Proof that Joe and Hunter worked together to sell out the office of VP


It has been revealed that Hunter Biden had contacts for Google officials and US-China policy officials:

Hunter Biden’s hard drive contained an enviable lineup of contacts for top US officials tasked with overseeing the US-China relationship, and at least 10 senior Google executives — raising new questions about the extent to which Joe Biden’s well-connected son could have leveraged his connections for personal profit, The Post has learned.

They were in a position to aid Hunter in his quest for unlimited wealth, crack and hookers

Many of the top-level government officials would have been in position to help Hunter Biden’s business aspirations in China during father’s term as vice president from 2008 to 2016. Throughout that period, he infamously looked to capitalize from his family name and connections — often while his father conducted sensitive state business.

That effort was clearly successful

Ten days later the Chinese business license for Bohai Harvest — a new company which would invest Chinese cash in projects outside the country that Hunter Biden had been trying to launch for more than a year — was approved by Chinese officials.

Hunter would be wined, dined and feted by Chinese oligarchs throughout his father’s term in office. Ye Jianming, boss of CEFC China Energy Co., even presented him with an $80,000 diamond as a gift. The rock later became an albatross during his divorce proceedings with wife Kathleen Buhle.

From where did he get those contacts, one might ask, and why did he have them?

Despite endless denials that he ever spoke to Hunter about Hunter’s business dealings, proof that Joe knew all about Hunter’s pursuits emerged in a voicemail found on Hunter’s computer.

‘Hey pal, it’s Dad. It’s 8:15 on Wednesday night. If you get a chance just give me a call. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you. I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times, was good. I think you’re clear. And anyway if you get a chance give me a call, I love you.’

WH spokesperson Karin Jean-Pierre was asked about this by Peter Doocy, the only real WH reporter, and it didn’t go well:

I think it’s cute that the WH doesn’t want to talk about uncomfortable issues. This morning Travis asked a very good question- if Hunter had done nothing wrong, why would he need to be found in the “clear”?

The other thing that keeps rolling around my head was Hunter’s assertion that Joe would do anything Hunter asked:

Hunter Biden recorded himself boasting that his father will adopt political positions at his command, footage obtained from a copy of his abandoned laptop shows.

“He’ll talk about anything that I want him to, that he believes in,” Biden said in reference to his father, Joe Biden, in the Dec. 3, 2018, recording. “If I say it’s important to me, then he will work a way in which to make it a part of his platform. My dad respects me more than he respects anyone in the world, and I know that to be certain, so it’s not going to be about whether it affects his politics.”

And again

During the discussion, Horan asked Hunter Biden if his father would talk about drug reform if he becomes president. “He’s going to talk about drug reform and any other things that I want him to,” Hunter Biden responded.

Hunter makes it sound as if Joe was his puppet. Biden is certainly someone’s puppet today- that would be the person who dictates what’s written on Biden’s cue cards and teleprompter.

It was nice of Hunter to back up his phone on his laptop as it provides clear evidence that Joe Biden knew all about Hunter Biden’s dubious business dealings and has lied through his fake teeth about it. This will make for a fabulous impeachment process come next year because there is no doubt- Joe knew all about it. He used the office of the Vice President to enrich his son and probably himself as well.


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Beyond any possible question, idiot Biden should be impeached. But, not just impeached; he needs to be removed from office. You can pick whatever crime you want for just cause; there are dozens. Though Democrats proved that all you need is a majority in the House to carry out an impeachment, the evidence to justify impeachment is overwhelming. I just hope and pray we get a super majority in the Senate, with enough Republicans (and maybe even some conscientious Democrats, if that species still exists) to flush this turd once and for all.

I wish there weren’t so many other pressing issues that Congress needs to address so that they could impeach idiot Biden this voice mail, using Schiff’s rules for the hearings. Only the voice mail would be used as evidence and no evidence from Democrats would be allowed to be presented. We could have the combined pleasure of idiot Biden being removed for just cause AND the explosive Democrat hypocrisy as they whine, cry, fume and scream about the unfairness of the proceedings.

Idiot Biden is absolutely a Chinese puppet. He is a threat to our government. He is a threat to the nation. GET HIM OUT OF THERE!!

AND put Kamala in?

Would not matter. joe is brain dead and she does not have a brain

Yep. Let the left get a good dose of their identity politics. If she screws up, impeach HER. Pelosi won’t be Speaker anymore.

Speaking of pelosi She is in the beach somewhere in Italy. I waited until after dinner time so as to not have people toss cookies after seeing the immense cleavage.

Seems like she likes to waller with pigs

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

She has some damned chi-chi’s, don’t she? I bet them suckers bounce off the floor when she takes her bra off. She can hold a filled flask of gin under each one!

It’s been clear for a long time. Let’s not pretend this newly released proof of Biden family corruption will matter. The system is fixed to protect The Party. Hunter and FJB could discuss having committed sex trafficking, at dinner with the FBI, and nothing would happen to them.

It is clear also biden lied to the audience in the debate as well as the American people. There is a substantial list of reasons to impeach biden. However, his violation of the Constitution with respect to immigration tops the list IMHO.

None of what is happening now would have happens had not the election been stolen. We are in this place because the marxists leftists hate America and the American people.