Welcome Back to the Fight!


Donald Trump just announced that he is running for president in 2024.  Trump is a tough, battle-hardened, cage match fighter who fervently loves both God and America.  He is a superhero who tenaciously fights like Rocky Balboa and never quits. Rocky once proclaimed:

It ain’t about how hard you hit: it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.
How much you can take and keep moving forward.
That’s how winning is done.

Trump will get hit and hit hard, but he is a fighter who will take the blows to help America.  He will go the distance.

America in 2024 will be on life support.  Twenty years of incompetent Democratic “leadership” will do that to a nation.  Dementia Biden plans to change nothing because his teleprompter told him that the midterm election results gave him a mandate from someone, somewhere, you know! Sure Joe, and 81 million Americans voted for you to be president in 2020 because of your “crack” leadership style.

America is being overwhelmed and destroyed by numerous, unresolved, crises: Horrendous crime, murders, open borders, surging inflation, weakened military, election fraud, corrupt FBI, China, China, China, poverty, drug abuse, and homeless Americans living on the street.  Biden says, “Don’t worry-be happy!” 41 million Americans now live in poverty and 27 million have no insurance. They certainly aren’t happy watching “wreck it” Biden and his gang of misfits send billions of our dollars to Ukraine while ignoring desperate Americans pleading for help. Evil must be removed and sanity must be restored to save our Republic. The world is watching our deadly demise and laughing at our self-inflicted wounds.

Trump’s road to re-election will be littered with landmines. Democrats are terrified of Trump and are already panicking and hyperventilating because he may rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. The slimy DC swamp creatures fear him, and the noxious vermin in the lame-stream media are paid to hate him. Enemies will continue to blame Trump for America’s woes and cowardly, “friends” will appear on CNN, write mean books and stab him in the back for thirty pieces of silver. The knives are already coming out.  Democrats will cry “havoc” and let slip the dogs of war on Trump, his family, and all of his loyal, patriotic, supporters.  Buckle up, America-this is going to be a rough ride!

The 2024 countdown clock is now ticking, and the world is on notice.  EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE IN 2024.

Option A: Trump (mean tweets and all) should win the presidency and America will be restored to its former glory. DeSantis will be great in 2028 but 2024 belongs to Trump.  Millions of Americans sincerely believe that Trump was cheated in 2020 and deserves another four years at the helm of our nation. According to Vanity Fair, DeSantis said that he had no plans to challenge Trump in 2024.  Time will tell. DeSantis is young and can afford to wait.  Besides, fighting Trump could alienate millions of Americans who absolutely love the man. Trump and DeSantis must come together for the good of America. The fate of our nation rests in God’s hands and hopefully Trump and DeSantis will unite to form an unstoppable juggernaut.

Option B: Democrats could win the presidency in 2024 through intense cheating, Republican apathy, and the delusional, toxic, media.  Enemies will applaud and America will suffer additional catastrophic catastrophes. The America we loved growing up will be gone forever.


There is one additional bonus if Trump is elected:

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Trump’s policies, and his leadership, are demonstrably proven.

Every bit of negative press and invented “anonymous” scandals has always proven to be baseless, at best, and invented, at worst.

It’s sad Americans don’t understand how democracy, and our Republic, work. It’s also sad that rational discourse and calm analysis was corrupted by mob-induced emotion and simple fanfare by a cabal of politicians/media and the banks, corps, and foreign money who seek to replace democracy with totalitarianism.

Trump continues to be the hedge against such a takeover.

And for those of us who know America was founded to be a God-serving country, Trump continues to be the best choice for the freedom to practice Christianity and to bar false-ideologies that only exist to steal, kill, and destroy.

“Trump’s not a Christian” is what a fool would say, and heartily dismissed. Biden continues to further the demonic, and catastrophic, trans mania that all free people of the world are coming together to combat.

These false gods were defeated many times in history. They will be driven out now, as they were then.

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Trump will never be president again

Trump will never be president…

We’ve heard that one before.

What’s your plan, this time? More invented crimes? More “pee-tape” hoaxes?

Or are you going to do what all dictatorships do when they can’t defeat an effective and popular leader being chosen by democratic process???

Who needs a plan when republicans will reduce the House to chaos, and Trump and DeSantis will rip each other apart?

