Joe Biden just guaranteed there will be no prosecution of Trump



Several democrats, led by Anrew Weissman, have been thumping their chests boasting about the coming prosecution of Donald Trump. That has come to a complete stop.

A second batch of classified documents has been ‘found” by White House lawyers- in Biden’s Wilmington garage. He claimed to be surprised by the first batch but when asked about the second batch he went batty

The documents appear to have been moved around several times.

Biden is the moron who chastised Trump for keeping documents in a locked closet as directed by the Feds. And let’s remember- Biden had NO authority to remove any of these documents. None. I am wondering if the lawyers who found them had the security clearances to read them. But this isn’t the whole story. Not by a long shot. There’s more and it’s all tied together. The chicanery begins in 2017

Within weeks of leaving the vice presidency under former President Barack Obama in January 2017, Biden became the “Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor” at the University of Pennsylvania, an honorary position, and the “Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement” was launched in Washington, D.C. the next year.

Hunter Biden (who sees the world with a prism of money for him) saw this as a way to profit

On April 25, 2016, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) agent Craig Gering emailed Hunter with “confidential notes from our meeting,” in which Gering listed apparent plans that were discussed for the vice president upon leaving office.

One of those plans included “wealth creation,” with no further explanation, and another included an apparent reference to the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., with a possible job opportunity for Hunter.

“The Biden Institute of Foreign Relations at the University of Pennsylvania,” Gering’s email read. “Focus on foreign policy. In addition to the institute at U of Penn, the school has an existing office in DC that will be expanded to house a DC office for VP Biden (and Mike, Hunter and Steve?). Operates like The Clinton Global Initiative without the money raise.”

Hunter then confirmed Gering’s notes but emphasized that they needed to be “very confidential” because they were not set in stone.

It was all to be kept hush hush

“Yes,” Hunter replied, “in theory that’s the way I would like to see it shake out— BUT please keep this very confidential between us because nothing has been set in stone and there’s still a lot of sensitivity around all of this both internally and externally. He hasn’t made any decisions and this could all be changed overnight.”

The money flowed- from China

University of Pennsylvania, which hosted the Penn Biden Center where classified documents were found in November, received $47.7 million from China in the three years when Biden was affiliated with it.

The CCP was looking for something in return and they got it

The University of Pennsylvania, the Ivy League institution which collected tens of millions of dollars from China while paying Joe Biden and hosting his foreign policy think tank, successfully pressured the Biden Justice Department to end an FBI counterespionage program targeting Beijing’s increasing influence within U.S. academia.

I can spell quid pro quo.

Marrick Garland, our feckless Attorney General, hasn’t had the guts to even address this mess as a yet. He knew of those stolen documents on November 2 and still went ahead and appointed a Special Prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump. I would be shocked if he appointed another to go after Biden as is now imperative. Garland is boxed into a corner. I think he will have SC Jack Smith stand down. You have to wonder how many Chinese surrogates have shared those documents. Biden was already into them for $31 million. Compromised doesn’t being to describe this. A full-blown FBI raid would be appropriate now but they’re reserved for Republicans. I told you Biden’s incompetence, mendacity and greed couldn’t be hidden forever now that he’s at the top of the food chain.

I think Donald Trump can sleep a little better tonight.



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hey didn’t have a bit of evidence to back up their false charges just a bunch of lying leftists Media bottom Feeders

Given that Trump has committed NO crimes, there’s just no way to “charge” or “arrest” him without outright admitting you are running a dictatorship on the level of Putin’s or Xi’s, both failing countries that won’t exist for only a few more decades (China probably less than ten).

Clinton is a war criminal.

Bush is a war criminal.

Obama is certainly a war criminal.

Biden is a war criminal.

Zelenskyy is a war criminal who committed genocide.

But Trump???


That Trump was duly elected, delivered on promises, did not start wars but brokered peace, AND DID IT ALL WITHOUT BEING BOUGHT OUT BY THE DEEP STATE, CORPORATIONS, AND/OR THE WEF is why these clowns continue to go after Trump.

They are only making him stronger.

We have an un-elected vegetable occupying our Resolute Desk, who VERIFIABLE LIES daily, but we’re supposed to believe the “Trump lied 107,000,036 times” idiocy?


Trump is the most honest person in Washington, right now. So are those who support his cause, which is simple freedom and Constitutionality.

You know: All of us.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

I do believe, whole heartedly, this whole “finding” classified material in Biden’s home and safe is some ruse, or some way to get him out so they can continue their totalitarian plans.

He was and is a “placeholder.”

Nothing more.

