect president.  By the third year of his presidency, the country was flourishing.  The economy was roaring, jobs were up, incomes were up, gas prices were down, and America & Americans were doing fairly well.

But then a funny thing happened on the way to the election.  The swamp struck back via Covid and the George Floyd protests.  Neither of those was of Trump’s making, but both were utilized by Democrats to steal the election. The Democrats didn’t create Covid or put Floyd in the morgue, but they used the lockdowns and the riots to sufficiently upend American life so that they could steal the election under the cover of chaos.

Those were tests and Donald Trump failed.  With Covid he allowed the country to be misled by a snake oil salesman and with the Floyd protests he didn’t send in the troops.  It’s easy to understand why he failed, however.  Anthony Fauci had been playing a role in America’s various health crises for decades and was an internationally respected doctor.  As the media was hyping the idea that the virus could wipe out mankind, Fauci was a voice of calm, reassuring the country that with distance, masks, and lockdowns we would persevere.  At the same time, when Trump raised questions about anything that diverged from the Big Pharma / media narrative or suggested we should remember the economic costs of lockdowns, he was attacked, lampooned, and vilified unmercifully.  Given the fusillade facing him, it’s not a surprise Trump couldn’t recognize the lies the American people were being served.

On the George Floyd inspired Antifa / BLM riots, Trump failed, and that’s on him, although again, one can see why he acted the way he did. Section 252 of the Insurrection Actpermits deployment (of military troops) in order to “enforce the laws” of the United States or to “suppress rebellion” whenever “unlawful obstructions, combinations, or assemblages, or rebellion” make it “impracticable” to enforce federal law in that state by the “ordinary course of judicial proceedings.””  Essentially he could have utilized the military to stop the violence that cities were unwilling or unable to stop.  Trump knew this, saying in early June 2020:  “If a city or a state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.”  He was pilloried by Democrats for even bringing up the idea with Pelosi stating: “But there is no reason for the U.S. military to be called out for this.

Trump chose not to likely because he knew Democrats would brand him a tyrant or dictator if he did, despite the fact that FDR, Kennedy, LBJ & Bush 41 used troops for far smaller riots. Democrats did so regardless.

That Donald Trump failed at leading the country through those two disasters is sadly, understandable.  Given the savagery and breadth of the relentless attacks on him, it would have taken someone just short of Zeus to have succeeded. The result of that failure was the theft of the election and the end of his presidency.

Fast forward two years.  In November Trump announced he was running and he said many of the right things, starting with “In order to make America great and glorious again. I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States.”  Possibly the best line of the night was “But just as I promised in 2016, I am your voice. I am your voice. The Washington establishment wants to silence us, but we will not let them do that.

That all sounds great, but the question is:  Has Trump learned the hard lesson… that the swamp is the Terminator, it will not stop, it cannot be negotiated with, the swamp knows no parties or limits and it must be crushed, otherwise it will kill him, kill his supporters and kill the Republic of the United States?

Recent events seem to suggest that he has not.

First, he endorsed Dr. Oz over a rock solid MAGA candidate in Pennsylvania.  Oz was anything but MAGA and went on to lose to a literal brain-damaged Democrat. Trump made other MAGA endorsements, but Pennsylvania’s one of the most important swing states in the nation and he blew it.

Next, in December he endorsed the decidedly not MAGA Kevin McCarthy for Speaker despite the fact that there were a variety of MAGA candidates in the running.  McCarthy in 2021 stated “I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election.” That’s true, except for virtually every single MAGA voter in America, and 70% of the larger GOP as well.

Then later he threw his most ardent supporters, the pro-life movement, under the bus, statingIt was the “abortion issue,” poorly handled by many Republicans…that lost large numbers of Voters.” He continued “Also, the people that pushed so hard, for decades, against abortion, got their wish from the U.S. Supreme Court, & just plain disappeared, not to be seen again.” That was completely unnecessary, and wrong to boot. Next he quizzically invited the biggest dolt in Congress, Senator Lindsey Graham, who actually proposed a nationwide abortion ban less than two months before the election, to be with him on his first campaign event!  Most Republicans despise the warmonger and big-spending Graham, behind only McConnell and perhaps Collins, Murray & Romney.