Steve Bannon Fires Warning Shot: Biden Family Is About to Have their Entire Depraved and Perverted Family Exposed to the American People (VIDEO)

…well I got news for them, the Hunter Biden thing… On the laptop from hell the compromise is at a level of treason. And you’ll see all of that. But the individual perversion of this family, family, not just Hunter Biden, will shock the American people. And so hey, you’re going to go after Trump, we’ve held back. Sorry, not sorry. We’re going to get into the depravity. The depravity of this family that purports to represent the people of this nation… It’s not just Hunter Biden. It’s the family. The perverted family… It will shock you. Shock you what’s in that laptop. You want to play smashmouth? Hey! We can give as good as good as we get and we’re going to give it hard!

You want to play smashmouth? Hey! We can give as good as good as we get and we’re going to give it hard!

Especially when they just hand us the weapons.

The depravity is all in your own social-media-twisted brains, and in the depraved shills who project it onto others to divert attention from their own.

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Idiot biden showered with his daughter on a regular basis.

Why do you assume that implies perversion? Because of something in your own head. You see evil wherever you look, but often don’t see it when it’s really there.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Why does a grown man showering with his daughter imply perversion? Really?

It doesn’t imply it… that DEFINES perversion.

According to her diary inappropriate activities occurred while showering with the “big guy”

Yeah, but who says diddling your daughter is inappropriate? I mean, for Democrats, that’s quite normal. That’s why Greg can’t understand the outrage.

I’ve never understood Trump’s incestuous thoughts about his daughter. When he made public jokes about it, his followers thought nothing of it. When he partied with Jeff Epstein, his followers thought nothing of it. When he boasted in his own books about his adulterous affairs with married women, his followers thought nothing of it. His “grab ’em by the pussy” open mic comment was instantly written off, as were countless demeaning comments about women. Photographs of Trump and his illegal-alien, nude photo-posing wife socializing with Jeff and his convicted procurer of underage girls didn’t even raise an eyebrow.

Biden has been a devoted, religious, monogamous family man throughout his entire life. He seldom misses attending Holy Mass each Sunday. He actually LIKES children—oh, the horror! He actually likes them enough to give a damn about their futures.

You folks are so full of it, I’m often amazed that you don’t simply explode. Hypocrisy is apparently an utterly alien concept.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

You are trying desperately to transfer your approval of idiot Biden’s depravity towards his daughter, documented by HER, upon Trump. You are a very, very sick person.

Oh, and you haven’t answered my question about idiot Biden’s lies. Did you forget? Do you need a reminder? Are you a chicken-shit coward that cannot face the corruption of your own sick, degenerate party?

Yep. You’re close to exploding. Pointing out your malignant, soul-eroding b.s. tends to have that effect. Nothing makes you angrier than holding up a mirror.

Too gutless to answer to idiot Biden’s lies. You like lies. You LOVE liars. If the liars is a pedophile that even abuses his own daughter, you view it as a bonus.

There’s no basis for believing Trump is depraved beyond using his power and money to sleep with very, very attractive models and pornstars.

Is that good? No, but…as usual, it only serves to highlight just how bad Biden is.

Trump likes hot women.

Biden is incentuous with his daughter, and publicly gropes children.

That you move to “whataboutism” with Ivanka is pathetic.

Biden is inappropriate, creepy, and would be in jail if he wasn’t being protected by the system that installed him.

Following Trump has filled you with hate.

Pot calling the kettle black

We see what the effects following your ideology give: crime, poverty, war, famine, and disease.

We see the effects of following God, during Trump and other times: gainful employment, safety, bounty, peace, and true growth.

Try considering your own tongue, greg. Lots to sort out there.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Following Trump has filled you with hate.

You’re the one who’s fixated on Trump and constantly bringing him up, no one else.

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Joe Biden’s America: People Turning Off Their Heat as Prices Skyrocket, ‘Like Living in an Igloo’

He actually LIKES children—oh, the horror! He actually likes them enough to give a damn about their futures.

What about the ones his religion of abortion has murdered? The catholic religion opposes the systematic murder of babies in the womb.

You’re right. Biden is a Catholic, and the Catholic Church opposes abortion. You’ll notice, however, that Biden does not attempt to force all Americans to follow his beliefs. He appears to understand that religion is a personal decision.

You’re forcing us to follow your beliefs.

And right now, you’re being forced to follow thousands of beliefs, like stealing is wrong, murder is wrong, etc.

If I followed your gods, it’s simply okay to do anything I want…as long as it’s my “belief.”


You’ll notice, however, that Biden does not attempt to force all Americans to follow his beliefs. 

