Never Argue With Liberals or Stupid People


When the midterm election results were announced, I was disappointed, demoralized, and angry.  I really anticipated a deadly red tsunami, 100 feet tall and moving at the speed of a Cat-5 hurricane, to overwhelm and destroy the Democrat party. I slept soundly on election eve with visions of the Democratic Party joining the Whig Party and disappearing forever.  Yeah, that didn’t happen

The morning after the election I arose from my slumber expecting to see stunned Democratic voters washed up by the tide with the other flotsam and jetsam. Suddenly,  my wonderful dream turned into a nightmare.  It was mortifying to learn that the election was a bust and Republicans probably wouldn’t even win the Senate.  It was disappointing on various levels.

Hari-kari with a butter knife crossed my mind, but my lovely wife said, “Put that in the  “Life Ain’t Fair File” and move on.  Pouting, I went to our clubhouse (plus 55 community) to read a book and mope around without being judged.  I encountered four old guys who were playing bridge and assumed that they were intelligent conservatives. That was my first mistake.  Player 1 asked me how I was feeling, and I said, “dejected because of the election.  We might get control of the House, but the Senate looks iffy.  It may come down to Georgia because Warnock and Walker are locked in a run-off election.”

Player 1 said, “I hate Walker.  He hit his wife and doesn’t deserve to be a Senator.”  I replied, “Both of those candidates are really, really, horrible, but we desperately need to win the Senate. Hey, how about Fetterman in Pennsylvania?  He had a major stroke, can hardly speak, and has a bulge on his neck the size of a grapefruit.  650,000 votes were “collected” before he even bothered to debate.  Somehow, he “won” and is now “the honorable” senator from Pennsylvania.”

Player 1 responded, “I hate Walker. All he can do is play football.”  I changed the subject and said, “The tax dollars we are sending to Ukraine is excessive.  We are focused on a border 5,000 miles away and ignore our open southern border.”  That’s when the fight started-not an actual fight because our combined age was like a thousand years.  Player 4 weighed in and said, “We need to stand up to Russia and defeat Putin.”  I said, “You mean like Vietnam, where we sacrificed 57,000 young men and women for nothing? How about Afghanistan, where we stayed for 20 years and wasted 2 trillion dollars?  Do you feel sorry for Biden’s botched withdrawal and the 13 young men who horribly died because of his incompetence?”  Player 2 responded, “After 9-11, we chased Osama bin Laden into Afghanistan.”  I replied, “Yeah, but Afghanistan is the “graveyard of empires.”  We should have known better.  We stayed 20 frigging years and forced our courageous troops to serve three and four tours in that medieval hell-hole.  2,456 soldiers were killed, 20,752 were wounded and many returned home with debilitating PTSD- ALL FOR NOTHING!

Player 4 chimed in, “We need to defeat Russia.  Do you like Putin?”  I replied, “Nope.  I once respected him as a leader, but he made a terrible and costly mistake invading Ukraine.”  Player 4 replied, “So, you like Putin!” I replied, “Russia, Russia, Russia, is not the problem.  The real problem is China!”

Player 3, who may be the smartest man in the room, said nothing.  Player 1 said, “I hate Walker.”  Player 2 said, “We need to stand up to Russia and show our Pacific Rim allies that we will protect them.” I replied, “Saber rattling is stupid.  America cannot afford another war (31 trillion $ in debt) and lacks the resources and the conviction to continue policing the world. As the leader of the free world, America should broker a peace treaty between Russia and Ukraine.  We should have accomplished that task before the war broke out.  Player 4 sarcastically said, “I’m, gonna get you an “I LOVE PUTIN” tee-shirt.”

In retrospect, this was all my fault.  I wasn’t paying attention and suddenly found myself down the rabbit hole being relentlessly attacked.  I responded with anger, which thwarted my ability to intelligently debate the issues.  It is sad, but our country is so polarized that it is impossible for liberals and conservatives to rationally discuss the horrific problems that we are facing.

This incident should serve as a cautionary tale because Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching.


You will never change their minds, and they will never change yours. However, on the bright side, if you alienate liberals at Thanksgiving, you won’t have to buy as many presents at Christmas. (rimshot) Just kidding. The answer is actually very simple:


That is sage advice from an old dude, but if you ignore my warning you might just score a nifty “I LOVE PUTIN” tee shirt!

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“When the midterm election results were announced, I was disappointed, demoralized, and angry. I really anticipated a deadly red tsunami, 100 feet tall and moving at the speed of a Cat-5 hurricane, to overwhelm and destroy the Democrat party.” Then you’re not as bright as you seem to think you are. You and most of the Republican party forgot the “red wave” bust in 2020. It was dead obvious there would be not a “red wave”. Leftists may live in a delusion but “conservatives” aren’t far behind. The take over by the left began decades ago and no one was watching. While the republican party was trying to get along with the left, the left pulled a “Hail Mary”.

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 “the left pulled a “Hail Mary”. With the help of illegal ballots.

and ALL of you are too stupid to see that the republicans helped carry those ballots to be counted illegally to get the people in to do that dirty work. (Notice I did not say their, because the dirty work is approved by BOTH parties) There is ONE party, the THEM party and they are against the US party of the people. Yes it’s THEM against US. The republicans job in this whole charade is to pretend to be the voice of reason, calm the masses when they get ready to strike, and then sit back and do NOTHING. They have been doing this for 50 plus years, it is NOT going to change anytime soon.

There is only ONE thing that is going to ensure freedom 10 years from now but the populace is too cowardice to do it anymore. They blindly think Trump will get back in and magically save them. Just like the Q-Tard’s fake belief system.

I agree with every word you wrote. The brain dead are very well represented on both side of the aisle.

