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The definition of a “race hustler,” is anyone who uses race to demonize an entire group in general for what some individual(s) did that was criminal.
These black officers did somethings that need to be adjudicated as to if the acts were criminal of just proper law enforcement for the situation.
Then, if found guilty, each officer should be punished in relation to his crime, and only his crime.
No one else should be punished, held up in traffic for hours while idiots “demonstrate,” cost their livlihoods while idiots burn and loot businesses, or terrorized for the color of their skin.

Race hustlers are always looking for ways to make a buck for themselves off of some particular criminal who could never afford to pay.

It’s important to find out why these 5 officers killed Nichols. Did Nichols do something that enraged them? Did a previous call have them already in a state of rage? Are they just homicidal maniacs? Whatever is found, it doesn’t lessen the crime, but what we know for sure as, just like most cases, it’s not racism that provoked it.

Some of the minority population who live in Memphis (white people) are alledging that the almost all black city leadership and police had allowed known gang members join the police.
It is being alledged that 3 of the 5 officers in the Memphis PD beating of Tyre Nichols were members of the Vice Lords gang and under their direction.
A purge and cover-up started immediately after this man, a social media “influencer” was killed.

It would be interesting to find out (I’m sure it would be racist to even ask) why kind of quotas and “diversity” Memphis PD had been pursuing and if that compelled them to place unqualified black people on the force.

Well, racism is stupid. So, it follows, those who employ racism to push their agenda are stupid. Those who desperately try to inject racism into EVERY INCIDENT OR OCCURRANCE are stupid.

Anyone that is convinced by them is also stupid, and there are a lot of them.

Race Hustlers Jessie Jackson and his Rainbow/PUSH Al Sharpton always trying to instigate a Riot Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam Director Spike Lee