No? Really? How about his belief in the COVID vaccine (of the payment from Big Pharma he receives)? How about his beliefs in EV’s and green energy? How about his beliefs in having a wide open southern border? How about his belief that abortion should be available right up to the moment of birth?

The only way your comment is factual is the qualifier that NONE of this is actually idiot Biden’s “beliefs”. It’s what he is being ordered to believe and cram down the nation’s throat.

But apparently you understand Biden’s incestuous actions sharing the showed with his daughter as she mentioned in her book? Or do you think they were fully clothed in that shower?

And what about mom’s who brag on our daughters who are off the chart beautiful with bodies that would stop a freight train in it’s tracks? Are they “incestuous” as well?

Biden has been a devoted, religious, monogamous family man throughout his entire life.

Except when he was trying to molest women who worked for him or banging Dr. Jill while she was still married to her first husband.

He seldom misses attending Holy Mass each Sunday.

Oh, my, Comrade Greggie thinks Biden is just John Kennedy redeux and we all know what a “monogamous” man JFK was, right?

He actually LIKES children—oh, the horror! He actually likes them enough to give a damn about their futures.

He likes them so much he supports ripping them from their mother’s womb, piece by piece by little piece.

You’re so full of crap. I’ve told you before; get better handlers.

Some people feed bread to pigeons; others feed mindless propaganda to right-wingers’ tiny little brains, dumbing them down further instead of lifting them up out of the political muck.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Some, like yourself, follow a degenerate ideology, defend it but are too cowardly to answer questions about it. Some, like yourself, think it is totally normal for a full grown man to shower naked with his daughter and molest her. Some, like yourself, think a man that rapes his staff members deserve to be President. Some, like yourself, think election fraud is acceptable when your candidates are too repugnant for the majority to accept.

Neither Trump nor DeSantis are Congressmen.

But thanks for telling us the latest weak Uniparty scheme.

It’s not a scheme, it’s a preview of coming attractions.

House republicans are divided with only a razor-thin majority, while House democrats are united. Democrats control both the Senate and the White House.

Trump is the GOP’s cross to bear, not the Democratic Party’s.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

We’ll see how “united” Democrats are when they no longer have the harridan Pelosi threatening their very existence for that “unity”. The cross the Democrats must bear is their corruption, socialism, fascism and totalitarianism.

It IS a scheme.

You’re on the wrong side of this, greg. And I’m not talking about GOP vs. Democrats.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Well, Democrats need a plan. They need something besides election fraud to defeat Trump. Maybe they could develop some policies that benefit the American people instead of lining their own pockets and use those to actually WIN elections instead of having to steal everything they have. Continually betting on the Republicans behaving like Democrats is not a winning bet.

Trump did better than 0bama, Hillary or Biden, but he’s way too stupid mouthy New Yorkie.
It’s over.
He’s done

He remains one of the most popular, and most supported, Presidential candidates…much to the chagrin of both the GOP and the Democrats.

Saying “he’s done” by paid propagandists hasn’t really worked out for the past 6 years. Perhaps beating him legally with a better candidate is the way you should go?

If he was “done”, there’d be no special prosecutor.

The Democrats fear Donald Trump even more than they did before because he now has political experience that he didn’t have before.

And he continues to have dirt on these clown that they know will ruin them.

Yeah, I guess to those who wish to destroy all that has made this nation great, wealthy and strong break out in cold sweats at the thought of someone that cares more about the country than about themselves, doesn’t need to cheat the government for personal gain, has a vision of a strong, free, productive and prosperous United States of America and has the ability to accomplish that.

“doesn’t need to cheat the government for personal gain”

His company is, at this very moment, on trial for having cheated the government for personal gain.

If I had a nickel for everything Trump has been accused of and proven innocent of, I’d be investigated by the IRS. Thanks to your failed ideology weaponizing the justice system, “on trial” or “indicted” means little or nothing. Trump and his companies are audited every year; you actually thing just now, they’ve found something?

And you’re supposed to be a teacher…

The problem with your position is that the company’s CFO, Weisselberg, has already ratted Trump out on the whole thing.

The problem with that is the the DOJ will threaten people with life in prison and financial ruin if they don’t lie for the government, as they did Gen. Flynn and many of the January 6th protesters. The problem with credibility is, once you’ve destroyed it, it no longer exists.

Like your credibility; that’s not exactly what Weisselberg did, is it?

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Plain Bill

Tell us, Groomer, are you stupid or just a flat out liar?

