Unfettered, Uncontrolled Immigration is a Cancer on the American Republic


The question is, why does it continue unabated?  There are lots of reasons.

One of the big drivers is the pernicious Chamber of Commerce.  Big business in America needs workers.  Illegal immigrants swell the worker pool, doing many of those supposed “jobs Americans won’t do.” You know, those in the construction industry, hotels, farming, etc.  To the degree that big business can employ illegal immigrants at wages below those which would be required to pay Americans to work, illegal immigration is a winning issue for them.

Another is the Catholic Church, which not only solicits funds from parishioners but also generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually for supporting the illegal alien invasion.

The Chamber and the Vatican are only part of the cabal of businesses, NGOs and government agencies that have built an ecosystem around the illegal immigrant trade. Somebody has to sell the cell phones the government is giving to illegals.  Companies have to facilitate the tens of billions of dollars illegal aliens send home every year. Someone has to provide the gasoline for planes to fly immigrants around the country.   Schools get bigger budgets – to the tune of $59 billion.  Hospitals earn almost $20 billion a year. Even hotels get into the mix, with one upscale Times Square hotel with rooms going for $400 a night completely booked with illegal immigrants some of whom spend their time beating their spouses, doing drugs, drinking, throwing out food and having sex in the stairways. And of course the tens of thousands of bureaucrats across the country at all levels who must be hired to deal with the onslaught.  All of this is paid for by the government, which means by taxpayers. Beyond all of that, we’re even paying $6 million a day to defense contractors to NOT build a wall on our southern border!

The amounts involved are simply staggering, well over $100 billion annually (or $200 billion depending on who’s counting) and that’s surely a severe undercount when considering that doesn’t count the “enforcement” of the border element of the equation. Every single year

Needless to say, there are a lot of people in the country making money from the surge in illegal immigrants. While your money goes into the pockets of the illegal alien empowerment cabal, it’s only money.  There are other, far more vicious costs.  Not the least of which was paid by the families of the 100,000 Americans who died of a fentanyl overdose, a drug that almost exclusively comes over the southern border.  Plus there were many times that number of addicts who didn’t succumb and continued to wreak havoc in their homes and communities. And then there are the tens of thousands of women and children who suffer as a result of sex trafficking across the border. And then there’s the price paid in life and treasure by the victims of illegal alien crime.  And Democrats whined when Trump wanted to spend a few billion to build a wall

And exactly how many illegal immigrants are in the country?  Numbers are all over the map.  In 2021 DHS estimated that the number of illegal aliens in 2018 was 11 million.  Not surprisingly that’s essentially the exact same number the government has been claiming there are for decades!  That 11 million is of course a lie.  The same year Yale and MIT estimated the number at 22 million and potentially as high as 29 million.  Way back in 2005 Bear Sterns estimated the number was 20 million with another 3 million coming in annually.  If that assessment was accurate then here 18 years later we’d have another 52 million illegals in the country for a total of 72 million!

The one thing we know is that the government has been telling us the number is 11 million since the 90s. That is a lie.  It is simply impossible.  In just the last 22 months 5.2 million people illegally crossed into the United States, and that doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands if not millions who eluded detection.  The exact number of illegal aliens in our midst is impossible to know for certain, but the most likely number is 35 million or more.

Given that illegal aliens seem to make up almost 10% of our population, the question is again:  Why doesn’t someone stop this invasion?  The real answer is actually quite simple:  Power.

The reason this is not stopped is because illegal aliens flock to large cities in Democrat strongholds.  It’s not because they vote, although no doubt some of them do illegally.  No, it’s all about numbers.  We’ll start with the proportions reported by Pew Research in 2019 about where illegal aliens live.  As the report parrots the government’s lie of 11 million, we’ll triple their stated numbers.  Doing so gives us 33 million illegal aliens spread over all 50 states.

Importantly however, 80% of those 33 million are located in large metropolitan areas in just 15 states:  AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, NC, TX, VA & WA.  That’s approximately 24 million people, with 14.5 living in Democrat states and 9.1 living in GOP states.  The fact that they are people but not citizens is critical because Congressional representation is based on population, not citizens.  The number of people each Congressional district represents is approximately 735,000.

Of the 15 states listed above, 8 have majority Democrat Congressional delegations (CA, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, VA, WA) 4 have majority Republican delegations (AZ, FL, GA, TX) and one (NC) is even.  California, with its estimated 6.6 million illegal aliens, has between 8 & 9 more seats than it would without illegal aliens. New York with its 2.1 million approximately 3 more Congressmen while Texas, with its 4.8 million has 6 or 7.  When you do the math those 24 million illegal aliens living in those 15 states result in a net positive of 6 Congressional seats for Democrats.