Then, finally, despite six years of failure, he supported the grifter Ronna McDaniel to lead the Republican Party over the incomparable super lawyer and MAGA candidate Harmeet Dhillon.  If there was ever anyone in the Republican Party who should’ve been ousted, who should’ve been replaced by a dyed-in-the-wool grass roots MAGA candidate, it was McDaniel. She spent over $2 million of party money on luxury travel and private jets, $300,000 on flowers, $75,000 on “beauty and spa treatments” and $1,280 on LBGTQ+ filings! All while undermining MAGA.  She is the antithesis of the grassroots, MAGA voter.  She is the polar opposite of the farmers and plumbers and police and truckers and steel workers who put Trump into office in the first place and the ones who recognized the coup.  They’re the 50,000 people who filled stadiums and were in the trenches with him.  But McDaniel and the establishment loathe them.

If Trump circa 2024 hasn’t figured out that success lays with the grassroots MAGA voters who put him in the White House rather than the establishment grifters who lead the party today – with his help – then I’m not sure what the motivation is to support him is.  And just in case anyone is under the illusion that this is written by some Never Trumper, let me dissuade you of that notion.  In November, before most of the above occurred, I wrote this:  “Trump may tell off-color jokes and may not always be the best judge of character, but he can take the heat, and his North Star has always been prosperity and security for the American people. Given the literal evil the Democrats are seeking to impose on America, I’ll happily follow him into the fire.”

2024 is too important a moment in American history to let serial failures like the establishment McFailures McConnell, McCarthy and McDaniel lead the way.  This election may well be the last opportunity for Americans to rescue the nation from a Democrat party that has turned our cities into dystopian wastelands, turned 40% of American children into gender confused lab rats and seeks to balkanize the nation based on race and sex and anything else they can think of.  The goal of the swamp is power and it knows no party.  McDaniel & Co. are its GOP arm and if Trump doesn’t recognize that then the baggage that comes with supporting him isn’t worth the fight because with those charlatans leading the way, come Jan 20, 2025 there will be another Democrat being sworn in.

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Yes, yes, yes and more yes.

Any candidate now or later that is infected with swamp disease or uni-partyitis will only continue the managed decline of our country.

MAGA is the only way to reform the current state of our nation.

Trump chose not to likely because he knew Democrats would brand him a tyrant or dictator if he did

He also had feedback from numerous military leaders indicating they had a problem with that, even though it was totally justified. What if Trump had ordered a deployment and the leaders refused? That would be a Constitutional disaster. At the time, no one would have imagined such a thing, but with the revelations of Milley’s treachery, that could very well have happened.

I will support anyone other than idiot Biden or whomever the Democrats are likely to foist upon us. I don’t see anyone in the Democrat stable that would have US interests at heart that could get widespread Democrat support. I support Trump, but I would support anyone that has HALF his vigorous support tor the Constitution and our American way of life (I think that is about the maximum anyone else could muster). Trump hauls a lot of baggage, most of it loaded up by Democrats and false, and it would be a relief not to have to deal with all that, but the Democrats are going to apply the same treatment to anyone else that runs. They don’t need facts to base their attacks on; they have the DOJ and media. So, it’s pretty much a wash. But whomever the candidate is, they will need overwhelming Republican and independent support to overwhelm the fraud machine of Democrats.

I would love for it to be Trump. He deserves it. But, if not, show us something at least almost as good. But, whomever, anything is better than another goddamn Democrat.

There seems to be no one else worth a fight.

Donald Trump was a great, if imperfect president.

I am a little tired of this disclaimer cowardly “rightwingers” and “Conservatives” give.


By the numbers, Trump out-classed Bush, Obama, and certainly this impostor Biden.

He’s not part of the club, and hence the deep state coup that included his own cabinet and the GOP.


We don’t want their installed, corporate-made puppets. Trump is legit, and very very clean now.

Trump 2024. Give me someone else who’s better, and I’ll gladly vote for them.

DeSantis is not it. He’s a Trojan horse, and everyone knows it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Ronny was better!

Let’s go, Nikki!

Nikki couldnt handle UN rep job. All show no stay.

I vote Don 2024!

Don 2024! Voted Don twice, hope for #3!

