The clown show that is the White House




This woman is a moron. An absolute moron. There wasn’t a trickle of disinformation yesterday, it was a torrent.


This was coordinated with the press

Raddatz takes up the talking point






And here is the plan



Democracy is under attack. Joe Biden is killing the country, but this gets it right.


The lies spewing from this clown are incomprehensible. What’s mind-blowing is the MSM totally ignoring it.

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Her only defense is …look what she has to work with.

A lack of understanding the concept of right and wrong?

Most of Bidens cabinet belongs in padded cells and straight jackets not in our Nations Capital Bidens little group of screwballs are a sign Biden is totally unfit for the job and neither is Harris

“the President has been doing the work at the border (of destroying border security and inviting illegal immigrants in) since day one.” There, fixed that right up for the little liar.

No, the border is not open; that doesn’t quite describe it adequately. It is AGAPE. It is erased. It is non-existent.

The border is a massive disaster and it is about to get exponentially worse. Idiot Biden is totally and completely responsible for this catastrophe. Where is that stupid little idiot Sandy, fake crying and calling the shelters “concentration camps”? Where are the phony photo ops of her crying against a fence of an empty parking lot? You damned leftists, do you not see how transparent your hypocritical lies are? You are all completely stupid assuming WE are stupid enough to accept this.

Gary Larson from The far Side did one IN THE CORRIDORS OF CLOWNGRESS this would go fine with the Democrat control Congress

What did JFK jr. think of Mr. Biden?
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The FBI has been taking over this country.
They picked joe. *
They picked joe’s cabinet and top people.
Why pick such awful people?
To DISTRACT the American people from what’s really going on.
Thank goodness for Elon Musk.
The 6th tranch of releases shows how willing the FBI has been to lie, cheat and steal from American citizens.
Quit being distracted.
Focus on the coup that took over our country and installed joe and his clowns.


The FBI have been operating a lot more like a crime syndicate than federal law enforcement, and they have been keenly interested in suppressing free speech on social media……

The FBI has been 1. controlling what you and I have been allowed to say on the Internet.

The FBI had a bunch of “former” employees on Twitter’s payroll 2. actively helping suppress free speech on their platform.

The FBI had 3.secret channels of communication between an agency of them and a privately-owned social media company that were used exclusively to control the public narrative about an election-changing event.

The FBI also 4. paid Twitter millions of taxpayer dollars to suppress our own free speech.


How could the FBI possibly think they could get away with a conspiracy like this and corruption to this degree?

Well, they have been getting away with it and no one has yet to suffer a consequence of note – Kevin Clinesmith received probation for deliberately lying on government documents in order to produce incriminating evidence against a U.S. citizen coincidentally named Carter Page.


Former FBI officials Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok are being rewarded with lucrative jobs in the media instead of prison sentences.