Per NBC:
Former President Donald Trump and his two eldest sons signed the checks the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer used to cheat on his taxes but they didn’t know it was fraud, the ex-CFO testified Thursday.
In his second day on the witness stand in Lower Manhattan, Allen Weisselberg, 75, testified in the criminal trial of Trump’s family business that the only other person in the company who knew about the tax fraud scheme was its controller, Jeffrey McConney.
Asked by Trump lawyer Alan Futerfas in cross examination if Trump or anyone else in the company gave him permission to “commit tax fraud,” Weisselberg said, “No.”
“Did you conspire with the Trump family?” Futerfas asked. “No,” Weisselberg said.

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Groomer? This is what the right’s hate-filled social media is feeding:
Gunman kills 5 at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs before patrons confront and stop him, police say

That you pretend to be a Christian, a supporter of the rule of law, and a patriot turns my stomach.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

So, in your view, the way to solve crime is to ignore reality and not call out the truth? Maybe you can save trans lives by not cramming that voodoo bullshit down everyone’s throats. Perhaps tone down the “gay pride” parades to an exhibition that is suitable for public viewing? Maybe forced indoctrination of our children is found to be offensive and provocative by some.

Like the abortion restriction, you obnoxious leftists bring this shit upon yourselves and everyone else.

I never saw any of your denunciation of provocative rhetoric when Furgeson was burning, when BLM and ANTIFA were looting and burning almost every major city, when Scalise was shot or when Cayler Ellingson was killed thanks to idiot Biden’s speech denouncing everyone not a Democrat a fascist. Maybe you should put your own shit-filled house in order before you criticize anyone else.

Anyone notice that Beijing Biden is railing about guns again but he gives no mention of 4 white students at the U of Idaho were murdered in their beds with a knife?

Knife murders aren’t even a blip on radar compared to firearms murders. That’s why.

Tell the 4 dead people in Idaho they are not a “blip.”

Taking guns away will not stop murders. It WILL, however, allow a tyrannical government to take away further freedoms.

Go enjoy your moral relativism and silly angst against all those “religionists” who are forcing their religion on you (whilst you are really the one forcing your beliefs on them).

Men like me will man the walls and keep you safe.

Murders with AR-15’s are barely a blip on the radar, yet that is the one and only focus of you crybaby, anti-2nd Amendment, gun-grabbing liars.

Freaky FTX Sam Bankman-Fried and His Girlfriend Caroline Ellison Had Unusual Ideas About Group Sex


So what?

The group was said to be romantically entangled, with some online speculation asserting they were a “polycule,” or network of polyamorous relationships.

Ellison also sparked scrutiny for a now-viral 2021 tweet in which she talked about “regular amphetamine use.”


So, this normalization of sexual immorality has cost them and the nation much.

It’s not right, and it’s not part of how a safe, civilized society operates.

You’re free to follow this, but don’t make it part of our culture. We don’t want it.

How did their polyamory activities cause this crime?

That you don’t understand how moral decay in one area leads to moral decay in others is alarming.

Groomer? This is what the right’s hate-filled social media is feeding:

Yeah, Groomer. Someone who is detrimental to children that he claims he educates. What kind of “education” do you think he is giving them?

Gunman kills 5 at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs before patrons confront and stop him, police say

How many children do you think were shot in Democrat run cities last weekend (since this weekend is not really over)? It is clear you are more concerned with sodomists than you are children. Do you not see the irony in referencing the killings of gays to my reference to Michael as “Groomer?”

So don’t preach to me about Christianity, rule of law and patriotism. You adhere to none of them.

Last edited 1 year ago by retire05

You’re a classic, textbook hater. “Judgemental” is actually one syllable too many.

Judgement is real, and it belongs to God.

Those of us who DON’T just sit back and allow you fools to do whatever you want, killing babies and maiming children, that’s not Judgement.

That’s courage, and obedience.

Your addiction to outrage and anger is worse than Hunter Biden’s addiction to drugs. Trump and social media feed that.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

I don’t think so. The Left relies on false-outrage on a level no one has ever seen.

It’s not working anymore, and you’re kind of melting down on this page, presently.

But it’s not really “you,” now is it.

‘On a level no one has ever seen?’ You’re beginning to sound like your cult leader.

That second bit sounds like you should be dangling a pocket watch like a comic book trained hypnotist.

I’m out of here. The conversation isn’t instructive, nor is it bringing out my better nature.

I’m out of here.

You probably should have followed your “better nature” before posting in the first place today.

Indeed, the lies and nebulous name-calling you utter isn’t instructive, and we are merely reprimanding you as we would any child…or man-child.

