Biden unveils the IRS Army: 87,000 new enforcement agents armed with 5 million rounds of ammunition



Welcome to your worst nightmare- your own armed IRS agent, auditing you year after year.

Biden’s bill, laughably named the Inflation Reduction Act, includes an $80 billion “investment” in the IRS with nearly $46 billion going to enforcement. That includes the hiring of 87,000 new agents.

That’s literally an army. Literally. And they will be armed. With real bullets. 5 million of them.

Contrary to Biden’s assurances, the IRA bill will raise taxes on nearly everyone in 2023 and have barely any impact on inflation. That means year by year with inflation running about 8-10% under Biden you will be pushed into higher and higher tax brackets but seeing your purchasing power wither. Now for the bad part.

The new agents are meant for enforcement. That means audits. A lot of audits. The truly wealthy will be able to fend off these audits with layers of lawyers and accountants but for those in the middle these yearly audits will exact a painful price. Biden’s new army is not really directed at Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. Those audits take a very long time and there’s just not enough rich people to make significant difference in revenue. The real harvestable money is the middle class, and the middle class is the real target and it’s not difficult to see what’s coming. In fact, the IRS will be hitting low-income families even harder:

That’s because the IRS disproportionately targets low-income Americans when it conducts tax audits each year. In fact, households with less than $25,000 in earnings are five times as likely to be audited by the agency than everyone else, according to a recent analysis of tax data from fiscal year 2021 by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University.

Given the history of this wretched regime, one can expect audits to be based on voter registration. i.e., Republicans will be the target population.  Red states will see the majority of audits. It will, of course, all be coincidence. Who is going to stop them? Merrick Garland, the Attorney General who tags school moms as terrorists? Garland will be doing what he does best- tip the scales against conservatives.

Americans realize that the IRS, just as the FBI and CIA, is heavily politicized and biased.

“A majority of voters now fundamentally believe that the very federal government which exists to serve and protect citizens is no longer on their side,” said Mark Meckler, former CEO of Parler and President of Convention of States Action. “They see the government as too large, too invasive, and as an obstacle to their living the American dream. Nearly-two thirds of sought-after Hispanic voters agree. This represents a major shift in the political landscape.”

Did you ever imagine the day you would be audited at gunpoint by the IRS?


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That’s right Biden/Hitler/Stalin/Mao/Castro disarm us and arm the IRS(Infernal Robbery Service)so they can confiscate all we own.Impeachment and removal of all Democrats would be a a relief for America.Biden,Obama and both the Clinton’s belong in Stripes with Numbers and Ball and Chain doing Life for Treason

Most low-income folks are audited because of the Earned Income Credit, and all the taxpayers have to do is give proof that they have the kids they say they have.

Folks, the Globalists and Elites have been planning this all along. By allowing the Trojan horse to come into our country and millions of illegals ready to serve the NWO, all it would take is a uniform and gun to create their own military. Why do you think thieve downsized our own military through vaccine mandates? It’s been their plan from the beginning. We’d better be on our knees for God’s intervention. Maranatha

The silver lining is that this is more inducement to vote the socialists out before they get the totalitarian police state completely installed. If only people were smart enough to see the warning signs before they have to be whacked over the head with the results. We’d all be a lot better off.

The real threat is more election fraud. If the Democrats weren’t preparing to use more election fraud than ever before seen in history, they wouldn’t be proposing such stupid and destructive legislation.

Meanwhile: “[The] 94 percent of Democrats under 30 who want an alternative to Biden may just inspire a challenger. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that, however. Hopefully, Biden just steps aside.”

-Harrison Kass

The FBI agents are being armed with Hollow Points. Let that sink in.

Are the new agents going to be maintaining your Social Credit Score?