Ready for the next China pandemic? They’re sending it our way right now



Hey, remember the pandemic of 2020? China knew of the SAR-Cov-2 viral epidemic that was brewing in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province. What did they do? They sealed off Hubei province from the rest of China but opened Hubei to the outside world, knowing the virus was going to be carried into some of the most populated areas possible. The virus was sent to Milan, New York and the West Coast of the US. It then exploded across the US.

They’re doing it again.

China finally ended its idiotic zero-COVID policy, which was an absolute disaster.  People were sealed into their own homes, sometimes even welded in. As China lies about pretty much everything it’s almost impossible to know how many died as a consequence. It estimates that 250 million are now infected with COVID since the end of its zero-COVID restrictions. The country is now going through what everyone else endured two years ago, except that now they are again willing to share.

China, which was ground zero for COVID, is lifting quarantine rules for incoming visitors and is now actively exporting the virus to familiar target territory.

 Italian health authorities will begin testing all arrivals from China for Covid after almost half of the passengers on two flights to Milan were found to have the virus.

They are also sequencing the Milan tests to see if there are new variants, the Health Ministry said in a statement. If a new strain is found, officials may impose stricter curbs on travel from the country. China has seen outbreaks of the virus since the government there abandoned its strict zero-Covid policies. Uncertainty over the scale of the spread has prompted countries, including the US, to consider new restrictions on entry.

And it appears desirous of replicating 2020

A health expert has sharply criticized the Chinese regime’s lifting of international travel restrictions in the midst of a massive COVID wave sweeping through the country, saying the move is “extremely irresponsible” and could cause a global resurgence of the pandemic.

Sean Lin, a virologist and former lab director at the viral disease branch of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, said that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) opening up of the country is actually a strategy to get everyone infected not only within China, but around the world.

“When they can’t control the outbreak, they push it to the whole world. Just like when COVID first broke out in Wuhan, people who had been infected in Wuhan were allowed to travel around the world. The strategy is the same now as before,” he said.

And as before, they’re completely opaque

“The CCP is not sharing data, and the international community doesn’t know how many different virus variants are spreading in China, and whether there are other compound infections,” he said.

“Under such circumstances, it is extremely irresponsible for the CCP to let the people out of the country which is a huge epidemic area. Put another way, it has a very treacherous purpose and is very malicious.”

The UK proves it has learned nothing

Elsewhere, the UK said it will ensure it has the necessary Covid surveillance in place, but doesn’t have plans to introduce mandatory testing on arrivals from China.

The Biden regime has announced new travel restrictions on those from China- the same restrictions Biden called “xenophobic” when Trump instituted them.

The White House announced Wednesday it will require travelers from China to test negative for COVID-19 prior to arrival in the U.S. — a policy that will come less than three years after candidate Joe Biden suggested then-President Donald Trump’s restrictions on travel from China were xenophobic.

But it too hasn’t learned a damn thing

`A federal official said the test requirement will begin Jan. 5

That will allow a lot of viral seeding until then. Then again, Biden is in St. Croix, basking in the warmth while the middle of the country suffers from the bomb cyclone. Biden has spent more than 40% of his time on vacation, because “there are more important things” than a border crisis, a looming possible second pandemic, skyrocketing drug overdoses and people freezing to death.

Things like vacation, ice cream and sniffing little girls.

Hopefully, what China is exporting will be the same more innocuous strains and variants the rest of the world has already faced but China being China, you never know.

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So, I’m a little confused… is the threat of COVID or some other infection eliminated or do we need Title 42 in place and actually enforced? If we actually have another outbreak, I wonder how many media outlets will be censoring any mention of the virus coming from China?

Will idiot Biden “shut down the virus” before it gets to the heart of the nation? We may get to see a direct comparison of idiot Biden’s “brilliant” response to any outbreak to the “bungled” Trump response. If there is an outbreak threatening the nation, with idiot Biden and his regime that puts ideology before safety and science in control, the nation is in serious danger.

At least this time ivermectin and HCL have been “decriminalized.”
If you are smart, don’t wait for joe to take care of you.
There are things you should have on hand that are now easier to obtain than anytime in the last two years.

Joe Biden not welcome and the the Mayor of Chicago as well

They are also sequencing the Milan tests to see if there are new variants, the Health Ministry said in a statement. If a new strain is found, officials may impose stricter curbs on travel from the country. 

After these sequencing tests the results are in.
ALL the Chinese infected had Omicron.
No new variants among that group.

Bidens theme song should be Call me Irresponsible

Where’s greg, “Captain Walmart” now that China is utterly collapsing and isn’t even remotely the power or first world nation that he has been pushing it as for years?