The left gets it wrong. Again



I try not to jump on stories the foundations of which I am uncertain, but the left has no such constraints. So consumed with hate, the left-wing media seized upon the tragic shooting in Club Q in Colorado Springs and it could not resist blaming anyone and everyone on the right.

NBC reporter Brandy Zadronzy blamed “Q Anon.”

“The LGBT community has always been a subject of hatred for a certain brand of fringe kind of person, right? But something happened in March and April of this year,” Zadronzy told MSNBC host Chris Jansing. “In March and April of this year, as the far right-wing conservatives sort of got over CRT or Critical Race Theory, they needed a new boogeyman and they leapt on LGBTQ community members, specifically trans people, their doctors, their caregivers, libraries that had books that were LGBT-focused. This was really just sort of the cause célèbre on the far right.”

Over at the Washington Post Brian Broome went nuts hammering Lauren Boebert

After the shooting at the LGBTQ Club Q in Colorado Springs, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), gun rights advocate and representative for her state’s 3rd Congressional District, tweeted the following: “The news out of Colorado Springs is absolutely awful. This morning the victims & their families are in my prayers. This lawless violence needs to end and end quickly.”

In her tweet, Boebert left out the “news” that a lone gunman entered an LGBTQ space and began shooting, killing five and injuring at least 25. I’m betting Boebert did not mention these specifics because that would ruin her brand: the gun-toting, queer-hating, God-loving, outlaw whose job it is to own the liberals. If she had tweeted the specifics of the night and its tragic outcome, it might cause some of her followers to see LGBTQ people as human beings. And she can’t have that.

They blamed Ron DeSantis

During an interview with NBC on Monday, GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said that politicians like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) “have to stop spreading lies. These are lies that they’re spreading and they’re causing pain and death and murder against our community, in addition to insufficient gun safety in this country. Couple that all together and you have what happened on Saturday night.” And also stated that “whether or not the motive on Saturday night turns out to be hate,” “it’s still an environment and a culture that we’re living in and that politicians are leading.”

A survivor of the Pulse night club shooting blamed the right

A survivor of the Pulse nightclub massacre has issued a powerful condemnation of the latest attack on his community and begged for LGBTQ people to be treated “with a basic level of decency and respect.”

Brandon Wolf, who was at the Orlando nightclub in June 2016 when a gunman killed 49 people, appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” to discuss Saturday’s mass shooting at Club Q, a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs. The shooting killed five people and injured 19, and came amid an ongoing surge in Republican-driven legislation and hateful rhetoric targeting LGBTQ rights.

Another NBC hack chimed in

NBC reporter Ben Collins said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that “Republican politicians” and the “internet’s far-right machine” were targeting transgender people, which resulted in Saturday’s shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, CO.

Collins said, “I do want to say, though, am I doing something wrong here? Here are some headlines that I wrote the last six months. ‘Fueled by internet’s far-right machine, anti-LGBTQ+ threats shut down trans rights and drag events.’ Remember, there was a drag event happening in Colorado. ‘Anti-trans stalkers at Kiwi Farms,’ which was an anti-trans website that stalks people, ‘are chasing one victim around the world. Their list of targets is growing.’ That was a couple of months ago. ‘Doctors under threat from far-right activist for providing trans care.’ ‘Boston Children’s Hospital faces bomb threat after right-wing harassment campaign.’ There were three of those bomb threats. ‘FBI charges Massachusetts woman with Boston Children’s Hospital bomb threats.’ They found one of the people. ‘At least 20 Republican politicians have claimed that schools are making accommodations for students who identify as cats.’ That was before the midterms.”

As with the Pulse night club shooting, it turns out to be one of their own committing the atrocity.

Anderson Lee Aldrich, the suspect who allegedly shot and killed five people and wounded at least 18 others over the weekend at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado, identifies as non-binary and uses “they/them” pronouns, according to a court filing on Tuesday night.

CNN doesn’t know what to do with itself

And let us not forget this idiot


There is no sense in waiting for an apology.

The left-wing media really is a special kind of stupid. There’s a lot of hate going down, but right now it all springs from the left.

Will they ever learn? I doubt it.


Somebody has some ‘splainin’ to do

Colorado Springs District Attorney Michael Allen failed to pursue formal charges against a suspect in the Saturday mass shooting in Colorado Springs last year after the man allegedly threatened to bomb his mother, according to multiple reports. Allen’s office refused to answer why charges were not filed and claimed “a public criminal record does not exist” in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, allegedly shot and killed five people and injured many others Saturday night at the Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub Club Q. His mother had called authorities on June 18, 2021, accusing her son of threatening to harm her with a homemade bomb multiple weapons and ammunition, according to an El Paso County Sheriff’s Office press release, but Allen did not pursue formal charges in that case, according to The Gazette.



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In her tweet, Boebert left out the “news” that a lone gunman entered an LGBTQ space and began shooting, killing five and injuring at least 25.

Perhaps she simply felt that politicizing a personal tragedy was a sick, cynical, degenerate thing to do. I’m not surprised Democrats don’t understand that.

I’m betting Boebert did not mention these specifics because that would ruin her brand: the gun-toting, queer-hating, God-loving, outlaw whose job it is to own the liberals. 

Nothing like accusing the stereotyping and demonization of the gay/trans community for a tragedy while stereotyping and demonizing a vast swath of the population.

It is a FACT that the left has been caught red handed trying to indoctrinate and groom children in our taxpayer funded public schools into becoming part of the gay/trans community. This in no way condemns every gay or mentally ill trans individual; it only addresses those sick, degenerate individuals committing the acts. While it is probably inevitable that some derranged person might lash out against a totally disassociated group of people due to the outrage over this outrageous behavior, it should be a lesson to the far left that their actions DO have consequences.

A survivor of the Pulse nightclub massacre has issued a powerful condemnation of the latest attack on his community and begged for LGBTQ people to be treated “with a basic level of decency and respect.”

Has this person even SEEN how many in his “community” behave in public? Has this person ever seen a “gay pride” parade or children subjected to drag queen performances? They exhibit anything BUT decency or even self respect. Perhaps they should examine what it is that generates such disgust in their most radical members of their “community” before condemning the reaction.

But it isn’t a surprise that this turned out to be one of their own. They do, after all, identify themselves as victimized more than any other group. They see every criticism as a “threat” but they can never see what is being criticized.

Daddy is absent, a meth addict, Porn star and woman beater.
Kid changed his name.
Bought the rifle after a police stand off where he threatened to blow up himself, his mom, and the house. This guy needed more help than just getting charges dropped for aggravated kidnapping, dont think he is an lgbtlmnop kid just very very damaged. maybe from beatings while mom was pregnant. Insane and guilty permanent removal from society is warranted.

This is a shift in how to blame.
It is unconstitutional since it violates the right to free speech.
It has a name, borrowed from the printing business: stochastic terrorism.
Stochastic printing is use of dots in different ways than before 1970.
It is best explained by photocomment image
The left side it stochastic, the right side is conventional.
What an improvement.
Randomness is key.
Now, the Left seeks to SHUT YOU UP by claiming that anything you say could be tied to someone else’s violence later.
So, when Schumer yelled that the Supreme Court’s abortion case decision would reap them a whirlwind THEN someone tried to assassinate a SCOTUS, that should be called stochastic terrorism. Schumer should be as guilty as any of these named in this article.

Schumer IS guilty because he specifically called for what (almost) happened to Kavanaugh. However, merely pointing out dangerous and illegal behavior does not directly result in any violent behavior; that is an individual’s interpretation and reaction.

“It is unconstitutional since it violates the right to free speech.”

Your First Amendment right can’t be violated by “the Left” or “the MSM.” The First Amendment protects from violations by the government. That’s why getting banned from Twitter, for example, is not a violation of the First Amendment.

If the government collaborated with Twitter and Facebook to have certain things suppressed, what would you call that, scooter?

Currently, Psaki is being subpoenaed to testify on that very probability.

You’ve missed the gov’t trying to criminalize “wrong think,” mike.
The DOJ went after parents for simply expressing their opinion at school board meetings.
Senators, Congressmen, even the president have tried to claim “taking the 5th” equals an admission of guilt.
Calling mere expressions any sort of “terrorism” is wrong.
But stochastic terrorism could be used to accuse people right now of merely speaking.
So far the courts are saying these acts of free speech fall OUTSIDE the realm of incitment.
But pack a few courts and that can change in an instant.

REMINDER: The AP is not a credible news source.

The polish missile story was reported by ONE reporter (LaPorta) from the AP as fact, and they merely got their info from the DOJ like they literally work for them as a state-run propaganda outlet (they do).

LaPorta was fired, but this is how EVERY story from the AP goes: regime-friendly, no vetting, one “source” from the regime.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

“They are trying to create some kind of..confusion…”

These people don’t even understand when their own “confusion” is coming back to eat the alive.

democrats have one to blame but themselves. democrats create to environment that affirms mass killing. Abortion is at the root of mass killings.

My state is the mass shooting capitol of the US (and probably world). Not sure why, because people are super nice here. From Columbine to the Aurora to the Stem School to now this, it’s not clear why this stuff happens here.

We’re a mail-in ballot state, which means Republicans can’t win much anymore. We did better than ANY other Blue state during covid, and our mainly Democrat leaders didn’t act like other Democrats in other states.

That said, even though I like him, we have a gay, “married” governor and a First Guy instead of a First Lady. He signed the bill that allows abortion right up to birth.

It’s not like he’s going to have any kids, so who cares right?

Tranny Ideologues Who Cheer Cutting Off Healthy Genitals Shouldn’t Set Federal Medical Standards


“This is shocking. I don’t know WHAT to make up now!”

Suddenly, two mass shootings by gays. And Biden just called the second one “senseless”.


Andre Bing identified as Chesapeake Walmart shooter who killed six

Andre Bing allegedly killed seven employees in a mass shooting at the Walmart on Sam’s Circle in Chesapeake, Va., before shooting himself.


Andre Bing had a manifesto on his phone, so IF the media wants to tell us WHY he did what he did, they could.
It goes against their “narrative.”

Also, he brought two guns and ammo to the break room.
ALL of it ILLEGALLY obtained!

When will the Left start a pilot program of simply enforecing the gun laws we already have?
That could have prevented this guy from using guns.
And there are several other mass shooters who broke the law to get guns who could have been stopped.
But no.
The Left thinks it should go after the guns of those who are law-abiding.
Maybe even a “special kind of stupid.”

Are you aware that Sam Elliott publicly endorsed Joe Biden for President in 2020?

The difference between truth and lies means NOTHING on the far right.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

It’s a meme.

Not an endorsement by the person in the meme.

The difference between truth and lies means nothing to the tyrannical Left.

greg, sometimes you truly are an idiot.

Think more, okay?

This meme TRULY applies to you.


It’s a meme for morons who are too stupid to recognize the lie. 90 percent of the right’s memes are litmus tests for stupidity.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Are you aware that the leftist propaganda media almost always delivers their propaganda (which is inaccurate) instead of useful facts?

Liberals especially the M.S. Media bottom feeders blame Guns the Gun Lobby(NRA)Gun Stores, and Gun Owners even though their not responsible Hogg and his March for Our Lives band of Useful Idiots whine about the NRA all the time and Media always blame others instead of the ones who do it

Are these Children shipped all over the country late at night by Biden, or did sex traffickers get them all?

This is what Democrats want illegal immigrants for. Work them like slaves, get them to vote for Democrats.