Thank You NFL, for Reminding Me Why I Walked Away


Since parting ways with the NFL back in 2020, I walked away from 40 years of Philadelphia Eagles fandom. And while I can say I stopped living and breathing the league as I once did, I still watch from the outside from time to time. Part of it is morbid curiosity and hoping that one day the NFL drops the Wokeymon act. The other part is knowing that deep down, I realize that as long as Roger Goodell as Commissioner the only direction that the NFL will go is more woke and anti-American. And Goodell is not an old man & won’t be going anywhere any time soon, so the chances of the NFL and me reuniting in my lifetime are pretty slim. So I thought I’d take a peek this summer and see if things were improving, or more of the same. Let’s check in, shall we?

You don’t need my help in recapping the horrific events that went down in Uvalde. Not that anyone asked the various pro sports leagues to weigh in, but of course the NFL did. And what was it? No, not by condemning anything as obvious as District Attorneys who specialize in putting dangerous criminals on the street, but by demanding that law abiding citizens disarm.

How about my local team, The Artists Formerly Known As The Washington Redskins? Their Defensive Coordinator, Jack Del Rio, committed the unforgivable sin of not praising the BLM (Building Large Mansions), while publicly questioning the January 6th Reichstag Fire. His head coach, Ron Rivera, stood behind his DC by… forcing Del Rio to issue an apology that was worded as if Del Rio had a gun to his head. And Del Rio was fined $200K by his team for having an opinion based on facts and reality, rather than what the NFL preaches.

The Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl last year, thanks to hard work, determination, and bad officiating that would have embarrassed a pro wrestling referee. They recently unveiled their Super Bowl Champion rings, and while Super Bowl rings are known for being gaudy, these are insanely ugly. They look like something you’d see being worn by a vampire or Emperor Ming the Merciless. But that’s not why I’m mentioning the rings – they also depict the Rams’ home stadium, and you can see in the end zone the words “End Racism”. Just like their actual stadium. Congratulations, 2022 Rams – this will forever be your legacy, supporting a group of Marxists that seek to destroy the country that made so many of you millionaires.

And finally, the North Carolina Panthers made history by bringing us the league’s first transgender cheerleader. I’m wracking my brain for some witty editorial statement on this but all I can come up with us that it’s just… gross. If you need any further explanation for my opinion read a basic biology textbook.

Yep, I’m now looking forward to college football, another year of having free Sundays in the fall, and getting psyched for the 2023 USFL season and rooting for the New Jersey Generals to build on their 2022 playoff campaign.

Admin Note I: If this post looks weird, it’s because WordPress just forced onto us its new clunky text editor. I’m getting used to it, so thanks for being patient.

Admin Note II: I’m actually using August for a month long “news cleanse”, and while I’ll be promoting this post across my various social media feeds I won’t be joining the conversation in the comments nor in the feeds as I always do. Thanks for reading and see you in September!

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Poor Del Rio.
BLM also funded Talcum X’s dog.
Shaun King used BLM $$$ to buy a nice dog.
But, hey, who needs reality when the NFL is woke.
Also in the news is Aaron Rogers admitting to doing Class 1 narcotics.
He had the gall to credit his drug use for his MVP win.
More in spite of it than because of it.
The NFL still has a long way to fall, if it tries to align with so many of it’s illiterate and ignorant, brain damaged players.

Why would you look forward to college football?
You think they hate white people any less than the “pros” do?
No self respecting white person should have anything to do with these anti white players and their anti white, anti american nfl.

The Browns have signed Krappernick. I may watch them just to see everyone be reminded why he was benched in the first place and then began his pouty, temper tantrum that ultimately destroyed the league in the eyes of American fans.

On a positive note, I find myself in a much better mental place not being perpetually frustrated by the Cowboys ultimate collapse every year.

I can still remember when there was the Huston Oilers and Baltimore Colts but the Colts moved and they have the Ravens

I wouldn’t watch it even if all the woke stuff went away. It’s become a referees’ game so full of interruptions as to be unwatchable.

I stopped watching before the kneeling began.
I don’t watch their farm teams anymore either.

40 years, you are a slow slow slow learner