Vinnie!!! Way to go… However, you’ve glossed over a few important issues. First and foremost, Trump had a lot of Uniparty scum foisted on him from the VP, to several cabinet members, his several chiefs of staff, all dragged Godzilla-sized globalist, wallstreeter tails the size of Godzilla himself. Pence was on charge of the COVID BS. Barr was his nemesis in DOJ… Reince Priebus, John,Kelly are not MAGA types… Tillerson??? Any of the military who survived the Obama purges can be counted to be as woke as woke is… Trump was forced to operate with the enemy inside the wire. He really had no choice. As it was made painfully clear to Bernie Sanders, when he sued because the DNC robbed him of the nomination in ’16, the Party is a club with its own rules and NOT a democratic organization. The RNC is just trying to get rid of Trump and Trumpism without losing the Trump voters.

If I’m Trump, I already have a list, two or three deep, of nominations for cabinet and other key positions AND I’d make certain to have the support of the House MAGA reps and as many Senators as possible to enact the necessary changes to the burocracy. That way, when Mitch’s bitches refuse to confirm Trump nominees, he can slide in another competent Maga-Manager to resume the change.

He should bring Gen. Flynn back. I think he knows who the scum is.

“Foisted”? Didn’t he have a show built around his ability to hire?

do you want evil to prevail? then Trump is the antidote. if you want perfect you must wait for the messiah

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

You are aware (possibly not) that what television personalities may think does not determine what is actually true, right?

One of these days, you might explain STATE FARM ARENA. Then we can move on to other examples of election fraud.

They don’t determine what is true. They determine what their audiences BELIEVE is true.

No, they determine what they want to present. The audience determines if they are credible, as most have determined CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and others are NOT credible.

Snake oil pitchmen don’t attract crowds inclined toward critical thinking. They attract those who want to believe.

Snake oil pitchmen don’t attract crowds inclined toward critical thinking. They attract those who want to believe.

Is it your capacity for “critical thinking” that leads you to believe the idiots in charge when they tell you lies like “the border is secure” or idiot Biden is a capable communicator?

Yes, FOX = CNN = GOP = Democrat.

We know.

Fuck you, and fuck your stupid efforts to keep the myth of a “right/left” dynamic alive.

We’re done.

You’re done.

The Majority in America doesn’t subscribe to the Uniparty, GOP, Democrat, or the foreign and corporate Billionaires who pull their strings.

SCOTUS to Reconsider Hearing Case Accusing Biden, Harris, Pence, and Other Lawmakers of Violating Oaths by Ignoring 2020 Fraud Allegations

“Biden, Harris, Pence, and Other Lawmakers” didn’t decide the fraud claims were bogus. 63 judges in 63 courtrooms decided that. Republican election officials decided that.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg


The merits of the cases were never heard. No decision was ever based on the merits of each case.

Decisions were only made to not hear any of the cases. This case before the court sidesteps the ease by which previous case were dismissed with bias.

It is no surprise that you link to two left wing sources, Comrade Greggie. Both of your sources, with Business Insider being the furthest left of the two, adhere to the idea that journalist should create opinion in their readership, not just present the facts. That is why any link you present must be summarily dismissed.

Are they on your cult’s anathema list? That Carlson, Hannity, and others privately acknowledged that Trump’s election claims were bullshit is documented in court records. The bastards knowingly promoted dangerous, destructive LIES in return for MONEY. Basically, they sold out America for MONEY.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Are they on your cult’s anathema list?

Oh, lookie, lookie. Comrade Greggie has learned a new big word. Of course, he’s resorting to the “you’re just a cultist” bullsh!t.

That Carlson, Hannity, and others privately acknowledged that Trump’s election claims were bullshit is documented in court records.

The Steele dossier is factual is also documented in court records. Except it’s not.

You’re an idiot.

Biden won nothing. The election was rigged.

We know this through the vast and overwhelming evidence…though the regime and their liars continue to lie.

We know this.

Biden isn’t our president and won’t be remembered in history as such.

You should take a close look at what Hannity, Carlson, and others were saying in private about the stolen election bullshit they were pitching—and continue to pitch.

The election was stolen. Everyone knows it.

What hannity or carlson say is irrelevant…

We suffered a coup, and we’re suffering a puppet who is being used by a global cabal to re-order the world, illegally.

FOX = CNN = GOP = Democrat

They are all the same: mouthpieces for the regime.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue