The FBI could have stopped the Jan 6 events because they knew what was coming. Why didn’t they?



FBI Director Christopher Wray has a curious set of priorities. He bailed out of a Senate hearing in August to use a private jet to take him to a very important personal vacation in the Adirondacks. Wray doesn’t like answering questions- especially the critical ones. And so it was once again last Tuesday that Wray refused to answer rather important questions.

FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to answer multiple questions Tuesday from a Republican congressman concerning whether FBI sources were embedded among Jan. 6 protesters during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Worldwide Threats to the Homeland.

Republican Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins asked Wray at the hearing if the FBI had “confidential human sources embedded within the Jan. 6 protesters” that day. Wray said he had to “be very careful about when we do and do not and where we have and have not used” such sources, “categorically” denying that bureau sources or employees “instigated or orchestrated Jan. 6.”

It got heated

“Did you have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters inside the Capitol on Jan. 6 prior to the doors being opened?” Higgins subsequently questioned. Wray began to repeat that he needed to be “very careful,” but the congressman loudly insisted, “It should be a no! Can you not tell the American people no?”

No, he would not. I believe he refused to answer because it would open a Pandora’s box. Wray did have sources in not only the Oath Keepers but in the Proud Boys as well. According to the NY Times (via Steve Krakauer)

NYT reports the #2 man in the Oath Keepers, Greg McWhirter, was actually an FBI informant, talking to them for months ahead of the Capitol attack.

And the NY Times reports “the FBI “had as many as eight informants inside” inside the Proud Boys, in the months before AND after the January 6 riot.”

The FBI knew what was coming. The big question is why did they let it happen? They could have shut the whole down and charged many with conspiracy, but no.

All I can think is they wanted to let it happen. It would be a useful tool in the war on Donald Trump.

IMO that’s why Wray refuses to answer. The FBI is hopelessly corrupted.

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They could have shut WHAT down? Perhaps there was nothing to shut down and the assets, such as Epps, were there to make sure SOMETHING happened. Pelosi and Bowser made sure there was no National Guard there to stop it from happening.

Nancy even had her daughter on hand to film the happenings.
Antifa also had a Utah man on hand to catch the murder of Ashley Babbett by one of Nancy’s minions.

Actually, there are thousands of hours of EXCULPATORY videos that the committee is sitting on ILLEGALLY keeping from the so-called accused.
All of that video is being sent to the Special Prosecutor.
So, we’ll probably never see that stuff.
BUT, meanwhile, just to keep the public suffering from constant Trump-investigation/scandal fatigue, he’ll leak to a fawning media over the next two years.

Shut down? They turned it on.


I am so sick of the Democrats getting away with all of their underhanded activities. Unbelievable!!

What proof do we have the FBI do not plan & incite the riot?
The ‘FBI’ has shown themselves to be little more than an ‘affirmative action mafia’.
Without physical proof, every word uttered by that fetid tumor is suspect…

They didn’t stop it because there was nothing to stop.

Conservatives need to cease letting media and spooks dictate the narrative by pretending any version of the Jan 6th, be it the factual events of the rally or imagined “insurrection”, was a horrible event. We The People have a right to hold our public servants accountable, face to face, and be present in public buildings where the fate of our nation is being decided. The fact that our alleged representatives fled like vermin because their only thought was that they would be exterminated should be the only takeaway from the event.

Well said.