Meanwhile, Trump is actually delivering on things Americans want, which is abolishing the unchecked power of our intelligence agencies when it comes to monitoring innocent Americans, inventing “pre-crime” so they can arrest political opponents, and rig elections by using tech companies to outright lie.

Democrats are trying to suggest the documents were “planted”. No, really. They are so pathetic. They are to be pitied for their weakness of mind and character.

Given that Trump has committed NO crimes, there’s just no way to “charge” or “arrest” him without outright admitting you are running a dictatorship on the level of Putin’s or Xi’s, both failing countries that won’t exist for only a few more decades (China probably less than ten).

Trust me, they are up to it. That would not cause them to hesitate one second. They have no other way to bring Trump down; they HAVE to do it.

BREAKING: Merrick Garland Appoints Special Counsel to Investigate Joe Biden’s Handling of Classified Documents

I get the feeling the democrats don’t want joe to run in 2024.

Who else do they have? Bernie is past his expiration date. Petey Buttplug is showing incompetence is his best quality, so he’s out. They have no bench.

That is a real problem for democrats. They have no one who could beat Trump or virtually any other Republican.

We may be seeing the actual end of the democrat party in terms of competitive elections. Especially if more states get their shit together about mail in ballots and the evil machines.

It seems the walls are closing in on biden.

We may be seeing the actual end of the democrat party in terms of competitive elections.

That happened long ago and the Democrats know it. That’s why they commit so much election fraud.

What the hell are you talking about? Are you blind?


You spelled Dominion wrong

Luckily they have the ‘wonderful’ Governor of the Golden State..GAVIN NEWSOM!!!!! That is sarcasm for you leftist maroons.

Its already in the works
Who Is Merrick Garland’s Special Counsel Robert Hur? …He Partnered with Chris Wray at DC Law Firm and Later Was Rod Rosenstein’s Top Lieutenant!

He was appointed to squash evidence and aid in the cover up. An illusion to give the people who haven’t been paying attention the last six years that the DOJ and FBI aren’t corrupt entities that need to be put out to the pasture.

Tell that to the state of Georgia.

I’m a bit more concerned Biden installed a Black Rock executive as advisor, then signed a deal for Black Rock to “rebuild” Ukraine after we intentionally goaded a war with Russia…using Ukrainians as fodders and our own ordinance as simple demolitions for lining the pockets of corporate greed who own our nation now.

Haliburton, Black Rock, GOP, Democrats.

They are all the same, and enemies of what the People want.

But sure…another Trump hoax will…well…be nothing.

How far are you idiots willing to go to stop a very popular, highly vetted, squeaky clean Presidential Candidate with proven success???

The latest Georgia nothingburger isn’t going to do a thing.

You’re making him stronger, greg. Ever think about that?

Trump has already been sidelined. He did it himself, on January 6.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Trump continues to be the leader of our country.

Most electable, and a shoe-in to win in 2024.

You’d have to release a virus and change election laws to even get close to beating him…

…and even then you would have to cheat.

You’re not fit to carry his jockstrap, piggy.

The future foretold, in 1958!

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

I wish you could see how pathetic all you leftist look as you fantasize about Trump being punished for crimes you simply make up. It really is a sad visual.

Oh, we’re aware you pigs have been trying to engineer “the future” for quite awhile.

Trump is an outsider threat to your regime.

That’s it.

He’s also only one of hundreds of millions of Americans who merely want the nation to run democratically as it is supposed to.

You’re out-numbered, greg. And out-voted.

Everyone knows this.

Biden IS the literal incarnation of the false-image you pigs tried to cast Trump as.

It’s getting sad to watch you people meltdown.

Good now replace that name with Pfizer and Fauchi

Former Federal Prosecutor said if Biden had any sense, he would resign by this weekend. Does anyone believe this is going to happen?? 

Considering idiot Biden has no sense, no, it won’t happen. One of his string-pullers would have to tell him to and pay him off.

Georgia Court Reinstates VoterGA’s Case Requesting an Audit of 147,000 Mail-In Ballots in the 2020 Election.

Idiot Biden stole classified documents, some Top Secret. That’s the bottom line. Oh, sure, when the facts got leaked, they “did the right thing”… when caught. Complying with the rules of cleaning up the results of breaking the law isn’t exoneration. Also, the claim “there was no intent” to break the law carries about as much weight as saying Hillary setting up a secret, private, unsecured server to illegally store classified documents wasn’t intended to break the law. They intended to break the law when they broke the law.

I disagree that this means the fascist Garland won’t go ahead and prosecute Trump. The Democrats HAVE to prosecute Trump; otherwise, he will run for President and beat them a third time. Avoiding hypocrisy is not a consideration for Democrats; no one gives them credit for being honest anyway.

I wonder how great all that fraudulent effort to put idiot Biden in office looks now?