If six seats don’t sound like much, think again.  In 4 of the last 13 Congressional elections had the minority party had just six more seats they would have been the majority party. And with that majority comes power.  As the government has accumulated more power, as Washington has increased its control over the everyday lives of the American people, and as the leviathan of the bureaucracy has grown, the value of each and every illegal alien increases.

Money and power.  Probably not news, but there it is. Those are the driving forces behind why this invasion of illegals is not being stopped, but why it’s being actively encouraged.  It’s interesting too that the cabal who are abetting this invasion are the familiar faces pushing the policies behind much of the dystopian chaos that our biggest cities are suffering through today:  Activist NGOs, big business, bureaucrats and of course the Democrat party.

Hiding their avarice behind the fig leaves of “compassion” and “empathy” the members of this cabal increase their bank accounts and their power with little regard for the good or the desires of the citizens of the United States.  But the truth is, why should they?  They are all but declaring war on the United States and the American people, yet somehow they keep “winning” elections.  Who says insurrection doesn’t pay?

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This whole invasion is supported by the UN,DNC and CFR its all part of the plans to erase the borders and create the North American(Soviet)Union all under the control of the UN/Globalists

The reason this is not stopped is because illegal aliens flock to large cities in Democrat strongholds. It’s not because they vote, although no doubt some of them do illegally. No, it’s all about numbers.

Absolutely. Note that during the last census, Democrats blocked counting illegal immigrants. That way, not only do they get blended in with citizens and bloat population figures that add representatives but the public is denied a REAL figure of how many illegal immigrants live among up.

And this brings up another reason the left opposes a sales tax to replace the income tax: illegal immigrants would have to pay it. Imagine another 30 to 70 million taxpayers! Just like my theory of demanding people present proof of legal residency to receive services, making them pay taxes would greatly reduce the number of illegal immigrants. When illegally residing in our country is deprived of the totally free ride, it wouldn’t be all that attractive except to those who truly are refugees.

Why is the UN giving out condoms?

Immigrant Ingrates

Demanding illegal migrants protest their accommodations

comment image

In Biden’s America, uninvited trespassers have become the loud and demanding immigrant ingrates, fully supported in their rudeness and lawlessness by the globalists that dominate this administration, as well as its “amen corner” in the legacy media.

In a properly functioning society, even welcome guests in someone’s home know to operate with grace and appreciation of the hospitality provided. Any conscientious person refrains from demanding requests or assumptive behaviors as a guest in someone else’s home, business, or – yes – country.

But how about uninvited guests?

If they have the temerity and gall to knowingly remain as unwelcome squatters, then the onus on such interlopers should compel even more assiduously courteous comportment.

Right now, America deals with a torrent of such uninvited migrants.

So far, over 6 million illegal migrants have broken into our country under the watch of Joe Biden, using the combined totals tabulated by the Daily Mail as well as more recent updated Customs and Border Protection data. Of course, these economic migrants respond to the clear incentives of Biden, Mayorkas, and other national authorities to pour into our nation under the bogus guise of asylum.

Once here, what happens to these trespassers?

Well, for many, they are gifted with bus and air travel across our land, either by their request or at the direction of border states, effectively making every area of America a border town. Many, if not most, of these migrants are illiterate and unskilled. Some are dangerous. Almost all enter America with only the most cursory of background checks, at best. They tax local resources, overwhelm American schools, and show little willingness or ability to assimilate.

In the case of some of the migrants, especially listless young men, they become demanding rabble rousers. Instead of showing gratitude toward America, one particular group of migrants engages in boisterous, persistent protests because the city of New York moved a group of healthy, working-age men from an expensive Manhattan hotel to a migrant shelter in Brooklyn.

Unhappy with their new paid accommodations, which include comfortable shelter and catered food, these migrants returned to Manhattan to loudly protest outside the Watson Hotel, demanding a return to luxury city life. These illegal migrants apparently fancy themselves as some sort of twisted versions of Eva Gabor in a latter-day Green Acres, effectively declaring to Mayor Adams: ‘darling I love you, but give me Park Avenue.’

comment image

They do not belong here in the first place.

A porous border is always an awfully idea, but particularly so in an era of crashing real wages for American citizens. At present, American laborers endure 21 straight months of declining real incomes, meaning pay adjusted for the costs of living.

Given this plunge in prosperity, Americans work harder to become poorer everyday thanks to the economic policy malfeasance of Permanent Washington hacks, from Joe Biden to Mitch McConnell to Tom Cotton. This financial vise inflicts particularly acute pain upon middle- and lower-income citizens, many of whom happen to be Hispanic and black.

