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I’d sure love to find out where this cartoonist got his facts.
And chance of a link to his original placement?
Or, to the research he is saying exists?

Allow me….

Three separate studies conducted in the last decade show that people with THC in their systems cause fatal accidents and/or die in fatal accidents 2x more often than people without any drugs or alcohol in their systems. However, for several reasons, it’s difficult to decide exactly what role marijuana/cannabis plays in these deaths.

First, the figures used to calculate marijuana-related motor vehicle deaths don’t specify how much THC drivers had in their systems. Some drivers may have been actively “high,” while others may not have consumed the drug for hours or days. In addition, people with THC in their systems are sometimes also under the influence of alcohol or other substances. In the aftermath of a deadly accident, no one can say for sure which substance(s) actually contributed to the fatal results. Just as importantly, investigators who find evidence of alcohol intoxication may never even consider marijuana/cannabis as a contributing factor[iv].

Usually, if you have an addictive personality. You’ll be on both… I’ve got/had friends like that.

Carlos, I sure appreciate your research and find.
I had been aware of some of those studies from years ago.
The 2016 date was the most recent in that research.
I wondered if this cartoonist knew something more recent.
A lot of places have allowed pot to be legal or used without interference since then.
Even here in Utah anyone can get it with a “doctor’s” note.