They did the right thing when they had all their fixers in place.

Isn’t CAA, the talent agency, a partner of the CIA? Their signing Hunter Biden should have raised some eyebrows in the press…

Since it’s Democrat staffers who are reporting all of this, I wonder…
Before he was even elected, I was saying that Biden would not complete his first term. The plan was, and still is, for him to last a little over two years so that Kamela could conceivably have almost ten years as President. I just wonder now if she will last just long enough for the DNC’s pick as Vice President to take over.

Can you IMAGINE 10 years of that cackling dweeb?

Sadly, I can. That’s how far we’ve fallen.

Oh Cat my dear you have no idea…10 years of mind numbing drivel everytime she opened her yap. At least Biden has the excuse of dementia.

Boy, somebody is fond of the downvote button, aren’t they?
I believe the plan is to install some lawless totalitarian as Kamela’s Veep and then dump her so that we have an unelected would-be dictator for a President.

01/13/23 – Trump Org. fined $1.6 million after conviction for 17 felonies, including tax fraud

The Trump Organization was fined $1.6 million – the maximum possible penalty – by a New York judge Friday for running a decade-long tax fraud scheme, a symbolic moment because it is the only judgment for a criminal conviction that has come close to former President Donald Trump.

Two Trump entities, The Trump Corp. and Trump Payroll Corp., were convicted last month of 17 felonies, including tax fraud and falsifying business records.

Under New York law, the most the companies can be fined is about $1.6 million, a penalty the Trump Organization can easily afford.

Prosecutor Joshua Steinglass asked Judge Juan Merchan to make the Trump Org. pay the maximum fine, though he admitted that it will have a “minimal impact” on a multibillion-dollar company.

“We all know that these corporations cannot go to jail as Allen Weisselberg has,” Steinglass said Friday, referring to the Trump Organization’s long-time chief financial officer who was sentenced to five months in jail earlier this week as part of a deal he reached with prosecutors. “The only way to effectively deter such conduct is to make it as expensive as possible.”

New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg said Friday that the fine against the Trump Org. is important but he also wants lawmakers to raise the fines for companies that break the law.

“This conviction was,” Bragg said outside of the courtroom Friday, “was consequential, the first time ever for criminal conviction of former President Trump’s companies, and indeed I would go so far as to say the first time ever for any former president certainly in my lifetime.”

But, Bragg added, the fine isn’t enough of a penalty.

“I want to be very clear – we don’t think that is enough. Our laws in this state need to change in order to capture this type of decade-plus systemic, egregious fraud,” Bragg said.

The Trump Org. entities have 14 days to pay the fine.

The real estate business is not at risk of being dismantled because there is no mechanism under the law to dissolve the company. No individual will go to jail based on the jury’s verdict. However, a felony conviction could impact the Trump Organization’s reputation and ability to do business or obtain loans or contracts…

It means nothing. It goes nowhere. Trump is innocent.

Trump continues to stand tall, and threaten your fake, installed, communistic regime that we’re watching fall in real time.

Authoritarian regimes always find a “crime” to invent on those who resist them.

But greg, can you people REALLY expect to invent crimes on the 200 million or so American voters who hate Biden, hate this regime, and completely reject their “authority?”

Read the comments under Biden’s “account” on Twitter, now that it’s devoid of all the fake FBI accounts engineering a false sense that this guy has even ONE fan.

Americans hate Biden, and and they hate the current illegal regime.

Trump is now, and always has been, a crook.

Clearly you intend to express your TDS in order to evade addressing Biden Inc’s multi million dollar grift with China.

If you think Trump is a crook, Judas Priest, what the hell do you think Joe Biden is?

What a dishonest POS you are, Comrade Greggie.

If you think Trump is a crook, Judas Priest, what the hell do you think Joe Biden is?

He thinks idiot Biden is a god and a genius. He worships corrupt liars that hate this country.

Trump is now, and always has been, a crook.

He’s a real estate mogul, a celebrity, and the FOREVER 45TH President of the United States.

A crook? Have any credible evidence of that?


You don’t.

Americans HATE Joe Biden. Trump, on the other hand, continues to have about 100 million legal votes just waiting to be legally collected at legal polling stations.

You people are on your way out. Just go quietly.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Trump is a populace demagogue.

Pool Reporter Spars with KJP, Accuses White House of Hiding Information From American People Related to Classified Documents Stored in Biden’s Garage #GarageGate (VIDEO)

That poor, ignorant dumbass is in no way prepared to face a serious media with serious questions. Somehow, some of the media is beginning to wake up; perhaps they have gotten their instructions to see idiot Biden gets gone.