Perhaps this gig of yours is getting stale? Go ask your false-gods some hard questions, greg. The answer might actually get you in touch with your “better nature,” as I’m praying you find.

Buh bye loser

That’s the Christian love of your fellow man that I’ve come to expect of you!

I’m afraid the “I’m not a Christian but I’ll tell you what Christians are supposed to do…and that’s act like passive, weak little flowers to be run over” isn’t working for your religion, son.

We’re trying to explain to you and greg your beliefs are what are destroying our world, and your obsession with a meme from 1983 (the mean Christians are ruining EVERYTHING) doesn’t remotely match up to reality.

Christianity has certainly proved itself flexible enough to provide cover for all manner of assholes. You guys can always finds some way to twist the relatively straightforward message of Jesus into something that gives cover for your unbridled hatred.

I’m out of here. 

Is that always your response when you are asked to answer a question, you just run away? What a cowardly little spoiled crybaby sore loser.

“Judgement is real, and it belongs to God.”

You certainly do a hell of a lot of it.

You certainly do a hell of a lot of it.

No, you’ve just conflated “judgement” with having a social contract and norms.

“Do anything you want” goes from homosexuality to pedophilia, and abortion to public murder.

You know this, but are resisting it like a child.

“What kind of ‘education’ do you think he is giving them?”

You have no idea what happens in my class. You’ve never seen me teach.

Sorry Liz Cheney: After Reinstating President Trump’s Twitter Account Two of His Tweets from Jan 6 Tell the Real Story


Dontcha see? What he MEANT was for everyone to commit violence and an insurrection! It’s as clear as an idiot Biden speech!

Did you notice Gateway Pundit edited out the time stamps?
Nah. That would require you to THINK and QUESTION.

The reality is that J6th was a staged and manufactured deep state false flag who’s purpose was to incriminate Trump, illegally.

It failed to do so.

Trump is on camera, at the right time, telling everyone to be peaceful.

That you would parse such silly things proves this whole dumb event was meant to flip the script, Dems and their voters calling for an executing violence while the Right was not.

It remains that to this day, as the J6th farce is dismissed and generally accepted as nothing by the vast majority of Americans.

We already knew of the tweets, sent as soon as Trump learned of the riot. For some strange reason, Twitter blocked these demands for peace and civility from being posted. I’m thinking, I wonder why?

I wonder why YOU aren’t asking the same question?

Those tweets were sent after it was already clear that the plan hadn’t worked. They were classic CYA.

No way. There’s simply no evidence Trump did anything wrong, and the farce of an “insurrection” is dead.

The deep state decides our presidents. Trump was a mistake (for them) but a success for democracy.

The deep state brought out protestors then staged the now infamous false-flag that is the J6th coup.

Trump remains innocent, much to the chagrin of those losers who can’t beat him legally.

What plan? Provide your evidence of a “plan”.

NO evidence this is has anything to do with “Christianity” or even the Right.

But the failing Left needs news.

And for the record, LGBT is a sin and normalizing it only leads to societal collapse.

Those Americans who have stayed with God are living well, and supporting others.

Those who have turned from God are suffering, sadly.

The problem with your position is that our own government has illegally pursued Trump on grounds literally paid for by a Former SoS, and executed by the FBI. Add to that a long, long list of false charges, lack of due process, and just good old fashioned Putin-style “arrest your political opponent” shenanigans, and the idea that this DOJ even has the legal authority to arrest or charge Trump is absurd.

They have no clout, no authority, and no backing from their bosses: The American People.

To arrest Trump is to openly declare their own sedition.

It’s never going to happen…like student-debt forgiveness.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

They hate and fear Trump because they are not capable of understanding him and his motivations. The same reason that they hate and fear us, in fact.

They understand it; they simply hate patriotism and capitalism.

Your parents and grandparents had Social Security and Medicare because of Democrats. Hitler was stopped because of a Democrat. You can breathe clean air because of Democrats. Your bank savings are insured because of Democrats.

Lunatics can own assault weapons because of Republicans. Unlimited money can buy unlimited power because of Republicans. State officials can mandate that children raped by relatives must give birth to the result because of Republicans.

Boilerplates and platitudes

None of those Democrats exist anymore. They have become the fascists that we fought. They are destroying votes. They are allowing China to pollute the air while they sacrifice our economy so they can line their pockets.

Lunatics can own weapons because of Democrats letting them out of jail or refusing to prosecute them. Money is buying votes because of Democrats. Babies are killed late in pregnancies because of Democrats. Children are raped by illegal immigrants because of Democrats.

