Not buying it



I am not buying it.

A 200 foot balloon with a 2000 pound payload was able to breach US airspace over Alaska and went unimpeded as it completed its mission spying over the US. Joe Biden allowed it to finish the mission before ordering the balloon shot down, specifically ordering the payload targeted. My guess is it was done to minimize disclosure of Chinese success.

That balloon could have carried mini-surveillance devices, small dirty bombs, EMP weapons or even hypersonic missiles. The next one also could.

Only until the furor grew to a fever pitch did the Biden administration “reveal” that similar balloons violated US airspace during the Trump administration. High level Trump officials denied it. A rumor spread that SecDef James Mattis knew about it but refused to tell Trump for fear of his overreaction. Mattis then denied that. The chief purveyor of the phony Alfa Bank/Trump connection, Jake the pasty snake Sullivan, once again spewed his typical tranche of lies

“[B]ecause the intelligence community made this a priority at the direction of President Biden, we enhanced our surveillance of our territorial airspace, we enhanced our capacity to be able to detect things that the Trump administration was unable to detect,” Sullivan said at a Monday event with the US Global Leadership Coalition. “And were also able to go back and look at the historical patterns. And that led us to come to understand that during the Trump administration, as you said, there were multiple instances where the surveillance balloons traversed American airspace and American territory.”

Sullivan is a professional liar. he has absolutely no business being anywhere near government.

Magically, only after Trump left office was the Pentagon, using “forensics”, able to discover three incursions during the Trump tenure, but making it public only after Biden failed to act on the current trespass. This is simply not believable. The current balloon was seen by lots of people and pilots. It’s 200 feet in diameter. It is not feasible that during three prior events these stealth balloons were not witnessed by anyone. And that bring me to NORAD.

NORAD blew it.

“Every day as NORAD commander, it’s my responsibility to detect threats to North America,” Air Force Gen. Glen D. VanHerck of the North American Aerospace Defense Command told reporters. “I will tell you that we did not detect those [previous] threats. And that’s a domain awareness gap that we have to figure out.”

Domain awareness gap. That’s a good one. VanHerck should be relieved of command. Frankly, so should Biden.

NORAD can track “discrete objects as small as 2 inches (5 centimeters) in diameter in low-Earth orbit and about 1 yard (1 meter) in geosynchronous orbit” and Santa Claus.  But somehow it could not detect and track a 200 foot balloon with a 2000 pound payload. Nor could the Northern Warning System.

It’s hard to swallow what happened. China just humiliated the United States. Are we that technologically incompetent that we cannot detect and track a 200 ft. balloon?

Not buying it.

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 we enhanced our surveillance of our territorial airspace, we enhanced our capacity to be able to detect things that the Trump administration was unable to detect

What, people didn’t look up in the sky and say, “What the f**k is THAT?” under Trump? Is that how they “enhanced” their detection capacity? What a load of schiff.

One day, this regime might try to tell us something very important that we need to know and we simply won’t believe them. That’s the problem with pathological liars; the destroy their own credibility and become useless as sources of information. The entire box-checked regime needs to be fired.

When / if the dates of previous ‘balloon incursions’ are revealed, someone can search this site and probably find pictures of them:

Captain Obvious says: “It’s a given that nothing the govt says can be trusted.”

So just n how much did it transmit back to China about our national Defenses while Biden tries to make a excuse for this whole thing why did he allow it to reach South Carolina before it was shot down. A little more facts for the Democrats and the M.S. Media Bottom Feeders

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After a Year at War with Russia and Over $100 Billion in Funding, Joe Biden Forgets Ukraine Ambassador’s Name in the State of the Union

What? You don’t think it’s interesting that a suspected Russian hunter-killer satellite mysteriously disintegrated in orbit? That might be more significant than popping China’s balloon.

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What ever Goose stepper
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I think you losers behind the global muddying of all information are parasites on our nations and cultures…soon to be pulled off and squashed under foot.

SMOKING GUN – HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP EXCLUSIVE: Burisma Asked Hunter to End Ukraine Investigation on Company – Then Joe Biden Threatened Ukraine and Had Investigator Fired

This happened a month ago, and things like this happen all the time…

First Mattis claimed he knew about it but refused to tell Trump for fear of his overreaction. Then Mattis then denied that. 

How many presidents in our lifetimes, like since Ike, have conducted 4 years of administrating but been involved in ZERO wars?
ONLY Trump!
So “aggressive,”……not!

Donald Trump was a genius of avoiding conflict.
Remember when he went to North Korea and met Kim Jong Ill?
Kim asked him why Trump called him, “Rocket Man.”
Trump asked him if he was familiar with Elton John songs and Kim was not.
So he just tamped down the whole thing by simply saying it had been from a song.

During Obama, otoh, lil Kim was shooting so many rockets at the USA that people were hiding in the sewer systems almost daily in Hawaaii.

In 1947 a union president, conservative (as his quote will make clear), Dem said (I think for the first time),

““The government can never solve our problems    …     THE GOVERNMENT IS OUR PROBLEM!”

I voted for Ronny 9 times because he is/was right.