What is a “populace demagogue“? Idiot Biden stole (STOLE) Top Secret documents and left them lying around various unsecured locations. Not only is he a traitor and corrupt, but he is a moron to boot.

Trump is a populace demagogue.

Well, Mr. Communism, you know, and I know you know, that you must keep up your slamming against Trump because there is no way in Hell you can be honest about Joe Biden who has been, and still is, the most corrupt man who ever sold his soul on the streets of Washington, D.C. Intellect is not his forte, selling out the United States, with the aid of his crooked son and brother, is.

It is sad that you not only think people believe your bullsh!t, but that you believe it and are not willing to speak out when Biden is selling the US to your Chinese handlers.

No, Obama was a populist demagogue.

He allowed for Trump to even run.

Trump is now, and always has been, a crook.

Even though you have no proof to back up your false accusations and every time you have tried to prove it you have failed miserably and embarrassingly, you maintain your self-imposed stupidity. Why do you persist when you have been proven WRONG each and every time? And why do you support such corrupt liars?

17 felony convictions against the Trump Organization for fraud—but the guy who runs the entire organization is clean? Corporations are Trump’s personal firewall to protect him from justice. He’s got around 500 insulating him. His disposable underlings always take the hit, if someone must. It’s standard operating procedure, learned from Roy Cohn. Did Michael Cohen not explain how things work clearly enough?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

but the guy who runs the entire organization is clean?

Yes. That’s what the facts say. He’s also the political opponent of a Deep State and false regime who have already been caught inventing crimes and faking “evidence.”

How credible should any sane American assume the “17 felony convictions” really be, and WHY WOULD ANYONE ASSUME TRUMP IS GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION?

Not credible, and they wouldn’t.

Trump has now faced Trillions of dollars of propaganda, the Deep State, Democrats AND the GOP, the WEF, and many others who want to destroy him because he’s standing up for Americans and not paid to be in their evil club.

Trump did nothing wrong. He has no crimes on him, will not be charged, will not be arrested…unless the publicly flailing regime wants to end even faster.

Trump is innocent.

Everybody knows this.

The Deep State is obviously throwing Biden under the bus, greg.

You DO understand that, right?

Biden continues to the be the criminal, idiotic incarnation of everything you and your cult have lied about Trump being.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to lead the country.

Michal Cohen, the dude that got disbarred after he pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges? That guy, nice you believe that dude who is an admitted liar.
Now No charges against DJT seems they have failed again, poor baby go put you big ol vaxxed head in your soggy pillow and cry yourself to sleep.

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

Poor desperate, pathetic creatures like Greg believe anyone that will tell them the lies they want to hear. It doesn’t occur to misguided Greg that Cohen was lying to lighten his own sentence.

17 felony convictions against the Trump Organization for fraud

Those mean nothing when the DOJ is letting Democrats get away with crimes without prosecution. All it proves is that the DOJ is fully weaponized and targeting those who support the nation, not the DNC.

Idiot Biden had classified documents stored in his garage and office where his dope head son fully employed by the CCP had ready access to them. Hunter paid idiot Biden’s bills and kicked back 50% of his take to “Pops”; is that listed on idiot Biden’s tax returns as income? Why hasn’t Sharpton been prosecuted for his back taxes by NY and the IRS?

“Convictions” mean nothing any more as far as indicating who is guilty or who is innocent; it merely points out who the DNC is targeting.

Did Tony Bobulinsky not explain how things work clearly enough? And he hasn’t even been convicted of perjury!

but the guy who runs the entire organization is clean? 

No, he isn’t. Idiot Biden is identified as “the Big Guy” in the Biden Crime Family taking money from communist China.

And, as you openly admit, you STILL have no proof Trump has ever committed a crime. Maybe you should stop lying about it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Plain Bill

So what?

No one cares

When will New York and the IRS go after Sharpton for his taxes? Why didn’t idiot Biden have to pay a penalty for trying to cheat on paying taxes on $500,000? Why didn’t the Clinton Foundation have to pay a penalty for “forgetting” to pay taxes on $20,000,000 in foreign contributions (bribes)? Why didn’t Stacy Abrams have to pay penalties for skating on her income taxes? Why do liberals, always pushing for higher taxes for others but cheating on their own, never pay penalties for getting caught?

This is nothing but more proof of how much the left hates anyone that does what is good for this country instead of pandering to anti-American haters. It will probably be appealed and overturned as persecution.

There are over 150 SARS (suspicious activity reports) on Joe and hunter the treasury department refuses to turn over to the House.
Whatever might they be?

Just like the cases of election fraud courts refuse to hear, if the Dept. of Treasury can stonewall the demand for the reports, then it never happened. That’s the Democrat way.