Amid such a crisis, the last thing working class Americans can sustain is competing in the labor markets against illegal alien workers or, even worse, picking up the tab for the comfort of rude and ungrateful foreigner lay abouts.

Near the Watson Hotel, another appalling and similar scene of unconscionable behavior unfolds at the upscale Row Hotel. Fox News reported on the fraternity-like antics of the residents there enjoying the largesse of American taxpayers. A whistleblower employee of the hotel, Felipe Rodriguez, described the misbehavior and trashing of hotel rooms as “chaos, total chaos.” He also detailed the disrespect for the American workers there who “endure a lot of disrespect from the migrants…there’s too much alcohol, too much drugs, and too much violence.”…

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

NYC is a port city. Every one of them should be rounded up and shipped out, along with the leftists that are instigating their unrest. The only thing they deserve is deportation. If they had this much resistance in them, they could have changed conditions in their home country and not had to seek “asylum”.

05/05/23 – US to finalize rule to limit asylum access at Mexico border by May 11

WASHINGTON, May 5 (Reuters) – The U.S. will finalize by May 11 a new regulation that will deny asylum to many migrants caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, the same day sweeping COVID-19 restrictions at the border are set to end, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said on Friday.

Under the new regulation, migrants will be presumed ineligible for asylum if they passed through another country en route to the U.S. without seeking protection or if they failed to use other legal pathways to the United States.

The measure is a key part of U.S. President Joe Biden’s plan to address an expected rise in illegal immigration when COVID restrictions known as Title 42 end next week, along with the broader pandemic public health emergency.

The administration is encouraging migrants to use legal pathways to enter the country or face new, sped-up deportation processes that will come with the implementation of the asylum rule.

Title 42 was first implemented in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic to stem the spread of the coronavirus in crowded detention settings. It allows border agents to rapidly expel many migrants to Mexico…

Trump had that all worked out. It was working beautifully. Idiot Biden destroyed it and then, 6 million illegal immigrant later, has reached the same conclusion? Now, you have about a million illegal immigrants, all expecting the royal treatment idiot Biden, Kamala and Mayorkas have been granting all other illegal immigrants as they invade our country, staged (in more ways than one) on the other side of the border. You think they’ll just shrug and go back home?

Idiot Biden is a disaster that leaves nothing but disaster in his wake.

Trump had nothing worked out. Trump significantly reduced LEGAL immigration, but interior enforcement of US immigration laws collapsed. Trump deported only 325,660 illegal immigrants from the US interior during his entire 4-year term—the lowest total count and the lowest percentage of the total undocumented population since the Bush administration. Obama did much better, while focusing on the removal of the least desirable elements.

Obama put kids in cages. Trump got them out.

Obama also killed kids and women with illegal drone strikes, so he’s lucky his ass isn’t being arrested by the ICC.

Makes you wonder if all those “organizations” are maid up.

Trump build a wall, had Mexico post 27,000 troops to gaurd the border, and overall was STELLAR on securing the border.

That’s why you people released covid and rigged the election.

Trump was undoing your plans. Both he, and well, will continue to do.

NO one voted for you.

Has Mexico paid for it yet?

Why did camela fail as border czar?

Has Mexico paid for it yet?

It’s not finished, stupid. Idiot Biden is paying millions of dollars for work not being accomplished and materials simply rotting. How many children to you suppose idiot Biden has trafficked since he election frauded his way into the White House? A million? Two million? Who knows; they just lose them.

Trump had nothing worked out.

Trump had it ALL worked out. Illegal immigrants were expected to seek asylum in the first US embassy they came to. Mexico were reinforcing THEIR southern border. Mexico was stopping the Democrat-organized caravans of 10 to 15,000 illegals swarming the border. Mexico was patrolling their side of our border. Trump had the border secure and illegal immigration 90% under full control. If the f**king Democrats hadn’t blocked the construction of the wall, it would have been finished and immigration would be controlled at ports of entry.

The stupid, corrupt, moronic, incompetent idiot Biden upended all of it and ushered in over 6 million illegal immigrants in two years; an absolutely catastrophic new record for incompetence and surrendering our national security.

First, there were fewer illegal immigrants to deport. Second, unlike Obama, Trump didn’t count those turned away at the border as “deportation”. Third, with Democrat sanctuary cities (who now don’t want to be such sanctuaries, now that they get a full taste of idiot Biden’s incompetent failure) who would not cooperate with ICE, deportations were difficult.

The coming massive disaster at the border is a 100% Democrat creation. Trump showed the border COULD be secured and, if the wall was completed, idiot Biden’s disaster would be far less destructive.

Like energy independence, the economy and the Afghanistan withdrawal, idiot Biden took great, working operations and TOTALLY F**KED THEM UP. But, that’s simply what Democrats do for a living.