THIS is why those who question the 2020 election are being attacked as criminals


This is the wild tale of Michele Long Spears, initially the apparent loser who wound up winning an election by overcoming a “glitch” in the voting machines. IMO this is a highly under-reported story.

After the contentious election in 2018 in a race that Stacey Abrams claimed was mismanaged, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger ordered the purchase of new voting machines from Dominion, and they came with a caveat.

Cybersecurity experts and election integrity activists warn that the new machines suffer from many of the same problems as the old ones, including being vulnerable to hacking, and advocate for a system using hand-marked paper ballots.

They were delivered in December of 2019.

A woman named Michele Long Spears was in a primary running for DeKalb County Commissioner. There were three candidates and the runoff would cull the lowest vote getter out of the race. In the voter machine tabulation Spears seemed to have the lowest vote total but she noticed something odd. She had received zero votes in her own district – despite she and her husband voting for her.

In all but four of the district’s nearly 40 precincts, no Election Day votes were recorded for Ms. Spears, who had received more than 2,000 early votes. She said that she immediately alerted state and county election authorities.

“When I visited several precincts (including my own) after Election Day and saw ZERO votes reported for myself, I was shocked and knew that wasn’t accurate,” Ms. Spears said in a text message.

After conducting a hand count over the Memorial Day weekend and auditing those returns, election officials determined that they had drastically underreported the vote totals for Ms. Spears.

She received 43 percent of the vote, not 24 percent, as reported by an unofficial and incomplete election summary posted on May 25 on the county’s website. As the top vote-getter, Ms. Spears qualified for a June 21 runoff against the second-place candidate, Lauren Alexander.

She eventually won the runoff. That’s really where the questions begin. The fault was placed on “programming errors” and “technical issues.” 

The candidates expressed concerns:

Spears and the two other candidates, Marshall Orson and Lauren Alexander, worry about future implications. “We want some certainty – some assurances our election system is going to be free of serious defects,” said Orson. “This is a bellwether for what could happen in the fall if we aren’t paying attention,” said Alexander.

It also brings questions about the 2020 election. “Programming errors” and “technical issues” are all too easy to create, especially in the middle of the night. There are many who have concerns about the 2020 election and are being criminalized by the Biden regime. Without a doubt it is being done intentionally to intimidate those who might question human error, future programming errors and technical issues into being afraid to raise their voices. The stage is being set.

Paper ballots are the only way to go.

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I read about how voting machine t hat switched the Republican vote over to the Democrat and how some Democrat was caught with Voting Machine in their car

you could see it happen in real time.

She eventually won the runoff. That’s really where the questions begin. The fault was placed on “programming errors” and “technical issues.” 

But, oh, how so amazingly curious that these “programming errors” and “technical issues” ALWAYS, without exception, seem to go only in one direction, always towards the Democrat’s favor. What are the odds?

I guess this makes Michelle one of them there “threats to Democracy”, huh?

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I am old enough to remember voting by paper ballots. I can remember paper ballots going missing during their trip from voting precincts to the central counting offices. We need independent forensic audits done on any questionable results, using the actual ballots rather than ballot images as present Georgia law dictates.

We just have to follow the rules, regardless of the “emergency de jour”. Paper ballots have a chain of custody is is often disrupted. Whenever that happens, it needs to be investigated and when crimes are found, severely punished.

All votes need to be tallied where the vote was taken. Central cheating offices eliminated. Zero WI-FI, watermarked and serial numbered. A strict chain of custody for each ballot.

Vote by mail should be rendered down to a bare minimum. Early voting should be pared back. Voter ID should be an absolute requirement. The chain of custody needs to be stringently enforced and maintained. Democrats trampled over ALL of this in 2020 because without such control, fraud is easy and tough to prove, certainly impossible to prove before it is too late.

I am not sure that can be done without a massive influx of election workers at each polling sights. Then there is the additional problem of deliberate miscounting of votes, forcing additional checks against the actual ballots for accuracy.

The French voters learned that paper ballots can also be tampered with.
These came out of the mailed envelop like this, torn.
A torn ballot cannot be counted.
Most voters didn’t realize this and used the torn ballot thus negating their own vote.
Some fought it and demanded un tainted ballots, but Le Pen lost.
comment image?resize=657%2C345
Some mail in envelopes make it possible for postal workers to know who you supported and (perhaps) destroy or delay your vote from election day.