Women can vote because of a Republlican. Black Americans are free because of a Republican and can vote because of Republicans.

Lunatics can own assault weapons because of Republicans.

Really? There were Republicans when the Second Amendment was written? Who knew?

Unlimited money can buy unlimited power because of Republicans.

You mean like the money that the Biden family has grifted from our enemies?

State officials can mandate that children raped by relatives must give birth to the result because of Republicans.

What children? Name them. So now an unborn child is a “result” and not a “choice?”
Are you competing for Liar of The Year against the Groomer?

“So now an unborn child is a ‘result’ and not a ‘choice?'”

Please explain how a how young girls “choose” to be raped.

OK, so you believe that the way a child is created (via rape) justifies it’s death. Maybe you would like to tell me why the unborn child deserves to die for the action of someone else.

Yet, that very child’s mother, with disgraceful Democrat DA;s, will probably never see her attacker jailed and if he is jailed, he will be out before she can say “Jack Sprat.”

Never mind that rape accounts for less than 1% of all abortions. If given the much needed medical treatment within 24 hours after any rape, the chance that a woman would conceive is greatly reduced.

“Never mind that rape accounts for less than 1% of all abortions.”

What does that have to do with anything at all?

It means, for the purpose of this discussion, the cowardly default of “whatabout rape” is dismissed.

Please answer for why abortion on demand for the woman’s CHOICE to have sex isn’t something that encourages men and women to act like monkeys, and in a way that literally destroys society?

You won’t answer.

Even the raped can get an abortion. In any state. They are simply restricted against waiting until beyond the first trimester in some states. So, what is the big controversy?

The outlier of “girls being raped” is so rare it’s not part of the conversation. You are using it to justify WOMEN MAKING A CHOICE then getting to abort the living consequence.

“The outlier of ‘girls being raped’ is so rare it’s not part of the conversation.”

Not for you, I guess, because you’re an asshole.

No, I’m just logical.

You’re not.

Nah. There are companies who gave to Biden in 2020 who are healthcare providers getting paid by SS and Medicare. They are making sure their investment is lining their pockets, and that’s all this “The GOP is going to take your SS and Medicare” propaganda lie is all about.

Stuff it, greg. It’s a lie.

Democrats are pushing open pursecution of Christians, pushing Paganistic conduct in the way of eugenics, sexual immorality, and simple tyranny.

They won’t last long.

Abortion is a sin, and it’s not something a safe, healthy country would ever embrace.

That time is over, and luckily America is turning back to God, like many other Western nations now facing destruction for their Godless, false-god embracing actions.

“that’s all this “The GOP is going to take your SS and Medicare” propaganda lie is all about.”

Nah. Your guys have already started talking about sunsetting it.

My guys? I’m Christian, and MAGA. WE represent the majority in America, and what this country has always been:

Serving God, and democratic.

The GOP and Democrats do not represent us.

But I love watching you and greg try to push people into the silly strawman box you’ve been indoctrinated into seeing everywhere.

SS has been failing for decades. Cowardly Democrats now say it’s “the GOP” wanting to get rid of it.

Nah. Just more manufactured conflict to get dumb people to think our country has valid political parties, instead of one Uniparty against the rest of us.

It’s God vs Paganism. That’s it.

No, they haven’t. They have discussed the tough decisions that have been made in order to save it, something Democrats simply ignore.

  • Democrats codified slavery.
  • Democrats caused the civil war refusing to free the slaves
  • Democrats fought reconstruction
  • Democrats created the KKK
  • Democrats enacted Jim Crow laws to suppress the freed slaves of the south
  • Democrats got us into WWI
  • Democrats opposed women’s right to vote
  • Democrats caused the depression to last longer than necessary
  • Democrats go us into WWII
  • Democrats got us into the Korean War
  • Democrats gave us Bull Connor and George Wallace
  • Democrats opposed college education for blacks
  • Democrats opposed civil rights for blacks proposed by President Eisenhower
  • Democrats got us into the Vietnam war
  • Democrats opposed the civil rights legislation of 1964
  • Democrats held in high regard a former grand kleagle of the KKK so much so they nominated him Senate Majority Leader
  • Democrats gave us Jimmy Carter

These are only a few of the catastrophic consequences of the existence of democrats.

It’s notable that every time the Democrats say, “this is worse than ______!”, it’s always a comparison to a former Democrat policy, program, agenda or result.

Well, that was Greg’s position.