Both sides of the aisle are against Trump, while a huge swath of America are still for him and what he represents: The People.

Trump isn’t the messiah, but he’s currently the only non-Uniparty candidate with any support or power.

We need more.

That’s simple democracy.

But the PROBLEM is, they stole the election from him ONCE, and totally got away with it, the ‘savior party’ sat by and watched, and did NOTHING. The people just cried in bulletin boards, and otherwise did NOTHING !

They are stealing the election AGAIN in several locations, and AGAIN the people will do absolutely NOTHING. Until SOMETHING bad happens to them, REAL BAD, they have no reason NOT to just keep stealing the election, afterall they got away with it twice, so why stop now?

The people will continue to do nothing until it becomes exceedingly PAINFUL for them, however by that time, the fight to regain freedom will cost them many millions of lives, whereas the fight to maintain it, might cost only a few hundred if orchestrated properly.

One can only hope that the vax starts killing mass numbers in earnest here, and starts in DC. Funny how none of them died yet from vax complications. I bet none of them REALLY took the shot, just lied about it, because they KNOW what it really is.

Very well said, willow.

How about an example of someone that thought there was going to be a “red wave” in 2020? I had my doubts about it this year, and for the same reason; the Democrat’s propensity to lie and cheat is a powerful consideration and, as we have seen, a game changer in close races.

Your headline is redundant.

In retrospect YES it WAS your fault.
Morons who are so obsessed with politics that it consumes their lives, from EITHER side of the aisle are half the problem with why people can’t get along in the world. You were looking for a nice echo chamber to soothe your butt hurt, instead you found other people, who were TIRED of those who walk into a room, and within the first two sentences, are already spewing their political GARBAGE into the room!

Let’s assume you DID find a liberal who could carry on an intelligent conversation, eventually it would have devolved into you calling him some sort of name because he would have ultimately refused to agree with YOU !! and that in YOUR BRAINWASHED Repubican world just is NOT acceptable.

Yet that never stopped you before from trying to ruin a perfectly good morning by bringing politics into it.

No. The primarily Leftist-pushed myth that “both sides do it” is just absurd.

There is no Right vs. Left. There’s just our Constitutional Republic vs an autocratic state we didn’t actually vote for.

I love Putin….at least Putin serves his country (Russia first) as opposed to most of our leaders who rather fill their pockets with corrupt money while at the same time selling our country out….hildabeast….Brandon…et al

Liberals, stupid people and fools are one and the same. Democrats, lowlifes and godless individuals are also the same. Everyone who loves God is blessed with the ability to distinguish right from wrong and good from evil, but those who reject God’s guidance have no light at all in them.

The gift and the curse that Donald Trump has been are one in the same – He was a gift to America and a curse, not only for showing us how government could be, but moreover, for exposing the DC ruling class and the Corporatocrats in government and media for the commie craptards they really are. Since Trump, the cheating, lying and stealing by the leftists, along with their open tyrannical desires, have been in Americans’ faces with a big FU! Only the dreamy libtards do not understand how awful their party truly has become, or they just don’t care because they are part of it.

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Trying to discuss anything rationally with a DEMOCRAT is a waste of time. They are fairly stupid and extraordinarily gullible because they only listen to people just like themselves. Unintelligent and arrogant. Facts get in the way of their narrative. What is truly hysterical, is the dipsticks on the DEMOCRAT side actually feel they won en]ven though they voted against their own best interest. How idiotic is that? They deserve what they get and I for one will have zero sympathy. Morons don’t deserve any!

I am disgusted with those who celebrate the success of obvious fraud.

We see those Brain-Dead idiots in stores blocking the meat isle pouring milk on the floor in art museums wasting food and defacing works of art demanding we all have to take up a Plant based Future over totally fake crisis of Global Warming/Climate Change. I would like to stand those idiots in the Wilderness for a month just like the Indians bashing those who break tribal rule banishing them to the Wilderness

We see those Brain-Dead idiots in stores blocking the meat aisle pouring milk on the floor in art museums wasting food….

Good points.
The brain dead are looking at these latest food shortages as some sort of good thing.
I guess they figure mommy will always feed them somehow.
Today Friskies and Fancy Feast cat foods halted production (for at least 3 months) because of supply chain woes.
I’m here in Utah where having 6 months’ worth of food is standard for over 1/2 of the population.
But, in other places I’m hearing of follow home robberies, where the victim had been shopping for FOOD!
If you had lived thru Jimmy Carter’s 17% inflation you’d know better than to waste any food.
This food recession is actually worse.
Tell you why.
Back in the 1970’s IF you had money the stores had everything.
Today, try getting baby formula fo an allergic baby.
Try getting lettuce or beets from CA.
Campbell’s soups are on the shelves but in fewer varieties.
Eggs and bacon are very high, and there are fewer options.

That headline is redundant.

True. A headline opening with: ‘They’re Pulling It Again. Start Killing Them!
Now THAT, is righteous click bait.

He should have just grabbed a 5 iron and started beating them with it.
Luck the faw and stuck the fupid. It works!


Isn’t that a bit redundant? The main purpose of MY arguments with people like this is to make sure they know I’m NOT stupid and/or liberal. I don’t want anyone to ever wonder, “Did that guy vote for idiot Biden?” I have more self-respect than that.

Some of my in-laws still have their Beto sign up, obviously stunned that election fraud didn’t work in Texas and dreaming of a “recount”.

You have to remember. I am an old guy. When I argue with a liberal or stupid person, my blood pressure climbs and my heart rate increases. It is just unnecessary stress on my body and not worth the effort. I will leave that to the younger whipper snappers.

I hear ya. I’m old, too. Just about everything nowadays gets my BP up, so what’s the difference?