ANYTHING can be cheated on. Democrats have cheated in elections since we’ve had elections. No doubt Republicans have cheated to, but Democrat cheating is always there and to a disruptive level.

Who is being criminalized? And please don’t say Mike Lindell who is caught up in the Colorado case and hasn’t been charged with anything or the members of the Trump mob who beat the crap out of cops.

Biden called MAGA extremists a clear and present danger – the people who threaten judges and election officials, the idiots already found guilty of assaulting cops on January 6th and Trump himself. Trump has been told over and over again by his normal colleagues that he lost. But he insists in rallies that he won, just to keep the donations coming in. Pretty obvious.

Biden called MAGA extremists a clear and present danger – the people who threaten judges and election officials, the idiots already found guilty of assaulting cops on January 6th and Trump himself.

Funny… you say “MAGA extremists” and then you describe Democrats. I would call them “extremists”, but it seems the violent among Democrats are more of the majority. Democrats threatened Supreme Court Justices, even attempting to assassinate one. Democrats shot up a Republican softball practice. Democrats spent 9 months assaulting cops, looting private businesses, laying siege to federal courthouses, burning police stations down (sometimes trying to with police barricaded inside) and attacking anyone that opposes them. No Democrats denounced this violent pogrom, Kamala herself promoted a bail fund for them, the vast majority had any charges actually brought dropped and every excuse to justify their violence was made. Isn’t that ironic?

Actually, cops beat the crap out of Trump supporters and, indeed, Lindell hasn’t been charged with anything, so why track him down in a Hardee’s line and confiscate his phone?

Trump is being criminalized for questioning the obviously rigged 2020 election.

And it’s a fact that the hoax of “trying to overturn the election” is being used to tar and feather any of us who speak up.

Nice try, though. Your regime is criminalizing anyone who doesn’t go along with them.

It is a criminal offense (in the Democrat totalitarian police state) to disagree with the official propaganda of the State. Even pointing out an obvious crime, if the State committed it, is a crime worthy of imprisonment in solitary confinement.

Decades ago, my dad, a savvy professional engineer, said that voting by means other than accounted for and difficult to counterfeit paper ballots are the only means to ensure a fair election and to later audit it and prove that it was fair. Computer voting, even with built-in audit trails, are subject to data manipulation and lack of verification.

09/18/22/ – Republicans in Key Battleground Races refuse to say they will accept results

Of the 19 GOP candidates questioned by The Washington Post, a dozen declined to answer or refused to commit. Democrats all said they would respect the results.

A dozen Republican candidates in competitive races for governor and Senate have declined to say whether they would accept the results of their contests, raising the prospect of fresh post-election chaos two years after Donald Trump refused to concede the presidency.

In a survey by The Washington Post of 19 of the most closely watched statewide races in the country, the contrast between Republican and Democratic candidates was stark. While seven GOP nominees committed to accepting the outcomes in their contests, 12 either refused to commit or declined to respond. On the Democratic side, all 19 nominees contacted by The Post said they would accept the outcome.

The reluctance of many GOP candidates to embrace a long-standing tenet of American democracy shows how Trump’s assault on the integrity of U.S. elections has spread far beyond the 2020 presidential race. This year, multiple losing candidates could refuse to accept their defeats.

Trump, who continues to claim without evidence that his loss to Joe Biden in 2020 was rigged, has attacked fellow Republicans who do not agree — making election denialism the price of admission in many GOP primaries. More than half of all Republican nominees for federal and statewide office with powers over election administration have embraced unproven claims that fraud tainted Biden’s win, according to a Washington Post tally…

And Stacy abrams still has not conceded the 2018 gubernatorial race in Georgia

“Not conceding” isn’t the problem. Plotting to overturn the result is. If Trump has stuck with simply not conceding, his life would be much less litigious than it is right now.

Way to not learn the lesson there, Professor.

Plotting to overturn the result is

There is no evidence to support the assertion.

When democrats challenged the eclectically votes in 2000. 2004 and 2016c was that plotting to overturn the result? Huh queer boo?

How did he “plot to overturn” the results? He wanted investigations and all Democrats and rinos would say is, “nothing to see here, move along.” THAT sounds guilty as hell.

Democrats made much more effort to “overturn” Trump’s election than Trump ever did the 2020 fraud-a-thon. How about that? How does that and the inauguration riots, the Russian collusion hoax/coup and the seditious impeachments based solely on hearsay, innuendo and rumor compare?

No, Trump’s life would not be less litigious now. Democrats have nothing to counter Trump’s popularity, his success, his benefits or his leadership so they continue to try and stain him with accusations (never founded or proven) to make him look guilty of something… anything.

So how would you contest a rigged election? Shouldn’t a biased election be overturned?

With so much evidence of Democrat election rigging in 2020, I’d say they are well justified.

Without knowing the scope of Democrat fraud, how could they pledge to accept the results before the election? We KNOW Democrats will commit fraud; it’s only a question of how much and how effective it is.

Hilliary told Biden to never concede.
You have been an election denier since 2016. Reality bites.

Not conceding isn’t the problem. Actively working to overturn an election *is*.

Which nobody did. How do you cover up rigging an election? Just say the other side “did” it. It’s the reaction to every Leftist scheme: manufacture some evidence, and say “the Right” did it.

What evidence do you have that Trump got the (steadily growing) number of votes you say he got? Where did you get the figure of “one hundred million”? Out of your ass, right?

I’m waiting for the evidence you have that all of those “81 million votes” were legal.
We know they were not.
My position is that Trump has about 100 million voters waiting to pull the lever for him.
I never said he got 100 million votes in the fraudulent 2020 election.
That’s intentional misquoting on your part, cuck.
Pretty quiet about the exit of the “LGB” from the Trans fascists.
Don’t worry. LGB will be unacceptable again, soon.

“I never said he got 100 million votes in the fraudulent 2020 election.”

Yes, you did. You started off at eighty million, and then, as time went by, your number gradually grew to one hundred million.

“Pretty quiet about the exit of the “LGB” from the Trans fascists.”

I don’t even know what you’re referring to.

Yes, you did.

Source? I never said Trump got 100 million votes. I said he would get 100 million votes today. It’s my opinion. I was clear.
That’s intentional misquoting on your part, cuck.

“Pretty quiet about the exit of the “LGB” from the Trans fascists.”

The other guy using the account/identity you use posed as a gay middle school teacher.

Don’t they brief you before your post? The skills gap is real, at the Bureau, or otherwise…so we see.

Like most leftists trying to defend a corrupt, degenerate ideology, Michael only sees and hears what he thinks he wants to.

Michael is a cretin and a liar

I’ve never lied about anything I post here. I don’t care enough about your opinion to lie about anything.

Then please remember, you’re a gay middle school teacher.

If it makes you happy to think that, then go ahead and do so.

Not conceding isn’t the problem. Actively working to investigate if election fraud altered the outcome of an election *is*.

There, took the bullshit out and fixed it for you. Thank me later.

So that’s what you’re going with now? The January 6 insurrectionists were “conducting an investigation”? Lotsa luck with that one.

There was no “insurrection”. There was some violence instigated by FBI assets. Most were peaceful. They were protesting the ABSENCE of an investigation.

You’re being attacked because there’s NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE of ANY significant election fraud ANYWHERE, but GOP election deniers are using the lie end American democracy.

Trump’s MAGA cult has become the primary existential treat to the U.S. Constitution, to the rule of law, and to individual freedom.

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State Farm Arena.


Why would any sane person agree to abide by the results of a crooked election? Or an election yet to be held that may or may not be crooked? Only stupid people or cheaters agree to abide by the result of a process that is flawed. Unless they know it’s flawed in their favor.

There’s NO evidence that the election was crooked in any way, shape, or form. There’s abundant evidence that Trump is a liar, a cheat, and a crook. His followers are ignoring that, just like they’re ignoring that Herschel Walker is unqualified and morally unfit to hold office. As with Trump, members of his own family are publicly warning you what the guy is.

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Comrade Greggie, shall we talk about Hunter Biden?

Is Hunter Biden running for office?

Hunter is directly related to the influence peddling he and idiot Biden committed. Do please try to keep up.


State Farm Arena.


There’s abundant evidence that Trump is a liar, a cheat, and a crook.

Such as? You’ve tried for 6 years to find something… anything to hang on Trump. You haven’t. You can’t. There ISN’T anything to hang on him. NOTHING.

Here, let me fix that for you.
There’s abundant evidence that idiot Biden is a liar, a cheat, and a crook. The evidence was readily and amply available before the fraudulent election, but fools like yourself voted for the lying, corrupt pedophile anyway because… well, you don’t even know, do you? It was just what you were directed to do, because you are a lemming, useful idiot, robotic Democrat.


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The MAGA movement has become the greatest internal threat to the United States since the previous red state rebellion to preserve slavery.

No. That’s simple projection.

Democrats and the Deep State conducted a coup against our nation, and a duly elected Donald Trump.

They are very much like the the Nazi’s, the Confederates, etc.

Nazi’s because they seek to make MAGA the new Jew.

Confederates because they are trying to replace our Constitutional Republic with something else.

Biden won’t last to the end of his term, unless the Democrats go full autocratic…and we know how that will go for them.

Biden won nothing and is not the legal president of the united states. The Federal Government has been compromised, and must be dissolved…as we form a legal government under the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

Biden is, by way of inflation and bumbling with foreign policy, getting people killed.

He must be removed soon so we can right the ship and heal the country of this Democrat-caused dictatorship.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

“Nazi’s because they seek to make MAGA the new Jew.”

Idiotic. MAGAs could choose not to be MAGAs. In the eyes of Nazi Germany, Jews could not choose to stop being Jews.

MAGAs could choose not to be MAGAs.

Oh, so it’s MAGA’s fault they don’t succumb to the violent intimidation and threats and submit to the leftist ideology of socialism and fascism? Well, I guess I got whatever is coming to me I fully deserve.

Idiotic. MAGAs could choose not to be MAGAs.

Not if they are patriotic Americans that love this country. Only if one is a wormy, degenerate, anti-American scumbag can one denounce making America better, stronger and greater again.

The MAGA movement has become the greatest internal threat to the democrat party and the administrative state since the previous democrat souths rebellion to preserve slavery.

There, fixed it for you douchbag.

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Here’s today’s dose of reality for you.
How about this one. More of that peaceful co-existence we see from the left.

More for you.

All MAGA free.. Go shopping today, buy a clue.

No doubt the FBI is still searching to Jussie’s attackers. Only the important things.

No, not at all, not in any way. The Democrat party is what is threatening the very survival of this nation.

The MAGA movement is simply the majority of Americans fed up with an embedded political class that have become tyrannical.

We don’t suffer tyrants.

After Confederate Democrats lost the Civil War, the lost the battle for Civil Rights when people like Trump voters ensured blacks the right to vote, live, and work.

Then they pretended to care about blacks, becoming a new kind of “slave owner” as they keep people poor then harvest their votes, like it’s cotton.

The Democrats tendency towards insurrection lives on, as they seek to supplant our government from within, knowing they couldn’t possibly win over people with their demonic, woke religion.

We are experiencing the resurgence of the Confederacy, from within the Federal Government by way of the Democrat Party.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Then they pretended to care about blacks, becoming a new kind of “slave owner” as they keep people poor then harvest their votes, like it’s cotton.

Again: pure stupidity. Black slaves had no recourse. All the people you’re now likening to slaves have to do to break free from what you’re calling “slavery” is check a different box on a ballot.

All the people you’re now likening to slaves have to do to break free from what you’re calling “slavery” is check a different box on a ballot.

Really? Idiot Biden says if they don’t vote for him they aren’t even black. Anyone of color that tries to represent their community that does not subscribe to the leftist ideology is vilified and called racial slurs (Justice Thomas, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Larry Elder, etc).

Really? Idiot Biden says if they don’t vote for him they aren’t even black. 

Since when do you give any credence to what Biden says? You don’t agree with him on this count, or you wouldn’t be using it as part of your rebuttal.

So it’s okay to entirely ignore and “not give credence” to anything Biden says?

This man gave credence to what Biden said, and cut down a young man in cold blood.

Your argument is invalid, as usual.

Pure fucking stupidity, and cowardly deflection.

Didn’t you get banned by Curt?

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

That was before Mike moved to Canada to become a shop teacher
comment image

Didn’t you get banned by Curt?

He got a time out. Whether it becomes permanent is another matter. Arguing over issues is not a way to get banned. Trying to hide who you are ala AJ et al. most definitely is.

 Arguing over issues is not a way to get banned. 

I’m still waiting for him to offer an argument, instead of his usual word-salad.

So it’s okay to entirely ignore and “not give credence” to anything Biden says?

Nathan, nearly your entire brand is based on not giving credence to anything Biden says. When have you suffered for it?

Nathan, nearly your entire brand is based on not giving credence to anything Biden says. 

Michael, I’m not sure how you came to such a conclusion. I give credence to EVERYTHING Biden says. Especially the mumbling.

When the news sphere was on fire with the “findings” of a DNC-paid Marketing Firm called Hawkfish that roughly said “it will look like Trump won, but then millions of votes for Biden will come in during the night” it was obvious they were going to cheat, and were running an NLP operation.

When have you suffered for it?

When you’d like to try to make me “suffer,” bring it. I know that’s what you want: blood.

The fascist Left is showing their hand with each passing day. Normal Americans, patriots if you will, who follow the rule of Law and the Constitution, need do nothing but watch you fools eat each other publicly.

We’re allowed to vote for whoever we want in this country if they are “approved” by the deep state or not. That’s what this is about. Not Trump. It’s about democracy, and those like you who seem to be against it.

I do not believe Biden won the election and I do not consider him a legal President of the United States.

If you think I need to “suffer” for that, then please understand you’re the Nazi, and I’m the Jew. Good luck with that.

What is it that you are characterizing as “giving credence” to something idiot Biden said?

Right now, the entire nation is suffering from what idiot Biden says and does.

No, it’s just that when Biden speaks, it’s only to benefit himself. If the truth benefits him, he’ll tell the truth. If the truth hurts him, he lies like a rug.

Since when do you give any credence to what Biden says?

I don’t; he’s YOUR prophet. But, the fact that he said that and got no backlash from the Democrat party or his supporters tells you all you need to know how they regard blacks; servants, slaves, props, nothing but votes. I certainly don’t see you disagreeing with it or his premise that school busing would have turned our schools into “racial jungles”. Does that sound like someone or a party that considers minorities their equals? No, they consider them servants that damn well better do as they are told, support who they are told to support and vote they way they are told to vote.

Stipulating everything you say for the sake of discussion, it does not change the fact that they are not, in fact, slaves. All they have to do is cast a different vote than the one they’ve been casting. Comparing that to actual slavery is dumb.

And many more do today than in the past. But, it is a fact that Democrats promote policies that keep blacks, in particular, in poverty so that they vote for Democrats to provide them entitlements and subsidies. When Trump’s economy worked to benefit blacks and reduce their unemployment, they began turning to Republicans and, specifically, Trump. Democrat policies IS slavery, but they can break the chains.

All they have to do is cast a different vote than the one they’ve been casting. Comparing that to actual slavery is dumb.

No, it’s not something you’ve thought about, and you have nothing cerebral to add about it because coming to the truth would violate your identity, and your affiliation with a Party seeking to replace our democracy with a one-party police state.

The way Democrats have promised the Black communities things that they never deliver on, while promoting race hoaxes, is indeed a form of slavery.

The Democrat Party uses Black Americans to pick votes now instead of cotton.

All the people you’re now likening to slaves have to do to break free from what you’re calling “slavery” is check a different box on a ballot.

I see you know nothing about the sociological effects of slavery, the world over, and in history.

You can free someone’s body, but they have to free their own mind.

Democrats remain the slave owning, Jim Crow bigots they’ve always been.

The deportation of a VERY small number of brown people from Martha’s Vineyard is yet another good example.

Again: pure stupidity.

You should go back to asking inane questions. An American, Black or otherwise, is completely free to vote for whoever they like. I routinely vote for both the GOP AND Democrats, and will continue to this November.

You people making it into a all or nothing binary are a threat to our Constitutional Republic.

Yet, Democrat election fraud can disenfranchise any people of color that wish to vote against Democrats, something leftists like Michael think we don’t consider. Every fraudulent vote cancels out a legitimate vote and blacks and Hispanics went for Trump in record large numbers.

Michael is the typical unthinking white guy who doesn’t understand American culture….at all.

He’s happy in his ignorance, if his godless, violent worldview and dreams of killing off Christianity come to pass…nevermind the fact that Black Americans and Latino Americans are mostly Christian.

He’ll use them, any way he can for power.

“Well I tell you what, If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

That’s kind of “intelligence” your idiot Party and Deep State is bringing to the conversation.

Pure fucking stupidity, indeed.